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A sensational poem dedicated to all women who have served as mothers, are serving and/or aspire to be mothers. I love you.

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



This poem is specially dedicated to all women who have served, are serving and/or aspire to be a mother. I wish you all a happy Mother's Day! We love you!

"Mother! Mother!! Mother!!!"

The frail and tiny, but screechy voice cries All her engagements, she drops in an instant and hastens to rise With her heels touching her gluteals, she dashes and flies To attend to the fruit of her womb, her precious prize Wrapping her warm arms of comfort Around her baby, she places in his mouth, a comfit [a candy type] She tickles, he giggles, she cuddles Smiles and watches on as he plays in the puddle And spends time each day to wash off the mud, despite the muddle Inflicted upon her by the daily grinds of life She lives in the midst of strife Making so many sacrifices to keep her family in rife

She is a virtuous wife One very good with the knife Behind every successful man Is a supportive woman [literally talking about a wife] they say But I also want to slay That behind every successful man, is no other Than the tender love, care and support of a mother She'd sell some of her very best rappers To push your dreams of being one of the best rappers She'll hide from you all her pain Just to keep you focused on your path to gain Carrying me for nine months was not an easy game But you endured to make me live all the same

Mother! Mother!! Mother!!! You're the anchor that keeps the father You're the hinge upon which the family rotates The very gem by whose sparks, the world reverberates For our sake you care less about your looks Discipline our careless acts with your looks Help us as much as you can to read our books Sowing seeds of love into our hearts Hoping that oneday, we'll get our names in the good books When we fall, you give us fresh starts Even take us to the mall, to fill the carts

Mother! Mother!! Mother!!! Where art thou, making me shudder? The heart of the motherless bleeds Especially on days like these My heart goes out to those who never saw the smile of their mothers To those in orphanages, always surviving on orders I wish above all that you also feel The warm and comforting touch of a mother to heal Your hurting hearts and also fix you a very sumptuous "home-cho" meal So dear mothers Kindly lend out a hand to our brothers And sisters who never tasted of the love of their deliverers Reach out and love them like your own and be a caregiver For you are a mother of all nations And your name will be heard in all tele and audio transmission stations What more could we have ever asked for from our heavenly Father Than the special and perfect gift called MOTHER!

Mother! Mother!! Mother!!! I want you to know that we love you, and we will forever love you!

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