The Omega Event

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Detroit

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



She was gone. Shoved into the back of a car and I was forced to watch as it sped off into the darkness. We had no way to track it, and by the time we got back to the RV it would've been gone.

I walked back through the trees, clutching my colt python. If I had gotten an accurate shot, if I had managed to shoot him through the window... she'd be here.


Andrew walked out from the trees, Julian right behind him. Andrew looked the same, but Julian was no longer bleeding and had an eyepatch where he had been shot. I walked right past them and headed back towards the front of the gas station.

Maddie, Coty, and Spencer were there along with the kids. I spotted Axel holding a gun and immediately turned to Coty, "why'd you give them guns?!"

"They wanted to know how to shoot. Frankly, it's probably the best decision. Having another two guns at our side is a lot safer after what just happened."

The gas station looked wrecked. The glass on the windows had been completely shattered and I could see the shelves knocked over. Coty was stuffing snacks into a bag, surprisingly only picking the ones others liked instead of his favorites.

The pumps had surprisingly not gotten hit, or at least not much. A single gunshot would've blown them apart and probably took this entire place down. Never mix bullets and oil, I learned that the hard way... well if the hard way is Grand Theft Auto.

I stomped of into the gas station, and I slammed the door behind me. It was already shattered, so it didn't matter. I wandered over towards the edge of the room, leaning against the glass coolers behind me. And slowly I slumped to the floor, till I was lying on the floor with my head leaning against the cold hard glass.

Space was gone and I'd never see her again. What those people would do to her I wouldn't know. Would they slowly torture her? Would they rape her? Drown her? Burn her? Or would they just give a mercy shot to the head? No, they wanted her alive, or they wouldn't have taken her at all.

All the things I'd never gotten to do with her. When we had been friends back in Tazader City, she wasn't around for gaming nights and such. Most of the time she was busy, whether it was school or some event. She was a bit socially awkward, well actually really socially awkward. Even just around us.

Now we'd never be able to see her again. Spend time with her, have fun, eat snowcones... now I wanted a snowcone. But there was no snow nor cones for miles.

Spencer walked into the gas station, looking around for me. He walked towards me nervously and looked down at my blood covered figure, "so uh... hi!"

"Spencer what the fuck do you want?" I asked rudely; though I didn't really care whether I was or not.

"Just wondering if you were okay," Spencer said nervously as he opened one of the coolers.

He tossed me a glass and I looked at the label, "beer? No way. My stepdad drinks this shit all day and I am not turning out like him."

"Haven't you drank alcohol before?" Spencer asked as he sat down next to me.

"Yeah once when I was sixteen. Stupid younger me decided to mix whiskey with Gatorade one night when my girlfriend broke up with my dumbass," I answered as he opened the can.

"Well I think this is an exception if we only have one!" Spencer said excitedly.

"I guess," I answered back as I opened mine.

We both picked up the bottles and tilted our heads back, pouring it into our mouths at the same time. It didn't taste like anything at first, but a weird feeling began to fill my body. I couldn't tell if it was because I knew I shouldn't be doing this, or if it was from the alcohol itself.

I stopped, "that was good... I guess."

"Yeah... yeah... but no more," Spencer said as he stopped chugging the beer.

"Yep," I said back awkwardly.


Fifteen minutes later...


"A-and I asked Lane to trade places with me so then I'd be all the way in the back. So the teacher started having us do toe touches and oh my god Jennifers ass was so perfect!" I shouted drunkily.

"Dude she's like number four on my list of best asses!" Spencer shouted back.

"Who're the other three?" I asked him as I took another sip of beer.

"So uh... uh well Maddie is the first obviously cuz we were cuddling on the couch once and I could feel it pressing against me! And then in second there's Amber from Algebra and... and uh... I kinda forgot," Spencer slurred.

I began to list mine, "well uh... personally I think Jane and Amanda have pretty good butts. Oh and then Steph from economics caught me staring down her shirt once but I lied and told her Coty dared me to do it."

"Dude Amber is so perfect. Her boobs are just the right size and her ass isn't too flat but isn't too big," Spencer exclaimed.

"Wasn't she a slutty cat for Halloween?" I asked him.

"Y-Yeah I remember cause I talked to the robotics team that day. I asked them if I could borrow one of their little remote control drones and I-I made one and drove it right between her legs with the camera aimed up!" Spencer said as he clinked two beer bottles together and chugged them down.

"You saw her panties?" I asked in awe.

"Yep! Oh the pantsu! Such perfection! Pantsu is love, pantsu is life, god's greatest creation is the one and only pantsu! Oh the wetness forming between her legs that day, only enhancing the beautiful pantsu that I saw that lonely Halloween afternoon! If I could only have one thing in this world, it would be pantsu!" Spencer announced.

Maddie and Julian both stood in the gas station doorway, watching the entire scene.

"Are they gonna be okay?" Maddie questioned.

"Probably. It's best to just let the alcohol flow out of their system over a long drive south," Julian answered.

I got up off the ground and leaned against the wall for support, "south? You mean we're leaving Space?"

Spencer continued his drunk rant, "Space is okay I guess... I mean she's a bit flat but her tiny ass is probably really-"

Maddie kicked him in the stomach and looked back to me, "well as much as I don't want to leave her we have no way to find out where she is. Now you guys should take a shower and get that beer smell off you before we leave."

We all walked out of the gas station, and I trudged behind the other three as I stared down at the ground. Space would probably spend the last of her life sitting in the back of a car, tied down, hoping we would come rescue her. She'd die believing we'd save her, because she knew we'd never give up. But everyone else had seemed to.

Maddie and Julian broke off and joined the others who were argueing around the side of the gas station. Spencer and I walked into the R and Spencer's laptop began beeping loudly. Spencer groaned and threw an empty beer can at the laptop, though it didn't stop.

Spencer and I looked at his laptop sitting at the table. One dark window was open, displaying a map of the United States. Two golden blips could be seen on the map. One of them was in our location, and the other seemed to be a bit North. And it was moving.

"There's a tracker program running... it's showing us and one other person. Wait what is this hooked up to?" Spencer questioned as he began tapping the keyboard.

"Hey Anikan where's your knife?" Spencer asked.

"I-I gave it to Space? Why?" I asked.

Spencer began typing, and I soon began to realize what he meant. Was that knife Space!?


Andrew's POV

"Well, I don't see why the hell we got to?!"

The remainder of us stood outside, trying to figure out what to do next. Isabella had chosen to stay out of the conversation, maybe because nobody wanted another person on Julian's side.

"Look, we have a few choices. Either we try to find Space which seems illogical since we have no tracking resources or a clue where they went. Or we could continue on our little mission and get down to Kentucky."

Julian was right though. Without a way to track Space staying would be pointless. However, Maddie didn't wanna give up hope, neither did Coty. 

"Hey I may not like her that much but she is still my friend! We ain't leavin her!" argued Coty to Julian who scoffed at his remarks. Maddie walked over and stomped down on his foot, "we can't just leave her!"

Axel and Julia were both standing to the side. Axel's face was covered by the hat he wore and Julia was speaking to him quietly. None of us could hear what they were saying, but I assumed it was about Space. They probably wanted to save her, but it just wasn't possible.

I looked over to Isabella and approached her, "what do you think?"

She was caught off guard and had zoned out and she took a few seconds to think. Most likely she'd say the same as Julian, they were siblings.

"I don't think we should leave her but without any way to find her there doesn't seem to be any other choice," she answered.

I frowned, "agreed."

The door to the RV swung open and Spencer popped his head out, "hey we have a way to track Space!"

Isabella smirked and walked into the RV as I followed behind. Everybody rushed in, including the two children who stood behind Maddie. Spencer was showing off the laptop, which showed a red flashing blip moving across a road.

"Where is it going?" asked Isabella as she took a closer look. Spencer began typing once more and a screen popped up on the side. 

"You tracking Space?"


It was showing about another three hours left of driving and the car seemed to be going north. Its destination was popped up on the top of the screen.


Coty walked up to the front and grabbed an assault rifle, taking a clip from the seat and ramming it into the gun. He set it down next to the drivers seat and sat down. We turned around as he started it up, "let's go get our astronomer back!"


Anikan's POV

Thirty minutes left.

Spencer had been tracking them most of the way there, using a little setup Julian had made. He had taken a few things he had bought from BestBuy, including a generator and a wifi network. It wasn't exactly fast, but a quick plugin gave them a private network they could use. 

The gang had arrived a few minutes ago and their car was now stationary outside a large storage warehouse. But it looked as if Space had been brought inside and her dot was no longer moving.

I stood in the back with Axel and Spencer, just talking while the others were in the front. Well except for Maddie who was taking a shower.

"I don't even know! I just... I can't stop thinking about her. What they're gonna do... what they could do... I just want to take her away from all this and be safe."

Spencer smirked, "you like her don't you?"

I punched him in the arm and he fell off the seat, giving Axel a little laugh. He was lying on the seat, holding his gun as his arm laid limp. He was a bit tired but had been unable to fall asleep.

Spencer got back up, "relax dude. Don't be Andrew."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked him as he reached down into the mini fridge and threw me a cup of jello. He handed me a spoon to go with it and he took a cup for himself.

"I mean don't hide your emotions. Andrew tries to push away anyone that tries to get close and make it seem like he cares for nobody. He does... well kinda. He cared enough to put a tracker on that knife."


We turned to see Andrew pointing the gun at us, and a shattered window behind us.

"Talk about my emotions again and that'll be your head."

He went back to driving and we sat their mortified while Axel laughed in his seat. Spencer finished up his jello cup, throwing it into the garbage. He then pulled out his GameBuddy, plugging it into his laptop. A window opened to the side, mirroring his game's screen.

"What are you even playing?" I asked him as he began to control a black haired demon boy and fought off a few men with skulls. He smirked and killed them all, "something. Don't remember the name but it's fun and stuff. You get to choose between a few different characters... short shifter... emo warrior... useless samurai... it's fun when you get used to it all. I heard they're making a 3D version in a few years."

I shrugged it off and pulled out my colt, checking the chamber. Six bullets. Then my machete, which I took as I gave my hatchet to the solider on the road. I then took a look out the window and saw the words.

Coty shouted, "welcome to Detroit muffinsacks!"

We could all see the shining buildings in the distance, the lights off the billboards and spotlights shooting beams up into the sky. Cars blared on the highway and we heard the crack of the bat from the baseball stadium.

I had been here once before, Two years ago for a week. There was a large school trip here and we went to a baseball game, saw a play at the Theater (which Spencer stayed after to see Dora on Ice) and also visited a few other places. It was memorable... or at least it was.

Spencer minimized the window on the laptop and checked the map. Neither the car nor the person had moved, but we had gotten closer. About ten minutes, maybe more maybe less.

Finally we began to pull into a large set of warehouses near the water. They were right next to lake St. Clair, which lead into Lake Hudson and was a direct route to Canada.

Coty stopped the RV a few parking lots away and grabbed the rifle, looking to everyone else. I had my colt and Spencer took a glock. Maddie took a shotgun and Andrew held his deagle while Julian had the P-90 we took. 

I looked to Axel, "stay in the RV. If you hear gunshots wait for us and if we aren't back in an hour... come find us."

I didn't know how to end that. Coming to find us would probably end in them all dying. But if everyone just stormed into there and we all got shot to death, they would be lost and alone.

Andrew lead us out of the RV and we all aimed our guns forward as we approached the warehouse. Spencer and I ran forward and dived down beside the wall. I put my head up to it and listened, trying to hear something.

Crying. That's what I could hear.


We turned to see a silver-haired girl standing nearby, pointing her gun at us. She was dressed in the gang's colors and her entire body was shaking as she aimed the gun at my head.

"Leave! Now! Or I will order them to kill the girl!"

We both began to raise our hands, but Coty came to the rescue. He grabbed the girl by the shoulder and ran his blade through her neck, slitting the young girl's throat and pushing her body to the ground. She choked out a few last words before life completely left her body.

"Let's go."

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