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A teenage boy deals with peer pressure and tries not to give in; yet the temptation is hard when it is all around him. It makes him feel uneasy.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



I know it is inevitable, being a teenager and all, but it still makes me uneasy.  I have always been "a good boy" to my parents; I have never caused them any trouble, nor do I plan to start now.

I go to a school where peer pressure is at an all time high. Now that school is about to end in a month, it seems to have only gotten worse.  Teenagers my age (or even younger) engaging in questionable activity between classes or in the hallways or on the school grounds, smoking cigarettes (or heaven knows what else), or even trying to do drugs or drink alchohol, even when it is forbidden on school property.  No matter where I look, I see it.

At times the tempations are overwhelming.  I have thought about experimenting with smoking or drinking or even trying to get hooked up with a girl, just so I can fit in with the other kids; but I wasn't raised that way.  I was raised in a loving Christian family where church was at the center of my life, and it still is this way even today.  I know better than to engage in things like this; I don't want to disappoint God, Jesus, or anybody.  And I would only end up hurting myself in the long run.

Some of the kids in question give me the creeps.  I have a built-in creep-o-meter and it ranges from 0 to 10, ten being the worst possible.  Lately it seems that my creep-o-meter has been buzzing with activity.  I just don't understand why some kids have to be in such a hurry to grow up.  Can't they enjoy what is left of their youth without throwing it all away for irresponsible behavior or actions?  They are going to have to live with these decisions for the rest of their lives.  Or else they just don't care, period.

I don't want to have to live with the sins of my past, though I am a sinner who has been forgiven by God's good graces.  I am going to be tempted myself, and I am, every day, especially here at school.  I kiddingly call my school the School of Ill Repute because of all the lewdness and immorality that I see going on about me.  So far, I've managed to stay away from this, but I have thought about trying drugs or alcohol or even getting with a girl, just to get the other kids off my back; but knowing deep within my subconscious that it isn't right, so I choose the latter.

Because of my church-infused background, I am often seen as a pariah, an outcast, by the other kids.  I have few friends; nobody wants to be a friend with a so-called "preacher's boy" (and I am; my father's a pastor at a local Baptist church here in town) or a goody-two-shoes.  I am often left out of conversations or the crowd; at times, I get sad, but I while my time away at the library, where I read my Bible or pray (and get razzed about that, too).  Seems that no matter what I do or say, and kids are ready to tear me apart, like a dog does to a piece of fresh meat.

I will be so glad when school is over.  I just hope that I can last another month because the kids are beginning to drive me crazy!  Lord, give me strength ......

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