Chase the Rainbow

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Sleep is a waste of time if we do not dream ...

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



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Chase the Rainbow



I will chase the rainbow


Grab the pot of gold

That will yank me

From my sullen misery

Pull me from the

Suffocating office

Break through these four walls

Down a life of peace and bliss

Where by having nothing I am all


I will chase the rainbow


I’ll drown the screams of critics

In the ocean of my dreams

I will climb the rocky mountains

With bloody, callous hands and scream

Not be silenced by a muted society

Who fears to see every part of me


I will chase the rainbow


Run past those who’ve died inside

I’ll recognize what I’ve had to hide

I’ll ignore the scientist

Towards my destined reign

Ignore him warn,

“It’s just sun shining through rain”


I will chase the rainbow


For those who ran

Through parched plantations

Dirt, sweat and spit sliding from their faces

Who ran with one foot

Who broke through chains

Who believed the free will carry their name


I will chase the rainbow


And whether or not

I grasp the gold

At least when I am

Gray and old

I can honestly

Speak to my child

Gaze out a few feet

From our window

Smile and think,

“Not much more to go”,

Look to my child

Before I go,

To a world beyond

A world unknown,

And say,

“I’ve gone as far

As I could go

With every step

Know I love you so.

My times come near,

I’m sure you know.

Now, it’s time

You chase the rainbow”.



- K.S. Fort



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"Sober Reality : Cry Standing"


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