The Omega Event

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chicago

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Submitted: May 22, 2017




We all stared at the body for a second, unable to move. It was unbelivable. Julian, laying on the ground, a crossbow bolt in his eye. The blood pouring out of our close friend's eye... was he dead?


I shook it off, running over to Julian as he laid on the ground and grabbing his shoulders. Andrew took him by the legs and we ran towards the wrecked cabin, blood dripping down his face. We bolted across the field, carrying him as the others followed behind. Space retrieved my crossbow, and as we approached the door, Spencer and Madeline emerged from the woods nearby.

"Julian!?" Spencer shouted, spotting his ruined face from afar.

"Oh my god what happened!?" Maddie exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hands in shock.

"JUST GET HIM INSIDE!" Andrew yelled. Maddie opened the door for us, letting us carry him into the cabin.

Everyone else followed we entered the cabin, dropping his body onto the old bed in the corner. The corner of the blanket was singed by the fireworks that were tossed inside, but other than a few burn marks on the wall and a large pile of grey ash in the middle of the room, the cabin seemed relatively unharmed.

Axel and Julia watched nearby, Axel trying to stop Julia from looking at the horrific scene. She peeked through his hands and gasped, looking away in fear and shock. It was horrifying, especially for a child. Beside them, Space opened up the first aid kid, dropping out several rags, bandages, a spray bottle full of liquid, and other helpful tools.

Maddie grabbed the rag from the kit and began wiping his face, taking out the crossbow bolt right after. But the rag wasn't enough, in seconds the entire thing was soaked with blood. She threw the stained rag to the side and began wrapping the bandage around his head.

Soon she stopped, but Andrew didn't. He just sat by Julian's side, holding his wrist to make sure his pulse never stopped. He was shocked by this entire ordeal, his body shivering slightly.

"Andrew, you good?"

He didn't even move, just sat there with his hand gripping onto Julian's wrist. Spencer approached him again, grabbing onto his shoulder to try and turn him around. In a single move, Andrew swung backward, knocking Spencer to the floor.

"You fucking touch me again and I'll beat your ass!" he screamed loudly.


Coty glared at Andrew, his fists balled. While Coty did love to amuse and make fun of Spencer and Julian, he always defended them whenever Andrew got in his usual irritated attitude. We had never seen Andrew this angry before, but that didn't give him an excuse to beat up Spencer.

"How about instead of beating on Spencer like we usually do, we go and get our smartass friend some help!" Coty shouted at him.

"Where are we getting that?! We go to a hospital and they'll be waiting to cuff us at the door!" Andrew shouted back.

"Maybe his sister?"

We all looked to Axel, who was sitting on the floor with Julia. He had spoken up for once, and his idea was actually kinda good.

"Oh yeah... Julian had a sister who was studying at some college in Indiana right? Medical school?" Maddie pointed out.

Axel swallowed the last of his cookie and walked over to Julian's bag. He began rifling through, most likely looking for a name and address. A few seconds later he pulled out a picture frame. In the frame was a photo of him and his sister, though his sister was smiling while he had the usual dead inside look.

"He mentioned to me she's studying to be a doctor. If we go there then maybe she can help. We know what she looks like... so just don't run into cops," Axel said. He was surprisingly bright and helpful, though I wondered why Julian would ever even interact with him.

Andrew sighed, letting go of his wrist and getting up off the side of the bed. He looked over at everyone with a glare.

"We're going to Indiana," he told them.


Soon we were back on the road, Spencer and Maddie watching him and the kids in the back while the rest of us sat up front. 

Space was sitting next to me, glaring at Andrew who was cleaning the blood off of his Deagle vigorously while Coty drove. Coty's driving wasn't the best, but Andrew had been driving almost the entire time. He needed a break, even if it was short.

Finally, she got up, stomping over to Andrew and shooting him a glare.

"Why do you hate Spencer so much? You bully him all the damn time and I'm actually getting sick of it."

Andrew threw down his gun, getting up and standing over Space. Space was a whole foot shorter, though it didn't intimidate her one bit.

"That damn kid has no right to touch me or even be here!"

"Well excuse me, who went up and made you god?"

"Look at him! The most he can do is type some stupid hacking program on his computer and steal money from the IRS or something! That boy isn't fit for this world. He's weak!"


Andrew stumbled backward, Space huffing while holding her tiny balled hands.

you're gonna hurt him more then he can take and you'll regret it! Your fiery rage is gonna hurt us all!"

She stomped back over to me, sitting next to me and reaching for her book. She then reached lower, completely missing her book and touching my leg.

Her face turned red and she fell off the chair, causing both me and Coty to break out in laughter while Andrew went back to his gun cleaning and cursing her out under his breath, Well, until she pointed it out and he stayed silent.


"Where are we?"

"About to go through Chicago, why?"

"Is there any chance we could... maybe... stop?"

Andrew, Coty and I all looked at her as she sat in the seat across from me.

"No chance, Julian needs help."

"Fine then leave me behind, I'll meet you at the University."

She grabbed her backpack, swinging it around her back and going for her knife. But as soon as she put her hand down on the knife, I grabbed her wrist.

"I'm going with you."


The RV stopped next to an old bus station, me and Space jumping off. I concealed my revolver in my jacket and Space hid her gun in her pants as well. I had opted to take my crossbow though and swung that around my shoulder.

However before I left, Andrew stopped me. He held out something in his hand, a thick looking knife.

"Take it. Just don't die, I don't need to have to rely on Spencer."


He smiled and walked back into the RV, closing the door and driving off. I then adjusted my crossbow strap and Space looked at me,

"Is that okay to have in public?"

"If anyone says anything..... I'll just shoot them."

Her expression turned to shock as I smirked and walked past her.

"Relax relax. I'm not gonna.... okay well it depends."

She caught back up with me, grabbing onto my jacket sleeve and yanking me down the street.


The sky was bleak, a bit of rain coming down. It wasn't much, but I still felt the small drips coming down on my shoulder. Not many people were out, it seemed as though people were afraid.

"You think they recognize us?"

"Our faces shouldn't be on the news, should they?"

"I don't think they've seen us. I think."

She lead me down the sidewalk, over to an old building sitting on the side of the road. No houses sat beside it and the windows were stricken with dust.

"Why are we here?"

"You'll see," she said as she ran towards the front door.

She pulled down her shirt a bit, revealing two necklaces. One contained a moon charm while the other contained a golden key on a silver chain. The key, however, looked less like a modern key and more like one from the olden times.

Space ripped off the silver chain and moved forward towards the door, putting the key into the lock. She slowly turned it, surprising me. The house didn't even seem to be inhabitable and the doors lock must have been specifically crafted for a key like that.

I approached her and she pushed the door open, gesturing me inside.

The house didn't seem big, but the place was stricken with dust covered floors and plastic covering the windows and walls.

"What is this place?"

"Just follow."

She walked towards the end of the room, pushing an old bookcase to the side to reveal a large hole broken through the wall. Space then knelt down, crawling through the whole. 

I followed, my jacket almost being caught on the side.

As we came outside into the grassy field, I noticed something. The plot we had been walking around was not some park, not a field. But a graveyard.

I stared in surprise as Space slowly walked through the rain, approaching a fairly large grave.

It was a big stone one, writing engraved into the front.

Hajime Allen


"My parents have come here visiting for the last few years, but we couldn't this year. With all this happening... I wanted to be able to visit him one more time."

She knelt down at the grave, falling to her knees and looking down at the ground.

"He was in the army... a soldier.. they...."

I gasped as a single tear fell from his face, hitting the grass and causing her fingers to dig into the ground.

A true wave of sadness and despair was running through her body, through every vein and bone.

But then, she smiled.

"I won't end up like him."

She rose from the ground, smiling and looking over at me. Tears were still forming in her eyes, yet she could still manage a smile of happiness.

"Promise me you won't go anywhere. Okay?"

I nodded, walking away from the grave and looking towards the house.

"Need a moment alone?"

She shook her head, taking my hand and walking back over towards the gate.

"All I need is to go back with the others. Leaving Andrew in charge.... not your best idea. They'll probably have thrown Spencer to the Zions at this rate."

I smirked, following her towards the old house. There was something with her..... something I couldn't put my finger on.

"Cmon Ani, let's go."

She walked off and knelt down at the house, beginning to crawl through the hole. I followed, leaving behind the grave and the depressing aura surrounding it.


"Did you really have to take an extra sample?"

"Well, it tastes good!"

We walked down the street, Space continuing to eat her ice cream. Her sadness continued even after we left the graveyard, so I made the executive decision to drag her into the nearest ice cream parlor. It payed off and I could see the sparkles in her eyes as she looked over the twenty four vats of icec ream flavors of 

I sat down on a wooden bench on the side of the street and she sat next to me, continuing to eat a few spoonfuls of ice cream. Her long blonde hair blew in the breeze and her feelings of happiness felt comforting. I had never been comfortable around many girls, except for one childhood friend. Maddie I had technically been around a lot, but she was a bit tomboyish and I always thought of her just as one of us. Space was much different, being very much shy unless forced into a debate.

She got the bottom of the cup of ice cream and scooped up the last of it with her spoon. She then put the spoon up to my mouth, stuffing it through my closed lips and giving me a taste of the chocolate ice cream.

"Ah! At least get a new spoon."

"Relax Ani. C'mon let's have some fun while we're here."

She lead me down the sidewalk and I followed closely behind, dashing between people as I tried to chase the short girl down. She stopped in front of a large dark brick tower and I almost collapsed next to her. Several boxes of flowers were set up in front, and there were many people standing around talking. I didn't understand why this building was significant until I spotted the label.

"Willis Tower? Oh no no no! Nonononono!" I shouted as I tried to run.

Space grabbed my arm and yanked me through the doors, leading me inside of the building. I tried to fight against her, but despite being two feet shorter her strength wss immense and almost superhuman. I grabbed onto a door handle and tried to pull myself away, but she yanked me off within seconds and dragged me towards an elevator.

Eventually I was able to break off and she tried to grab me again, but I ran across the room and luckily a crowd of people seperated us. I took those few moments to admire the look of the lobby. The floors were a dark marble and the furniture was black, and the look was finished off by a set of bamboo plants set up in marble pots lined across the wall. A place for the rich and well known, something I was neither of.

I lost sight of Space and she came from behind, grabbing me and dragging me into an open elevator. Nobody else was inside, and before I could try and run again the door closed and it began to move. I had only a few fears, and one of those was heights. The other was needles. While heights weren't as bad, I still refused to confront it. Rollercoasters I closed my eyes. Ferris Wheels gave me panic attacks, and I could never sleep on an airplane.

The elevator moved up the side of the building and I fell on the floor, hugging my knees and putting my head above them as I looked down through the glass elevator to see the city below us. We were dangerously high up, and if this glass were to break we'd be dead upon hitting the ground with no chance of survival. I would rather be anywhere else. A room full of poisonous spiders. Trapped in a cage with a Hyena. Anywhere except here or a room full of needles. I closed my eyes and began to breath faster and faster, until a hand touched mine.

I opened my eyes to see Space holding my hand, and she helped me up slowly. I tried not to look back down to the ground, but caught a glimpse of the city below us every few seconds and almost reverted back into my scared position. Space frowned and slapped me.

"Get ahold of yourself. You weren't scared when you shot someone yesterday, so you shouldn't be scared from a damn elevator," Space said as the elevator continued to rise up.

"Yeah well I'm not scared of guns but I am scared of falling," I told her.

She wrapped her arms around me and I froze, looking down at her as she hugged me. I decided to do the same and lightly hugged her, trying not to look down, get scared, and accidentally squeeze her to death.

"Ani you'll be fine," she whispered to me.


Before I could say anything more, the elevator opened up into a glass room. Space grabbed my hand and dragged me out, the two of us walking out to the edge of the glass room. I tried to run back to the elevator, but she kicked me in the shin and I became stunned. She grabbed my arm and pushed me towards the wall, and I looked out on the horizon.

But I didn't see fear. All I saw was beauty. The shining sun showering us all with light, and the tops of the tremendously tall buildings that lined the city of Chicago. I had only been to Chicago a handful of times, and never once had I gone to Willis Tower. I was always too afraid, but what was there to be afraid of? 

I smiled and looked down at Space, seeing her smile back at me. I looked back out the window and admired the view, feeling her hand move into mine.



We spent another twenty minutes at Willis Tower, talking and admiring the view before the sun began to go down. We then left and wandered the streets, hoping to find a way to meet up with the others. Taking a bus to Indiana wasn't fast enough, and we both carried guns so it wouldn't look good if we were caught. We'd need to find our own vehicle, even if we had to steal it.

As we walked down the street, the two of us began to get tired. Space yawned and laid down on a nearby bench, putting her head in my lap. She was looking out at the people walking down the streets. Cars drove by every few seconds and she was looking at each of them.

"Hey, Anikan... do you ever wanna have kids?"


She turned over and looked into my eyes, "do you ever want to have kids?"

I shrugged, not sure of the answer. To be honest I never thought of having kids or even being some sort of dad. We were already the caretakers of two children, so I assumed that would be as far as we'd get.

"Maybe. I've never had the thought directly... but I assumed all of us would have kids. Well except Julian."

She laughed as we both knew the fact that Julian despised kids and the only reason he didn't throw Axel or Julia out was that Maddie was his "friend" and it would void Hamster's sacrifice.

"I had a dream once. I fell asleep in call talking to your friend Lili once. But it was one of those lucid dreams... I could see everything and I remembered it. There was me... I had a home... and a child. There was someone else there, a man I think. We all lived together... "

That was why we were leaving. So we could live full lives, have families, and not perish in an explosion. Though sometimes... if we informed everyone... more people could live. If we managed to get the news out to the media people could be evacuated...

No, it would take too long. It would simply cause a riot and with nowhere to go it'd be pointless. We didn't have a place either, but we were only seven students.


Space and I walked down an old alley, having finished our ice cream. I smiled at Space as she ran around, pulling out her knife and stabbing it into the air. We were alone in the alleyway, so she could keep her knife out without either of us having to worry about anyone coming and trying to arrest us.

She ran circles around me, every few seconds jabbing her hand forward in an attempt to make me flinch. 

"I'm not gonna do it," I said with a chuckle.

"I know, that's not what I was doing."

She lead me over to an alley, before pulling out my silver colt that I had thought to be lying in my jacket.


I dug back into my brown jacket, but only found a box of pocky. She had pickpocketed me.

"Really!?" I asked as she spun around, admiring the shiny gun she held. My best friend and my best gun in the same scene. For a second I began to zone out, but I snapped back to reality and snatched the gun back out of her hands as she smirked.

"So what's next on the list of things to do?" Space asked as we walked down the empty alley.

"Gotta find a way to get to Indiana fast," I answered as we passed an unconsious hobo next to a dirty old dumpster.

Space pointed towards a car on the other end of the alley, one that seemed like the perfect solution. A red sports car sat on the side of the road, the sun's rays gleaming off of it. It seemed fast enough to catch up to Andrew, it just depended on if either of us could drive it.

"Should we go? It's been three hours already, the others are probably waiting."

I nodded, following her as she approached the car. But then, about ten feet away she stopped.

"Ani, you said you're as strong as Andrew right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Carry me."

She turned around, looking me in the eyes and smirking. I sighed, walking over to her.

"Now don't enjoy this too much," she said with a smirk on her face. She obviously paid attention to the fanservice in anime; maybe a little too much.

She ran to the back of me, jumping up and onto my shoulders. I stumbled forward, attempting to hold her up. Despite her small size, she was still slightly heavy, and to be honest only Hamster would be able to hold her up. I tried to take a few steps, but my knees began to wobble.

"Space... I... don't think... I can... do this..."

She giggled, watching me slowly walk forward towards the car. Every ounce of my strength was being summoned as I took steps, but as soon as I found my way to the car I fell forward, dropping Space into the backseat. I fell forward and grabbed onto the car for support, and when I stood back up a flash fo red ran across my cheeks.

I laughed at her as she pushed down her skirt, trying to hide her underwear that was exposed from the fall as I stifled a laugh. 

"Don't look!" she giggled as she climbed into her seat, sitting in the passenger. I jumped into the front seat of the convertible, pulling a screwdriver from my jacket. Stealing a cat wasn't my favorite thing to do, nor did I want to. But we needed a fast way to meet up with the others, and nobody seemed to be using the car at the moment.

It looked like a car out of Grand Theft Auto, being expensive and really high class. The paint looked fresh and the windows shined, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was worth over fifty thousand dollars. I thought about leaving a note telling the owner where to find it, but decided that since the world was ending anyways, he wouldn't need it.

A single jab forward sent the blade of the screwdriver into the car's keyhole. I twisted it, causing the car to start up. I opened the glovebox and pulled out a pair of sunglasses, which I wore. I gave Space a smirk and she laughed, slapping them off my face as I attempted to act cool.

"You ready?"

"Yeah.... let's go!"

I drove the car down the road..... ready to fight any challenges that would come for us.


Only thing was, we didn't know what they were.

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