dinosaur violence

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commentary - reading this piece today I see how dark this one is. jealousy and heartache are layered in pieces of real conversations and memories of her. I like that I mention how I cannot say her
name or envision her face anymore, that's real love. this title is powerful to me because it symbolizes my past mistakes.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



Dinosaur violence.


You pulled my heart and guts out on the floor

This cruel vacations left me numb

I guess, you left me less than whole

This cruel vacations got me wishing I were dead

Or maybe just stable

Stable enough, to get through the night

Without seeing your face in the back of my head

It’s the fact that you're gone

In another guy's bed

I’m becoming vicious just like you

I called a hotline just today

Before you called me and we talked

You said you think I’d only drag you down

Your moving ahead, and now forgetful of my feelings

You told me, you bought me a birthday card

But just didn’t send it

That makes sense now, you're someone else entirely

I’m sure that line will make you smile

You’ve always been an asshole, but not towards me

Not in the way now like we’re enemies, I suppose

I hate that you are the only thing I think about some days

Even when other girls dance in my bed

It's your sad or smiling face that stays static in my head

Can I talk to you?

Like when we were teens?

Can’t you pretend you still love me?

I hate that I never say or think your name anymore

I hate that I have to forget your face and the shape of your body

But you got what you wanted, and it's not me

The wars finally hit close to home and I don’t like it one bit

You are so awful now, I finally see the truth

If you ever did what I did, I wouldn’t have forgotten you

I always believed you when you said you loved me

The coast is empty some days, I wish I never drove to you when we were kids

You left me alone and feeling horrible, I still don’t know this new world

When I’m happy, I’m happy!

When I’m sad, I could reach the bottom of the sea

My hair is longer and my state of mind has improved

You take this as an insult, I’m sorry for all the things I did to you

The statistics and numbers or figures mean shit

But you should know, who I really am

And maybe you do?

Should I simply jump off a bridge?

Last night that’s all I could think

I feel horrible for what I did, and I know you're never coming back

If the songs that remind you of me can’t make you call, then what the fuck?

The mission is hopeless, I feel empty

But I know, even if you changed your mind tonight

I can never go back, I’m worth more than that

You should have never did what you did, no matter how happy you are

You destroyed something special kid, you really did

How was Thanksgiving?

I saw you lurking my page the day after


I couldn’t contact you because the way you treat me now

You act like I dumped you, when I was the dumb fuck still in love

While you’ve been quietly fucking other guys who make you laugh

You're dead inside and I hope that’s really the case


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