The Omega Event

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Start of the End of the World

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



I stared up at the moon, and the moon stared back at me.

For once the night sky was completely clear, void of clouds and smoke that drowned out the stars. This city was different, it was one of most silent places in the world during the day. The night, however, was not silent as the sounds of police cars, beeping horns, and popular new songs blared from a few blocks away. Though tonight was different, tonight seemed special.

Even I couldn't have known that this was the day my life changed. For better and for worse.

I lived in Tazader City, a large city on an artificial island, built off the coast of California as a sort of experiment. It wasn't the biggest, nor was it the best, but it was good enough for people to feel satisfied with living there. It was only a ten minute drive back over the bridge to the mainland, so it wasn't too different from living there. 

The main difference were the beaches, which were much more pleseant than the ones back on the mainland. I didn't know whether it was just the strict no littering rule, or just the location, but it was beautiful. The sunsets, the glistening white sand, and the clear waves splashing against the shoreline. It was beautiful, almost as beautiful as the night sky.

Apart from the beautiful beaches, most of the island was inhabited. There were several neighborhoods on the east side of the island, while a majority of retail stores, schools, and other businesses were on the west. I lived towards the north east end of the city near the bridge, but at the moment I was towards the south.

I was sitting on my friends front lawn, my back laying against the large boulder beside his front porch. I was sitting outside and taking a breather, looking up at the night sky and just appreciating how beautiful it was. When I was a kid, all I wanted to stare down at was a game screen, but as the years went by, I found myself appreciating the things around me much more.

It would all be gone soon enough.

My friends were inside the house, most of them having not paid attention to my attempt at slipping out. The noise and shouting had gotten a bit much for me, and I needed to take a few minutes to calm down. As one might say, anxiety is a muffinsack. Actually, muffinsack is a word I made up, so I'd be the only one saying it.

My name is Anikan Sestral, and god now that I think about it my last name is weird. Kinda cool though. Anyways, I was nothing more than your average no life gamer with no special skills other than pulling off some of the weirdest luck possible, and being a pretty good shot with a gun. I wore a plain brown jacket over a grey t-shirt, and a pair of black sweatpants right below. That was my usual attire, as I despised the feeling of blue jeans, and my jacket was somewhat of my signature look. It was comfy, stylish, and I loved it.

Anyways, back to what's going on.

I laid down on the grass and sighed, thinking about everything that was happening in my somewhat miserable and worrying life. In about a month, we were set to graduate. Well, my seven friends were. I, however, had screwed up massively. I had been set to graduate with the exact number of credits required, until a minor screw up led to a bad grade on a project so bad I couldn't recover in time. There was no chance I'd pass that class, which means no way I'd be able to graduate in time.

Not only that, but in two weeks an old online friend was coming to visit. A majority of my time not with the few real life friends I had, I spent gaming with a few online friends I knew. A girl from Florida, some kid from Ontaria, and a childhood friend of mine by the name of Lydia. Seeing her again for my supposed "graduation" would just make the situation even worse.

"God... why can't the world just give me a break from this," I muttered under my breath.

"Uh, maybe because you're an anime loving idiot who can't keep his noodle in his pants?"

I turned my head, eyeing another boy leaning against the front door. He smirked at me, smoke puffing out of the plain white cigar in the corner of his mouth.

"Shut up," I told him, standing up and crossing my arms, preparing to walk past him. But he put his arm out, giving me the usual look he gave most of us.

"Look, I wouldn't suggest going in there just yet. Andrew and Spencer are still at each other's throats," he advised me.

I looked away, "I can take it."

And then a shout from inside proved me wrong, "JUST DIE ALREADY YOU STUPID LITTLE-"

The sound of a broken glass followed, and another girl shouted back, "ANDREW YOU BROKE THE VASE!"

Taking his advice, I stepped back and walked back onto the lawn. This guy wasn't somewhat I was particularly close of, and honestly he intimidated me sometimes. His humor was always a bit off, and his mental health wasn't the best either, but we were all a little messed up too.

His name was Coty, and well, he had a few rough edges. Wearing a plain black t-shirt with a skull and daggers emblem on the front and a brown jean vest over it, he was a bit on the emo side. While his grades weren't the worst, his reputation was. Skipping class was common for him, and usually he spent that time with another one of our friends who had skipped out on this night for their usual pastime, drug dealing.

Him and another friend of ours, Isrreal, had started their own little "business" around the school and local community. Mainly selling weed, but the occasional bottle of pills or coke did come into play. None of the others ever wanted to hear about it, except Maddie just to give her a reason to slap the two upside the head. 

Speaking of Maddie, soon after the shouting quieted down, the door opened and she walked out. Coty and I turned to see her looking a bit worried, and she gestured us inside.

"You two should probably get in here and before Spencer starts a pillow fight," she said to us with a frown.

Coty scoffed, "tsh, dweeb thinks he could beat Andrew in a pillow fight?"

"No but Andrew probably won't be using a pillow," she said as we followed her inside the house.

Maddie was a bit... well motherish. She took the liberty of taking care of us, making sure none of us made any bad decisions while still doing the best to keep us together. She was an excellent cook, and often brought a platter of cookies or cakes whenever we met up. Moreso, she was an anime lover. We originally met her, and Spencer as well, through the anime club at our school. With about forty different series under her belt, her binge watching tactics were astonishing. Though lately she had slowed down on her current two series she was watching, due to prepping our graduation parties and taking care of last minute school assignments.

The two of us walked behind her, taking off our shoes and tossing them beside the others in the dimly lit hallway. We then entered the living room, illuminated by only the big screen TV displaying the video game from Spencer's Px3 sitting on the floor beside a bucket of spilled popcorn.

Two boys were sitting at the couch, vigerously spamming the buttons on their controllers. The one on the left was the usually angry Andrew Blythe, while on the right was the very... "unique" Spencer Parrish.

"Get over here and deepthroat my sword!" Spencer shouted.

"Shove it up your-" Andrew retorted before Maddie interrupted.

"Language you two!"

The two scoffed at her and continued playing, their avatars on the screen mimicing their controller movements. Maddie crossed her arms and walked away, not bothering with their bickering.

The two were usually at each others throats, and it was a common occurance to see the two finding ways to take each other down a peg. However, it was usually one sided, with Andrew taking the wins. While Andrew was pretty skinny, and viewed by everyone as that one kid in the black hoodie that hates pretty much everyone and everything, Spencer was pretty much the opposite. Donning a blue hoodie almost every day, he was the nerdy spaz with pretty bad acne and an obsession with playing video games every free moment he had. However, he was pretty sickly, and due to that Andrew took the chance to push him over whenever he saw him, literally.

I passed by the two, walking into the kitchen where the others were. Two other kids were sitting at Spencer's dining room table, facing off in a card game that I couldn't bother to remember.

"Um... checkmate?" the girl said with a confused look.

The other one sighed, "we are not playing chess Maddison. I thought you were supposed to be the smart one. Well, besides me of course."

"Yeah I know I know! Sorry I'm just really tired. I'm not used to staying up this late," the other girl answered.

"It's only nine o'clock," I chimed in.

"And on a school night no less! I should be home in bed right now," she said as she flipped one of her cards over.

Maddeline gave her a hug from behind and smiled, "oh relax Ace! We have a half day tomorrow, so we can leave early and do whatever we want!"

"I vote we stay afterschool and hack into the school's mainframe and set the schools fire alarms to all go off at the same time," the other boy said with an excited smile.

"Why in hell's name would we do that?" Coty asked as he slammed a bottle of soda down on the table.

"Senior prank? Is that not good enough for you?" he said, his smile fading.

Coty smirked, "now now young apprentice, if you wanna screw with the school, you gotta go big. Hook up the intercom to a cell phone, and blast memes on a playlist for five hours straight. And put the phone in a place nobody would ever expect."

"Sounds good, but I can do better. Glue all the doors shut, so then nobody can get inside any of the classes," Maddie replied.

"But then we won't be able to take our final exams!" the other girl exclaimed, "then we'll fail... and I'll have to work at McDonalds!"

"Relax Maddison. Your grades are so high you could fail the final exam and still pass with all A's," the other boy replied.

She pouted, "I guess..."

These two were the genius's of the group, Julian and Maddison "Space" Allen. Or at least that's what I called her. Julian was the same age as the rest of us, but he was certainly much more talented. He had the chance to graduate two years ago, but only passed it up due to wanting to "continue his educational experience" and because Andrew threatened to beat him up. Julian was kinda the only guy Andrew got along with on a more personal level, him and Coty at least. 

Anyways, Julian worked at the local experimental testing laboratory, as a scientist developing drugs for several major companies. Due to his high IQ and overall perfect work ethic, he was accepted for several jobs straight out of tenth grade and went straight to developing medicine. He wanted to do right by the world, though his attitude said otherwise. The world was a cynical and horrible place according to him, and he saw himself as one of the few honest men left in the world. He was... weird.

Then there was Maddison. I called her Space at least, along with everyone but Julian and Maddie. The two called her by her real name and "Ace" respectively. While not as smart as Julian, Space was a pretty smart girl, and judging by her grades, was probably one of the smartest in the school. All AP classes, three languages memorized, and set to head off to the best universities in the country in just six months, her life was set. 

That was seven of us. While our eigth was set to join us this dark and anger filled night, he was off dealing. At least he didn't have to deal with the shouting of Andrew and Spencer.

"Come on just die!" Andrew shouted at the screen as he spammed the attack button, beating Spencer's avatar's body with his own severed limb. Animated blood spewed across the screen as he slammed the flesh down at his enemy, a devious grin growing on his face. However Spencer's avatar quickly retaliated, grabbing onto the other end of the severed limb and flinging Andrew's avatar across the map.

Julian sighed and stood up, "I will settle this. Maddeline, you take over for me."

"Sure thing," Maddeline said with a smile before sitting down in Julian's spot and starting a conversation with Space on anime.

Julian approached Andrew and Spencer and sat down in between the two, picking up the third controller laying on top of Maddie's hoodie. He joined the game in seconds and began playing, his avatar levitating across the screen towards the two.

"Pshh, Julian as smart as you are, there is no possible way you stand any chance against-"

Within two minutes Julian had taken out all three of their lives, losing only fifteen health points in the process. Andrew and Spencer were sweating from the intensity by the end of it, but Julian simply smiled.

"Dude... we gotta enter a tournament sometimes," Spencer said in astonishment.

He chuckled lightly and stood up, "I do not have time for frivalous things such as gaming tournaments. Though the extra cash would be nice though."

"How the muffinsack did you beat us?" Andrew asked him in shock.

"Simple, I analyzed your movies and countered them with my own, while making sure to dodge each and every one of your attacks in order to take the least amount of damage possible. It is really quite simple, once you do the math," he said before walking away and leaving the controller behind.

"Screw math, I'm glad I finished that last semester," Andrew said as he went back to playing, fighting a CPU due to Spencer turning his controller off.

I came up behind Spencer and glanced at him as he opened his laptop, logging into an unknown browser on his desktop and typing in a web page. 

"Guys! Spencer is buying illegal firearms off the dark web!" I shouted in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

"Gimme a bazooka and I won't tell the cops," Coty said as he walked up beside me.

Maddie and Space joined us, crowding around Spencer's couch as he began scrolling through the internet. He scoffed at my claims before giving his own answer, "I don't buy illegal firearms. However, this is the dark web I'm looking at."

"Spencer why are you on the dark web?" Maddie asked curiously.

"Probably trying to buy some of this anime pornos for cheap," Coty commented.

Spencer growled at him, "for one, it's called hentai. And for two, I can download those off any random site for free."

Ignoring his somewhat questionable comment, we watched as he navigated onto an unfamiliar forum site chocked full of weird posts. Claims, theories, and news reports. Nothing you'd ever see on the morning news, but more or less things that navigate under the radar. Things you wouldn't want releasing to the public.

"What are you looking at? New trailer for DragonLight Online being released next week?" Space asked, reading over one of the posts.

Andrew looked a bit closer, "hey hey that post is labeled from last week. The trailer just came out yesterday. How'd they know?"

"Because this site is home to the world's best hackers, reporters, and leakers the internet has to offer! If it happens, I'll know at least a week in advanced!" Spencer said with a goofy smile.

"I can't tell if that's scary or comforting," I said, crossing my arms and staring at the screen.

"What's that new one?" Maddie asked, pointing out a post towards the top of the screen labeled "URGENT".

Spencer shrugged and clicked on it with the touchpad, bringing up a news article written by the site itself. It was long, and with several photos attached. Spencer's smile quickly faded as he scanned the text, due to the font being too small for us all to see at our distance.

"What's it say?" Space asked.

He didn't answer.

Andrew swore under his breath and snatched the computer out of his hands, setting it down on the back of the couch and showing it to the rest of us. As we read through, our smiles seemed to wilt away and our faces just dropped.

"Holy... no... no this is propoganda right?" Andrew muttered as he read it over.


We come to you with dire news, and anyone who sees this must immediately prepare to depart this country. As many of you may know, the united nations were set to meet this past Monday. Details regarding the meeting were kept under lock and key, and were to be released to nobody. Except us, because we know what nobody else knows. Only I know this, and it is alarming. So I tell everyone here, in hopes they can see this and prepare. Prepare for the inevitable.

The end is coming. The nations of the world have been split, and the United States of America are on the losing side. Leading the enemy alliance are the Russian Federation and Republic of Korea, and due to disagreements, secrets, failed trading agreements, and an debate on the usage and ownership of nuclear warheads, it is clear our country is no longer safe. Our defense systems have been compromised, and our country is officially at war.

I can't give every single detail, but I can tell you one thing. An accusation was made during the meeting, and that accusation will never be leaked to the public until it's too late. The Supreme Leader of Korea exclaimed out loud, in the middle of the meeting, that in exactly one week, liberty will cease to exist. Other sources who I have contacted and will remain anonymous have stated these claims are true, and next Wednesday, in exactly one week, The Russian Federation and Republic of Korea will launch a nuclear attack on this country. It will hit, and millions of people will die. 

So I come to you to tell you this. Pack your bags, AND LEAVE! GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY BEFORE THE INEVITABLE COMES! TAKE YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS, AND JUST GO! PLANES, TRAINS, BOATS, HOWEVER! If you want to leave, do not stay any longer. Be gone by Wednesday at Sunday, or die.

Signed, Anonymous#0001


"That's... that's propoganda right?" Space muttered.

"It seems so. There is absolutely no way this is possible," Julian said. And when he said something, it tended to be true.

Spencer gulped, "no no no... that's real. It's the truth. Anonymous#0001... he's the real deal. The first, the leader, the owner of this entire operation. If he says something, it's the truth."

"Then... how do we go about this?" Maddie asked, unsure of what to do for once.

Andrew scoffed, "we ignore it. Look, this is the most absurd claim anyone could make. The world is ending? That's a joke. If the world was gonna end, it'd be by global warming or nuclear fallout or something."

"Um that's exactly what this is," Space told him as Andrew marched towards the front door.

"Believe what you want, and I'll do the same. We're meeting at two tomorrow for the movie, right?" Andrew asked as he slipped on his shoes.

Maddie tried to stop him, "um yeah but where-"

Before she could get another word out he walked out and slammed the door behind us, leaving us in the dark. I looked towards the others, who were all confused and worried.

"Maybe we should just ignore it. If this really is happening, they'll have it all over the news in a day or two," Space commented in her quiet shy voice.

Coty and I both nodded and he spoke, "and if this does go down, we can always catch a plane outta this place and vacation in Figi with some bikini babes."

Maddie slapped him on the back of the head, "jeez and you call Spencer a pervert. I'm gonna go take a nap."

While Space, Julian and Coty walked towards the front door, I turned my head to see her sit down on the couch next to Spencer," you're not going home?"

"My parents are home for once to tak care of Julia and Sarah. Plus if Spencer's gonna be all sad and depressive I may as well stay to cheer him up," she said as she patted the nerd on the head.

I chuckled and shouted back at her as I followed the others out the door, "use protection you two!"


I snickered to myself as I walked out, closing the door lightly behind me. Julian immediately walked off, popping in his earbuds and strolling across the street towards his house. Coty whistled to himself as he followed behind, due to only living a few houses down from Julian. Space stopped at the side of the road and looked both ways before crossing, her small figure darting through the night. 

I pulled out my phone and took the left path, heading down the sidewalk so I could cross the street and get to my house a few blocks away. I sighed to myself as I scrolled through my notification wall, which was mostly empty. I couldn't stop thinking about what we had read. Was it all real, or was it a lie?

The next day answered my question, in ways I never could have imagined...

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