The Omega Event

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Death Down Under

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Spencer's POV

"Well, this didn't work out well." 

Julian and I stood there, trying to figure out a solution to this dangerous little situation. Coty and Isabella were trapped in a small gated area in the courtyard between both buildings and surrounded by mutants. Andrew and Maddie were trapped on the other building and we were here.

"You got any ideas?" I asked him as I began to pace back and forth around the room. He took a few seconds to think and then looked at me,

"Based on the creature's movements so far... I think they are blind. But they use all the other senses to kill. Smell, feeling, all that. Possibly if we can distract them with perhaps another victim we can escape!"

Andrew shouted over, "lower down Spencer on a rope!"

I glared at him and walked back over to my backpack. I opened it up, finding a sewing kit, my GameBuddy and charger, my cell phone, laptop, Bluetooth speaker, a flashlight and a few knives. 

I made a mistake and I knocked the bag over, causing my flashlight to roll out. I dived for it but was too late and the small black object rolled off the edge of the building.

It fell into the courtyard, flashing on for a brief second upon hitting the ground. Two infected turned around upon seeing the flash but looked back soon after.

"They're attracted to light... Julian, I have a genius idea!"

He scoffed, "I doubt that. Most likely your idea is farfetched, insane, but will somehow probably work. Do explain however."

I pointed towards the large fountain in the middle of the clearing, two stone warriors shooting water out of their sword tips on the top. I then reached into my pocket, pulling out a lighter.

"Wish me luck!"


Andrew's POV

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I reached down to check why. Somehow the internet had been turned on, and upon seeing a message from Spencer I knew who did it.

"Spencer stop turning on the wifi remotely!"

Maddie looked away, staring down at Coty who was trying to stab the infected through the gate but couldn't. His machete was too bit for the gaps, but there was another problem. Their teeth were biting onto the gates, causing them to corrode. Corrosive saliva.

I read through the text and immediately looked down at Coty and Isabella.

"This place got a repair class?" I shouted down. Isabella noticed and looked up, "uh three doors down from the class behind you."

Maddie nodded in recognition and we turned around to the class behind us. We passed it, going down three rooms till we reached a large metal door. Maddie pushed it open, which was a mistake.

An infected leaped out, pushing her to the floor and attempting to sink its teeth into her neck. I shot it, but only managed to shoot its entire jaw out. It raised its claws only for me to cut those off too and I kicked it away and finally stomped down on its skull.

"Damn muffinsacks are getting dangerous."

"They're mutants, what'd you expect?"

She followed me into the room and we looked around. Several seats in the corner along with a few tool desks and a car on the far end of the room. A rusty red car was in the air, being held up by a machine. Right behind the car were four large barrels; our target.

"You owe me a drink for saving you," I said to Maddie as we passed by a few turned over tables and a body. She smirked, "I'll give you something of Coty's. He won't need them, I'm not gonna let him drink until we get outta this country."

I walked over to one of the barrels, kicking it over. Maddie did the same with another and we began kicking them towards the exit... only for a small creak to stop us.

"Look out!"

Maddie tackled me forward, causing me to hit the ground and scrape my elbow against the floor. We turned over, seeing the car had fallen off the machine and smashed into the floor. A barrel had been crushed and gasoline was now spilling out onto the floor.

I went to my pocket and I knew... I had fucked up. I looked forward, seeing the silver lighter sitting right next to the wheel. But when I tried to go forward, the floor simply creaked.

And it all came down. The floor gave away and the car smashed down into the room below it, taking my lighter with it. I groaned and kicked at the wall, becoming a bit frustrated with myself. How had this had happened?

We still had a barrel left, but without the lighter, there was no way to make this work. Maddie however picked up one end of the barrel and I picked up the other and we carried it into the other room.

I looked out the broken wall, seeing Coty trying to hold the gate together. The corrosion had gotten worse and he was currently chopping off the claw of a mutant that had been able to get through the gap. The only other ones who had a lighter here were Spencer and Coty...

Maddie kicked the barrel down and it hit the ground, rolling and hitting the side of the fountain. But we needed someone down. I was going to jump and do it, but without a lighter it'd be pointless. If Spencer jumped he probably break his leg, and it'd take too long for him to get to the other side of the fountain undetected. The mutants would notice him.

"You got a plan?" I asked Maddie. She shrugged, turning away from me.

"What if we throw Spencer over the edge?" I suggested. She glared at me with a bit of hatred, "can you stop suggesting to kill him for one damn minute!? Seriously what is your problem with Spencer!?"

But I didn't have time to answer. A plan came to mind; if Spencer could get all the mutants away from the gate Coty would light the gasoline.

I shouted over to Spencer, "distract them! Get them away from the gate!"

His face brightened up and a devious smile came onto his face. I got a bit worried actually, but not too afraid.

"Toss your phone! You got a case so throw it towards my side!"

Now I was afraid.


Spencer's POV

Andrew's phone flew past my head, hitting the wall and falling to the floor. It had not broken though, as the case had kept it together. I took it and handed it to Julian, who knew Andrew's password.

Password: SpencerSucksAss

I groaned and tapped on the Google application, pulling up the browser. I opened his search history, took a screenshot and opened the messenger app before finally sending it to myself.

"YOU BETTER NOT BE SCREENSHOTTING MY HISTORY!" shouted Andrew from across the courtyard. I quickly refreshed both apps and deleted the message on his side and then went to settings.

I connected to Bluetooth and tapped on the Bluetooth speaker. From behind me, a blue light flashed from my bag, indicating it was connected. I turned the volume on high and walked over to the speaker.

"Uh... how good are you at throwing?"

"Spencer we both are the weakest strength wise of the group, but are the strongest smart wise. I don't think that either of us have the capability of throwing that far."

I groaned and grabbed the duct tape from Julian's backpack. I then wrapped it around his phone and the speaker before finally standing up and throwing it across the courtyard.

It didn't go far but hit the ground next to the fountain, in plain view of the mutants. 

"What is your next horrible plan?" Julian asked as he loaded a clip into his gun. I pulled out my phone, tapping on my hacking tool and watching a few options pulled up. Andrew's iPhone, option 2.

My screen began to flash with static and soon, it all just became snow. I flicked the side of my phone and it changed, turning into Andrew's home screen.

"You have control of his phone?"


"Why didn't you tell me this earlier! I could've turned on Anikan's hotspot so I don't have to deal with the restricted school wifi!"

I smirked and quickly chose a song from youtube, selecting Wolf in Sheep's Clothing from his personal playlist. The speaker began to blare out the music, causing several of the mutants to turn. I then went out of youtube and somehow the music continued to play. Finally, they updated it. But I wasn't done.

After hitting a few more buttons Pac-man opened up on his phone that laid in the courtyard and I controlled it with mine. With the combined sounds of music and Pac-Man the mutants all turned, stumbling away from the gate and going for the phone.

"Coty now!"

Coty quickly cut through the zip tie holding the gate door closed and ran out, racing to the gasoline barrel. He swung his machete and sliced into it, spraying gasoline onto the floor.

But the mutants nearby submerged on the floor and the music began muffled under all the bodies. To make it worse, my phone's screen became snow and static once more and I looked to see a sliced open phone sitting on the concrete.

The mutants all looked up, turning to Coty who was pouring the gasoline into the fountain. I quickly began to connect my own phone to the speakers, playing the music from Mario Party.

Several of the infected turned for a second, giving Coty a bit of time to pour the last of it in. However they noticed and turned to see Coty lit a piece of broken wood with lighter.

They went for him and he stumbled back, one of the infected knocking him to the floor. Julian, Andrew, and Maddie pulled their guns, shooting and trying to lure the infected away. But one continued to struggle with him and Coty tried to push it off. But it was relentless.

"Ah! Fucking.... ah! GET OFF!"

He kicked the infected away and grabbed the piece of wood, throwing it into the air. It flew into the fountain... and it started.

The entire fountain burst into flames, a large burning fire glowing and lighting up the area. The mutants all turned away from Coty, looking to the fire. 

 I said to Julian and we both grabbed our bags. We hopped down off the building and ran across the courtyard where Coty was pulling his sleeve back down. Coty, Julian, Isabella and I ran to the door and watched as Andrew pushed the large concrete brick off of it.

We managed to slip through and we ran up the stairs, going back up to the second floor. The mutants were clawing at the fire, setting their limbs on fire as well. It wasn't working well for them, but it had saved us.

But after a few seconds, they turned back to us and started moving towards the doorway into the building. We drew our weapons and watched as they began to come up the stairs.

I aimed my pistol and began firing, shooting them in the head one by one as they came up the stairs. Andrew was firing with his Deagle, each shot blowing out their guts. Julian and Maddie held Glocks as well as me and their shooting was almost perfect as well. 

There was one thing I noticed. Coty was not shooting and was instead wrapping a bandage around his wrist. Blood was dripping onto the carpet.

"Coty... you good?"

"Yeah sorry. I cut myself on the broken glass on the door. I'm fine, gimme a minute."

I shrugged and continued firing, but a flaming mutant came up behind another one and slashed at me. But Andrew shot it, killing it at the last second. They were getting closer and we were slowly being pushed against the wall.

Coty turned around and grabbed a cinder block off the floor, smashing the glass window behind us. He began to crawl out, 

"Out the window! Go!"

We ran towards the far end of the room, going to the window. But below us stood more infected, maybe twenty. Not bothering to take that into account, Andrew began to climb out and he pushed me right forward.

My life flashed before my eyes as I fell towards the swarm, watching as they all looked up and their eyes glowed red. I closed my eyes and prepared for death. My back hit the hard surface of the concrete, but when I opened my eyes... I saw only the sky. 

I laid on top of the RV and I turned over, seeing it had driven forward and ran over half the mutants. The sunroof was open and Coty landed next to me, Maddie coming down as well.

I fell through the sunroof, falling onto the floor and Maddie falling on top of me. As she crushed my spine I looked up, seeing a blood covered Axel sitting in the driver's seat. Julia stood next to him, holding a gun.



Maddie rushed to her little sister, pulling her close. However Coty, Isabella, Julian, Andrew and I remained shocked at Axel.

"What? Just because I'm a kid I can't drive? I play Mario Kart too."

Andrew took the driver's seat and Axel stepped away, letting Andrew drive the RV back onto the street. We drove down the road, speeding off away from the burning university behind us...

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