The lonely boy

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Revenge

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



after I got out of the hospital i quickly plotted my revenge. the only one who got arrested was Jesse since he posted the video of him stabbing me and all the others were just scared of him so much that they will always listen to a order Jesse gives them. But they are just as guilty as him. I made a hood and a mask for me to kill them. The mask just makes them not see my face. The hood is black and under has all my weapons to kill him. I then waited 2 years for all my bones to heal. I then searched up all of Jesse's friends it turns out his friends were Kevin Alex john charley and his girlfriend Trudy they are all gonna pay. 2 years later now it's time to get my revenge. First I’m gonna kill Kevin he's the guy who recorded the video. I went to his house and i quickly realized his family was poor which just made it easier to kill him. When he went to sleep i quickly took out a knife and said don't be scared cause I’ll make it quick only a true monster kills them slowly. Next it was Alex a rich kid who was one of the kids who cracked my bones. His family is rich so they're security was high doesn't matter he's goanna get what he deserves. as he was walking to a party at night I just strand there by a street light waiting for him to come and sure enough he did i whispered in his ear you know it did not have to go like this then I pulled out a machete and cut his head clean off and left his head in his mailbox. Next is John he was the one who got Jesse the knife. I went to john's house and he knew I was gonna come for him so he bought a bb gun. As i was standing on the roof of a small building I saw him and I jumped as I went in for the kill he shot me in the head I then spit the bullet out of my mouth and said didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with guns. And quickly stabbed him in his heart. Next was Charlie he was the one who watched them stab me therefore he's guilty by association and he did nothing to stop him. I went to his girlfriend's house where they were sex quickly went upstairs where his girlfriend said oh no my dads home im dead. I went in where him and his girlfriend screamed and I said remember me charley. He quickly got his pants on and ran I quickly pulled out a machete again and tossed his head to his girlfriend this time with her clothes on and said here's what's left of him.

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