Late Night Takeout

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Monica was just tidying up from a long night of work when she saw Chandler walk through the
door and her heart skipped a beat. Everyone had cleared out and it was just her and the cook

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



Monica was just tidying up from a long night of work when she saw Chandler walk through the door and her heart skipped a beat. Everyone had cleared out and it was just her and the cook left. “You guys still serving”, Chandler asked as he walked in. “Oh I suppose. I do owe you an ice-cream.” Monica said as Chandler walked up to her. “Sit down, I’ll just be a second.” Chandler sat down at the bar as Monica disappeared and came back with a bowl of vanilla ice-cream. She sat it down in front of him and leaned down on the bar to rest. “You look tired.” Chandler said. “It’s been a busy night.”, Monica replied as she placed a hand on her back and rubbed. “You know, I’m a pretty good masseuse.” Chandler said as he walked around the bar. Monica felt a rush as he approached her and gently began rubbing her shoulders. “Oh god that feels great.” Monica said as she leaned on the bar. “You’re very tight.” Chandler said with a grin. Chandler slowly worked his fingertips up along her spine until he reached her neck. He then slowly pushed across her shoulders and grasped tightly then released and worked his way back down her back. “Oh my god. That’s amazing”, Monica said as she felt her muscles relax. Chandler worked his way back up her spine and when he reached her neck this time he continued up her neck into her hair then squeezed her neck gently as he leaned over and whispered in her ear. “You’re looking pretty milfy.” He whispered as she closed her eyes enjoying the moment. Chandler ran his hand down her neck to her shoulders as he began kissing up the back of her neck. Monica’s eyes shot open as she felt his warm lips press against her. She reached back and grabbed the back of his head and ran her fingers through his hair. “Very milfy.” Chandler said with a pause, then grabbed her hair and spun her around for a kiss.

Monica loved the feel of his lips touching hers, but she shot a nervous glance around the room to see if anyone was there. “We can’t do this here.” She said as she pushed away. Chandler grabbed her hand and led her from behind the bar through the doorway to a set of stairs. He began down them with her close behind. They headed down a hallway when they came to a pair of double doors. Chandler swung them open to reveal the banquet room. As they entered the room Chandler pushed Monica onto one of the tables and climbed on top of her. He kissed her passionately, their tongues dancing together, as he ran his hand up her leg. She kicked off her sneakers and wrapped her legs around him. She could feel his warmth pressed against her body as he kissed down her neck and pulled her shirt over her head, she tried to free her hands but he twisted the shirt around making a makeshift handcuff. “Can’t have you getting away on me.” Chandler grinned as she struggled. Chandler reached around her back and unsnapped her bra as he held her shirt above her head with her hands tied with the other. He slowly kissed down her chest as he took her bra in his teeth and pulled it up. He took his spare hand and gripped her breast tightly as he bit her nipple. “The more you struggle, the more I’ll have to punish you.” Chandler said with a grin. Monica squeezed her legs tightly around him as she wiggled her hands trying to free herself calling his bluff. Chandler slowly trailed his tongue down her chest and across her stomach, stopping every few inches to bite as he reached her pants. Holding her hands bound in her shirt he used his free hand to unbutton her pants. Monica tightened her legs defying him to try to move her as he leaned down and bit her nipple slightly harder. Monica felt a sharp pain jolt through her which was quickly soothed by the warmth of his mouth, but she didn’t loosen her legs. Chandler grinned as he reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head sideways exposing her neck. He bit her neck softly, she could feel his teeth on her skin. “You’ll be begging me to fuck you in a minute.” Chandler whispered in her ear. “You’ll want me to fuck you hard, and deep. You’ll want to cum all over my dick. You’ll see.” Monica grinned as she turned her head to try to bite his lip as Chandler pulled away and pulled her hair tighter. Looking down at her, then moving in and kissing her as let go of her hair and slowly ran his hand down her body and pushed it down her pants. She could feel his fingertips on her clit as their tongues danced. As he slipped his fingers inside of her she bit his lip and he pulled his fingers back out and rubbed her clit hard.

Monica managed to free one of her hands and began tugging at his shirt and pulled it up forcing him to sit up as she pulled it over his head. He was forced to let go of her shirt and she freed her other hand. Chandler grinned as he slide off the table and stood in front of her and undid his belt, pulling it from the belt loops and tossing it on the table. As she turned to look at it he leaned forward and tugged her pants down, revealing her thong. As he knelt down and pulled her pants off he began kissing up her leg. As he reached her thigh she grabbed a handful of his hair and he slide her thong to the side and flicked her clit with his tongue. He reached forward and grabbed her ass and pulled closer to the edge as he buried his face in her. She could feel his tongue dart over her clit and she put one arm behind her and leaned back as she gripped his hair tighter. Chandler slid two fingers inside of her as he licked and sucked on her clit. Pushing his fingers deep inside and pushing upwards in a come hither motion. She felt his teeth just gently clamp down on her clit and it sent a shock through her entire body as she pushed his face into her. Chandler could feel her pussy gripping tightly on his fingers as he began pushing them in and out faster and faster, ravaging her clit with his tongue as she moaned. Monica closed her eyes as she felt herself getting close to cumming. As she did Chandler stopped and pushed her back on the table, grabbing the belt and quickly looping it around her wrists and pulling it tight. He took the end and wrapped it around the leg of the table fastening her tightly as he stood up and kicked off his shoes. He began slowly unzipping his pants as she watched him intently. He let his pants fall to the floor as she removed his boxer-briefs and stood before her with his cock in his hands, slowly jerking it. “I told you, you would be begging for it.” Chandler grinned as he stepped forward. He took his cock and slapped it against her clit. Monica struggled with her hands but they were firmly fastened. She could jolts of electricity everytime he slapped his cock against her clit. He slowly circled his cock around her pussy, getting it wet with her juices, as he slipped the tip in slightly to tease, then pulled it back out and slapped her clit again. “Just fuck me.” Monica cried. Chandler slapped her clit again with his cock as he ran it along her pussy and down to her ass, slowly circling her ass, then back up and slapped her clit again. He pushed his cock inside her a little more as he felt her quiver, then he pulled it back out and slapped her clit with his cock harder, and as she winced he drove it deep inside with no warning. Monica gasped as she felt him fill her suddenly. She could feel his cock pulsating inside of her as he drove it deep and leaned over to kiss her. She sucked on his lip as he began to pull back, begging him to thrust into her again. Chandler complied and drove deep inside of her again, and again.

Chandler left her lips and nibbled down to her breast and ran his tongue along her nipple as he thrust into her over and over again. Taking her nipple in his mouth he massaged it with his tongue as she felt herself getting close to cumming again. Chandler could feel her pussy tightening around his cock as he stood up straight and took her legs and placed them on his shoulders, gripping her thighs as he began driving into her harder and faster. Monica screamed loudly as he thrust into her, the sound of their skin ringing out. Chandler reached over and grabbed her bra stuffing it in her mouth. “Shhh.” Chandler said as he pumped away. Monica felt herself beginning to cum, her pussy tightening down and pushing Chandlers cock out as she squirted everywhere. Her entire body was shaking as she felt Chandlers cock slap against her clit and she flinched trying to catch her composure. “Ohh milfy, we’re so not done yet.” Chandler said as he slapped her clit again with his cock and trailed it down her pussy and circled her ass. She could feel his cock slowly push into her ass as she stared at him. He took his thumb and began to rub her clit as he began pushing in and out. Her entire body was vibrating with every thrust. “You feel so good.” Chandler moaned as he drove into her. Monica could feel herself getting close to cumming again when Chandler began to thrust into her harder, taking his fingers and pushing them deep into her pussy and massaging up on her g-spot. Her pussy began to tighten on his fingers again as he drove into her ass, over and over again. Finally she came again, but this time he didn’t stop to give her a rest, he just continued to thrust into her ass, harder and harder. “Ohhh fuck”, Monica cried through the bra stuffed in her mouth. “That’s right milfy, you’re such a naughty girl.” Chandler said as he paused pushing her legs together and forcing them to her side. Chandler grabbed her thigh as he pushed back into her, slapping her ass with a loud twhack as he drove into her, then he ran his hand up and removed the bra and placed his fingers in her mouth. Monica obliged slowly sucking on his fingertips as he pushed into her over and over. She could feel his cock getting harder and knew he was close to cumming. “I want you to cum on my tits.” Monica whispered. Chandler pulled out and climbed up on the table as Monica rolled on her back staring at him kneeling above her jerking his cock. He ran his fingers across her lips and she sucked on his fingertips some more as he began to cum. She felt the warm sticky goo hit her chest as Chandler moaned out loud and collapsed beside her on the table. As they spooned Monica looked over at the clock. “Jesus Christ. I’m so totally in shit, I should have left twenty minutes ago.” Monica exclaimed as she sat up and began cleaning up. “Guess that’s what happens when you’re overbooked.” Chandler said with a grin as he slide to the floor and started getting dressed. “So this time next weekend?” Chandler grinned. “Any time is a good time for ice-cream.” Monica said as she pulled her shirt on and twisted her hair back up and headed out the door.

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