HFMTOH - I Want To Be Like You

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Sometimes there's only one cure for self esteem issues and I may have found a solution.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



You know, self esteem is such a fragile thing.

One small comment about us can knock us off our axis for hours, perhaps even days.

There’s not much the average person can really do about it.

Sure, you can change your hairstyle for a while, dress a little different.

Heck, you can even try to fake an accent to seem more exotic.

But you’re always you.

Perhaps a conventional beauty on your best day, a sewer rat on your worst.

It’s not easy being unconventional in the eyes of the masses.

If you’ve noticed a flaw then surely everyone else has noticed it as well, right?

That’s why they stare when you’re walking down the street.

They know about that little bit of pudge around your stomach.

They know about that crook in your nose that you hate.

They always know.

“Get surgery,” they say.

As if that’d be nothing but water off a duck’s back.

Who are they kidding?

What average person can just get up one day and buy surgery?

That takes months, even years of saving for the smallest procedure to be done even half decently.

You’d have to sell your entire family for a doctor even a quarter worth his damn.

So I found a much easier way, one that costs next to nothing.

Except a bit of guilt here or there at times, but that’s only if I let the damning thoughts linger in my head.

I try not to, it makes everything so much easier.

You see, why should I be myself when I could be you without the surgery?

It’s easy, like slipping from one skin into another.

It doesn’t always fit like a glove, but with a few nips and tucks it works eventually.

Granted, it can’t be seen outside of my walls, but I’m satisfied with my temporary reprieve from ridicule and staring eyes.

The choice isn’t always easy, the person has to be perfect in every way I can imagine.

Picking from strangers in the street is the easy part, getting close enough is always the more complicated matter.

Especially when you’re nervous and have no natural charm whatsoever, how are people supposed to trust you enough to allow you into their home if you’re stood there like a blathering idiot?

How will they ever understand the pure intentions?

That it’s just a simple solution that would benefit everyone and with the ultimate precision, it all tends to go smoothly and in a matter of minutes I will be wearing your face.

I will be beautiful and adored and loved.

I want to be like you.

So hold still for me and it’ll all be over before you know it.

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