Lucy "Lucky" Shot

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - A shot in the dark

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



-So my dear Lucy, did you decide what are going to do in the future?  - Papa

-Papa...i love arts but«, i don't know.... I want to be a lawyer as well! I want to defend everyone and everything from the evil things!!! Lucy

-Aahaha, lucy, you never change my little angel... *kisses on the forehead* Now go my love, i love to the moon and back - Papa

-Love you too papa *hugs him* - Lucy


*Lucy sees a childhood friend and her neighbour*


-Lucy!!!!! -Tom

-Hiiiii Tommy!! How is going law school? -Lucy

-Ahhh i love it but, i have so many books to read...and i don't have time to go the coffee and arcades with you... sorry... :( -Tom

-It's okay! You are my neighbour, you won't get rid of me that easy!!! - Lucy

-Oh noooo, you are terrible Lucy >.< !!! I have to go, let's go together to the arcade tomorrow !

-YAYYY :D  - Lucy


Lucy is going to school dressed in her super cute dress that she design herself, the colors are lilac, pink and white with a pattern of flowers in the skirt and her hair has two pigtails. Lucy has very bright skin with very red cheeks and her eyes are big and brown sweet as chocolate the same color as her hair.


-Ok so let's see, Lucy Bozza - Teacher

- Hereeeeeeeeeee! -Lucy

-Jonh wayters - Teacher

-Present ! -Jonh Wayters

-Keiko Tanaka - Teacher

-...Present. -Keiko


-What a beautiful girl!! Her hair looks like silk, and her eyes look like the fire of a dragon!!! *_*  -Lucy


*After classes*


-Hello! Konichiwa! My name is Lucy, nice to meet you! Did you came from Japan? - Lucy

-Oh, hello Lucy, no, i was born here... - Keiko

.You are so pretty, can i make some dresses for you??!! Pretty pleaseeeee - Lucy

-Ah, sorry i have just met yo... - Keiko

-No worries, i will call my dad and you will have dinner with us!! -Lucy

-What? I have just met you! What do you from me?! -Keiko

-*Starts to cry a little* I want to be your friend.... T--T -Lucy

-Oh, i guess.... sure, why not? - Keiko

-T-H-A-N-K-I-E-S!!! A-R-I-G-A-T-O!!! -Lucy

-Ah, you are welcome... and you don't have to speak in Japanese -Keiko


*Phone Rings*


-Papaaaaa!Wait, you sure? Tonight? okay. - Lucy

-Sorry, can it be tomorrow? I have to go, but i will make a dress for you, byyyye - Lucy

-Ah, ok, bye...What a strange girl... -Keiko



*In some house*


So do you what i wanted ? -  Gangster1

-Yes, is the most pure we found, we have a chemist working with us now... ahahha thanks goverment for letting your best scientists working with us. -  gangster2

-BAHAHAHAHAHAAH *starts to cry of laughter* Science Rulesssss, amigo! - Gangster2


*In a calm and sweet voice*

-Did you know that a spider in not an insect? That's science too... - ??


-WHATTT THE FUCK, who is this girl '! - gangster2

-Hey chica, go back to school , and what the hell, this not halloween anymore!!!!! gangster2


-Oh, sorry, and for you it will never be again - ???


Shoot both guys in the head so quickly that they didn't know what happen leaving a mess with brains and red all over the place but for this girl is something so ordaniry that she didn't even notice the blood is splattered all over her face.


*Phone rings*


- Yes? I have killed them, i got the substance here and i'm bringing back to you,

oh and the money too? Okay, love you to the moon and back...


This scene ends with the song - Future girlfriend - Your Grill





ps:. English is not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes!

ps2:. Hopefully in the future i have the design of the characters! Any anything you want to ask me you are welcome :3












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