The Omega Event

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The Fall of Indiana University

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



"Where the hell is he!?"

We all stood in the room, sitting next to Julian's body. He was still unconscious and there was no chance of saving his life unless Spencer got here. Maddie went off to look for him, but neither had returned.

"I'm here!"

A few seconds later the door swung open to reveal Spencer and Maddie. Spencer was covered in blood and breathing heavily and behind the two of them was a girl looking to be Isabella's age.

She walked in and looked around at everyone, "what is going on here? Who are these people and why are they in our room?!"

Isabella grabbed the tools Spencer dropped from his hoodie pockets and began working on Julian. However the girl was insisting on an answer and Isabella was forced to give her one, "this guy has a major injury and they cannot go to a hospital. I suggest questioning the emo in the corner."

They all turned to me as I laid on the bed. I laid up and began to explain everything to the girl, making sure Coty stood in the doorway in case she tried to run. I explained how we got the video message, the cops shooting at us, and when Julian was shot. Eventually, she began to get a bit panicked.

"You... you aren't gonna kill me... are you?" she asked as she backed up against the wall. Coty answered with a smile, "probably not. Depends if you try to tell the cops."

She shrieked and backed away from him, her skin looking a bit pale and red at the same time. Maybe breaking it all to her at the same time was not the best. Coty just laughed and told her he was kidding. She didn't seem to believe it.

Isabella finally decided to introduce us, "well this is my roomate Riley and Riley... this is my brother Julian who is currently unconsious and his friends Andrew, Maddie, Coty, and Spencer. They have two more that split up and are gonna meet us here."


A mutant came through the doorway and grabbed Coty from behind, throwing him out into the hall. I ran out and pulled my silver deagle, shooting the creature in the face twice. Riley just watched in silence.

"How the hell did they get in?" I exclaimed. Spencer and Maddie walked out, "well we only blocked up one door. There's two others."

Sloppy work. If one of them had gotten through a door, the rest outside could have. They could be coming up the stairs right now.

"Alright, Coty and Spencer you're with me. Maddie keep those three safe," I shouted. Spencer and Coty nodded and followed me towards the stairs, their guns drawn and ready.


Slowly we crept down the spiral staircase, our guns drawn. Sure enough, when we reached the bottom floor we saw them. About seven infected and an open door. A few more kept walking in; we had to close it.

"On the count of three. One... two...-


A mutant grabbed Spencer by the leg and dragged him down the staircase. Spencer fired twice and shot the mutant in the face, but the others went for him.

Coty aimed the AK-47 from the duffel bag we had brought in and began gunning them down, slowly walking down the stairs. I used the deagle and began shooting them one by one and managed to get close to the door.

"Coty! Need a bit of help!" I shouted as four of the infected all went for me. I was backed against the wall and I pulled my knife, stabbing one in the head. However, one grabbed onto my arm and attempted to sink their teeth into my skin.


Spencer shot it in the face, splattering blood onto my jeans. In front of Spencer was Coty who had managed to get close to the door. However an infected came from behind and cut him down with his claws.

Coty fell to the floor and the infected fell on him, preparing to bite into his neck.


Coty moved his wrist up and the mutant bit down into Coty's metal armband. He then punched the Zion with his other fist and crawled away, giving Spencer the chance to run forward and kick downwards at the infected's skull.

Spencer and Coty began to push against the door, trying to keep it closed. But more and more of the infected crowded outside and I quickly looked around for something to keep it closed. I noticed a large fire axe lying next to the body of a dead firemen and a fire extinguisher and I quickly grabbed it.


Coty and Spencer moved out of the way, giving me a chance to swing the fireaxe. An infected moved in and in a single slash, I cut through it's neck. They then forced the door closed and I moved the axe grip through the handles. We were safe... for now.

The three of us backed up and I looked at Coty. He was sweating and breathing heavily, the close call with the mutant didn't help either.

"You good?"

"Yeah... yeah, I'm good. But if it's getting this serious... we need to get the kids."

Spencer nodded in agreement and we walked towards the doors that lead into the front room where the lady at the desk was at. However, upon opening the doors, we were met with a mutant.



Coty stabbed his knife into the creature's neck and slit it sideways, causing it to die and fall forward. We all walked past it, looking around at the room. Around us laid the bodies of dead students, ripped open.


Tens of thousands of young graduates. People who had worked so hard the past ten years... all for nothing. They were dead and nothing would bring them back.

Except a mutation.

One by one they began to rise up, their skin grey and their eyes red. They all looked at us, moving their claws up and barring their sharpened teeth. Slowly I began to move my hand to my deagle...


We all ran back through the doors and Coty and Julian quickly shoved it closed. I fired twice at the door, breaking through the wood and killing two on the other side.

"Get back!"

Coty dived towards the body of a military officer lying on the ground and grabbed something from his body; a small SMG. He began rapid firing at the mutants, making them drop to the floor one by one. But he tripped on a step on the staircase and fired across the wall.


He fired right into a metal pipe on the side and I quickly dived in the opposite direction before-


The pipe exploded, breaking through the ceiling. Rubble and concrete fell from above and I quickly looked through the smoke to see more and more mutants coming at me.

I drew my deagle and began firing, but after killing two my gun clicked. But there were more, too many...

Coty ran up and grabbed two, throwing them away before pulling out the SMG and gunning the rest down in an instant. Their bodies hit the floor and blood splattered onto the walls. Spencer then rose up from behind the staircase, looking at us in confusion.

"Can you not blow this place up?"


We managed to make it back upstairs and found a nice surprise. Julian was awake.

Coty helped me down the hallway, and I limped beside him as he dragged the AK-47 behind us with his free hand. Spencer walked behind us, skipping around the room to the beat of his music. He had plugged his headphones into his GameBuddy, and was now listening to some very annoying music we could hear despite the headphone usage.

No matter what happened, I stood by my views. Spencer didn't exactly need to be here. Another mouth to feed and one that wouldn't do much. He barely got the surgeon tools here to save Julian, and even then he almost died. He was good for one thing, computer shit, and none of that would be useful in this world.

“Spencer go watch the stairs. If anything tries to get up here, tell us,” Coty told Spencer as we walked back to the room. I glared at him as he walked away, and the two of us entered the room.

But my Spencer problems aside, Julian was awake. He slowly rose up from the bed, looking around at everyone. Isabella had found a way to cover up the wound in the from of a black leather eyepatch Riley had from their theater group.

"It seems I have traversed to the Afterlife. And judging by the fact Andrew is here, I assume we have been sent to hell?" Julian asked in that same annoying tone of voice.

Coty scoffed, “we’re in Indiana dumbass. Your sister here saved your life.”

“Oh... I see. Could you not have simply killed my body and preserved my brain for science?” Julian asked him. I couldn’t tell whether he was being sarcastic or serious.

Coty gave him a light slap on the face, “we’re not that smart. And honestly if we tried to take off your head Andrew would probably turn it into a bowling ball.”

Julian looked at me and I simply shrugged, smiling slightly. I handed him a glass of water and he took a sip before setting it back down on the nightstand. He noticed his black dagger stabbed into the wooden stand and took it, shoving it back into the sheath on his belt.

He coughed and attempted to sit up a bit, “now if I am correct, three of us are missing. Where are Spencer, Anikan and Space?”

“Spencer’s watching the hallway and both Anikan and Space are in Chicago. They’re on their way here though, so we can meet up with them,” Maddie explained to them.

“Ah I see. Well, better get a move on. The RV parked outside?” Julian asked as he got out of bed and attempted to stand.

Isabella stopped him, “um we can’t just leave. It’s not exactly that easy.”

“Of course it is. Three years of medical school and you have forgotten how to open a door?” Julian told her in his usual sassy tone.

Riley interjected, “no but the entire state is in a state of emergency. With this being the capital city and all, it’s the main victim of the virus around here. The military forces around here have supposedly fallen, so they’re planning on bombing the city and are broadcasting an evacuation message across all working televisions.”

Julian groaned, “well if the city is turning into ground zero, I suggest we leave.”

“That’s not so easy either,” Maddie told him, “there’s kinda a swarm surrounding the building and the RV is in the parking lot.”

Julian facepalmed, “in the eight hours I was out, did any of you do anything productive?”

I raised my hand, “I punched Spencer. That count?” 

Out of nowhere the building began to shake, a bit of dust trailing down from the ceiling. The gas explosion earlier seemed to have weakened the structure of the building, and combined with all the mutants surrounding it, the building didn’t look like it would stay standing much longer.

"We can at least try to fight our way outta here. Let’s go,” Coty told us as he stood up.

Coty and Maddie began to help Julian up, and the three of them helped him limp into the hallway. Riley, Isabella and I followed them, and I dug into Julian’s backpack. Under a blanket and several pill bottles were two handguns, which I handed to the girls.

"Um I don’t know how to use it," Riley told me as she examined the weapon.

“Point and shoot. Can’t be worse than Spencer,” I informed them before walking ahead towards the staircase.

But as we approached the staircase, the building began to shake once again. The wall began to crumble, and I grabbed the railing on the staircase to keep myself from falling. We watched as the entire wall broke apart, smashing down into the courtyard below. It broke apart into pieces, partly crushing the mutants in the swarm. The others began climbing over the rubble, trying to reach us.

"Ignore it! Let's go!" Coty shouted.

But before either of us could make a move, we heard a girlish shriek from downstairs. I immediately recognized the familiar shriek as Spencer’s girlish scream, and I ran downstairs while the others followed.

But upon coming downstairs, we saw Spencer smash in the skull of a mutant with a fire extinguisher. He slammed it down twice on the mutants skull, smashing it and splattering blood onto his jeans.He was breathing heavily and covered in blood, hopefully not his own. 

“It get you?” Maddie asked.

"Nah... got close though," he said as he kicked its body away and tossed the fire extinguisher back onto the pile of bodies.

"Spencer... where'd you get that?" asked Maddie cautiously as she eyed it.

"Oh it was wrapped around the door handles. Why do you... oh wait a minute,” Spencer answered as his face suddenly dropped.

The glass doors that the fire extinguisher was formerly keeping closed burst open and the mutants quickly flooded in. Spencer shrieked and ran towards us, abandoning the fire extinguisher. Coty shoved Julian into Maddie’s arms and began firing with the AK-47, while I fended off a few with my deagle.

After a few seconds the AK Coty was holding ran out of ammo, so he simply threw it at a few mutants and knocked them down. The three of us stepped back up the stairs as the mutants followed, stumbling up the metal steps. Spencer shrieked and pushed past Coty, running upstairs with the others. Coty and I followed shortly after, and the two of us found the others waiting at the top of the stairs.

“We need a barricade! Someone block the doors!” I shouted at them as I leaned against the wall, reloading my deagle. 

Isabella, Coty and Riley ran towards one of the couches, pushing it away from the coffee table and towards the stairs. They then did the same with four more couches, creating a makeshift barricade so the mutants couldn’t get through.

But we still needed a plan. I had one sitting inside my bag.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a flare gun, "alright I got a plan. Someone goes outside and fires a flare, which will lure all the mutants to them. Someone else makes a run for the parking lot and gets the RV. They bring it around the back and we jump out of the hole in the wall and onto the roof. This clear?"

"Andrew that plan has a small flaw," said Julian as he leaned against a nearby wall to keep his body stable. Spencer stood next to him, making sure he was okay.

Before I could question what it was, Maddie pointed out something outside the window. Outside the window we could see the parking lot, which had several mutants roaming through it. The nearby medical tents were torn down, one of the military trucks beside it crashed into a lampost. The driver was on the ground, a mutant tearing into his body.

But the alarming part was the RV. Or the lack thereof. The parking space where the RV had been left was now empty, a dead mutant lying on the ground beside the space. There was no evidence to where it had gone besides a set of skidmarks nearby.

"Oh my god... Julia," Maddie exclaimed, moving her hands to her mouth.

"We'll find them okay. They probably just drove the RV away from the mutants when they swarmed the place," Spencer urged her.

He held her hand tightly, trying to calm her down while Julian, Coty, Isabella and I eyed the other side of the university. The courtyard was keeping us blocked off from the other building, and we had to find a way there if we wanted to escape.

Coty sighed, "well there's a parking lot next to the other building. If we can get over there from here then we're good."

But there was a flaw in his plan. Right below us was a courtyard of infected just waiting to slaughter us. But an idea came to one of us and Spencer's face lit up and he dug into his bag.

Spencer pulled out an object looking seemingly like a cartoonish grappling hook. However it was real, or at least looked real.

"Where the hell did you get that?"

"Never underestimate the power of shopping!"


Spencer stood at the edge of the building, aiming the grappling hook at the main building. He finally fired, sending the metal attachment through a glass window of the building and latched onto a wall. Spencer then began to wrap the handle of the hook around a pillar on this side. Now we could go.

Maddie went first and I went right behind her. I had to be careful and be quick. If she lost her grip and fell, I'd need to be able to cover her with my gun long enough for her to recover and get away.



"Do you think they're okay?"

A question I didn't want to answer. In my opinion yes, they were probably gone. A soldier could have run from the tents when they were swarmed, gotten into the RV, and driven away with them in tow. If the RV had been hijacked and stolen, I doubted we'd be able to find them.

"We'll see when we get there."

We managed to make it to the other side and Maddie climbed through the window. After helping her in I followed, the two of us hitting the carpet. I pulled my gun and looked back, seeing Coty, Isabella and Riley going next.

"Wait.. Julian! Not three people!" I shouted.


The wall the hook was attached to began to crack; it was gonna break off. Before either of us could help the wall broke off, causing the three of them to fall.

Coty hit the ground, groaning as his machete fell beside him. Isabella rose up quickly and held her gun out, pointing it at a mutant. However her hands were shaking, and she was unable to fire as one approached her.


Coty fired at the mutant and pulled his out machete, cutting down another two with a few swings. Isabella then began firing, each shot killing a mutant and splattering blood onto her clothes. She was scared of the mutants, but she was more scared of dying.


They looked back to see Riley on the ground, attempting to get up. But her leg was twisted in the wrong direction. She had broken it in the fall.

But before Coty or Isabella could help a mutant grabbed her from behind, pulling her away. We all watched in horror as it sunk its teeth into Riley's neck, spewing blood out on the ground. She screamed in pain and agony as the infected threw her body to the floor before finally slashing into her chest. 

With Isabella frozen in fear, Coty took her hand. They made a dash towards the main building, trying to avoid the mutants going for them. One of them though managed to cut at Coty's arm, but just barely missed as Coty dived to the side and cut through the mutant's guts, splattering blood out onto the ground.

But when the two of them got to the building, they found the broken piece of wall sitting right in front of the doors. A mutant came from behind and Coty swung his machete, slicing through its skull and killing it.

The mutants caught up with them and lunged at Coty, but he grabbed Isabella and ran to the side. A small area was gated off from the rest of the courtyard and he quickly ran through the door.

He pulled it closed and grabbed a zip tie from his pocket. The mutants then began to surround the gate and Coty tied the gate and fencing together with the zip tie. And when he turned around to find a door inside, all he found was a power control panel.

"Huh... I really didn't think this through."

They were trapped.

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