The Omega Event

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - A Night on Silver Lake

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Anikan's POV

Everything was black.

And then I saw a face in front of mine.


I jumped up, seeing Space and Maddie giggling. I was lying in the RV and it was back on the road instead of crashed into a tree. Everyone was here, everyone was alive. However, I noticed a large bandage wrapped around my wrist.

"That all happened right?" I asked them. Spencer nodded as he walked into the back, "yep. Thrown from RV, we rescued you."

He laid down on the nearby seat next to Axel and Julia who were both drawing. Well, Axel was drawing a few stick people and Julia was sketching Space.

I could see Julian in front, sitting at a table and munching on a bag of chips as he read his novel. Andrew was driving nearby as well and Coty talked to him in the passenger seat. Everything seemed peaceful...



Spencer screamed, falling to the floor. Pain coursed through his body as he shook and clutched the wound on his leg. We all watched... until we finally broke out in laughter.

Spencer picked up his now empty coffee cup off the floor, getting back on the seat and setting it down next to him. He slowly fell into a deep sleep and Maddie moved closer to him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Spencer smiled as he slept...


"Here. This totally isn't creepy!"

Andrew and Coty had stopped the RV at some campgrounds. Silver Lake according to the sign. An old wooden cabin sat on the side and slowly the elevation of the ground began to lower till finally, we reached a large lake in the middle of the clearing.

They parked the RV next to the wooden cabin and we all walked out one by one. The clearing was surrounded by large spruce trees and there were paths leading in and out of the camp. Several old wooden logs sat outside the cabin along with an old bonfire.

"Alright well, I guess we can stay here for the night. Coty and I will watch the kids in the cabin and clean it up a bit. The rest of you... do whatever. See any Zions call us."

Andrew walked off, Coty behind him. He was being a bit chill now, probably let his anger out on something or someone while I was knocked out. Spencer and Maddie walked off alone and Julian sat inside the RV, continuing to read his novel.

"Hey. You wanna go swimming?"

Space was walking out of the RV, holding her pink duffel bag. I shrugged and walked in, grabbing my bag and unzipping it. I quickly pulled out a pair of black swim shorts. Looked like Andrews, but his were black and white while mine were black and red.


After changing I walked out, seeing Space waiting. She then called out to Julian, "nerd boy you wanna come?"

"No thanks! I find the concept of swimming in a lake irritating and just plain dirty."

Space shrugged and we walked off. The two of us walked down to the lake and I could see Space smiling for once. 

Our smiles hid our true feelings. We were scared, worried and unsure of what to expect.


We reached the bottom of the lake and unzipped our bags. I took off my white shirt and exposed my body to the incoming summer night heat. It was June, so in my opinion, it was summer.

Space slipped off her blue t-shirt and pushed down her jeans, revealing a blue swimsuit. 

"How long have you had that on?"

"Don't know. I like swimming so I usually just keep it on."

Space walked forward into the water, slowly moving her legs into the cold freezing liquid. I moved forward as well, but as soon as my toes hit the cold water I lept back.

"Can't swim?"

"Uh no just hate cold water."

She giggled and grabbed my hand and I watched in horror as she pulled me into the water. I fell forward, my entire body falling into the water. I then burst from the ocean, taking a few breaths and moving my grown out black hair out of my eyes.

I then splashed Space, getting her head wet as well. Her face turned red and I laughed, sitting down in the shallow part of the water.

"Truth or dare?"

"Hell yeah," Space answered as she began to kick her feet.

"I've never heard you swear."

"Don't do it in front of friends. Can't ruin my image being a five star student."

We then went to the game and Space went first. I listened closely and I made sure when to do dare and when to do truth.

"Truth," I answered when she asked. She smiled deviously and I realized I may have answered wrong.

"What is your opinion on Maddie and Spencer?"

We both looked up in the distance. I could see Maddie and Spencer taking a walk through the woods holding hands. But then they stopped and I saw Maddie grab Spencer's phone and start running. 

"They're cute," I answered. Luckily she hadn't asked anything revealing. At least not yet...

"I'm not sure if that will last," she said as she attempted to lie on her back.

"What do you mean?"

"Maddie mentioned breaking up with Spencer once or twice a week ago... I didn't think she was serious... but you never know."

I looked back up at the two and I could see Maddie and Spencer continuing their walk. They were talking as well and after a few seconds, Spencer kissed Maddie on the cheek. It didn't look like anything bad was happening... but nobody ever expects those things.

"Truth or dare?" I asked her this time. She waited a second before answering.


I smirked evilly. I had so many ideas.

See how long she could hold her breath? Too risky.

Try and make her go scare Spencer? He'd have a heart attack or shoot her by accident.

I finally decided on one thing, "go prank Julian."


Andrew's POV

I sat down in the old cabin, opening the laptop. Coty was outside the cabin, taking a quick smoke while Axel and Julia talked nearby. The cabin consisted of a small desk, two bookcases, a table, a couch and a bed. However, none of it looked like it had been touched in mouths.

Since Coty was outside, it gave me a chance. I powered on the laptop and moved the clicker to the wifi icon. I powered it on and several connections appeared. I wasn't supposed to use the wifi for very long, so I'd have to make this quick.

However before I could to what I planned, a window appeared over the desktop. Someone was calling on Skype, a user by the name of Lilitha?

I clicked on the green call button and the window changed, showing the profile pic of a girl with long red hair. 

"H-hello?" asked a girl's voice from inside the computer.

"Uh... I'm Andrew. Who are you?"

"My name's Lilitha. Are you a friend of Anikans?"

"Yeah. We're all out right now but he's off with Space. Did he not tell you about what happened?"

Suddenly the profile picture changed, turning into a live video. The girl in the profile picture was looking at the screen, typing. She had pale skin, light blue eyes and had long red hair.

However, she noticed the cam was on and shrieked, shutting back off. Her voice had become shaky again, "sorry! I'd prefer not to show myself off to people... they don't need to be blinded."

"There's nothing wrong with how you look," I said to her truthfully. She shrieked again, "no! I don't look good... stop lying."

Before I could convince her that she was actually kinda pretty, the door opened. Coty walked in, smirking at the sight of me using the laptop. He grabbed a coke from his bag, "breaking rules eh? Usually, I'd agree if the consequences wouldn't get us shot."

"Uh... who's that?" asked Lilitha. I typed a few keys on the keyboard and the facecam turned on, showing the room. I was visible in the side and I remembered the downside of beanies: I couldn't hide my face.

Coty then knelt down in front of the screen, looking at the profile picture. He smiled and set down his can, "oh this girl's cute. I'd hit that."

Lilitha shrieked once more as Coty walked away, laughing a bit. I grabbed the empty can and tossed it at Coty, who smacked it away before pulling the cig from his mouth.

"Coty take it outside. Smoke isn't good for kids."

"Hell do I care. They're fine."


"Ugh fine!"

He walked outside, closing the door behind him. Axel and Julia continued to talk in the corner and I could hear Julia asking about Axel's family. Axel looked to be starting to cry, but it wasn't my thing to comfort kids.

"So where's Anikan?"

"He's outside with Space... but I guess I should probably explain what we're even doing. Dipshit probably won't end up telling you."

I began to explain our plan, how we would travel all the way there. This was the second night and we weren't even past Chicago. The crash had delayed us a few hours...

"You end in Florida?" she asked curiously. By now she had put back on her facecam, but I'm pretty sure it was an accident considering she had one of her feet up on her desk.

"Yeah. Why?"

"I live in Florida! Wait... Anikan wasn't gonna pick me up was he!?"

"Uh... he... uh he probably was. Yeah, he told me he was stopping in Florida to pick up a friend," I lied to cover Anikan for his forgetfulness. I would tell him later about Lilitha and I wouldn't mind bringing her along.

"So where do you live?"

"A hotel a few hours away from my parent's house in the northern area of the state. I used to live on the coast but I moved out as soon as I turned eighteen. Literally, on my birthday morning, I left and stayed with my friend Jordan for the day."

She then decided to ask me something, "who are you with right now?"

"Uh... Anikan, Space, Julian, Coty, Spencer, and Maddie. Oh and two kids," I answered as I set my deagle on the table. She smiled upon hearing that last name, "is darkie-chan there?"

"Uh if you mean Maddie she's outside with Spencer. Everyone ran off for the night to do whatever. We're a bit behind schedule after we crashed the RV earlier."

"Aww. Tell Darkie-Chan to call me when she can."

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw something change. Her eyes flashed white for a second before turning back to blue.

"Oh I may have to cut this call short... my little sister is calling."

A few seconds later the phone began to ring in her background and Lili clicked a few keys on the keyboard.

"Uh... bye I guess."

"Bye Andrew!"

The call ended, leaving me alone for the kids. Coty then walked back in, tossing his cig out into the grass and coming back in. He plopped down on the bed, lying there for a second and holding his gun.

"So what's with miss girly girl there?"

"No idea."


Anikan's POV

We had put the plan in motion. She got the glue and I got the fishing pole. Space watched from afar as Julian walked out of the RV. He grabbed his shoes from the side, dropping them on the grass and sliding his feet inside.

"What the... DAMMIT COTY!"

Coty walked out of the house and burst into laughter upon seeing Julian remove his foot to reveal a soaked and sticky sock. 

"Dude did you spill Gatorade or somethin in your shoes?"

"No! I assumed it was you, but I guess it was the other two."

Julian walked back into the RV, but not before I did my part. I slowly lowered the hook down into the RV and managed to hook the end of his novel. I pulled it up, switched it and lowered it back down...

I jumped off the side of the RV and made a break for the lake as Julian walked back in. He sat back down, picked up his book and began reading.

"Hmm.... wait... ANIKAN!"

He ran to the exit and stopped in the doorway since he had no shoes. He tossed the book into the air, throwing it down to the lake we had gone back to. We both laughed as Fifty Shades of Gray landed next to our bags.

"Alright... truth," I answered when she asked next. She took a few seconds to think before asking, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

It was something I hadn't thought of much. But... I had ideas.

"Many things... I wanted to become a forensic scientist at some point. Though that'll require too much chemistry and I hated that class with a passion. I also wanted to be a detective... It was either that or high school teacher."

"Why do you wanna be a teacher? You hate school!"

"I hate school because the teachers are all muffinsacks. I hated them all except for the one who likes anime and Harry Potter. But I wanna be a teacher so I can make students of the future have less miserable lives! I can be the fun teacher... unlike Andrew's irritating Spanish teacher."

She smiled, "that's good. Coty's probably gonna just deal drugs... Andrew nobody knows... Maddie will probably try and make an anime... Spencer just wants to be a professional gamer-

"I think everyone would want that. Spencer's one of the best but we're all good." 

She shrugged, "maybe."


"Truth or Dare!"


Space smirked evilly, "you ever try skinny dipping?"



She giggled and I laughed nervously, unsure if she was serious or not...

She took a few seconds to think of an actual dare, "show me your playlist."

"You show me yours then," I requested. Our faces both became red as we realized the context behind that. Nevertheless, she threw me her phone and I caught it and I slipped my phone out of my jacket and threw it to her. Luckily we didn't need data for songs.

"Really? Danganronpa soundtracks?" she asked as she began to scroll down my music. My face turned red again, "I like listening to brain drive whenever I take tests."

I then decided to question one of her songs as well, "really? Talk Dirty to me?"

Space's face turned red upon hearing that noise and I could see her looking around for a distraction. She grabbed a ball of socks out of her bag and threw it at me, knocking her phone out of my hand. Shen then snatched it away before I could grab it.

"Don't question my music... I'm eighteen too okay!"

"You're 5'4! You look like you're in ninth grade!"

"Shut up!" she said with a laugh. She laid down on the grass, her lower half in the water as she stared up at the stars.

"Hey, Anikan?"


"Truth or dare?"


"Do you like anyone?"

"Uh... I'm not sure. With this whole thing happening my feelings are just fucked up..."

"Well, who?"



We heard a familiar scream from the cabin and we looked up the side of the hill. Someone had fired a gun.

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