The Omega Event

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Shootout in the Motor City

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



We were ready.

As the moon shone brightly in the sky, our plan was going into action. It was about midnight, or at least almost that. But it didn't matter. As much time was wasted we needed to save Space, at all costs.

Spencer, Andrew and I stood on one side of the door while Coty, Maddie, Isabella and Julian stood on the other. I took a peek through the window, seeing two figures walking while holding guns.

"I'll go first. You guys come behind. Don't shoot unless you absolutely have to, we need the element of surprise. But if they do, I'll cover you," Coty whispered to us.

We all nodded at once and Coty slowly pulled open the handle. He creaked it open and I prepared to shoot. My heart was racing, I felt like I couldn't breathe. We were outnumbered and outgunned. If this went bad, Space could end up dead, and so could the rest of us. 

Boxes and crates filled the place, with small maze-like pathways formed between them. We couldn't see Space, nor any gang members either. There were two paths through the boxes, one going left and the other right.

"I'll go right. You go left," said Andrew. He held his gun up as he walked around the corner. Coty followed him closely behind and the rest of us walked the other way. Isabella stood behind Julian, holding a black handgun. Besides the shotgun Coty was equipped with, and Maddie's hunting rifle, we had nothing.

When we turned the corner, we saw it. A man was standing there, holding his rifle and guarding. However, he had his back to us. Julian smacked him on the back of the head with his gun, causing him to fall forward and hit his head against a crate. Isabella and Julian knelt down, taking the ammo and gun from him.

Spencer, Maddie and I crept past with our weapons drawn, turning around a corner without looking. That proved to be a grave mistake, as we were put right in the line of fire.

Space sitting against the wall, a white zip tie binding her hands. She had a white cloth over her mouth and there was blood trickling down her head from a cut. Tears stained her face and there was another cut going across her wrists. When she saw us her eyes widened, just like the guards.

One wore a long black jacket and had a small SMG. His face was concealed with a black hood and a black visor over his eyes. The other was a man wearing a white sleeveless hoodie and ripped jeans and had short brown hair. He had on a pair of sunglasses as well as his hands containing a Remington 870 shotgun. The same man who tackled me in the forest.

They both pointed their guns at us and slowly we began to put up our hands. The one in black spoke up, "came to save your little friend? Doesn't matter,"

"Kill the-


The one in the white hoodie smashed his shotgun down into the other's head. He fell forward, the back of his skull bleeding. The man then put his rifle on the ground. The three of us just watched in shock and silence, "you want your friend or not?"

We rushed over to Space and I knelt down to untie her. I took out my machete and cut at the zip tie, snapping it.


She fell into my arms, wrapping them around my neck as she cried into my shoulder. They had done something to her. Hurt her, tortured her, injured her... it had only been a matter of hours but it was possible for them to have hurt her. Mentally and physically.

Spencer walked over to the one in the white hoodie and put him against the wall, still pointing his gun at the man. He was not scared, nor hostile. I helped up Space, letting Maddie hold her as I turned to the boy.

"Why didn't you shoot?" I asked in hushed tones.

He sighed, "you weren't bad people. I only do what the Sakura wants because I'm in debt. You had guns... you actually stood a chance in that fight. I thought you could take them down."

I pointed my gun at him, handing his shotgun to Maddie. I didn't want to shoot him, but I didn't want to just let him go either. He didn't kill his friend, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a tactic to get us to lower our guard so he could kill us.

"Explain before I blow your brains out," I told him, holding my weapon up to him.

"No time for the whole thing. My name's Ryan I'm in a life debt to the leader of the Sakura Gang and I'm forced to do whatever they want. I'm sorry about what happened earlier, I tried to miss as many shots as I could," he explained to me.

Before I could make a decision, two cardboard boxes behind me burst. Feathers and a broken glass came down, the boxes filled with holes. A shotgun.

I drew my revolver and we all waited for someone to come around and shoot us. However nobody did and instead, Maddie ran forward.

Maddie turned the corner and fired twice. We came around to see a body lying on the floor and shouts coming from the other side of the warehouse. Julian and Isabella walked over to us as we ran down the maze of boxes.

We stopped next to a large group of boxes and I peeked between a crack, seeing Andrew sneaking behind a gang member with his knife. However what he didn't notice, was one sneaking behind him.


Andrew hit the floor, the man stabbing a knife into his back. Immediately all the gang members pulled their guns, aiming at us. I ran out from the boxes and pulled the colt, firing at them twice before being forced back behind cover.

A shootout, one we couldn't escape from.


Axel's POV

"How do you play this game?"

"I think you gotta put all these cards in order?"

"Ugh this is boring!"

Julia frowned, shoving the cards onto the floor before crossing her arms and sitting criss cross on the seat. I frowned and began cleaning them up, looking up at her. We were both a bit annoyed they left us behind to go and fight, but it's not like either of us could help much if we weren't trusted with any weapons.

"Do you think they're coming back?" I asked her.

She nodded, "they always do."

"Yeah but they haven't fought this many people before. Look at what happened back at the gas station. If Anikan hadn't come in and they hadn't decided to take Space and cut their losses, we'd all be dead. I'm worried," I said to her, frowning slightly.

"I understand, but just have hope. They'll be back soon, I know it," she said, trying to lift my spirits.

I smiled faintly, setting the card deck onto the floor and sitting on the seat next to her. She smiled at me and commented on my look, "your hat looks nice. Makes you look badass."

"Julia! Do you swear often?" I asked, a bit offput by her curse word.

She shrugged, "it's kinda normal around my house. You don't?"

"Nope. I mean once or twice just to hear what it sounds like when I say it, but not really," I told her.

She giggled, "you're kinda cute, in an innocent sort of way."

"Um... thanks," I said awkwardly, scooting away from her.

I felt weird around her. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it just felt extremely weird when she said that. Then again, I just felt extremely weird whenever I looked at her, and now that I paid attention, she actually looked really nice. Her long brown hair gave off a bit of shine, and her skin was really soft and clear.

I frowned and looked away, trying to divert my attention. But I felt this urge. I wanted to hug her, maybe even kiss her. Before now, I had always thought kissing was kinda gross. But now that I thought about it... I wouldn't mind doing it with her.

Then I heard it. A gunshot. Julia and I both jumped, and instantly we looked out of the window. Through the blurry windows on the top of the building, I could see flashes of gunfire. People were definitely shooting inside the building. I jumped off of my seat and ran towards the exit, Julia reaching out for me.

"Axel wait! Where are you going!?" she exclaimed.

"I gotta go help them! Don't worry, I'll be back soon!" I told her, running out of the RV.

She clasped her hands together, staring at me as I hopped out of the RV. I jumped and landed on the concrete before taking off towards the warehouse. I pulled out the small knife Anikan had given me as I ran, but stopped when I noticed something laying on the ground.

"Huh..." I muttered as I spotted a plain black assault rifle laying beside the corpse of a young girl. The body was a bit off putting, but it wasn't anything I hadn't seen before. I gulped and knelt down, grabbing the rifle laying beside her and slipping the leather strap around it over her body.

I held it in my hands before turning around, rushing towards the warehouse at top speed...


Anikan's POV

A gunfight ensued and Spencer and Maddie took cover, Julian, and Isabella with them. Coty made a mad dash through the gunfire, not taking any cover. He shot the one that stabbed Andrew before grabbing his emo friend and dragging his body across the floor behind a big wooden crate. Somehow he had avoided being hit.

Coty knelt down and examined the wound. This was no place to treat that. If Coty removed the knife Andrew would die almost instantly. There was nothing to do but try to win the fight and get him treated back in the RV. He had to hurry up though, due to the large amount of blood Andrew was losing.

Two men went for him, firing into the wooden crate with their pistols from behind an old conveyer belt. Coty took the shots, the bullets tearing through the first layer of wood but failing to penetrate the second. When they stopped firing he readied his shotgun, firing twice with the pump action weapon. One man was caught in the blast, his chest town apart by the shell.

"Anikan!" shouted a voice.

Julian grabbed the P-90 from his duffel bag, kicking it across from his set of boxes to mine. I caught it and held it up, gunning down a man or two before they started to shoot back. I took cover for a second before rushing over to Julian's set of boxes, hoping to get somewhere that wasn't so exposed. But when I ran out, I was hit.


My knees buckled and my body hit the cold hard ground. The shot was painful, burning even. It was a graze but had hit a considerable amount of flesh. A scarlet liquid was pooling up where I laid as I tried to reach out for my gun. But I couldn't talk, just groan as I attempted to grab my gun. Just barely I managed to roll over behind cover and a short blonde girl stood over me.

"You're gonna be fine!" Space said with muted words. All I could hear was ringing and faint gunshots and voices. So far we seemed to be winning the fight. But not for long.

"Watch out! They have grenades!" a voice shouted, maybe Coty's or Ryan's.

The leader of the gang ran into the fight, throwing a grenade across the room. It landed behind cover and everyone rushed to escape, but it went off.


Spencer was thrown to the side, slamming into a box from the explosion. Maddie ran to his help, Julian laying down some cover fire with the other shotgun we had. He managed to get two shots off before taking cover, gunfire from an automatic uzi spraying onto the boxes he was behind. Isabella was beside him, but was too scared to help out.

Meanwhile, Spencer was sprawled across the ground groaning in pain. He was alive, but the blast had knocked the wind out of him. Maddie dragged him behind cover and tried to hand him his gun, but he needed a few minutes to recover; a few minutes he didn't have.

The one by the name of Ryan was nearby, having reclaimed his Remington 870 we dropped when the gunfire started. He hadn't fired a single shot yet, but I could see his plan. He began to dig into a box, trying to find something. A few seconds later, he found it.


Ryan ran out from cover and threw a grenade, tossing it at the men. It exploding, rocking the building and killing three men. However we quickly realized even with grendes, we stood no chance. I was bleeding out, Spencer was in pain and Andrew was stabbed.

All at once, the shooting stopped. All the men stopped firing and the leader stepped forward.

"Everyone stop firing! All of you are outnumbered, so either lower your weapons and surrender or we'll fucking kill you all!" their leader shouted.

Coty was surrounded, four men going for him. He sighed and put his hands up, but stood in front of Andrew for protection. The knife was still stabbed into his back and Coty wasn't able to apply pressure to the wound to try and help.

Two men went for Maddie and Spencer and she was forced to surrender. But two of us, Julian and Isabella, hadn't been seen. They continued to hide behind a crate. Three men went for me and Space, taking her by the arms.

I put my hand out to take her's... but she was too far. They dragged her away as she cried out, tears splashing down onto the floor. They threw her to the leader, who pulled out a large combat knife. She looked up at him, completely at his mercy.

"May as well kill one for good measure!"

He rose his hand... and struck her.



As the knife dug into Space's shoulder, a bullet blew through the leader's skull. We all stared at a boy who stood on the far end of the warehouse who was just barely managing to hold up an M4-A1. He began to fire, one by one shooting the men down. They didn't have time to react or scream as their chests and heads burst and blood stained the floor.

It was Axel, holding up the rifle against a large box spraying bullets across the room. Anyone standing up at that moment, which was most of them, were killed. Twelve bodies in total fell, only eight managing to duck down without being killed. Three of the four surrounding Coty was killed, and Coty took the last out with a shotgun blast to the leg. He finished him off with a bash to the skull with the barrel of the shotgun before retreating behind cover.

The two men trying to drag away Maddie were shot, and quickly Maddie grabbed both of their pistols and fired at a third man standing nearby. Four rifle shots to the chest, and eight pistol shots to the back, and he was sprawled across the floor in a pool of blood in a second. Ryan was standing nearby as well, but luckily Maddie was able to push him behind cover before Axel accidentally killed him.

Julian and Isabella ran out from cover, pulling their guns and assisting in the fight. Julian, however, ran out of ammo and instead of reloading his clip he grabbed Glock from the floor and began using that. Isabella broke away from him, shooting at a few while paying no attention to the man on one of the stacks of boxes, a sniper rifle in his hands.


A bullet smashed into her skull, her entire body going limp. Her gun fell from her grasp as Isabella's body hit the floor, a pool of blood forming under her. A single hole stood in her forehead as her eyes stayed wide open...

Julian turned to his sister, looking at her body in horror. He immediately turned back around, firing at the catwalk as the man on it attempted to run. He ran through a back door and Julian made a mad dash outside. But when he got to the nearby exit, he found it was locked from the outside. We heard a car speed off... he was gone.

I leaned against a few boxes, managing to rise up from the ground. I stared through the smoke, through the crowd of dead bodies... to see Axel walking past them. He was crying, holding the M4-A1 and walking towards us.

He ran to me and I fell to my knees, embracing the boy.

"I... I killed them..."

"I know... I know buddy."

I held him in my arms as everyone laid around me. Maddie helped up Spencer, Julian cried over his sister's body, Coty dragged Andrew to us and Space and Ryan stood nearby. We had survived, but we were broken.

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