All In My Head

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Camping

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



The sticks worked great, he even managed to craft a wobbly crutch for himself. The morning was going great, his new crutch working very well, until nature called. Clint never realized how hard it is to shit when you have only one good leg. The wolf, as always, just watched him stumbling around, cursing as he tried to go in some bushes.

Whitefang thought that it was hilarious and very entertaining to watch the man struggle to take a dump. Only her rumbling stomach drew her away from the sight. Nose lifted to the wind, the mouthwatering taste of rabbit flooded her scent glands. Whitefang was practically drooling over just the smell. She treaded carefully through the woods until the furry little creature came into her sights. The rabbit was fat off the pleasure of few predators and plenty to eat. She crouched, making sure to tuck her back legs underneath her to get a good spring. The rabbit’s ears went up, nose now twitching, but it was too late. Whitefang’s jaws snapped the rabbit’s neck as its screech was cut short.  Immediately, another rabbit darted out of the undergrowth in a panic. She lunged for it, managing to grab its back leg before dragging it toward her, finishing it off quickly. Whitefang does not take pleasure in killing, she was hunting for food, not sport. Hydra soliders loved to shoot anything that moved, later coming up with an elaborate story to how a chipmunk was a ‘threat to the security of the compound’. She carefully picked up the two warm bodies before happily trotting back to the small camp as the sun faded on the horizon.

When she arrived, the man had set himself up on a sleeping bag near the warmth the fire provided. The wolf padded up to him, setting one of the rabbits in his lap before going off a ways to devour hers. As she ate, Whitefang watched in fascination as the man skinned the rabbit with his knife and attaching pieces of meat to one of the long sticks she brought him, cautiously holding it over the fire to cook the meat but not set the stick alight. Soon the tantalizing aroma of cooking meat filled the clearing.

Hawkeye eyed the wolf in the corner of his eye as he waited for the meat to cook. Just the smell of it making his stomach rumble. The minutes crept by painfully until finally the meat was good to eat. The half-starved avenger tore into it, ripping off chunks and gobbling them down with deep satisfaction.  He felt the wolf’s eyes boring into his skull before he finally turned to it. Its gaze was full of longing as he followed it to the last piece of meat. The agent tossed the stick to the wolf who lunged, catching the stick mid-air. The wolf placed the bare end carefully between its front paws before proceeding to nibble on the tender meat still clinging to the end. Hawkeye fell asleep looking at the stars that night, wondering if his team was still looking for him, and if they would ever find him.

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