A Drop Of Water

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I have compiled this poem like a peace hoping to fill your home with joy. I hope a drop of water can make this difference. :)

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



I am drops of colorless water from sky above,
Yet these rinse in every rays fallen from cloud above,
I nourish soil from dearest scent of living souls,
Here my vastness of this moment touch your heart in happiness,
I float like pages once flooding dark clouds from space unseen,
Yet fall on the entire land below listening our noise of waves,
I am only a drop of water undone in the serving plate of breeze,
Here my freshness speak about the life I give myself to join here.

Holding this infant close to Her heart,
This hug of a lifes dearest birth wish,
One Mother of creation may embrace a lifes kiss,
This very first drop of love sparkling in her fallen eyelids,
I find this drop of water in the pouring rain,
May tell a story in every drizzle of tears will make our parents proud,
Will one day come back home like a longest shade for their care,
When one day my eyes fill up to greet you back home,
Hops onto the clouds above my roof,
May a drop of water within this valley,
Echo with your laughter and wear away grievances in this heart,
This sound sang in the spirit of our days here,
Tell within a drop of water we spoke about,
These ringing bells will be a turning point of our time here.

I am drops of tears every life shed making difference of a journey,
Yet some pain in very silence fallen from the eyelids unseen,
I touch down the life from feelings this pygmy of a human,
Here this common man get soaked in the weight of their hearts dreams,
I pinch like soothing yesterday I ever had a submerged cobwebs like nothing exists,
Yet wonders on every cry melts like fire into water drops,
I reap this timber burning its character into smoke not to embrace their life in despair,
Here my lines turn those borders about this life I catch a touch of a happy all gone time.

Today I see a different story yesterday contributed yet for the falling anger of creator,
God designed this world to live its memoir from pieces of every drop of hope,
Here now a drop of water sense the scent of blood like a war ending mankind,
Few knew this drop came as tears and now voted into one of the poverty exalted into mysery,
Every creation today shed my drops in fear of the callow moment blazing in a fire a little,
Now bonds of love very slowly form a lonely star in the deserted street,
Still this moment ask me to sparkle a few memories inside you,
I dont know in this broken begging bowl I am asking you to forget and forgive your people,
Let my hand go out into this universe may stir again a faith,
Where one eye not strike the next in this conversation,
Without this consent I am again paralysed in time,
Not refusing that man-made boundaries dont make our night darker again,
I could not traverse this path towards your pursuit of happiness alone,
Yet like a simple drop of water,
I stop across my motherland as I walk away for you,
You may be this thought God gave myself up to this form unending walking a lifetime together,
Let us step into this promised land making our shifting faces of all colours,
Not an escape but towards the road I saw is not lost for all,
May your shade under this creation gift me a life again for peace,
I count on this hope to be the myraids where our road lives hope,
For being this instrument of joy I became your form wilder to provide relief,
Let me wash away your sorrow I have travelled with you,
Those shades of your eyes may sighs the vastness of Gods love,
May you befriend my happiness as a drop of water bruised in your soul.

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