The Omega Event

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Ties Binded

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



Andrew's POV

The day had ended, we had almost been killed. 

I drove the RV through the city, until finally we reached the outskirts and escaped the traffic. With the university and several other buildings in flames, and the infected swarming the streets, many people were flocking into the outskirts and fleeing to nearby towns. We were one of them.

After escaping from the traffic jams and finding ourselves driving out of the city and away from the highway on a back road, we swapped drivers. I had been driving mainly since we left, so Julian opted to swap in for me, and I used that time to take a break.

The whole RV was lit with a dim light in the front, leaving the back room in a bit of darkness. Julian was sitting in the front with his sister, adjusting his eyepatch. She was standing next to him, still looking frightened. Spencer was playing his GameBuddy in the corner, the light from the game illuminating his face in the dark room. Coty was on the seat next to them, lying on the floor and holding his wrist.

"I can take a look at it, see if you have a blood infection," Isabella suggested to Coty. He turned away though, ignoring her. He was freaked out by that whole thing, we all were. It seemed only the kids were fine.

"Hey Andrew, your secret admirerer is calling!" Maddie teased as she eyed the laptop sitting on the table.

I cursed her out before picking up the laptop, sitting in the passenger seat up front and answering the call. The face of Lilitha appeared on the screen, smiling brightly. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt and had long red hair tied into a ponytail.

"Hey," I said to her.

She waved her back back and forth rapidly, "hiiiiii Andrew!"

"Is everything alright?" I asked her.

She nodded, "yep! I just came up from the pool so I thought I'd check in."

"Pool? Wait you have a pool?" I asked.

"Technically. I live in a hotel," she answered.

"Really? I thought that was just a TV thing" I said.

She shook her head, "nope! I've been living here for maybe eight months now. It's really nice, and it's surpisingly cheaper than an apartment or anything. It's a decent suite, not too fancy, and since I live alone I don't have to worry about extra expenses. Just snacks, bills, and a subscription to an anime streaming service."

"Huh... well where do you live in Florida?" I asked.

She gave me the name of her town and I quickly snatched the map sitting beside the laptop, running my finger down the line Julian had drawn through the country. He hadn't drawn an exact map but just a base, but judging by how the line was made, we would pass right through it.

"At that point, we'd probably arrive late at night. Maybe we could stay with you, and you could come with us," I suggested.

"Oh... really?" she asked as a big grin appeared on her face.

I nodded, "if the others agree to it."

Maddie came up from behind and tapped my shoulder, scaring me. She giggled and then looked at the webcam, "sure Lili. As long as you don't eat all my snacks, then you can come with us."

"As long as you don't touch my pocky, I will," she replied.

I shooed Maddie away and turned back to Lili, talking to her about life and stuff until she quickly lead that conversation into talking about food. Apparenly we both really liked lasanga.

For a second I glanced up at the window, eyeing the moon in the night sky. It wouldn't be long till we arrived at our destination, and with the city behind us, maybe we stood a chance.


Coty's POV

I laid on the ground, groaning in pain as an sore feeling began to run through my entire body. It was worse than when I was hit by a car a few years ago, and my entire body felt like it had been through a stretcher. But I couldn't show any pain, or any signs I was hurt at all.

Slowly I got up, taking off my belt and tossing it to the side. My gun and knife clattered to the floor, a thick blood still coating the blade. I wiped the sweat off my forehead before standing up, walking into the bathroom and closing the door behind me.

I fumbled and failed with the lock, leaning against the wall as I took a few deep breaths. The last few hours, that entire experience at the university, was honestly a bit scary. Being trapped in that fenced off box, surrounded by hundreds of monsters trying to tear you apart, was too much. I never showed weakness, but I had to admit had I been alone I'd have pissed myself.

Slowly I began to undress, taking my jean jacket off and dropping it to the floor, my black t-shirt following. I stared at myself in the mirror, admiring the faint six pack I had acquired over the past few months. Maddie made fun of it, but I was somewhat proud of actually working out for once.

I groaned, grabbing a towel and wiping my body down. I was caked in sweat, from both the heat, the running, the anxiety, and the sickness forming inside of me. I knelt down and began splashing my face with cold water, trying to cool myself down.

Something was growing inside of me, and I had to slow it down as much as possible.

Slowly I slid down the wall, lying on the floor and staring at the wall. I had volunteered to come on this adventure, and I had made the decision to be the first line of defense. The first one to rush into the action, and the first one to kill anything in our path.

I groaned, rubbing the bandage tied around my shoulder, feeling a bit of wet blood from underneath. The bleeding seemed to have stopped, but I couldn't bring myself to try and clean it. Plus I didn't know how, and asking Julian would lead to him shooting me in the chest.

As I laid on the ground, I began to think. I had so many regrets, so many memories, and so many things I still wanted to do. I regretted not going after Isrrael when he ran out onto that bridge. I regretted letting Julian into that fight, and not standing where he had been. He could've saved me with his medical prowess, and we never would've gone to that school.

I regretted not quitting drugs sooner, but then I took that back as I began to crave a blunt. I reached down into my pocket, pulling out a small white box and taking one of short white sticks out, lighting it with my small silver lighter. A small flame later, and I stuck it in the corner of my mouth, relaxing a bit. Maybe this would take the pain away.

After all of those regrets, there was one thing I regretted more than anything. I shuffled to the side and glanced through the crack in the door, eyeing the others outside. Spencer was laying on one seat curled up into a ball, Julian reading his novel beside him. Maddie was sitting on the floor with the kids, showing them how to use a butterfly knife.

I smiled at the three before looking away, my heart dropping. I wouldn't be with these guys much longer considering we have only three days and we're barely halfway. Somewhere along the way I'd have to opt out, but not yet. 

I whispered to myself quietly, "as long as I live, I will protect the others. I will not let them befall the same fate I have... and I will protect the kids at all cost. Like the dumbass in the jacket said before... children are the future."

Slowly I crawled to my feet, staring at myself in the mirror as I felt my forehead. I was warm. Not burning, but a bit warm.

I swore under my breath, and jolted around as the door swung open. Maddie gasped, looking away as I grabbed my t-shirt to cover my upper body.

"Oh! Um, sorry! I thought-"

"No no it's okay just-"

After the initial shock she looked at me, my eyes following my body up and down. I don't think she could tell I noticed, but she was totally checking me out.

"Um can you leave now?" I asked awkwardly.

She then looked up at my face and frowned, "yeah but... are you okay? You're all sweaty."

"I just took a shower," I lied.

"Oh um... okay then. Just lock the door next time," she said before pushing it shut. I quickly turned the lock before falling to the ground, groaning in pain. Something was happening inside my body, and it was something I couldn't stop.

For once, I was helpless.


Andrew's POV

I sat in the passengers seat, staring at my computer screen with a smile while Julian drove. It was nice to get a break from driving for once, and now I had a chance to talk to Lili. I firstly explained to her the situation regarding the university, which she found a bit scary.

"Where's Anikan and Space? You didn't mention them," Lili asked.

"Well Space had the bright idea to run off to Chicago for some sentimental thing, and Anikan went after her. Seriously I faith for once he'd keep it in his pants," I told her.

She scoffed, "they'll be fine alright? As dumb as Ani is, I doubt he'd get them killed or anything. You're meeting back up right?"

"Yeah Julian and I mapped out a place before we left the school. Some gas station off the side of an old backroad. Seclusive enough to keep us hidden in case the police catch onto us," I told her, "I messaged them both the address, so as soon as Anikan checks his phone he should get it."

"Won't checking his phone let the police know? If they have your faces, they have your identities, which means they'll have your phone records right?" she asked.

I shook my head, "nope. Well, kinda. See, they're most likely tracking our phones, but not twenty four seven. And if Anikan turns on his connection only to check a single message, and then turn it back off immediately, he'll be fine. Plus, military and police forces are stretched thin containing the infected and treating the injured. Even if they were to be followed, I trust the two to be able to outrun them."

"You have a lot of faith in someone you call stupid, naive and horny," she said jokingly.

"He's an idiot sometimes, but he's not dumb enough to put other people in risk. Unlike Julian and I-"

"Do not compare me to the likes of you," Julian interrupted.

"Okay... unlike me, he's put his life on the line to keep everyone else from getting shot three times now. And somehow he's come out of it with nothing more than a few scratches, probably a sprained wrist, and no gunshot wounds. He's a tough son of a-"

"Language," Lili interrupted.

"But you had no problem calling him hor-"

"I said language!" she shouted again in her high pitched voice.

I frowned, shutting up as Julian snickered. I glared at him and balled my fists, "the hell you laughing at?"

"Nothing, just happy we have finally found someone to put you in your place. Especially someone who is your opposite," he said with a smile.

I growled at him before going back to talking to Lili, who was typing on her keyboard. A few seconds later she asked,

"Hey Andrew, you ever watch anime?"

"Once or twice when Anikan and Maddie dragged Julian and I to anime club," I mentioned, "why?"

"Well if you want, you can put in some earbuds and we can watch together. I've been meaning to start a new series, and I think it'd be fun if we watched together," she said with a smile.

It was a smile I couldn't resist. I tried, and I tried, but it overpowered me quick. I groaned and reached into my pocket, pulling out a pair of cheap tangled up earbuds.

"Fine, but only till we arrive at our destination. Then we can get some food and snacks, and maybe if they're not here yet we can keep watching," I told her.

She giggled, "yay!"

She began typing on her keyboard, mirroring her screen onto mine. I fullscreened the page and laid back, relaxing as she put on some random show. I wasn't really an anime person, but I guess I could try and enjoy it.


Space's POV

The red car sped down the road, passing by trees and the ocasional lone minivan. We were about half an hour from Indiana University and hopefully, Andrew and the others were still alive and well. Andrew had sent us the address of some gas station right on the outskirts of town, so we had to drive through to get there.

Anikan was still driving and had gone a bit over the speed limit. The road we were on was pretty much abandoned and in the past five minutes, we had only seen one or two cars. It was smooth sailing from here until we entered the city.

"Hey, Space."

"Yeah, Ani?"

"What if it's fake? The bombing?"

It was an idiotic suggestion, though I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought of it before. For everything to be fake, this whole journey to be pointless... well it just couldn't be.

Our hometown was completely destroyed by those foreign strike teams. Explosion by explosion, they killed almost every person there. If anyone was still alive, they're probably horribly injured. For that to happen just a day after the announcement came out, was insane. Too much of a coincidence.

"Even if it is fake we have to leave. We're already halfway across the country, we're outlaws and there are mutants literally everywhere. Staying would be a mistake," I answered. He continued to drive, the night eventually coming and the headlights flashing on.

I began to shiver, since we were in a convertible and it was a bit chilly. He noticed and slowed down, taking his hands off the wheel.

"What're you doing?" I asked.

"You're cold, so here," he told me.

He handed me his jacket and I smiled as he wrapped it around me. It was pretty nice, and his body heat warmed it up enough to keep me from shivering anymore. He smiled at me before putting his hands back on the wheel, speeding down the highway to meet up with the others.

After awhile I began to feel tired and I laid my head down on the seat. My mind wouldn't stop wandering. Before this, I thought I'd go to a really nice college, maybe become something like a politician or maybe something high up in the government. I didn't want something bland like a job in math or science, but something that would actually impact the world.

Maybe a govenor. Someone who could speak out and help others. In my first two years of highschool, there were seven suicides. Seven too many I told them. I tried to tell them, and I spoke to both the principals and schoolboards to start some kind of mental health awareness program, or maybe hire therapy counselors for students to talk to.

They didn't even bat an eye. They never responded, they never listened to a word I said, and just a month ago, another girl killed herself. I knew her. Not personally since our paths never crossed, but I saw her almost every day. And one day, she was gone. The next day, same thing. I thought to myself that maybe she was sick, or on vacation. And then the third day, the announcement came. She took her life.

I was angry. I told myself that because they didn't listen to me, I wanted to become someone who could do it myself. Someone who didn't have to send email after email to no avail. A leader, a decision maker, and someone who knew how to make the right calls. 

They did implement a program. They even had nights for people stuggling with mental health to come to the school and talk to people. It mostly worked. Since then, there has been only one suicide, and that was at the beginning of junior year. But if they had only listened earlier, maybe she'd be alive.

I sighed, thinking about that dream. To become a leader, a govenor, someone who mattered... it wouldn't matter anymore. The world was coming to an end, and there's no way I'd get elected for anything in another country, wherever we went. And that was if we survived.

But now, I was a killer. A murderer. Those mutants that roamed the streets, the ones I put down with a single gunshot from that pump shotgun on that first night, they were still human. Deep down, they were alive. Their mind was warped, filled with an intense bloodlust, but they were still people. And any chance of curing them was gone.

Almost all of us had killed someone. Andrew and Anikan had both taken the liberty of killing the police officers that went after us. Spencer had been forced to shoot one of them to save my life. Somehow, up until now, I had avoided it. But if things kept going wrong at every turn, that would change.

Slowly I closed my eyes, beginning to think of the future. Would we get out of here? I asked myself that question over and over, until finally I fell into a deep sleep...


Everything was different. The room was white and music was playing, a light and beautiful song. A pristine white cake with strawberry toppings, a knife in the top and beautiful treats and goodies sat on a nearby table and the crystal chandelier above it all was shining brightly. Shiny wooden seats sat on the sides of the aisle and people filled them.

Different people were all in the seats, smiling and watching as the doors slowly opened. A man with black hair and a scar running across his face sat next to a girl with short pink hair in the front seat. A teen boy with messy brown hair was next to them and a young girl with blonde hair was next to him. A teen girl with her brown hair in a ponytail sat next to the teen boy, holding hands.

Next to them was a young woman with short blonde hair, sitting next to a girl who was a bit similar, blue eyes and blonde hair too. Her's was long though but they both looked happy. Next to them was a girl with shoulder-length brown hair who sat next to a man with short blonde hair and a brown cap. They were smiling brightly, a baby sitting next to them. A man with brown hair was near them, a red snake on his shoulder.

On the wooden seats on the opposite side of the aisle sat a nerdy looking boy, his messy brown hair not even being noticed compared to the Pac-Man patch sewn onto the side of his suit. A girl with long brown hair and green eyes sat next to him, smiling and holding a pad of paper in her lap. Nearby, a man with a black eyepatch and short brown hair sat smiling. He was sitting next to a girl with long black hair with red highlights. They weren't together, but a boy with short blonde hair and a quiver on his ankle that sat next to them both was with the girl.

The rest of the hall was filled with others.

The wooden doors opened and two figures began to walk down the aisle. A girl with long red hair wore a white wedding dress, her skin pale and her smile complimenting her light blue eyes. A girl was walking her up the aisle, her dress black and her hair a short jet black as well. Her eyes were red and she held the bride's hand as they approached the man at the end. He was smiling, a few tears running down his face. His hair was messy and a pair of glasses were clipped to his tux.

"You still wanna go through with this? Can we go drinking instead? There's a bar around the counter that has red wine!" the girl with black hair joked as they reached the end. The one with red hair broke their grasp, "I love him... I'm doing this."

She walked up to him and they both stared into each others eyes. The officiant began speaking, going through the usual ramble as the bride and groom looked into each others eyes. It was a beautiful sight as he finished and the two said the same words in unison.

"I do."

They kissed, the man wrapping his arms around the girl as the feeling of love moved throughout the room. Everyone smiled, everyone felt happy.

It was perfection.


"Hey! Wake up!"

I opened my eyes, sitting up to see the car beginning to slow down. On the side of the road was a brown van and a man stood outside. He was being attacked by one of those things, trying to fend it off with a metal pole. A shotgun was lying on the ground behind him, but he was unable to reach it.

Anikan stopped the car and ran out, pulling out his hatchet and slashing into the mutant's neck. However, another two went for them and I ran out with my silenced pistol drawn.





They both hit the floor as I holstered my gun, looking at the two. The man was breathing heavily and I noticed he wore a military uniform. But when he saw us, he backed away and tripped on a rock. He reached down and grabbed his shotgun, pointing it at us.

"You... you guys are the criminals! You're spies!" he shouted, scared of us and our weapons.

Slowly I holstered my pistol, raising my hands. Anikan shoved his colt python into his holster and shook his head, "we're no less criminal than you. We're civilians, just ones that have had to protect themselves."

"Bullshit! I saw the bodies! You guys gunned down a bunch of cops on the highway the other day!" he shouted at us as he prepared to fire on Anikan.

I shook my head, "we defended ourselves! We got out of Tazader City before it got destroyed, and the police think we were involved since we were the only ones who made it out."

"Then turn yourself in!" he shouted.

"No time. We're on a mission, and we need to reach Florida in the next three days. Stopping to get arrested, try and fail to explain to the bullshit police that we're innocent, and maybe having to break out of a cell would take up too much time," I told him, "just trust us. We stopped to help you, didn't we?"

The miltary officer stopped, taking a few breaths after the whole situation. He slowly lowered the shotgun, setting it down on the ground. Anikan then reached down to his belt, unclipping his shotgun and holding it out to him.

"Take it. You'll need something better than a dumb pole," Anikan said.

Honestly, I didn't think he'd take it. I thought giving a weapon to a guy that almost shot us was dumb. But the man took it, clipping it to his own utlity belt. He then smiled at us, picking back up his shotgun and holding it in his hands.

"Thanks son. Name?"

"Anikan. You?"


"Kaden... protect your family first. Okay?"

He smiled and nodded as we walked back to the car. But instead of getting in Anikan reached into the trunk, pulling out a gas can. He set it down next to Kaden before getting in the car. He gave us a salute before getting in his van, and Anikan gave him one back before he slammed the car door shut and we drove off down the highway.

"Why'd you help him?"

"I'm still human Space. Helping people... it's all I want. I put ourselves before others... but helping is still possible."

I smiled and grabbed his arm, holding onto it tightly. He continued driving but complimneted me, "nice shots."

"Thanks. I fight with my words... and a gun."

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