The Omega Event

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Bandits

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Anikan's POV

Space and I locked eyes and looked up the hill towards the RV and cabin. There was light coming from the RV and I could hear yelling. I reached down for my brown jacket on top of the dirty white towel and slipped it on.

"You can't go up there!" Space exclaimed, grabbing my hand. Her eyes expressed concern as she crawled out of the lake and tried to hold me back.

I shook her off and reached down for my revolver, "I got this. Don't worry... I hope."

As I snuck up the side of the hill, I looked back down at her. She was attempting to get dry and dressed, but hopefully by that time whatever threat is up there would be gone.

I ran over to a small patch of bushes and a boulder nearby and peered around the side over at the others. Andrew, Julian and Coty were standing side by side, Axel and Julia behind them. Andrew had out a shotgun, same as Coty, and Julian was standing respectfully with his hands behind his back giving the people in front of them a bored stare.

In front of them were three guys and two girls, all wearing what looked to be gang clothes. Black and blue colors, four of them with bandanas and headbands and three of them wielding weapons in the open. Two pistols, and one gun that looked suspiciously like a submachine gun.

"Who are you?" Andrew asked them.

"I'm Ramirez, but you can call me master," he said, causing the others to snicker.

"The hell is wrong with you?" he asked.

Coty scoffed, "you guys are high, ain't you?"

"Maybe, maybe not. But either way, this is our territory," he said, stumbling forward and pointing his gun towards Andrew.

"Your teritory? Fat chance," he told them, "how about you get outta here and go back to smoking weed wherever you came from before I blow your brains out."

"Woah woah we're not looking for a fight here. Just coming to protect our land, which you have trespassed on. We're just asking for you to leave, and there can be peace," one of them said, gripping their weapon tightly. They were delusional.

"Fuck peace!" Andrew shouted back at him, "get outta here!"

"Now Andrew, trying to convince them to simply leave us alone without any payment is highly unlikely to work. A barter seems more successful. How about you five take one of these kids and leave us alone?" Julian asked, grabbing Julia's hand to offer her.

Coty smacked him on the arm and approached them, "ignore him. Now you three better get outta here before-"

The man in the middle punched Coty across the face, causing him to stumble back and almost fall. When he stopped, he quickly rubbed the side of his face, which was red from the tough hit. He then glared at the man and balled his fists, "fuck this shit."

Coty threw a punch back, the two men engaging in a fistfight. Two of the others turned their guns on him, but Andrew raised his handgun and aimed it at them. Julian did the same, pulling out two pistols and aiming them at the guy who had a submachine gun and the girl with a glock raised.

"Axel, Julia, go to the house!" Andrew shouted at them. The two kids ran off, escaping into the small cabin to avoid the gunfight. I could see them peeking out of the window though, trying to see what was going on.

Coty continued fighting the man in front of him, throwing two punches that missed, before his enemy landed a kick to the gut. He stumbled back before grabbing the man by the shoulder, throwing him to the ground and slamming his boot into his back. He then turned around, grabbing the wrist of a man before he fired a shot directly over Coty's shoulder. He headbutted him, knocking him to the ground before reclaiming his gun.

The girl with the submachine gun fired, spraying us all down. Andrew grabbed Coty and dropped, Julian ducking down and firing twice at her. Both shots missed, but I raised my colt python and got a hit right in her armpit. She screamed and fell to the ground, still shooting into the sky.

One of the girls fired at me twice, but I ducked down below the rock before either shot could hit me. They both hit the rock, chipping small pieces of stone off. I raised my weapon to fire again, but Andrew fired two shots with his desert eagle, one missing but the other hitting him in the upper shoulder.

Coty got back up, charging at the last man as he pulled out his pistol. He fired twice, Coty dodging one of the bullets. However the other hit him in the shoulder, sending him to the ground. He dropped into the dirt, letting out a scream as he clutched his wound. The other man fired twice more aimlessly, but Andrew and I both fired at once, taking him down quickly.

The two of us rushed towards Coty, Julian joining us from the tall grass. We crowded around him and he sat up, clutching at his shoulder tightly as he tried to hold back any more screams. He wasn't crying but he was pretty badly hurt. Andrew knelt down and looked over the wound, moving his vest and t-shirt to the side.

"Bullet went through, you're fine," Andrew told him.

"There is a hole in my chest! This is far from fine!" Coty shouted at him violently.

Julian knelt down and helped him up, the three of us walking across the field. I holstered my weapon, looking around as we approached the cabin.

"Alright let's get him inside and patch him up. We need to get out of here fast before more trouble shows up," I told them, "the others can't be too far, and they're probably coming back now that they heard the gunshots."

But as we approached the house, we heard the sound of shattered glass. In the conrer of my eye a shadow snuck out of the forest, tossing a small package through the window. I unholstered my gun and fired, missing and shooting the side of the RV. The shadow darted away and before I could follow him, my attention was diverted by a burst of lights from inside the cabin.

Two screams, one from Axel and the other from Julia. Fireworks burst worth from the window and cracks in the wood, and Andrew shoved Coty against Julian and darted forward. He swung the door open and the two came running out, falling into the grass. He kicked the door closed before pointing to a figure running across the field in the distance, heading towards a car parked near the entrance.

"Get them!" he shouted as he helped up Axel, who was blinded by the fireworks. I nodded and ran off, leaving the others in front of the cabin.


Madeline's POV

Step by step, the two of us strolled through the woods, hand in hand, with only the moonlight to guide us. Of course I had memorized the route back to the RV, but it was kinda nice to just get lost for awhile in nature. Of course the overwhelming crisis was a bit distracting, but I was able to ignore it for awhile.

Spencer smiled as he walked beside me, holding my hand with his sweaty one as we walked down the dirt path. For once he wasn't on his GameBuddy, and was actually paying attention to me. I took the opprotunity to drag him out here, so maybe we could have some kind of romantic time together. 

"Hey look," I said, pointing up a nearby tree. We both looked up, spotting a familiar bird sitting on one of the branches. An owl, it's black eyes hidden in the night sky. Spencer chuckled, "kinda reminds me from the owl from that one game on the PX2! You know, the one where you gotta grab on and fly to those islands on the side."

"Mhm," I said as I eyed it closely. The game references got old when he compared every little thing to a video game, but at least he wasn't ignoring me to play them.

"So I've been meaning to ask you for awhile, what do you wanna do when you're older? After high school when we're thinking about careers, homes... maybe even starting a family," I asked him curiously, hoping he would get some kind of hint.

"Hm... maybe I'll work for a game developer or something. This one online friend of mine, you know that Ginger dude? He's working on this little game of his so I'm hoping maybe in the future I could do the same. I've already taking coding classes and stuff, so getting a job wouldn't be that hard," he explained.

"What about college?" I asked.

He sighed, "I dunno... maybe. College life is a bit too wild for me. I prefer long nights playing video games in the dark rather then vomiting at a rave. Unless they have sea animals there, like crabs, then I'd totally be up for that," Spencer commented.

I followed up with another question, "and... a family?"

"Hmm... I never really thought about that. I mean... up until now the only relationship I've been in is when I played that one visual novel with the crazy anime chick trying to murder everyone, so getting married seems out of the question," he said with a frown.

"Spencer we're in a relationship," I said, glaring at him.

"Oh right! Must've slipped my mind. Anyways um... well maybe. By have a family though, do you mean..."

He glanced at me, and I quickly turned red. The red blush on my face was enough to tell him what I was thinking, and he blushed as well. 

"I'm just wondering okay? We're barely into this journey and we've almost died twice now, so we can't take any chances. I want to stay alive, I want to find a place to live, and I want to start a happy family. That's my goal, so I just wanted to know yours," I said, trying to change the subject.

"Oh yeah definitely. I'd be up for that I think. Maybe we'll get stranded on a deserted island and I can build a treehouse! As long as it has wifi of course," he joked.

I giggled, taking his hand as we sat down on a small bench to the side of the path. I smiled and began talking to him softly, "we've been together almost three years now, and wherever we end up after we leave this country... I'd like to be with you. The two of us living together in a place... how's that sound?"

He looked at me and asked, "hmm? Oh sorry I kinda zoned out."

"Um... I was just wondering if you wanted to move in with-"

And then came the gunshots. We both stood up instantly, hearing the sound of several gunshots in the distance. Neither of us had ever heard gunshots until the night before, but it was instantly recognizable. I reached down to my hoodie pocket, pulling out the hunting knife Julian gave me as Spencer retrieved his small handgun.

But as we stepped forward onto the path, a low growl came from the trees. I gasped and stepped back, watching as a dark figure emerged from within the old pine trees. It stumbled onto the path, growling quietly as it drooped it's head down. It's skin was grey, glowing purple veins running along it's body, as blood dripped down from it's eyes.

It turned towards us, a bloodlust appearing in it's blank stare as it began to approach us. It picked up speed and I yelped, running away as it ran after me. Spencer ran forward, shoving it to the floor and punching it across the face. For a second it seemed to work, that is until it screeched at him, throwing him into the dirt and crawling on top of him.



I ran forward, but before I could stab it, it clawed at me, knocking my knife into the dirt. I squealed and stepped back in panic before darting my eyes around to try and find something better. I spotted a long wooden log sitting to the side, and quickly rushed to it's side.

I picked up the log and approached the mutant, swinging it to the side and knocking it off of Spencer. He crawled out of the way and it grabbed his leg, causing him to scream. I slammed the log down, crushing both the infected man's hand and hitting Spencer's leg. He let out another scream, grabbing onto his leg in pain.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry!" I shouted, kneeling down beside him.

His leg was hurt, not too badly, but he wouldn't be able to walk right. I began to help him up, but a growl to my left told me the mutant from before was still alive. I yelped and grabbed the log once again, slamming it down on the mutant creature's head. One swing, two swings, and three swings took it down. Every one began to crack it's skull, blood and hair spilling out from the top of it's head. The final swing smashed it's skull open, spilling blood out onto the grass.

The creature let out a final gurgle before collapsing, and immediately Spencer turned around and threw up in a small patch of grass. I looked away, stepping back as the smell of mutant blood began to hurt. I patted Spencer on the back as he stood up, limping into my arms.

"We gotta get back to the others," he told me, holding his handgun tightly.

I nodded and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, the two of us slowly running back to the RV...


Anikan's POV

I took off across the field, putting all my strength into catching up to him. Step by step, I charged through the grass and raised my gun, pointing it at him as he ran towards the open car door. I fired twice, one shot shattering the window and the other hitting the tailight. The first shot scared him, but he was able to get inside before it sped off.

Not taking that as an answer, I stopped at the path and fired twice more, one of the shots piercing the back window and the other hitting the tire. It popped, the sound echoing throughout the woods as the car spun out of control. It smashed into a large boulder on the side of the road, smoke bursting from the front.

I stopped, holding my gun up as I eyed the vehicle. The others hadn't ran after me to help yet, so I was left to deal with this myself. I sighed and stepped forward, approaching the car one foot at a time. And as the car door swung open, I fired.

Shots were exchanged, and I dropped to one knee to dodge. He fired three times rapidly, the man panicking as blood dripped down from the gash on his forehead. It only took two shots from my colt python to take him down, and I quickly stopped to reload.

But another man rushed out, a shotgun in hand. He fired, the blast nearly missing me. I dropped into the grass, rolling away from the second blast as I shoved two loose 9mm bullets into the chamber. I climbed back onto on knee and fired again, a sole shot doing the trick. He fell back, letting out a single shot from the shotgun into the sky.

The last guy stumbled out from the back of the car, holding up a glock. He was limping, but fired two well aimed shots in my direction. I cursed under my breath and dropped to the ground, barely dodging the bullets. He then fired a third just as I stood up, and a burning sensation rushed past my head.

I fell to the ground, the pain remaining as I felt the side of my head. Right above my ear I could feel a faint wetness mixed in with hair, and my ears began ringing from the gunshot. I clutched the side of my head tightly, watching as he raised his gun to fire again.

But before he could, an arrow was plunged into his chest. He fell backwards, and I looked to the side to see an injured Coty holding my crossbow, having fired a single shot into the bandit's body. He reloaded the crossbow before tossing it to the side, rushing to my side.

"Anikan!? Shit he's hurt," he said, his voice muffled and quiet.

I groaned and sat up, "Coty... where's... Andrew... Space...."


Space darted across the field, a towel wrapped around her body. She dropped to the ground, kneeling beside me as I held my hand to my head. Julian and Andrew followed, the kids right behind them. Julian pushed past the two of them, kneeling down and examining the wound.

"He's alive, just stunned. Shouldn't be any long term damage as long as we get this cleaned and bandaged. Put pressure on his wound with your towel, just stop the bleeding," he urged them.

I grunted as Space began to press her towel against the wound, a sharp pain running through my head. I then glanced to the side, everything still slow and muffled as a figure stumbled out from the open car door. My eyes widened as they grabbed my crossbow from the grass, quietly standing up.

I shoved Coty to the side and shouted as I reached for my weapon, "WATCH-"

It was too late. The crossbow bolt fired, and Julian turned his head just to watch it fire past us. He stumbled back, keeping himself standing as Andrew fired four shots at the man. The first killed him, but the other three were just for good measure. He dropped, my crossbow falling to the ground beside him.

"Where'd the bolt go?" Space asked, looking around for the ammo that had been fired.

"You good Julian? Looks like that scared you a little," Andrew joked, patting his friend on the shoulder with a small smile.

Julian gulped as a trickle of blood dripped from his face, "um... not really."

He turned around slowly, and we all watched in horror as the long crossbow bolt came into view, the arrow penetrating his eye. Blood was pouring out of the wound, and I could tell he was just barely keeping himself standing. He had that same bored look on his face, and besides the bolt in his eye he almost seemed unchanged. All of a sudden he dropped, Andrew catching him in his arms and the two hitting the dirt.

"Julian!? JULIAN!?"

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