A Dime For Mother's Day

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A poignant story about a woman's first Mother's Day after her adult child died. With Christian undertones, this story has a fact based beginning.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017




“You will start to see shiny dimes everywhere,” Karen Brown's  best friend, Betty, had told her right after it happened, but she didn’t really hear the phrase consciously.She tried to forget she was now a mother without her son, and every attempt at making her feel better left her more numb.

It was Mother’s Day. Karen sat in her apartment looking at the urn engraved with one of Ryan’s tattoo designs. She could barely remember his voice because the last time they had talked on the phone had been three months before he died. She went to the closet, took his leather jacket out of its memory box and buried her nose in it. Shecaught a hint of his cologne, still mingling with stale cigarette smoke.

She was heading to work at Lowe’s because there would be no phone call from Ryan to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. Carefullyshe wrapped the jacket back up, blinking her eyes as she tried to ease their burning. There was no time for tears

In the garden center, a man about Ryan’s age came over to ask Karen about landscaping shrubs. As they watched adult children buying their mom’s plants and flowers, his eyes grew misty. “I lost my mom to cancer two years ago. I used to take her out every Mother’s Day to buy something for her garden.”

Karen took out a button that someone had made her with a photo of Ryan in his army uniform, smiling as he held his son in his lap. “I lost my son last August. This is my first Mother’s Day without him,” she quietly said, a slight catch in her voice.

The man gently brushed Karen's  hand as he angled the button so he could see. “He is a handsome fellow.” A few tears escaped their eyes. Karen heard her name called to head up to registers to help with the lines. She hesitated, thinking she would not go up so she could talk to the man a little longer. He motionied her to go ahead. She left wishing theycould share some more memories.

Karen looked up at the glass ceiling as she made her way back to the garden center after a half hour waving people through the register lines. The sky was gray, threatening rain, but there were just a few cracks in the clouds showing some blue. 

On the counter was a bouquet of a half dozen yellow roses. It was from the man she had helped. As she touched one of the soft blooms, she looked down at the floor and near her foot was a shiny new dime. Betty’s words came back to her. She picked up the dime and as she gazed at it in her palm in complete amazement, a ray of sun found its way through the glass above her head.

It shown directly on the dime, causing it to flash brilliantly. Its warmth felt like a kiss from a child's lips. Karen's heart pounded and the tears came fully then. Ryan’s spirit had come through another young man  to make sure she was not forgotten on Mother’s Day. Shiny dimes from Heaven were his way of letting her know.

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