Undertale vs legs

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Undertale vs legs

Open in: in the ruins, Toriel is running through a hallway away from something. She is cornered at a dead end and tries opening all the doors, which are locked. The off screen thing catches her. Cut to- next scene. Frisk is casually walking through Snowdin, not looking where she’s going, before she bumps into someone. Frisk: oh, sorry sir, I didn’t mean to… Frisk notices the legs. Hairy legs!!!! Zoom in on the legs. Zoom in again, and again. Soon, the legs are the only thing on screen. Zoom in some more. omg it’s illuminati. Frisk looks around, and notices that all the citizens are missing, and there are several more pairs of legs. Frisk is startled, and back away slowly, before turning around, and running towards waterfall. Cue title screen: Undertale Vs LEGS!!!! (placeholder title) Frisk is scared, running through waterfall, looking for shelter, and hears something from behind the fall. ???: PSSST! HUMAN! OVER HERE! ???: Papyrus! We’re supposed to be quiet! Papyrus: oh, sorry. I found the human! ???: then go out and get it! Papyrus: Undyne, there are still legs out there! I can’t do that! Undyne: then get her attention quietly! Papyrus tosses a bone at Frisk to get her attention. It hits her square on the head. Papyrus motions for Frisk to come closer. Frisk runs behind the waterfall. Papyrus and Undyne are hiding. Papyrus looks sad and Undyne looks angry. Frisk: what are you doing here? Where is everyone? Undyne: the legs! They took everyone! I was at the palace and saw them, wrapped up in cocoons, dangling from the ceiling. Papyrus: Sans is missing! I just want to see my brother, see if he’s alright! *crying* Papyrus is an emotional reck. Frisk: something tells me Sans can fight for himself. Flashback of Frisk getting dunked on a couple times from another timeline. Frisk: uh yeah. Undyne: we need to find the source of the legs, and look for any more survivors. Papyrus: how? The legs are still out there! We’re trapped behind the waterfall until the storm dies down. Frisk: I didn’t see any legs around when i was out there, maybe it’s safe? Undyne: WAIT! How do we know YOU’RE not working for the legs? Undyne begins throwing spears at Frisk. She insists on dodging them and not fighting back. Undyne: okay. It’s Frisk. Frisk is the only person I can think of that wouldn’t fight back. Cut to: Sans is fighting the legs, talking out loud to himself Sans: God damned legs, taking over the god damned underground… Papyrus, where are you? Sans notices Alphys lab in the distance Sans: METTATON! He has the best legs in the underground! Maybe he’ll know something! Sans runs towards the lab in the distance Cut to: Alphys’ lab. It’s dark, and seemingly empty the door farther into hotland is open. Sans: METTATON! ALPHYS! WHERE ARE YOU? A leg comes out of seemingly nowhere, and kicks Sans in the head. He is knocked unconscious. Someone: hairy legs. Cut to a couple hours later, in Alphys true lab, (the one with the amalgolites) again, it’s empty, with occasional puddles of melted monsters on the ground. Sans accidentally steps in one. He is terrified. He hears a noise and turns around. Noticing that he is low on health, he runs and tries to find a place to hide. He hides in a cupboard. He hears talking. ???: where is he? ???: I don't know, he was here a minute ago. ???: just find him! ???: ok boss! I’ll find him, and then you can wrap him up in your web and- ???: JUST GO! The two leave. Sans exits the cupboard. Sans: wrapped up in a web? They can’t possibly mean Muffet is behind all this, can they? What do they want with me? Sans leaves the room. Muffet is standing outside the door. Sans doesn't see muffet. Muffet grabs Sans from behind. Sans struggles to escape, but to no avail. Muffet spins a web to hold Sans captive, leaving only his head uncovered. Sans: MUFFET?! What do you want with me? Muffet: you’ll make a nice hostage. Chances are, your brother has the human with him. Sans: you’ll never get away with it!! Sans reveals his eye and prepares an attack Muffet: oops! I almost forgot! She takes a ball of cobwebs and stuffs it in his eye socket, then proceeds to reach one of her hands into his other socket, and pull the eye out. It’s covered in juices and cobwebs. Sans: hey, give that back! I need that! She put some webs over his mouth, and sticks the eye in her pocket, still dripping body fluids. Someone: HE NEEDS SOME MILK! Then Muffet puts Sans back in the cabinet and locks the door. Cut to: back with Undyne, Papyrus, and Frisk. A leg soldier is marching past the waterfall where they are hiding. Soldier: ATTENTION TO PAPYRUS! WE HAVE YOUR BROTHER CAPTIVE AND WE WANT OUR RANSOM. THE RANSOM PRICE IS THE HUMAN. NOT JUST THE SOUL, THE WHOLE HUMAN. ALL LIMBS ATTACHED. ESPECIALLY THE LEGS. Papyrus: … Undyne: Papyrus? Papyrus breaks out into a crying fit. Undyne: Papyrus are you ok? Papyrus: SANS! They did NOT try to take my brother! Come on, we need to go. Frisk: but then the legs will capture us! Papyrus? Papyrus has already ran out into the open, letting out a war cry. Papyrus runs off. Undyne and Frisk run after him. Cut to: Sans. Sans manages to get free of the webs around his arms, but his legs are still tied up. He hears talking outside the cabinet. Muffet: did you send the messenger yet? ???: I did send the messenger, they said they saw him running towards the dropoff location. Muffet: did he have the human? ???: yes. Muffet: is anyone else with them? ???: Undyne is with them. Muffet: Undyne? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME SOONER? ???: you seemed busy. You know, ripping a Skeleton’s eye out. Muffet: What are we going to do about Undyne? I’m not strong enough to fight her! ???: I don't know. Muffet: do you think YOU might be able to take her? ???: I still don’t know. Maybe. Muffet: “MAYBE” isn’t good enough. We don’t want to risk anyone’s life unnecessarily. It’d be a waste of legs. ???: I’ll take five leg guards. You come with. Muffet: ME? We can’t let anyone else know I’M on the legs’ side! The one in the cupboard already knows too much! ???: fine. What do we do with him? Muffet: I think I stuffed enough cobwebs in his mouth to the point where he can’t talk. We’ll use him as bait, lure the human and Papyrus here and- Hey! He’s listening to our conversation! ???: um… well… he doesn’t have a lower jaw bone, aren’t the webs useless? Muffet: I don’t know how he speaks, he just does! Where does the sound come out if it’s not his mouth? ???: don't go there, ever. I don’t want to know. Muffet: he’s still listening! We need to be more careful next time. ???: THEN LET'S LEAVE THE ROOM. Muffet: we need someone to guard him. ???: I’ll guard him. Muffet: fine, I'll leave then. Muffet leaves the room. Sans listens for more talking but hears nothing. He takes the webs off his legs. someone: BOY, I LOVE EXPOSITION! Cut to: Papyrus, Undyne, and Frisk Frisk: are you sure this is a good idea? They said they want me as the ransom. Are you going to give me up to them? Papyrus: Of course not! I was thinking, we could get them to show us Sans is alive, then we could grab him and run off with him into the sunset. Frisk: were under ground Papyrus, there is no sunset. Papyrus: I’ll draw one on a wall. Nyeh heh heh! Frisk: so you want us to run into a wall? Papyrus: YES I DO. Undyne: WHY?! Papyrus: why not, it sounds fun. You guys can too. Frisk and undyne: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Papyrus: your loss. I'm going to find some paint. Undyne whispers to Frisk. Undyne: do you think he’s gone mad? Frisk: probably. Cut to: Sans. Sans is still in the cabinet. Someone: hahahahaha Sans. Sans tries scooping remaining webs off of his skull, leaving only a few around his mouth, and eye socket. Sans attempts to open the cupboard. The door is locked, and Sans decides to look through the keyhole, despite no longer having an eye. Someone: hahahahahaha. Sans notices three figures silhouetted against the back wall, and another figure, who he assumes is guarding him. Papyrus: DON’T WORRY SANS! I’M COMING TO SAVE YOU! Sans: (muffled): Papyrus? Help! ???: not on my watch, darling. Papyrus, Undyne, and Frisk: Mettaton? Mettaton: OHHHH YESSSSSSSSS! Papyrus: Me- Mettaton? No! Mettaton: you’re good as dead, darling. Papyrus: NO! Mettaton, I- I Love You. Undyne passes out. Sans is hitting his head on the cupboard door, hard. Sans: (muffled): NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE. Someone: what the f. Frisk is shocked, and speechless. Mettaton hits papyrus over the head with his legs. Papyrus passes out. Frisk, Sans, and Mettaton are the only ones conscious, and Sans is still in the cabinet. Frisk notices what appears to be puppet strings tied around Mettaton’s legs, as though someone was controlling them. Mettaton is still ‘determined’ (I use that term loosely) to end Frisk’s life. Mettaton is weak. Nyan cat flies by. Someone: nyan nyan nyan nyan. Sans passes out from lack of oxygen. Mettaton notices Papyrus on the ground and feels pity for him Mettaton overheats. Frisk is the only one awake. Frisk gets the key from the unconscious Mettaton. Then she unlocks the cabinet. Sans falls out. He is still sleeping. Frisk wakes up Papyrus and Undyne. Papyrus picks up Sans. They leave. Cut to: abandon legs r us store. Sans is STILL asleep, possibly dead. Papyrus is trying to wake him up. He’s failing. Frisk: is he okay? Papyrus: WAKE UP SANS. he’s fine. Frisk: I dunno, he’s got quite a few dents in his skull. Papyrus: I wonder why. Goes back to scene he's banging his skull on cabinet door. Undyne: he also has a ball of cobwebs in his eye socket, and some around his mouth. Papyrus takes the webs off, as best he can. There’s only a small amount left. A spider is seen crawling out of his eye socket, with eyeball juices covering him. The spider decides to listen in on their conversation. Papyrus: let’s go to hotlands to look for more survivors. Undyne: I dunno, hotland is a little too… hot… for me… Papyrus: don’t worry, we’ll be fine! Undyne: alright, I guess… The camera follows the spider. It goes to find muffet. Cut to: back with Mettaton and Muffet. Muffet: Hotland you say? I didn’t think Undyne could handle Hotland! Spider: yes, that's where they're going. Muffet: I thought Mettaton had them under control. Muffet takes a sip of spider tea as she speaks. Spider: I was in Sans’ head listening. He fainted. Papyrus confessed his love for Mettaton. I fainted too after hearing that. Muffet does a spit-take Muffet: WHAT?!. Spider: Mettaton is still unconscious. Want me to wake him up? Muffet: I’ll do it myself. You can come to watch. Spider: YES! Muffet storms into the other room, enraged. The spider follows happily. Mettaton slowly wakes up on his own, with Muffet standing above him. The spider is standing next to him seeming very eager. Muffet: *ahem*... GET UP LAZY-BOLTS! YOU LET THEM GET AWAY! The spider is very excited. Mettaton: s...s...sorry, darling…. He- Muffet: I know what he did! That’s no excuse to pass out. Mettaton: I didn't try to. Spider: hehe. Muffet: how does passing out even work for you? You’re a robot! Mettaton: with feelings. Someone: nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan. hehehe. Muffet: no, I mean did you overheat or something? Mettaton: I guess so. The spider leaves to find the human. Muffet: I guess if you overheated after THAT, then I guess I can’t send you to hotland after the human. Mettaton: NO! Muffet, darling, of COURSE I can handle Hotland, it was just, the pressure of the situation- Muffet: look at me. look me in the eye. Do I LOOK like I’m going to give you sympathy? Mettaton: Um, no? Muffet: exactly. Now, GO AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED! Mettaton runs off hesitantly. Cut to: back with Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, and Undyne. Papyrus: SANS! Papyrus tries to wake-up slap Sans, and this time it works Sans: no, five more minutes… Papyrus: Sans! Wake up! Sans: No. Papyrus: you're awake now. Sans: no, I’m still sleeping. Papyrus: why are there cobwebs in your eye socket? Oh no Sans thinks. Sans: who are you? Papyrus: *crying fit* No! Frisk: what is it? Papyrus: He has amnesia. *sniff* Sans: um, whoever you are, you seem to care about me… Papyrus: Sans! Remember? It’s me, your cool brother! Sans: Who’s Sans? It’s clear Sans is faking it, but Papyrus is more than convinced. Frisk: Papyrus... Papyrus: *crying* Frisk: Papyrus! Papyrus: *louder crying* Frisk: PAPYRUS!!!!!!!! Papyrus: *sniff* what? Frisk: you can’t tell he’s faking it? Papyrus: NO HE’S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Undyne: *sigh* yes he is. Papyrus: No he’s not! I’ll prove it! Sans, are you faking it? Sans: no. Papyrus: SEE?! Frisk: but he answered to Sans. if he had amnesia, he wouldn’t do that! Papyrus: how do you know? YOU DON'T! Frisk: *sigh* Undyne slaps Sans then slaps Papyrus. Cut to: commercial break. Temmie flakes ensue chaos on the world. Someone: Temmie flakes Temmie flakes Temmie flakes Temmie flakes. Temmie flakes breakfast cereal. Cut to: slow zoom in on annoying dog’s face with hellish music in the background. Cut to: Dave. enough said. Dave: hi, im Dave. Someone: ok. What do you want. Dave: 1,000,000 dollars. Someone: no. Dave: fine. Cut to: Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Spider and Frisk The spider hides back in Sans’ eye socket. Undyne: Sans, give it up. We know you’re faking it. Sans: Fish woman, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Undyne throws Sans across the room. Sans: please stop. It hurts. Undyne: I know it does. That’s the point! Papyrus: Sans, don’t you remember? That’s Undyne! Sans: No, I don’t remember. I have amnesia, remember? Frisk: can you please stop saying “remember”? Papyrus: I want to see if he remembers! Because he doesn’t remember. Remember? Frisk: Papyrus, He's faking it. Papyrus: No, He’s not! You’re confusing him! Frisk: Sans, we know you’re faking it. Can you tell us who is in charge of the legs? Sans: … A long pause Sans: can I have some time alone to think? Frisk and Undyne: JUST TELL US! Papyrus: LEAVE HIM ALONE! Yes, Sans. you can have some time alone. Papyrus drags Frisk and Undyne out of the room Sans: No! I didn’t think it would backfire this soon! If I tell them Muffet did it, they’ll ask about my eye, but if I don’t, Muffet will win… Unless… Sans claws some more cobwebs out of his eye socket. Not all of them, just some of them. He leaves some on the ground, as to hint that Muffet was the one. Then, he runs off in the other direction Sans: I can PROBABLY hold off on my own. They have Undyne with them, so, they should be fine without me… Sans runs off deeper into Hotland, by himself. The spider is still in his skull. *Some time later* Undyne: Okay, Sans. you’ve had some time to yoursel- God dammit! Papyrus: What is it? Undyne: He’s gone. Papyrus is crying again. Frisk: what is it? Undyne: Frisk, I just told you what happened. He left a pile of cobwebs… why? Frisk: Where did he even get cobwebs from? Papyrus: his eye. Frisk: huh? Papyrus: he had a bunch of them in his eye socket. Poor Sans… Alone, out there in Hotland, and he doesn’t even remember who he is… Undyne: OH MY GOD PAPYRUS! YOU JUST DON’T LISTEN, DO YOU? Frisk: PAPYRUS, YOU HAD ONE JOB! Papyrus: what was my job? Frisk: *facepalm* you were supposed to watch Sans, and make sure he didn’t DISAPPEAR. He has to be around here somewhere, we need to start looking around. Spider dance plays in the background. Undyne: He wasn’t that sneaky about leaving, he left footprints all over the place. Frisk: it’s not even a trail, it looks like he was blindly wandering all over. Papyrus: we’ve seen a lot of cobwebs around ever since the invasion. Do you think it means anything? … Papyrus: no? Okay… Frisk (thinking): cobwebs? Does that mean… probably not. Still it's a possibility. Maybe I should tell the others… in a little bit. Were busy right now. The group try their best to follow the footprints, but there isn’t a trail, they just wander around blindly. Undyne: this is getting ridiculous! Some of these tracks lead right into the walls? Papyrus, is your brother blind or something? Papyrus: no… I don’t think so…… Frisk: you don’t THINK so? Frisk remembers another timeline, Sans had one glowing blue eye during the fight. That reminds her that Papyrus wanted to run into a wall with a sunset painted on it. Frisk: he had a ball of cobwebs in his eye socket. Did that block his view? Undyne: he took that out, didn’t he? Cut to: Sans Sans is trying to run, but can’t see, and is running into walls, and falling down stairs and such. Someone: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… DON’T BREAK YOUR LEGS… HAHAHAHAHA. Sans: even if I can’t see, I have to find something to do about this! Pause. Frisk: Sans where are you? Sans: can’t let them find me. Sans attempts running faster, and falls down a flight of stairs, gets up, and continues running. Undyne sees Sans and runs after him Undyne: Sans! There you are! Undyne attempts to tackle Sans, but Sans dodges out of the way, down more stairs. Sans hits his head and fall unconscious [again]. Someone: owch. Hehehe. well , he didn’t break his legs. Papyrus: HEY! GENTLE WITH MY BROTHER! He’s the only one I have! Undyne: *sigh*. Undyne picks up Sans and tosses him over her shoulder, in the way you would carry a bag or something. -Later- Sans wakes up with bandages around his skull, Frisk is standing over him. Sans: hi… Frisk: why did you have cobwebs in your eye? Sans: uh… Undyne: Sans, be honest. Sans: um, I don’t know what you’re talking about, um, fish woman. Frisk: Sans. Sans: I don’t remember having anything in my eye… Frisk: Sans! Sans: what’s a cobweb? Frisk: SANS! Sans: WHAT?! Frisk: we both know you’re faking it. Sans: where’s Papyrus? Undyne: he went to go get some more bandages. Sans feels his skull, with all the bandages Sans: aren’t these enough? Frisk: yeah, for your head. You also broke your leg. Someone: dammit you had one job! Sans: uh, how did you know I broke my leg? I’m sure it’s just bruised- Frisk: Sans, your bones are on the outside of your body. We can clearly see your leg is snapped in half. Look. Sans: I’m sure it’s fine. Look, I can still stand- OW! Sans tries to stand up, but falls over, graphically spraying bone marrow everywhere, all over Frisk and Undyne. Frisk passes out. Undyne: now look what you did! Sans: ow… what did I do? Undyne: see for yourself Sans: my leg… Undyne: Sans, Undyne Pins Sans to the ground, Undyne: You are the WORST liar, Sans! First you pretend you have amnesia and traumatize your brother, then you run away like a coward when we ask you questions, then after you run away, you make us run all over the place with your footprints, pretending like you’re blind or something. You even keep that charade up after we corner you, and you fall down all those stairs, breaking your head open, and your leg, and then you make Frisk pass out? Why, I oughta learn you a lesson! Undyne readies a spear, and prepares to attack Sans. Sans uses his good leg to kick Undyne right in the head. Undyne is knocked unconscious Papyrus: fear not brother! I snuck past all those legs in order to get these bandages for your le- OH MY GOD! Papyrus is presented with a scene, Sans, in between the bloody, unconscious bodies of Undyne and Frisk. Undyne is bruised, and a spear is lying on the ground. Bone marrow is everywhere, and Sans is in the middle of the scene, covered in blood. Papyrus: s-s- Sans! What did you do?! You killed them! Sans: wha- No! No I didn’t! Papyrus: you’re no brother of mine! Leave. Sans: Papyru- Papyrus: GO! YOU HEARTLESS, COLD BLOODED KILLER! Sans begins crying Sans: No! Papyrus, you know I would never do that! Papyrus has a tear in his eye, as he begins to attack Sans. Papyrus readies a bone, and charges Sans. Sans picks up the bloody spear on the ground and blocks the attack. Sans: Papyrus, hear me out! Papyrus drags Sans away, by his good leg, while Sans is attempting to block attacks that aren’t there (he still can’t see), Papyrus lifts Sans up, and throws him towards Waterfall Papyrus: Go! And NEVER COME BACK! Sans lands on the ground, tears coming out his left eye socket. Papyrus Storms off towards Hotland again, still crying. Cut to: Undyne and Frisk Frisk: ugh, what happened? Undyne: They got away. Frisk: who got away? Undyne: Sans. and judging by the bootprints, Papyrus, too. Frisk: again? Undyne: they’re probably out there, in the open, an easy target for legs. Even with their stupidity, they’re still our friends. We have to go save them. Frisk: but then WE’LL be the easy target for the legs. There is a long pause... Frisk: wait, I have an idea! We should go to the capitol, and see if King Asgore knows anything. Undyne: but then our friends will get captured… Frisk: I know! We can split up! I’ll go look for the brothers, and you can look for King Asgore! Undyne: you think you can hold off all those legs? Frisk: yes. There is a long pause... Undyne: alright, whatever you say. The two go their separate ways Cut to: Sans and spider. Spider crawls away from Sans, and continues crawling towards Muffet’s hideout. Muffet: how’d it go? Anything interesting. Spider: they have split up. We should go after them. And Sans can’t see. Muffet: oh, divide and conquer! I get what you’re saying. Spider: are we going to send legs after them now? Please? Muffet: no, we’re just going to let them win, OF COURSE WE’RE SENDING LEGS NOW! You can watch. Spider: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muffet: you always seem so happy to watch others suffer. The spider is too exited to listen. Someone: you need Jesus. The spider hops on muffets shoulder. Spider: LETS GO!!!!! Cut to: Undyne. The spider is watching legs attack Undyne. Undyne is losing. Undyne is wrapped in webs. There are bloody spears all over the ground Cut to: Papyrus The spider is watching. Papyrus is trying to throw bones at the legs, but he keeps missing. There are too many. Papyrus is wrapped in webs. Cut to: Sans The spider is watching. Sans is attacking a tree, thinking it’s a leg. The legs easily capture him. He is wrapped in webs. again. Cut to: Frisk The spider is watching. His mouth is drooling. Frisk is refusing to fight back. Just like always. Frisk manages to get away. She hides behind the waterfall. Again. The spider is sad. Cut to Muffet. Muffet: shoot. She got away. again. Spider: we caught the other ones at least. Legs are still looking for her. Muffet: we caught them all except the one that actually mattered. The spider sadly leaves the room. Roy is in the corner. just like always. Cut to: Sans Papyrus and Undyne. They are all wrapped in webs, and Papyrus is screaming for help. Sans is struggling, and Undyne is depressed. Undyne: my ears are bleeding Papyrus! Papyrus: HELP US! Sans (muffled): Papyrus, this is why mom doesn’t love you. Papyrus: WHAT DID YOU SAY? Sans (muffled): nothing… Papyrus: SANS!!!!!! Undyne: Sans, what do you have to say for yourself? Sans (muffled): I got dunked on… Papyrus: SANS! Undyne is deaf temporarily. She is screaming to. Undyne: WHAT DID YOU SAY? Muffet (from the other room): SHUT UP! Papyrus: NO! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Spider: I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF OVER THIS! The spider is lying. Undyne: GOOD. Muffet walks in from the other room and uses duct tape and cobwebs to tape over Undyne and Papyrus’ mouths. Papyrus (muffled): MMMPH. MPH. Undyne struggles to get free. It’s no use. Cut to: Frisk. Frisk is in hotlands. She sees Alphys lab. She walks towards it. There are leg guards outside. She hides behind a conveniently shaped rock. Leg guard 1: man, this is boring Leg guard 2: I know, right! Jerry the leg guard: hi guys. Leg guard 2: oh no. Jerry the leg guard: how are you doing? Leg guard 1: pretend not to hear him and he might leave. Leg guard 2: ok. The leg guards pretend not To hear JERRY THE LEG GUARD. Frisk has an idea. Someone: JERRY!!!! Frisk is running back towards the abandon Legs R Us. Someone: Jerry you're never going to get a girlfriend! Jerry: it’s called a Bae, not a girlfriend. Someone: shut up! Leg guard 1: who are you talking to. Jerry: the air. Jerry: the air is talking to me!! Leg guard 1: oh my god god does exist. He is insane. Let’s get out of here. Jerry: no he doesn’t exist. I killed him. Meanwhile back at the abandon legs store. Frisk: if I can find a leg guard uniform, they should let me in, now, where is that leg guard Undyne killed earlier… Time for a commercial break. welcome to Flowey’s torture room *scream* never mind the screams come and have fun!! (more demonic screaming) Now, it’s time for a news report Someone:there is a sharknado in the south, east, west and north killing everyone. SCREAMS FROM OUTSIDE. Someone: Now to a more life threatening subject. Legs have taken over the underground. Jerry has been recruited as a leg guard. If you see him, ditch him. Your life depends on it. Oh no it’s JERRY. RUN!!!!!! Back to the actual story. Cut to: Frisk. Frisk is in a leg uniform. It includes black leggings and pink knee high boots. It’s also very glittery. VERY glittery. She leaves the Legs R Us. She is having trouble walking with the clunky upper body armor, but she prevails Then she drags herself into Alphys lab. Leg guard 1: did you see the new guy? Leg guard 2: still better than Jerry. She goes down to the secret lab. Alphys is tied up in a chair. She is unconscious, and bruised, as if she got into a fight. That sounds impossible. Frisk walks past her, looking at her as she walks by. Frisk: I hope she’s not dead. Frisk walks into a room. She sees Undyne, tied to a chair with cobwebs, and she has duct tape over her mouth Frisk looks around the room. no one else is there. She walks up to undyne. Frisk: undyne. Undyne looks up. Undyne (muffled): Yes, come to laugh at the fallen heroine. Well, go on. Laugh! Frisk: … it’s me Frisk. Don’t tell anyone. Undyne (muffled): Frisk? Frisk takes the tape off. Undyne spits out the webs. Undyne: thanks. Frisk unties Undyne. Frisk: Where’s Papyrus? Undyne: follow me. Undyne snuck out of the room. Frisk followed. Papyrus is tied up and blindfolded for some reason. There is also tape and cobwebs over his mouth. Frisk takes the blindfold off Papyrus. Papyrus (muffled): Undyne? Frisk? I thought you guys were dead! Frisk: I fainted because of the blood from Sans’ leg. Undyne: And Sans kicked me in the head after I kind of got mad at him and tackled him. You know? Papyrus (muffled): whoops. Frisk: *facepalm* What did you do? Papyrus (muffled): I kind-of drove him out of the group because I thought he killed you both… heh heh… Undyne: Why didn’t you check first? Papyrus (muffled): I- I don’t know. I saw him covered in blood, and he had a bloody spear in his hand, he was right by you two, and you two weren’t moving. I just thought he killed you! Frisk unties Papyrus, and takes the tape and cobwebs out of his mouth. Frisk: Just be more careful next time! Undyne: it’s fine- wait, where’s Sans? Papyrus: probably in the next room Undyne: I swear, if he’s not there, I’ll snap his neck. The group advance to the metal door ???: not so fast, darlings. Everyone: oh no! Mettaton: OH, YESSSSS!!!!! Undyne: out of all the people I DIDN’T want to see… Undyne charges Mettaton with two spears in her hands Mettaton blocks the attacks with his legs Not this time, darling. While Mettaton and Undyne are fighting, Frisk and Papyrus (who has blood gushing out his nose socket) manage to sneak past into the other room Muffet is sitting in the middle, on a large chair, stroking Sans as if he were a cat. Sans (muffled): please help. She’s been waiting for you for half an hour. And stroking me the whole time. Spider is there too. Muffet: well well well, what have we here? Frisk: a cliche’d villain phrase. That’s what we have. Sans (muffled): don’t come any closer! It’s a trap! Papyrus takes one step forward, triggers a tripwire, and a net springs from the ground, capturing him. Muffet: aww, boo! That was supposed to be a secret, Sans! You’ll have to be punished for that! Sans (muffled): please, not again… Muffet spins a rope out of webs, and hangs Sans by his good leg from the ceiling. He’s dangling, and a crack sound is heard, as if he dislocated his ankle. He falls from the ceiling, smashes his head on the Frisk- shaped rock from earlier (on one of the sharp edges, too), and has a huge dent in his skull. There is bone marrow everywhere. Papyrus and Frisk are showered with bone marrow. Again. He blacks out. Someone: I didn’t expect that. Oh my god. Frisk: Jesus christ, Muffet! Isn’t that a little barbaric? Papyrus: Hey, don’t do that! That’s my big brother! Someone: by the way, Sans is probably dead. And Papyrus is trapped in a net. (and at least twice the size of Sans.) Muffet: who’s next? The spider might as well be flying with excitement. Muffet: how about you? She unties the net, and grabs Papyrus by his arm, Muffet: this is what you get for escaping. Papyrus is hung by his arm. His arm breaks off. Someone: HE NEEDS SOME MILK! Papyrus falls on Sans. Papyrus is unconscious. Chara tries to take over Frisk’s mind. Frisk: no, not now… there HAS to be a way to do this without killing anyone, right? Right? Chara: nope!<3 Muffet: it’s time to have some fun, dearie! The spider can’t breathe, he’s so excited Muffet spits the acid that turns Frisk’s heart purple in Frisk’s face Frisk: not this again… Chara: do it. Kill her! Or I will. Frisk: no! Frisk and Chara struggle over frisks mind. Muffet: are you bipolar or something? Frisk: a little Chara: LET ME KILL HER! Chara finally manages to completely take over Frisk’s mind. Chara: It’s time to die. Chara takes out Frisk’s knife. Frisk: why did I even have that? Chara runs at Muffet, and stabs her right between the eyes, blood everywhere. Muffet: did you really think that would work? Chara: no, I didn’t want it to. Frisk: I thought it would work… Chara stabs Muffet in the chest, then she takes the knife out and rips out one of her ribs. Muffet bleeds to death. The spider is still happy. Chara leaves Frisk’s body, and Frisk wakes back up. Frisk: oh god, what have I done? Chara: you gave Muffet a BAAAAD time! ;) All the leg guards die. Except Jerry. Jerry falls into some lava and dies slowly. VERY slowly. Sans wakes up Sans: Papyrus? Get off of me! Papyrus is still unconscious Sans: Frisk? Are you still there? I still can’t see… Frisk: I’m here. So is Chara… she stole your “bad time” line. Sans: Frisk, I’m going to ask you something. Can you please... press the reset button for me? Frisk: why? Muffet is dead. Sans: Is she? Frisk: yeah. Chara killed her. Sans: is Undyne still outside? Frisk: you’re asking a lot of questions. Sans: please, reset the game. Frisk: ok… Sans: none of this ever happened. Frisk reset the game. Someone stares at the computer screen. Someone: well, that was stupid. Game: YOU’RE STUPID! Someone closes the computer and walks away… Roy is on the desk. Credits:

Writing- Legally Anonymous, Red Guy , Ninjawolfofdoom and Roy

Screenwriting- Legally Anonymous Red Guy Ninja Wolf of Doom and Roy

Motivation- Dave and Roy

Obscure credits- Legally anonymous and Roy

Organs- Legally anonymous and Roy

Stunt man- Hang in there, Sans.


Cast- Sans- Ninja wolf of doom and Roy Undyne- Red Guy and Roy Frisk- Miscellaneous and Roy Someone- Carson and Roy Papyrus- Legally anonymous and Roy Mettaton- Mark and Roy Muffet- Legally anonymous and Roy Spider- Red Guy and Roy Chara- Red guy and Roy Jerry- Miscellaneous and Jerry Roy- as himself Legs- Miscellaneous and Roy

Asriel appears on screen. Asriel: thanks for watching... Then Flowey appears on screen. Flowey: ...don’t die. Asriel- Mark and roy Flowey kathy and roy Dave- As himself and Roy

Special thanks Toby Fox Satan Inside jokes Roy Dave Whoever invented popsicle sticks A lot of blood Alan Smitee Roy Actually a squid Carson Whoever invented Kidneys Mettaton’s legs Asriel “Flowey” Dreemurr And Roy

© Copyright 2018 Kate stine. All rights reserved.

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