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I know that it has been forever since i posted anything but i actually have a legit excuse for not posting which i explain in Discussions so go there for my reasons, but enjoy a long update my loyal readers who i deeply appreciate.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Surprise!

Submitted: August 15, 2017

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Submitted: August 15, 2017



He got his answer the next day. Hawkeye spent the next morning doing some calculations. He figured that the nearest town was about 20 miles from the Hydra compound, at least what he can figure from how long the ride there was and how fast it was going. Hydra had sonar and radar doing a five mile perimeter around its compound so he must be outside that or they would have found him a long time ago. So that left about 15 miles between him and civilization. The only real complication being he had no clue which way to go. He took his knife and used it to cut the bottom of a water bottle off. Filling the bottom half way, and then placing a paperclip he found in the supply bag, the paperclip spun a bit before turning and pointing the direction to his right. The archer mentally patted himself on the back for making a compass. The rest of the day was spent gathering supplies. That night, Clint fell into a peaceful sleep, happy to finally be on the path that led back home.

Whitefang watched curiously as the man spent the rest of the day gathering berries and water. The peaceful expression on his face that night was foreign to her and fascinated her to no end. She didn’t know that people could even make faces that showed emotions other than boredom, anger, and coldness. Dawn came with the warmth bathing the trees and light made of reds, yellows, and oranges flooding into every corner. Whitefang did her best to memorize the sight, wanting to never forget such beauty.

As the sun rose, she became more impatient with the man. He just kept sleeping and wouldn’t wake up. What happened to all that preparation last night? When the sun was about to reach its highest peak, Fang decided to simply wake him up herself. Creeping up close to his head, she crouched and relieved herself both ways a foot from him. It only took a few minutes for the man to open his eyes to an unpleasant smell and even more so sight. Fang earned a few good glares from him for that but she ignored them. He then looked at the sun high in the sky and cursed before quickly gathering all the supplies in the backpack. The duo set off to the North via the man’s compass. The day was mostly uneventful, the man stopping after a few hours for a quick drink and meal of berries.

Fang heard them before the man did. Lifting her nose to the wind, she smelled the vial scent of Hydra and let out a growl. The man stopped when he heard the growl and looked around. A small rustle from the bushes and Fang lunged. She dragged the solider screaming from the bushes and snapped his neck. The form went limp in her jaws, but he didn’t come alone. At least fifteen more masked men emerged from the undergrowth, armed to the teeth. Fang let out a feral growl, snapping her teeth, promising a painful death to any who approached. The man attempted to get in a defensive stance but with his broken leg, he was practically defenseless. The men were about to attack when a pulsar beam shot at one of them from nowhere, killing the goon instantly. The other goons instantly started to shoot at the sky. That was when a flash of red and gold zoomed overhead to land in front of the man. The man looked very happy. Ironman incapacitated the rest by shooting a plethora of electric shocks from his shoulders.

“About time, Stark” said the man.

“Well, you know that I have to make an entrance” replied Ironman. Fang recognized because the goons would talk but usually curse about Ironman and the Avengers. She didn’t think that she would meet one of the Avengers, and for the teen, that was pretty cool. She padded up to the man, hiding a bit behind him. “What’s with the dog?” Stark asked, aiming his pulsar beam at her.

“Oh” said the man, turning to see her hiding sheepishly behind him. “Easy Stark, the wolf saved my life”. He lowered the pulsar beam but Fang could tell that he was still on edge.

“You ready to go home, Barton?” asked Stark. Fang went ridged with shock at hearing Ironman call the man Barton. That meant that she had been hanging out with Hawkeye, like thee, Hawkeye. Fang barked excitedly, startling the two men. Barton watched her in confusion as she proceeded to spin in happy circles, tail wagging fiercely. The quinjet came into view at the moment, landing while sending leaves everywhere. Fang squinted a bit against the wind. The back opened with a thump. The rest of the Avengers came out the back, welcoming back the archer. Fang hung back, not sure what to do. Barton turned to the wolf pacing a bit far back. He let out a sharp whistle and the wolf’s ears pricked toward him as the wolf cautiously made its way to him. His friends on edge when they see the large creature. The archer rubs its head and it follows him onto the quinjet with the others practically demanding his story. They settled with Tony flying, and with the wolf lying at his feet, he began his tale of the last week.

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