Boon and Boondoggle

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This is one of those poems that started out to have one message and ended up with another. --- Oh bother...

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



My youth was like a student pilot, flying blind,

With choices made, as some might choose to blink.

I was a blitz of a child, half sane and half wild,

A blizzard of emotions with little need to think.


My teen years transformed me into questions

That blushed, profusely, at the mention of a girl;

Then came change that bolstered self assurance

 And gave a bonus to my vision of the world.


All other years were boon and boondoggle

Not much different than the average bondsman's road.

All I learned was, "Don't buy books without their covers

And never date a woman that wants to kiss a toad."


Memories --- are like the figures seen in clouds

 They form a picture and then they float away.

I remember just the ones that make me smile

And I will treasure them --- until my dying day.



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