All Summer In A Day Ending

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My ending for the book "All Summer In A Day" by Ray Bradbury.

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



As they walked slowly down the tunnel towards the closet door they still heard the banging and screaming of Margot. But when they got to the door the screaming and banging stopped. It went completely silent… Suddenly one of the girls freaked out worrying about Margot because the sudden silence. Then after a few minutes of complete utter silence William stood up and said “I’ll open the door, because you other little wusses are too scared!” Once he stood up in front of the door he suddenly got a chill that crawled up his spine. He grabbed the key and put it in the lock and slowly turned… When he opened the door he found Margot, on the ground with blood on her shoulder, head, and knuckles. She was unconscious, William called the teacher. The teacher ran into the closet and dropped to the floor and started pushing Margot’s body. “Margot! Margot wake up!” She yelled while pushing her, “Margot, please wake up!” When Margot opened her eyes, she hated the site that she saw but she was glad she was free from the closet. Margot’s bruises and cuts and gashes in her body happened because she was banging on the rugged door. Margot then noticed the children and William. She quickly stood up but almost fell because of her injuries. The teacher had to help Margot stand. Once she finally was stable she looked at the children and screamed “How could you do this to me, you locked me in the closet!” Margot started to cry tears of hate and sorrow, she pushed all the children out of the way and ran out the door. She ran all the way till she got to the window. Then she remembered the sun. She missed it… Margot fell to the ground crying, as the rain stung her arms, she stood up went to the door and walked out and then she kept walking away. Away from her home, away from her parents, away from everything and everyone. As she kept walking in the horrid rain she suddenly stopped and found a new village far, far away from hers. She started running and running more and more fast. Until she made it to the new village. She saw people walking around with umbrellas. Beautiful houses made of silver and wood. Then a little boy ran up to her and asked “Who are you?”

Margot responded “I’m Margot.”

“Hi Margot, I’m Bobby.” Said the little boy.

Then he suddenly grabbed Margot’s hand and led her to a very large building. It looked to be as tall as ten elephants stacked up together. When they ran into the building she was greeted by a very fat large man. “Why hello! Who are you?”

“I am Margot. Who are you?” Margot had said while looking the big man up and down. He looked to be as fat as a rat eating cheese. He stared at Margot with his piercing eyesMargot gulped.

“I am the Mayor of this beautiful village!” He yelled quite loud.

“Oh.” Margot responded “I have nowhere to go can you help me?”

“Why of course I will help you!” He said.

“Thank you.” Margot said happily.

As the Mayor led young Margot through the village showing her everything and everyone she was excited to live there. New place, New face! She thought in her mind. When the Mayor stopped at one house Margot wondered why it said ‘Foster House For The Best Children!’ He pushed her along into the building and started talking to a woman at the door. She then looked at me and smiled. Her smile was so sinister and cruel it reminded Margot of the bullied and children at her old village. Margot started to run away from there she ran all throughout the village. She didn’t wanna live there. But somehow the fat Mayor caught up to her. She was so surprised she just stopped. He ran like a squirrel running from hawks. When he got to her he grabbed her and carried her back to the foster home. She was screaming “Let me go!” Margot started wiggling and wiggling more but she never got out of his arms. Once they made it to the foster house she put her inside and slammed the door shut then the woman that smiled sinisterly at Margot locked the door so Margot couldn’t get out. Margot tried every window and every door but they were all locked. Then the woman showed Margot to her room. The room was not beautiful it was plain and old and smelly. It had gray walls and a hard concrete flooring there were 12 beds in the room. The woman showed Margot her bed. It had throw up stains on it and it smelled of feces and urine. It was disgusting. “There are a couple of sheets and blankets in the hall closet. Go get some.” The woman said then walked out the room leaving Margot all alone. Margot went to the closet and got the blankets and sheets and a pillow. She place them and spread them on her bed. Then she laid on her bed and slowly drifted to sleep. By the time she woke up it was midnight, a lot of girls filled the empty beds, and Margot heard light snoring. Margot silently slipped out of bed, and walked around. She didn’t know where everything was in the foster home because the owner woman didn’t show her around so she was exploring. As she explored she found one room with a whole lot of keys, she ran up to the key and grabbed them all. Then she ran to the door and used every key to try to open it. None of them worked. She grabbed all the keys and ran back to the room to put them back, then while she was running she looked to the right and in the moonlight she saw a silver shine as she passed the room. She walked back to the room. It was the scary woman’s room. Margot dropped all the keys into a basket that was next to her. Then she walked into the room and toward the shining silver. Margot found it, it was a single key, but the bad part was it was around the scary woman’s neck. She moved as fast as a cheetah on the Serengeti after the key. It broke easily off the woman’s neck. Once Margot had it she ran straight to the door that was on the second floor. “I must hurry” Margot thought. “I need to get out of here.” She struggled at putting the key in the keyhole because she was scared someone might notice she’s trying to escape. When Margot finally got the door open she was greeted by a sky full of beautiful dancing stars. She smiled greatly and ran off into the moonlit night. Until she was stopped by the young boy named Bobby again. “Leave me alone Bobby, I can’t stay here!”

“But why, it’s wonderful here.” Bobby said rather sadly.

“I don’t belong here!” Margot yelled.

Then Margot pushed Bobby to the side and started running more. She didn’t know which direction she was going. She just didn’t wanna turn back. As she ran and ran and ran she tripped on a rock and fell into a very deep hole. There was no way back up. She screamed “Help, someone please help me!” An echo returned to mock her cries. Margot screamed. Then fell to the ground. She noticed that she still had cuts and that they got infected. Margot started coughing and coughing and coughing till her eyes filled with tears. She laid on the cold hard wet ground and closed her eyes. When she opened them again she noticed that she was laying in a large pool of water. “Crap oh crap!” Margot yelled. “This is bad. The hole is filling up with water!” She ran to the nearest boulder and climbed to the top. She started crying “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die…” Then a rock fell from the roof of the hole and hit her head which knocked her out. As she laid there, the water quickly filled up it reached all the way to the top of the boulder. Margot’s body was slowly floating on the water. When Margot woke up after many hours she found herself under water. She tried swimming up but she hit her head on a spike on the roof which made her start bleeding. She screamed in agonizing pain but it was muffled by the water. Sadly she was stuck in the water with little air in her body. She couldn’t see and she couldn’t feel anything because of the murky water. Suddenly everything went black for Margot. She fell unconscious due of lack of oxygen. When she woke up she was out of the water, she had new clothes on and she was laying in a cozy bed. “Where am I..?” Margot thought. As Margot sat up she coughed out water. It hurt. Then she stood out of the bed, but fell because of her leg. She looked at her leg and saw a large gash in it. She cried out “Aghh…” Suddenly all the pain in her wound ran through her gash and hurt her. As Margot held her wound somebody came in. “Hello, what's your name sweetie?”

“It's Margot… Why am I here?” Margot had asked.

“You're in our little hospital. Some of our men found you in a hole while they were digging and they brought you here.” The lady said.

“Can you please let me go I don’t want to be here.” Margot pleaded.

“No, you need to rest. Now get into bed and sleep do your wound can heal.” Margot stood up and followed the lady's directions. “I'll bring you some rice balls and a cup of lemonade later. Okay?” The lady said.

“Okay.” Margot replied.

As Margot drifted to sleep the lady sat by her side and rubbed her back. “You've been through a lot…” The lady whispered in Margot's ear. “I'll put you to rest…” After a while Margot woke up. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. The bed creaked and sighed as she stood up from it. She walked out and was greeted with not a pretty sight. The air smelled of mud and feces. She saw men working and women cleaning and making food and harvesting. She saw a couple dogs, though they growled at her. It was hard to see much because of all the heavy rain. she quickly walked inside grabbed a spare umbrella from behind the curtain, opened it and walked out the door. As she walked she still hurt because her gash hadn't completely healed. As she walked by the dogs they got wild because of the smell of blood and flesh so they started to go everywhere in their cages. Margot quickly walked faster away just then she was greeted by someone. “Hello!  Are you going hunting with us?”

“Uh sure.” Margot said sarcastically.

“Then let's go!” the man said.

He grabbed Margot's arm and started running to a forest. Suddenly she heard a lock be unlocked. Then she heard dogs barking and snapping their teeth. “You better run little girl. Run.” The man whispered in Margot’s ear.

“What…” Margot said confused.

“Run!” The man yelled at Margot.

Margot got scared and started running she ran as fast as she could. Then she heard the snapping and barks of the dogs behind her. She started screaming and yelling for help. No one helped her. As she ran she tripped over a fallen tree. She heard the dogs getting closer. Margot tried to get up but her gash opened again and bled out. Which made the dogs go more crazy. As the dogs gained on her she crawled as fast as she could away. But she was too slow…. The dogs caught up. As they stood over her. Margot got as silent as she could and as still as she could.. Until the twig that her hand was on snapped… And the dogs jumped on her and bit her and tore at her legs and arms and face. She screamed more and more, louder and louder. Until she could scream no more. For she was nothing but blood and bone…


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