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Sorry this took so long, school is crazy. Anywho, enjoy my readers! (and if you want to comment that would be very much appreciated)

Chapter 9 (v.1) - Shocker

Submitted: November 29, 2017

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Submitted: November 29, 2017




Fang felt like she was floating. Her body weightless. Am I dead? She thought. Fang tried to move but a sudden wave of pain halted her in her tracks. Nope, not dead. That was when she felt a strange sensation on her back, turning despite the agony it caused, she looked on her back and her stomach dropped. Wings. She had freaking wings, well what was left of them. Most of the feathers were damaged or missing and her right wing had a heavy splint on it.


What the hell did Hydra do to me? She thought as she watched them flutter with wonder. So this is how she got to Clint so fast. Oh, jeez Clint. He was going to freak when he sees this. Speaking of said archer, where is he? Fang turned to look around the room. It was white with white machines, most of which was hooked up to her, but no Clint. She hoped that he wasn’t hurt too bad. As worry started to build up, a commotion outside her door drew her from her worried thoughts. She quickly pulled the pulled the bed sheets over her wings, wincing and holding back a whine at the pain the sudden movement caused. Fang turned towards the door as it opened.


Clint was mad, no furious. He had patiently waited for two weeks to go see his wolf, putting up with the constant meds and unending boredom but now that he is right in front of her door, and a nurse has the audacity say he can’t go in.


“I am sorry Mr. Barton but the wolf is simply not well enough for visitors. She is not even awake yet” said the nurse. Clint gave her one of his glares but it only held half of its normally intimidating feel, hard to look threatening when you are in a wheelchair and only wearing a hospital gown.


“For the last time, I am going to see my wolf and there is nothing you can do to stop me so you best be getting out of my way” the archer coldly expressed. The nurse threw her hands in the hair with exasperation before storming off, muttering about reckless patients. Clint sighed before turning to the door, with a good shove it was open and the best sight greeted him. There was his wolf, giving him a big doggy grin with her tail wagging.


He sighed in relief, then frowned at the noticeably large lump next to her. “Hey, girl”, he began, “why do you have a big lump?”. The wolf looked at the lump then back at him before nudging it gently and encouraging him to take a look. “Oh god, you weren’t pregnant, were you?”. She looked genuinely offended by that comment, as if she could understand ever word that he said.


The archer gently lifted the edge of the blanket and dropped it in shock when he saw a flash of gold underneath. He blinked and shook his head again before attempted to lift the blanket once more. The gold he had seen was at the end of a long black feather. He pulled the blanket completely off his wolf to see the now large wings with black feathers tipped with gold now protruding from her body. His jaw dropped. “H-h-how?” he stuttered. The wolf almost seemed to shrug but Clint shook his head. It must to be the meds getting to me, he thought. He then began to wonder how the rest of the team would react. As if on cue, the door being opened sounded behind him.


“Clint, you are supposed to…” Bruce Banner’s voice trailed off when he saw the sight before him. The wolf now had wings, but that was simply physically and chemically impossible. He stared with wonder at them, already going through a list in his head of the tests that he wanted to perform to see how this was possible. The wolf looked up at him, cocking her head adorably when he smiled at her. “Did you?” he managed to ask Clint.


“Nope” replied Clint. He knew that look in the doctor’s eyes well, and also knew that Banner wasn’t going to be the first to look at his wolf that way. That was when the great Tony Stark decided to make his grand entrance of the day. He walked in with swagger showing in every step and that constant maniac grin on his face.


“So” he started loudly while clapping his hands together. The clap made his wolf jump from the sudden noise. Tony did a double-take when he saw her, shock registering on his face. Then the grin appeared. Oh boy, thought Clint, knowing that the genius was concocting one of his schemes again. “Since the public and the government has been on my ass since Legolas got back and the wolf jumped out the building, we are holding a press conference in two days to help smooth things over” he finished.


“No” said Clint plainly, taking in the way the wolf was looking scared.


“Oh come on” whined the billionaire, then he grew serious, “I’m not playing Clint, the government is demanding answers and if we don’t do this then they are going to find a way to take them by force”. He looked at his wolf again, she was looking at him with pure trust in his eyes.


“Alright Stark, but on my terms and when I say it’s over, its over” Clint compromised.


“Good, done deal” replied Stark. His phone buzzed, Tony rolled his eyes when he read the message. “Gotta go, something blew up again” he explained before rushing off. It wasn’t a normal day if something of Stark’s didn’t go haywire or blow up.


“So” Clint said whilst turning to his furry friend, “what should we do for two days?”

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