An Update: Slobo Trbanek And Family, May 2017.

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A man originally from Bosnia-Hergozovina updates us on what has been going on with his life. He is happily married with two children; and his wife is pregnant with their third.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



Nashville, Tennessee, May 14, 2017, 6:16 p.m., C.D.T.~

Dear Journal~

Forgive me for not writing in here in so long; but life keeps me busy (but in a good way).  I hope you forgive me for that.

My name is Slobo Trbanek.  I live in Nashville, Tennessee, with my wife, Ivanka, and our two children, Katinka Marie, who is three, and Marek Stephen, who is one.  And my wife is pregnant with our third; she is four months along.  We should find out next month whether the baby she is carrying is a boy or a girl.  We are beyond thrilled; we just hope that the baby is healthy, but even if it isn't, we plan on loving and caring for it, just as we do our other children.

I am originally from Bosnia-Hergozovina.  I emigrated to this country after I had become injured; the injury resulted from war and I lost my legs.  I wear prosthetic legs and had to learn to walk all over again.  It was very difficult at best, but I managed to learn; I now get around quite well, only using a wheelchair for longer distances, like if I am at the zoo, or at the mall.  Other than that, I walk under my own power.

I had to learn English; I took ESL (English as a Second Language) courses at one of the local high schools here in town; we moved to Tennessee because we liked the weather and we heard that Nashville was a great place to raise a family.  It was here where I got my job; I still work at the local Kroger's; I work as a bagger.  I love what I do, and I love relating with people.  It was at Kroger's where I met the woman who would eventually become my wife.

Eventually, Ivanka and I fell in love with each other; we later married and started a family about a year later.  We now have two beautiful, healthy children: Katinka Marie, a beautiful little girl with green eyes and blonde hair, and her rough-and-tumble baby brother, Marek Stephen, who is a tiny ball of energy and wonder.  He looks just like me: brown hair and eyes.  (Poor child!)  Now Ivanka is pregnant again; we will soon have three children.  Our new baby is due sometime in October.  We are busy poring over baby name books but so far, we have come up with virtually nothing; there's just too many choices!  We are thinking of Juliana Margarita for a girl, but we have no clue whatsoever to name the baby if it turns out to be a boy!  But we have five more months to decide.

We go to church every week; we go to New River of Life Assembly of God Church here in Nashville, Tennessee; we have gone here for over ten years now; we love our church home, and we love the people that attend church here.  We have made so many wonderful friends, and we've seen many of the children grow into responsible adults or promising youngsters or adolescents with hope-filled futures.  We love the pastoral staff and we get so much out of their sermons.  Just today, as an example, with it being Mother's Day, our senior pastor talked about the role God created especially for mothers and why they are so important.  And all the mothers got flowers and gift cards and one lucky mother was chosen as "Mother of the Year".

People tend to feel sorry for me at times because of the fact that I am disabled, but I have never let it stop me from doing what I enjoy most in life.  I work and support my family, I am a loving husband and father, and I play with my children.  Yes, me.  I have two artificial legs, but I walk better than most people with two legs!  I can even run!!  Yes, I CAN!!  And I DO!!  God has allowed me to achieve so much in life, and I am very grateful!

Well, going to go: Ivanka is calling.  I will write in here another time; until then, this is your friend, Slobo Trbanek, signing off.  Take care and may God bless you as much as He's blessed me and my family over the years!


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