The Omega Event

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Sakara

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



Andrew's POV

As the car drove down the old black road fit with a single yellow line going down the middle, we could all look back and see the flames. They had grown to be higher than the trees and every once and the sirens could still be heard from miles away. 

The entire University, once full of students and teachers, was now burnt to the ground. 

And if the war was coming, it'd stay that way.

I sat in the driver's seat, taking control of the RV with Coty next to me. He was taking off his metal bracelet and switching to a white bandage-like wrap. 

"You okay?" I took my eyes off the road to ask.

"Yeah yeah. Just cut my arm on the gate," he answered unconvincingly.

"One of them get you?" I asked seriously.

He shook his head, "no! I ain't that dumb to let those zombies take me."

"Correction, they are mutants. Zombies are dead people come back to life while those are just normal people with a modified vessel and a completely new mindset," corrected our sarcastic genius from the seat behind us.

"Oh shut up Julian," Coty and I said in unison.

He smirked from the seat and continued to read his novel, sipping his coffee every now and then. He was a very sophisticated human, but one who seemed to be taking all this chaos better then the rest of us. If he was in a higher position, he could probably prevent all this.

In the back was Maddie, who was sitting on the seat watching Axel and Julia with Spencer half asleep nearby. Coty looked back at the two and I could see an idea pop into his head, and before I could stop him he got up and grabbed his glock off the dashboard.

"Hey, kids. You need to learn how to defend yourself. Wanna learn how to shoot?" he asked with a smirk.

I swerved off the road, almost hitting an old rusty mailbox. Everyone perked up and looked at Coty who's suggestion shocked us all. Teaching twelve year old kids to shoot? Normally that would be fine, with dads taking their kids hunting, except I had a feeling these kids would be shooting more then deers.

"WHAT!?" Maddie and I both exclaimed in unison.

Maddie and I just looked at him with our jaws dropped. Spencer was sleeping and Julian didn't bother to pay attention and instead continued to read his novel.

"They're twelve! You can't teach a kid to kill!" Maddie shouted.

"Technically the girl is thirteen," Julian interjected.

"I DON'T CARE! She's a child for gods sake! I am not going to put her in harms way after what just-"

Maddie was interrupted by a shout, "MADDIE!"

We all looked at Julia who was standing up. She had taken the gun from Coty's hand and was holding it in her two small hands. Maddie just looked at her in both shock and horror. She looked oddly menacing, but she was still a child. She frowned and spoke, "let uncle Coty teach us to shoot."

"Uncle Coty!?" Maddie, Coty and I all exclaimed.

"I want to learn how to shoot like you guys. I don't want to have to be protected all the time. I want to fight too," Julia said with an encouraging smile.

"So do I," said Axel as he stood up beside her. He smiled and I could see a sparkle through his long bangs that covered some of his face. Maddie frowned and looked at me, and I just shrugged. It was her decision, and I didn't want no part of it. She looked to Julian instead.

"Maddeline I don't doubt that a majority of kids are worthless and stupid but as long as we are keeping those two I don't see a problem with giving them some worth. If they are going to eat our food and use our supplies then we may at least make some use of them," he said as if they were weapons.

Maddie sighed, "fine you can teach them. Just don't use my anime DVDs. Use Spencer's anime body pillow instead."

Spencer scoffed as he laid up on the couch, "I do not have-

Maddie zipped open his bag, revealing a large white pillow with a blue-haired anime girl on it. The girl was wearing very little clothes and on the other side, no clothes at all. Spencer's face turned red and he muttered something under his breath as he snatched his anime pillow back and laid down on it.

Coty smirked, having gotten a devious idea, and walked over to Spencer. He grabbed Spencer by his hood and yanked him off the couch, causing him to fall on his back and groan. He had the bone strength of a baby bird, or even worse: the egg. Coty grabbed Spencer by the hood again and yanked him up, attaching his hood onto a hook attached to the wall where a painting from Comic-Con had once hung.

"Hey hey hey! Let me go!" Spencer shouted as he tried to escape. The hook was restraining him well, and he could barely touch the floor.

Coty then reached into his brown duffel bag, picking out black pistols that looked like glocks. But they were not real. I could immediately recognize them as Coty's airsoft guns he used for target practice. He handed one to Julia and the other to Axel, who both looked over the guns they were given.

"Now it's time for Coty's course in shooting and not dying!" Coty shouted. The two kids looked up at him for instructions and he smiled.

"Alright rule numero uno! Never point the end of the gun at your face. You'll be like Spencer in VR and shoot your head off," Coty said with a smirk.

Spencer groaned and balled his fists. I wanted to join Coty in torturing Spencer, but I needed to drive. I turned my head away from the empty road every few seconds, looking at the amusing situation in the back of the RV. Axel and Julia both nodded at Coty.

"Alright rule numero dos! Hold the gun with both your hands. No gang poses or shit like that," Coty said. Julia's face turned red when she heard him swear, since it wasn't exactly normal for people to curse around her. The two kids nodded, holding their guns forward.

"Nice. Rule numero tres! Aim for the head," Coty said as he stepped out from in front of Spencer, "now fire!"

Julia went first, aiming at Spencer's head. Axel stood beside her as the two kids backed up against the opposite wall. Spencer tried to kick at the wall to knock himself off, but he was trapped and his struggling was doing nothing to help the situation.

"HEY HEY WAIT! COTY LET ME OUT!" he exclaimed.

Coty sighed and stepped in front of Spencer. The kids both lowered their guns and Coty put up a finger to tell them to wait a minute. He grabbed a sharpie out of Julia's pink backpack sitting in the corner and walked over to Spencer. He sketched a large target on Spencer's face and then pulled up his shirt and hoodie, revealing an extremely bony body that exposed his ribs. He drew another target and stepped away.

"Okay now go," he said with a smirk.

They both raised their guns and Spencer braced for the pain. The two fired, managing to get direct hits on Spencer from across the RV. Twelve shots each. The bullets were only plastic, but they still hurt like hell and he'd have welts on him for days. 





They stopped after Spencer swore, one of the shots missing and making a small hole in the wall. The hook gave out and Spencer fell to the floor, holding his crotch with his hands as he winced in pain. Maddie, Coty and I both stifled laughter, the two kids smiling as well.

"Alright who shot that one?" Coty asked through the laughter.

Axel put his hand up. Coty gave him a high five, walking over to Spencer after and yanking him up. 

"Weak," he whispered before pushing him back onto his seat. Spencer groaned and reached out for his anime pillow, but Maddie snatched it away from him. He frowned and turned over, trying to fall back asleep but being kept awake by the pain of the welts all over his body.


After a bit more driving, I grabbed my phone and turned the service on. If the polcie knew who we were, they'd be able to track us for a few seconds but not for long. But I needed to check something. Sure enough, when I turned it on a text popped up.

"Guys Anikan texted a few minutes ago. He's almost here, let's stop and wait," I said to the group.

I put down my phone, turning off my connection right after. No need to get pinged. 

"Where though?" Maddie asked, "its just an empty highway."

"How about this place?" Coty said as he pointed out the window.

On the side of the road was a small gas station on a gravel road. We drove off the highway and into the gas statuon, stopping beside one of the four pumps. I stopped the RV and I opened the door, hopping out first with my gun drawn. Mutants could still be lurking around here, though it looked abandoned.

Maddie, Julian, Coty and the kids followed, though Spencer continued to nap. Maddie looked back and slapped him on the back of the head, yanking him off his seat and dragging him over to the door. As much as he didn't want to get up, he walked past us all and trudged over to the gas station. We were all a bit hungry, and he probably was too.

We all followed him, walking to the front of the gas station. I stopped and put my hand out, looking to the others. If there were any mutants inside, all of us trapped inside this much of a closed Space wouldn't do us well. I whispered to them all, "if anyone sees a mutant then alert the rest quietly. Maddie you get the kids outta here."

Maddie nodded and we all walked into the gas station, except for Julian who continued to stand outside reading his book. I walked back outside and snatched it from him, looking at the front to see several guns. A beautiful brown and black SCAR, a simple pump shotgun, and two black revolvers on the bottom.

" I asked as I dragged him inside.

"You might see something you like if you take a look," Julian said as he pushed past me and walked into the gas station.

I flipped the page and my eyes focused on the gleaming wonder sitting in the middle. A KSG tactical shotgun with dual tube magazines and an ammo capacity of a dozen shells plus another in the chamber. The gun that made all other shotguns obsolete. My dream gun. I could imagine myself charging through battle, fighting off soldiers with the gun and leading the team to victory. The blood, the death, the-


"Hey!" I exclaimed at Julian.

"Daydream about your gun fetish later. Come, let us raid this cove of treasures for supplies," he said with a frown. Julian walked ahead, me trailing behind as I rubbed the mark on the back of my head.


Spencer's POV

The gas station was fully stocked, with both snacks and other things. Coty opted to stay outside and fill up the RV while we all came inside. But before we could get to looting, Andrew put his hand out and drew his gun.

"I'll go first and make sure nobodies lurking. Once I clear the aisle loot all you want," he said as he held his deagle in a defensive position.

"Should we really be looting?" Maddie asked nervously.

Julian pointed behind the counter, "I doubt he'll need any of it."

We all looked to the front counter to see a man slumped over the counter. A gun was in his hand, covered in blood from the pool that had spread all over the counter and his head. He had a look of fear on his face, and Maddie quickly covered the two kid's eyes with her hands. They peeked between her fingers, so she stood in front of them instead.

"Let's just do this already," Andrew muttered as he walked forward. He approached the first aisle and put his gun out as he stared down it. No people, just loot. The first aisle had gift cards, car accessories and magazines. No food or necessities, but Andrew did spot something.

"Oh hey, Julian I found something for you. Card for your Star Wars MMO," Andrew said as he walked away.

Julian rushed over, pushing Andrew out of the way and picking out all the cards from the stand and shoving them into his jacket. By the time he was done he had filled all the pockets. Spencer walked beside him as well, grabbing a few cards for his GameBuddy. They acted as credit for the GameBuddy Online Shop, but I doubt that'd be up and running for much longer. When the bombing came, society would cave. So would the internet.

Andrew continued to the next iasle, but it was barren of life. A large splatter of blood covered the floor, but no body was there. If it was from a mutant, then it probably got back up and kept walking. But there was no sign of life, nor monsters.

The second isle went to Julian once he was done. It was filled several more technological items. Several keychain flashlights, a large yellow one, a few mugs and some survival bracelets. There were also a few first aid kits which Julian grabbed two of before walking to the front and pulling out his black-bladed combat knife.

In two swift strokes, he broke into the glass of the taquito machine, pulling a taquito out and taking a bite.

"Really?" I asked as I walked past him.

"I get *munch* hungry *munch*... okay I just really like Taquitos, so sue me if you wish," he said as he continued to much down his food.

Andrew walked to the aisle next. That was food aisle, but when Andrew went down this one, it was not empty. We all stood behind him, staring at the bloody sight. A man was lying in the middle of the aisle, in a pool of his own blood. Maddie covered the kids eyes again to stop them from seeing the body.

Julian set down his taquito on the counter, slowly approaching it. In the man's chest was a large silver knife, a piece of paper stabbed through it. He ripped the knife out of the body and tossed it to the side, looking at the small piece of paper.

"What's it say?" I asked. 

It looked to be in Japanese, but it was just a word or less. A few symbols, but not an entire sentence or anything.

"Ah Japanese, the language of the country of anime. One reason why I never cared for it," Julian said rudely. Maddie growled at him and snatched the note away, taking a quick look at the Japanese writing.

"It says Sakara," she said after a few seconds.

"What's that mean?" Andrew asked curiously.

"No idea," she said. I wasn't fluent in Japanese, but I had never heard the word before. Sakura was the closest, but that was the name of the pink cherry blossoom trees in most Japanese animes. Though the lettering the symbols for it was much different.

I walked off down the last aisle, spotting Julia and Axel looking through it before Andrew could even clear it. There were no bodies though. On one side was a large array of snacks and candy and the other side were some clothes hung on the wall.

Clothes usually weren't sold in many gas stations, but they had a few things here. Julia was wearing a brown jacket and had on a grey beanie over her long brown hair. She smiled and looked at me, Axel grabbing some clothes off the racks and dropping them on the floor. He put on some of it, replacing his simple white t-shirt and jeans.

He now had on a brown leather jacket with a fur collar on the top, making his outfit almost complete. He was messing with the rack, trying to pull off a brown hat. It looked familiar, as if it was from a movie.

"My heavens... could that be... is that the hat from Indiana Jones?!" Julian exclaimed from the other end of the aisle. He charged at Axel, grabbing the hat from the racka dn looking at it closely. I wasn't an expert at Indiana Jones, but I had seen enough of the movies to recognize it.

"Is it?" Axel asked.

Axel walked over, looking at the hat with widened eyes. Julian obviously wanted to keep it for himself, but I walked over and grabbed it from him. I gave it to Axel who smiled and put it up, completing his look. Julian frowned, muttering to himself and threatening my life under his breath.

"You look decent," I said to him with a smile.

"Thanks, Spencer," he said back before chaos ensued.



We all dropped to the floor, dodging the bullets as they shattered the glass windows. Maddie grabbed the two kids as we took cover behind the back aisle, watching the bullets break open a bag of chips and shatter a corner of the metal shelves.

"ALRIGHT MADDIE GET THE KIDS OUT! GO THROUGH THE SIDE!" Andrew shouted over the gunfire.

I reached into my jacket, pulling my Glock and aiming at the door. A man ran in, wearing a bandana and a black hoodie. He looked suspiciously similar to the gang that had attacked at Silver Lake, but couldn't be the same. He spotted us hiding behind the aisle and fired twice with his pistol, but Andrew fired back and sent him to the ground.

I fired twice out the window and Julian did too, trying to draw their fire while Andrew snuck out from behind the aisle. Andrew kicked through the exit door on the back, the door swinging open to reveal two men. Andrew shot one and Maddie pulled her gun and shot another. 

Andrew, Julian, Maddie, the kids and I ran out the back entrance. Andrew shouted at Maddie, "take the kids and go around the left! We'll go along the right and clear a path to the RV!"

Andrew went first and held his deagle with his two hands while Julian held both his knife and his glock. I held my black glock and slammed a clip into the bottom, watching as we turned the corner to see a large group surrounding the RV. They fired and we fired back, but a shot grazed my arm and I let out a scream.

I took cover behind the back of the gas station and the other two did as well. Julian knelt down and looked at my wound, seeing blood seaping out from the gash running across my arm. He reached into his pocket and ripped out a roll of silver duct tape.

"What's that gonna do!?" I exclaimed.

"Probably save your life. Or cause you a lot of pain. Either of those options I shall enjoy," Julian said as he cut a line of tape off the roll. He pushed it down over the bloody wound and I winced, feeling the blood drip out from beneath the tape. 

We all ran from out beside the building, seeing men running out from behind the trees behind the gas station. Andrew aimed and fired twice with his deagle, and sent two packing. He then ran forward and punched one in the jaw before a shot forced him to duck. 

"Where's Coty!?" Julian exclaimed.

I looked up to see a man aim at us with a SMG, and begin firing rapidly from on top of the RV. Coty however appeared from behind and knocked him off behind he could make a shot, and his neck cracked upon hitting the ground. Coty held a shotgun in his hands and leapt off the RV, firing at another group coming out of the forest before we moved to the pumps at the front of the gas station.

"Hey guys I got a plan!" I exclaimed at them as Maddie and the kids rushed out from behind the gas station to join us.

"It better be a fucking good one!" Coty shouted as he shot a man rushing out from the trees.

"Okay so in Grand Theft Auto I used to troll other players by killing them, hiding in a gas station and shooting the pumps to blow them up when they came to get me," I explained to them.

"One problem Spencer," Andrew said to me as he fired.



Two more men ran out and fired, barely missing and almost shooting Julian in the neck. Despite his facial disability, he could still shoot decently well, and fired a shot and blew out the guy's kneecap. The other grabbed his friend by the arm and yanked him back behind the gas station.

I kept a watchful eye on the RV and saw no movement inside, just darkness from the lights being out. "I'm gonna start the RV," I whispered to them as I charged forward. Andrew tried to call out, but I already took a step inside. A figure came from the front and a fist hit my jaw.

I hit the gravel, my arm scraping against the ground. A man stepped out, wearing a large black t-shirt and a bandana covering his face like everyone else. Except this man had a chain around his neck and was holding a chrome Deagle similar to Andrew's.

"Ryan, take him," the man spoke deeply.

Another man with a white sleeveless hoodie and a grey scarf around the side of his face walked over and grabbed me, putting a gun to my head. The others stopped firing as another large group of smiliarly dressed men walked out of the forest behind them.

"Who the fuck are you!?" shouted Andrew. The man smirked evilly, pulling a gun and pointing it at them as he stood next to the RV.

"We are the Sakara."

Without warning, a large red flash smashed into the side RV and knocking half the people to the floor. Some were crushed, others had their bodies thrown. But the car had stopped and despite the smoke pooling out from beneath the hood, the two were okay. Two figures jumped out, one holding up his colt and firing at two guys.

Anikan and Space had arrived.


Anikan's POV

I pulled my revolver, aiming and looking at everyone. Two shots and a man was down, and I saw Space come up from behind with her silenced pistol.

"Go for leg shots, stop them," Space shouted. At most she would injure them, but she would not kill.

"You do that, I'm killing these muffinsacks!" I shouted in a fit of rage.

I ran forward, pulling my machete from my belt and cutting down an unsuspecting gang member. The one with the white hoodie and the leader retreated behind the RV and loaded their guns. The one in the white hoodie fired twice at me, and I luckily dropped and rolled across the gravel before firing twice at him.

"LOOK OUT!" shouted Andrew as he engaged and caused the group behind them retreat and leave behind four bodies.

Six men poked their guns out of the bushes from behind the gas station and began firing, and I was forced to dive behind the gas station to avoid being caught in the line of fire. I was too late and they all fired, and I watched as Andrew ran from cover.

Andrew grabbed me by the arm and yanked me out of the line of fire, Coty reloading his shotgun, Julian pulling his knife and Spencer running out to get Maddie. A shot winged her, knocking Maddie to the ground as blood spurted from her wrist. The two kids stopped beside her, holding onto her hand as blood exploded from the wound.

Julian knelt down beside her and began duct taping her hand, which didn't seem to help. Andrew went back to fighting and I looked over to the leader who was making a break for the trees. The man in the white hoodie was behind him, and I wasn't planning on letting him escape.

I ran out and charged at him, tackling him into the bushes behind the RV. He tumbled through the brush and reached out for his shotgun, but I kicked it away and held my colt to his head. He punched me in the stomach and the weapon fell from my hands. He took the chance to crawl over to his weapon, but I grabbed my machete and rose my hand to swing at him.

He turned and held the end of his shotgun to my chest. My confidence faded and my hand began to shake. But he didn't fire. He didn't pull the trigger and blow my lungs out onto the pavement. He instead punched me in the jaw and I fell onto my side, watching as he ran out into the trees. I grabbed my revolver and aimed, but he was gone before I could shoot.

I ran back out of the forest to see the Sakara retreating, Space and Andrew leading the fight. Two men were limping away, Space having shot them both in the legs. One man appeared from on top of the gas station and fired at the short blonde. She ran through the filling stations and I watched the bullet smash into the metal, and a memory from playing Grand Theft Auto with Spencer flashed through my mind.


All at once the refill stations exploded, sending Space flying across the lot. The explosion had only just hit her, but she was alive. Probably.

I ran across the parking lot in front of the gas station and charged throuhg the smoke to get to her, only for one of the gang members to tackle me to the ground. The python was out of reach and he had a knife to my neck. He began to lower it closer and closer to my neck, and all I could think of was Space.

Two men ran to Space, grabbing her by the arms and dragging her away. Coty aimed and fired his shotgun, killing one while the other dragged away Space. I tried to reach out for the colt to kill the other, but he disappeared behind the trees. I let go and looked back to the man with the knife to my neck, and saw the knife drawing blood from my hand that was grasping the blade.

Andrew then rushed over and kicked the man holding me down, shooting him in the head right after. My ears rang and blood splattered onto my face as the man died and slumped over on top of me. Andrew kicked the body off and put his hand out after I grabbed the python.

I took his hand and I ran towards the men retreating into the forest. I aimed and fired three times, two shots hitting trees and another grazing a man on the arm. The others stayed behind except for Andrew who continued to run beside me. He fired three more times as well, and one shot knocked down the running man.

"LET HER GO!" I shouted at the man who was holding Space in her arms as she tried to struggle.

The man ignored, continuing running through the large forest. Leaves crunched under our feet and the silence of the night was killed by our gunfire. I reloaded my colt with a quick reload and fired three more times, barely missing the two but shattering glass.

We all ran out into a clearing and I realized I had shot out a window of one of the many cars beginning to speed off. The man ran to one of the cars and tried to force Space inside, but she kicked him in the shin and tried to hold him off. Andrew fired once but a man tackled him to the ground. Instead of helping him I let my rage take over and I charged, but the man pushed her into the car and slammed the door shut.



I let out another two shots and killed the man who had carried her there, but there was someone else in the drivers seat. The car sped off before I could stop it, and her tear covered face in the window was the last thing I saw before the car drove out of the clearing and onto the road.

I fired two shots as they got in, managing to break the window before they drove off. I dashed after them down the gravel path and threw my machete, smacking it against their license plate before it fell back onto the path. I ran out of breath and fell to my knees, unable to run any more.

"Fuck fuck fuck!" I shouted at the top of my lungs.

"What now?" Andrew asked as he stopped beside me with blood covering his left sleeve.

I breathed heavily, falling to my knees and holding the colt python close. I could still remember her face. But that would not be my last memory of her.

"Nobodies being left behind."



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