The Omega Event

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Outbreak in Indiana

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Andrew's POV

"Oh god."

We had finally arrived in Indiana... and we were shocked. Each road we came down had not citizens in the streets, but military officers and the police. The infection seemed to be bad here and I could see white tents taking up parking lots at each corner we passed.

After about fifteen minutes we made it to the college.

"Well, that's the one."

The University was big, the building white and the windows a tinted black. The place looked nice from out here... but what was going on in the inside. I could see a large group of those white tents sitting in the parking lot as well, most likely containing injured or infected people.

"Do they know the full truth? If you get cut or something you mutate?"

"No idea."

We parked the RV in the parking lot, but a sizeable distance away from the white tents. If the people inside there started walking, we didn't need them getting near our getaway.

I looked at Axel and Julia who just sat in the back of the RV looking at me. I reached into Julian's bag and took out an extra Glock that laid under the M4-A1 Julian had insisted on buying. Axel got up and I threw it to him, "use that to protect yourself."

Coty took Julian, carrying him and running towards the side of the building. We would go through the front and find Isabella, then let Coty inside with Julian's body through the side. Marching through the front gates of a well-esteemed university with a bloody corpse was definitely not the best idea.

But before we could even get near the door, Maddie pointed out the tents. We walked over, seeing several men wearing camouflage and with assault rifles nearby. They were ready for a fight, but a fight against what?

As soon as we peeked into the tent, we saw. One man was lying there, his arm completely cut off. It was bandaged up though, so he wasn't dead. However, another man next to him seemed to be. 

"Ugh... rah..."

He moved, slowly moving his hand up. There was a large bite mark on his wrist and we could see the virus finally taking his life. The veins from that point began to turn purple, slowly moving across his body.

His body then lunged up, beginning to fully change. Its claws began to grow longer and sharper and its teeth began spiked and sharp. Its eyes turned to a full black and its skin became a dark and rough grey.


It lunged at the soldier out of the tent and slashed him in the back. We all watched in horror as his friend gunned down the infected mutant.

"Oh god... ah... just do it..."

The soldier then turned his gun on his friend. His hand shook... and he fired. The shot blew through his skull; the man was dead. Maddie took our hands and dragged us towards the front of the university like kids.

I went first and we came through the front glass doors, seeing a woman standing up at a desk. She was speaking to several other students, all of them talking at the same time about what was going on outside.

Maddie pulled her to the side, "um do you know what room Isabella Torres is? Sorry, we're coming to visit."

The crowd gave her a distraction and she typed a few keys on the computer before writing down a few scribbles on a sticky note and handing it to us. She smiled and backed away. If it was that easy to find someone like that, we should be good for now.

Maddie flashed me the sticky note, showing the number of the dorm she lived in. We had luckily gone to the dorm building, so we didn't need to go outside and risk being killed.

They followed me into the stairwell and we went up to the second floor, opening up the stairwell door and looking down the isle of rooms. 

"You guys ever wanted to go to college someday?" asked Maddie. She had asked, but she both probably knew the answer. I had no idea what I was doing with my future and Spencer's dream was to have a place to himself without bills and just play video games. However, we both answered anyways.


"Oh hey look a 4Vision!"

We looked at Spencer who was running over to a poster on the wall. It was showing a clunky black headset, a virtual reality console. Spencer had dreamed of getting one and constantly checked eBay for one. Though he was never able to get one since he kept spending his money on other consoles.

"You still want one of those?" asked Maddie as she looked at it. The tone of voice she used... was she gonna buy him one?

"Nah. Well, at least not this one. They're coming out with the 5Vision alongside some MMO for it in a few years. They had this huge gaming convention and showed a trailer. It looks so cool!"

I slapped Spencer on the back of the head, "Julian is literally bleeding out right outside. Let's just go find his sister and get him medical help and then you can fantasize about your headset."

We continued down the hall until finally reaching the door on the end. I knocked a few times, waiting for it to open. Finally, it swung open, revealing a girl wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. She had on a shining diamond necklace and her hair was jet black like Julian's, except she had long hair. Her skin was a bit tan like his and she had on a pair of glasses.

"Oh... um hello? Aren't you a little short for a pizza delivery guy?"

I glared at her, "no pizza. We're friends of your brother."

She darted her eyes around, looking for him. But when she couldn't find him she asked us, "where is he? He did come, right? Oh please tell me he didn't wander into the nuclear reactor!"

"Relax he's... okay he's not fine but he's not in the reactor. We need your help... he's hurt. But we can't let you take him to the hospital or anything... we need you to save him."

She looked worried but managed to nod. I gestured to Spencer who ran down the hall and opened the locked door for the stairwell. Coty was there, his knees shaking as he tried to hold Julian. His sister rushed forward and took him and the two helped him into the room.

We came into her dorm and she pushed him down on her bed. There was still dried blood trickling down where his eye had been as if he had been crying blood.

"What the... what the hell happened!?"

"Uh shot in the eye with a crossbow by a gang member," answered Spencer nervously at his sister's rage. She pointed at him, "go across the street and get me the medical cart from the surgeon classroom."

Spencer saluted and ran from the room, leaving me and Maddie here. She took off his shirt, checking his entire body for wounds. None besides a small cut and a scrape on his leg from falling off the RV.

She then turned around and glared at us both, "why are you even here?"

Maddie and I decided to trust her and began to explain the plan and what had happened. How Anikan and Space went to Chicago. The whole fight with the gang and the shootout. The infection attack and the car chase with the police.

"Anyone have any kind of wounds?"

Coty and I raised our hands. We had managed to patch up the large scar on Space's side, but neither Coty nor I had been properly treated. It was a through wound though so it was helpable.

"Alright lay down on my roommate's bed. I'll have to explain this to her when she gets here," she said as she walked into the bathroom. She came out with a wet cloth and walked over to us. I pulled up my shirt to reveal the bullet wound on my side and Coty took off his to reveal the wound on his shoulder.

She began dabbing the wounds, cleaning all the blood off. She then knelt down under her bed and grabbed a spray bottle. Coty gasped in pain as she sprayed it on and I braced myself when she sprayed it on me. 

"So what's your name pretty lady?" asked Coty. She smirked, "my name is Isabella. And call me that again and I can make you into a girl."

Coty remembered she was a surgeon and gulped. I then turned my head to Maddie and got up off the bed. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her outside.

"What is it?" she asked as I took her a few feet away from the room. Something still bothered me about all this.

"Are we sure we aren't being tracked? By anyone?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, every time we've accessed internet of some sort we've been found. You looked at the news report and the next day the cops shot Coty!"

It was then that I realized I fucked up, "wait... did you turn on the wifi on my laptop at Silver Lake?"

Without any lies, I decided to tell the truth, "yes. I was going to do something but Anikan's friend Lilitha called. Oh, she said tell Darkie-Chan hi... I'm assuming that's you."

She smiled, "oh if it's Lilitha that's fine. But two things. One, what were you gonna do with the laptop? And also about the tracking thing... maybe. I'll have Spencer run a virus check when he's back."

I turned around to enter the room but was stopped when she grabbed my hoodie. She wanted me to answer the question, which I was against.

"Just... just needed to use it. I wanted to check on something."


"I don't have to explain everything to you... it's nothing."


Finally, I decided to give it up. I walked back into the room, taking her with me. I opened the backpack that sat against the bed and pulled out the laptop.

I clicked a few buttons and found the program on the bottom left corner. It pulled up a program, showing a large map of the country with two dots. One of them was where we are now, the other was moving towards us.

"Is that... Anikan? Did you bug him or something?"


However before I left, Andrew stopped me. He held out something in his hand, a thick looking knife.

"Take it. Just don't die, I don't need to have to rely on Spencer."



"The knife was a bug?"

"I just wanted to make sure he didn't get shot. Didn't wanna spend hours waiting here for someone that wasn't coming."

"Aw you actually care about someone."

"Shut up!"

Maddie giggled as I pulled my hoodie up over my head, hiding my face from her. I laid down and looked over at Julian's black combat dagger that was stabbed into the desk.

It was shining from the sunlight through the window and I could see my reflection. I looked same as I did when we left, well besides the dried blood on my cheek.

Julian's sister then came by both of us, putting large white bandages over the wounds. Coty was a bit sore, but I managed to stand. Fighting though wasn't the best.

Isabella then walked towards the window and took a look outside, "where is your friend..."


Spencer's POV

I walked outside the building, looking around. Between the building containing the actual classes and the dorm building, there was a large fountain lake surrounded by a stone patio. A few white benches sat to the side along with a gazebo, it looked peaceful.


But when I turned around I saw four of the infected, slowly pushing themselves against a large gate stopping them from coming through.

"Ha! Can't get me!"

However when I turned back around I was face to face with one. I pulled my gun and fired, shooting it in the chest. I slowly watched as one by one they emerged from the shadows and bushes, all coming at me.


I made a run to the other building, going to the door. But I was unable as four mutants walked out the front door, attacking a guy who was loading boxes into a nearby truck.

One of the boxes read surgeon kit #14, so I took a shot. I dived forward and grabbed it, only to watch as the mutant slashed its claws downward. It ripped into the box, and its contents spilled out.

They began to surround me and I went for the tools, grabbing them one by one and stuffing them in my hoodie. One grabbed my shoulder and I took the syringe, jabbing it into the Zion's neck. I ripped it out after accidentally draining the contents inside and its body simply fell onto the ground.

But the other mutants submerged on me and I dived forward, barely missing the lake. I held my gun up and fired in a panic, only hitting two shots out of six.

Somehow I managed to turn myself over and get up, only to see it. In the distance on the road were soldiers gunning down the mutants that had grouped together to become a swarm like this one. Despite their guns and heroic actions, the mutants had overtaken them.

While I was distracted one came from behind and grabbed my hoodie, though I simply stabbed my knife into it's skull. I stumbled back and my GameBuddy fell from my hoodie, becoming lost in the crowd.


I held my knife in one hand and my gun in the other and began firing and stabbing them. One by one their bodies fell and my hoodie became stained with the blood of the infected. I reached down and grabbed the GameBuddy, which only retained a small scratch.

There were there were too many. I was forced to retreat and I backed up, stabbing my knife into the skull of one more mutant. Things began to go bad and the knife became stuck inside it's skull and the body fell back into the swarm.

I ran towards the doors of the dorm room, holding my gun and keeping the tools I had grabbed on my hoodie. Something else went wrong and one came from under a car and grabbed my foot, tripping me and causing me to scrap my arm on the concrete.

I hit the ground as the mutant dug it's claws into my leg. I tried to shake away but I couldn't. Slowly it began to rip into my pantleg and if it managed to pierce the material I would be infected!


Maddie stood in the doorway, holding her smoking gun out. She put out her hand and I took it, the two of us running inside. The door couldn't lock and they were getting closer. If they were smart enough, they could maybe be able to open the door.

Then I got an idea. I grabbed the fire extinguisher off the side and extended the nozzle. I tied the nozzle around the handles, keeping them from getting inside.

"You think we're good?"


However when we turned around, we could see most of the students missing. We were in the dorm area, which would probably hold all the students. But all we saw were open dorm rooms and-


I drew my gun and pointed it at the door of one of the rooms. We both starred in horror as a student dashed out. She backed up against the wall, shaking and pointing into the room.

"She... she turned... into that thing!"

Maddie and I approached the door with our guns drawn, peeking through the doorway. There we saw a noose hanging from the ceiling wrapped around the neck of an infected. There was a large mangled part of their skin ripped our of their waist, most likely where they got infected.

I turned around to comfort the other student but was stopped. Something smashed against the wall. We both turned to the glass doors on the opposite sides of the hall to see both entrances blocked with mutants.

"We're trapped."



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