The Clouds

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This poem states the eagerness and the wish that one soul has for the other. The love the both had in them had made the lover turn into poet. Apart from everything, yet they think of turning into a new leaf with stronger hopes and magic moments and brighter dreams.... Wish them luck for togetherness.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017




The Clouds


The clouds declutter,and the sun rises again,

I still look beyond that road, thinking of a day,

When you will ask me for a date with you again,

You are the storm that finds me when I am in search of words.


Some mountain streams cascade swifter under the pebbles,

Within, they are just waters that break

Into slower ripples of their own coldness

Let us turn together.


Let us turn together into a new leaf,

Of stronger hopes and brighter dreams!

A day's escape to where the sky azures,

And the narrow paths of red soil vanishes


Vanishes into far away lands...





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