I too Have a Dream

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A poem about the equality among colored people of all shades.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



I too have a dream.
A dream that oil will mix with water.
A dream where the night becomes light.
A dream to everyone who says no will admit yes.
A dream where a colored hand is stretched out grasping the white.
A dream where all men are created equal.
A dream where children, no matter what color they may be, call each other friend.
A dream that is a beautiful quilt of love, never to tear.
A dream where a brother gives a hand to a brother.
A dream where a sister loves her sisters.
A dream that the world is appreciated not by its spin, but its color.
A dream that has all the colors of the rainbow including brown.
A dream that we are the nails hammered into the wood that connects us together, never to separate.
A dream where storms brewed over our skin color is met by a understanding and loving acceptance.
A dream where the door to peace is open for all to take sanctuary and rest in the hands of the Lord.
A dream that was made for those who condemn themselves and others about their skin.
A dream where miracles are possible for every child of the light.
A dream where the hopeful give hope not just to the hopeful, but for the least of us.
A dream where the brown and white unite.
A dream where every wall is torn down made for friendship for each other.
A dream that we who hate, who condemn, who cast out those different from our color may be forgiven.
A dream where one slaps you because of your shade, that you turn your cheek.
A dream that the darkest anger for each other is met by a blinding light of love and peace.
A dream that no matter what your condition is, that you may make room for everyone needing a friend.
A dream that has no end, but continues to spread like a loving virus, infecting people to be crushed by the love and joy of our God.
A dream where those stone you for doing what is right.
A dream where we lift each other up when we fall not because of our skin, but because we are family, we are all related in this dance we call life.
A dream where the fruits of our labor don't end the day in disgrace, but become a blessing to all, yellow, purple, black, and white.1

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