Runaway Bride

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This poem is a letter letting women know that before they get married or even if they are not even married yet or if they are just seeing dating for right now that they should not stay in the cage of oppression in those relationships and marriages.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



Runaway Bride


Dear brides,

Good luck on your joyous farewell

but before you live your empty veils,

remember to run away from the seeds

of oppression; run away from that

evil spirit that picks at the lock

of your temples without your consent;

run away from his eyes of the clouds that

replaces his kisses from the sun with

the tears of the lonely sky; run away from 

the dark knights that put your house of a heart in ruins

shriveling it down into a shredded fear

of a shack with nothing but his back hand;

run away from his reunited mementos

of inexistent beauty because can no one validate you but you;

and run away from that cage that he

along with the status quo tries to put you in

because you should only live by you

and not by what he and those make – up kits

want you to be.

When that man box arrives at your door step,

pull out that muscular but gentle side of his heart

and dispose of the cold, dark side of it

so it does not fall into your back pocket of emotions;

because it does not deserve to be there

and so that he does not capture your heart

and throw it into that cage of oppression.

We as women have the right to escape from the cage

of oppression because we are strong, powerful

women than they ever want us to believe.

They want to hide us from the erotic

but show us to our fears;

Our weapon is the erotic; the power to

know that we are more than those make-up kits;

more than the pool of oppression; and more

than a caged bird’s lost, trapped mind, body, and soul.

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