The Omega Event

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Discovery

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



Anikan's POV

The day went by slow, every second of every minute of every hour ticking by. I sat at my desk, laying my head down as I stared out of the window. I couldn't stop thinking about it. What that post said. Was it true? And if it was, in what order would I try and attempt to go through a bucket list.

"You good Ani?"

I turned my head, seeing Space sitting next to me smiling. She had already finished the homework, and was now poking my cheek to get my attention. I growled playfully and snapped at her finger with my teeth, getting her to giggle.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just tired, I didn't get much sleep last night," I said to her.

She crossed her arms, "mhm. That thing Spencer showed us bothering you?"

"Yeah a bit," I admitted, "it's just kinda out of nowhere and it sounds so absurd. It's a reliable source... but I just couldn't ever believe something like that would happen. I mean, the end of the world? And by a nuclear attack? I always thought we'd all go out by a meteor or something."

"It's okay," she said as she patted me on the shoulder, "nothing is gonna happen."

I sighed, giving her a nod before we both stood up. The bell rung a few seconds later, and we both grabbed our bags and headed out into the halls. We had decided to meet up with the others to watch this new movie that was coming out with a genie, a wizard and a sports car.

But as we walked down the halls, I felt a shiver run up my spine. A faint feeling of coldness. Of numbness. Was the world truly going to come to an end? Or was it all fake? Just a ploy, just a lie, just a joke. What was going on in the world?



"That was such a good movie!"


"Oh please, you only enjoyed it because something blew up every five minutes!"

"Well yeah because explosions are awesome!" 

"Not to me! My eardrums are sensetive.

 both scoffed in unison, "shut up Spencer."

The eight of us had met afterschool, deciding to watch a movie to celebrate since we had a half day. So after being released we piled into Coty's RV and drove off to the theater. It was a three hour movie, but it was worth it. Overall the movie was pretty good, but kinda loud.

"Alright so you guys wanna stop by my place and get something to eat?" the other man asked us.

Andrew shook his head, "too much popcorn. Let's just sit in the RV and do whatever for a bit."

We all agreed on that, but as we walked through the parking lot, Maddie stopped and looked back, "oh shoot I almost forgot. My mom texted me a few hours ago and told me to pick up my little sister. She went to the movies with a friend from school and she wanted me to get her and take her home with me."

"Seriously? You're bringing a kid along?" Coty asked, a bit bummed out.

"While normally I would not like to indue in illegal highjinks that are normally innapropriate for a kid like Coty would, I have to agree with him on that statement," Julian said to me.

I crossed my arms, "you guys Julia's not that bad."

"I thought you hated most of your family?" the other man asked.

She shook her head, "my dad is a drunk, my little sister is an annoyance, my little brother is a muffinsack, but my mom is nice and Julia is an angel. Besides, as long as you don't go offering her weed she won't mind you guys messing around."

"Alright go get her, we'll meet up with you out here," Coty told her. She smiled and nodded, running back over to the theater.

The other man with us pointed ahead, "alright the RV is parked just around the corner. We can sit around there or maybe go grab something to eat."

The seven of us walked through the parking lot, passing by the two lines of cars until we hit the last few rows. The RV was parked in one of the last spaces so it wouldn't be too noticable, just in case any of the cops decided to tow it or give him some kind of parking ticket.

It was bigger than most RVs, fitting around ten people in total if you really decided to squish people. It had a pretty big sunroof on top so you could slip in and out, and a ladder on the side to climb up. Overall it was kinda dirty on the outside, but that was mainly because it's owner never really took the time to wash it or anything.

It's owner was the other friend I had mentioned the day before, Isrreal; though sometimes we called him Hamster. He was pretty different than all of us, speaking fluent spanish and not so fluent english. His school smarts weren't the best, but he made up for that with his knowledge of street smarts and overall toughness. He was bigger and taller than most of us, and was kinda the brute of the group. The only one that could stand a chance in a fight with him would probably be Coty.

A few years ago he got the RV for his dad before most of his family left for Mexico, leaving him with only the RV to live in. At first it seemed like a pretty horrible way to live, but he enjoyed it to it's fullest, and turned the RV into a makeshift home for him. He didn't need much, just a wifi connection, a TV, and a nice place to sit.

"So Hamster, did you clean this place up like I told you," Space asked as we approached the RV.

He nodded before opening the door, "yep! All the trash is... mostly gone."

When the door swung open, we all stepped back, Space covering her mouth. While the floor seemed clean, the air wasn't. The familiar scent of weed lingered within the inside of the RV, and the only one able to stand it besides Isrreal was Coty.

"Jeez it's just a little bit of weed, calm your watermelons," Coty said before he climbed into the RV, Isrreal following.

"It smells horrible in here! Isrreal before we go home, you're buying an air freshner," Space shouted at him as she climbed in.

He groaned and sat down, "it'll go away soon, just leave the door open."

One by one we all climbed in, taking our seats in the RV. It was still pretty messy, but it was an improvement from before. He had three seats in the back, each one able to fit maybe three people, and under the seats were small footlockers where you could store things. I was almost sure the footlocker under where I was sitting had either a bag of weed or a firearm.

There was also a small bathroom and a closet where you could store things like food or supplies, which took up the middle section of the RV. In the front were the passenger and driver seats, along with a booth and a small kitchen counter with a sink, the booth able to seat another four people.

Isrreal took up one seat, laying down to keep it for himself. Julian sat on another seat, Andrew walking past him towards the front. He was on his phone listening to music, and was generally ignoring us all now. Coty sat down beside Julian and I took the third seat, Space taking the spot beside me. Usually she sat on the floor to make room for someone else, but was now deciding to sit up here next to me. Spencer sat on the floor, due to the lack of seats. He didn't mind though, and pulled a small blue game device out of his hoodie he began mindlessly playing.

"Alright so what do you guys wanna watch?" Isrreal watched as he pulled out the TV remote, "scary movies? Cartel movies? Maybe that one new movie with the stripper and the-"

"Put on something appropriate for a kid okay? As much as I'd love to watch a guy get stabbed to death while getting a lapdance, I don't wanna scare Maddie's sister," Coty told him.

He groaned and pressed one of the buttons on the remote, causing the TV to switch onto a kids cartoon. It wasn't too bad, and was entertaining enough to please us and not scare a child.

A knock came on the side of the door, and we all turned to see Maddie walk up, a young girl behind her. She was staring through the doorway at Hamster, who was trying to stuff a plastic bag in between the seat and the wall. When he saw her he froze, moving his hands away.

"Oh sorry, I thought you were a cop," he said in his hispanic accent.

"Uh huh," Maddie said, climbing into the RV and helping the other girl up the stairs. She wasn't as young as she thought, and seemed to be in the middle school range. She had long brown hair that ran past her shoulders, pale skin just like her sister, and plain brown eyes. She was nervously clasping her hands together, staring down at the ground as she stood next to Maddie.

"Guys this is Julia," she said before turning to the young girl, "you've met Spencer, Anikan and Coty before I think, but this is Ace, Julian, Andrew, and Isrreal."

Isrreal gave her a simple wave, Space waved at her excitedly and gave her a quick "hi", Julian shook her hand, and Andrew simply ignored her from the other side of the room. 

"You're ctually being nice to children for once?" I asked Julian.

He glared at me, "I mostly despise children for being annoying and loud. However, while I do not particularly like most children, this one does not seem to be either of those. So she is nuetral."

"Hi," she said quietly before sitting on the floor beside Maddie, staring at the ground and tracing out the lines on the shag carpet.

"So now that she's back are we gonna get moving or just sit around watching kids cartoons?" Coty asked us.

Maddie held up her hand, "um not yet. Hamster put on the news."

"Stop calling me that!" he said to her before switching channels.

The news flashed on, conveniently showing the beginning of a news report. The man on the screen was talking in a serious tone about a topic which was displayed on the top right of the screen. At first I was wondering why she wanted to watch it, but when I read over the caption, I was intruiged.

"Reports show that the sudden outbreak of mutated humans has seemingly grown, and four percent of the entire United States of America has seemingly fallen victim to this virus. The source of it is unknown, and scientists are working to find a cure, but if anyone begins showing suspicious behavior, please beware. More details and information to come on this breaking story later tonight, so tune in then."

I had heard about this a few weeks prior, after a video was released online and went viral for a few days before dying down. It was a video of a man killing another man, which honestly wasn't uncommon the internet due to the large amount of illegal video sharing websites.

However, this video was different, due to the suspiciously high quality and the method of killing. A man got out of bed, grabbed his friend, and tore out a part of his arm with his teeth while a third man recorded. It took the second man squirting blood all over the room and the first man shoving him to the ground for the man recording to intervene. 

"That's just a bunch of propoganda. Probably some new strain of the flu or something," Maddie commented.

"Possibly... I could head to work tomorrow and ask some of my colleagues if they know anything about this," Julian said, "a few of them have friends who work on the CDC so it's not out of the question they'd know something about this."

"Enough with the bad news. You guys want go grab a few cheeseburgers?" Isrreal asked.

I nodded, the others agreeing. Isrreal got up and walked up to the front of the RV, passing Andrew whose gaze never left his phone. He got into the driver's seat and started up the RV, driving out of the parking space and out of the lot.

"So Julia, what grade are you in?" Space asked the young girl sitting beside Maddie.

"I'm in seventh grade," she said nervously, her voice soft and quiet.

"Really? Halfway through middle school right?" she asked with a smile.

"Mhm," she answered with a nod. She was pretty anti-social, even more than I was.

Several minutes later the RV pulled up a fast food resturaunt, driving around the side up to the radio on the side next to the menu. Coty pulled a notebook out of his bag, flipping it to a blank page and passing it to each of us to write down our orders. One by one we scribbled down what we wanted, most of us getting something small. Well, except for Isrreal, who ordered six cheeseburgers and three fries for himself.

We then pulled up to the next window, where we all gave a few dollars to pay. Maddie slapped Spencer on the back of the head, distracting him from his game so he could play. He reached into his hoodie, pulling out a few dollars and tossing them at Isrreal. 

Almost all of us had jobs to get us some cash of our own, since not all of us had parents that supported us. Isrreal and Coty had summer jobs they did every year, plus their drug dealing on the side, and Maddie had started a job at a local bakery where she was able to show off her baking prowess. Spencer was a 3D modeler, and was frequently commissioned to make models for others who couldn't do it themselves. Julian was a scientist of course, and probably the most successful. The only ones who didn't have jobs were Andrew, Space and I, mainly because I wasn't sure where I wanted to work yet. 

My family was mostly gone, my mom and stepdad working the first half of the day and usually being back in the afternoons. It was kinda lonely, or at least it was before I started hanging out with them everyday. My dad was in Mexico, but he sent me money from time to time. Sometimes, I didn't want school to end, mainly because that meant our time together would be over. We'd probably all go our separate ways, and then what?

"There seems to be something peculiar going on," Julian commented, keeping me from zoning out. Coty and I stood up, glancing out the window Julian was staring at. Down the street there were several police cars sitting in the road, their flashing lights illuminating the night sky.

"Stay here," I told the others, jumping out of the RV and running into the parking lot. Coty, Space and Julian followed, running after me as I ran down the sidewalk. We stopped in front of the fast food joint, joining another small crowd of customers who had come outside to see the commotion.

A man was standing in the center of the road, several cops surrounding him with their weapons drawn. I pushed past the other people and made it to the edge of the sidewalk, crouching down as I neared one of the parked police cars. I peeked over the top, eyeing the man closely.

"PUT IT DOWN!" One of the cops shouted at him.

The man shouted back in a foreign language I couldn't understand. Russian maybe? It was something middle eastern, but nothing I could comprehend.

A hand grabbed my shoulder and I jumped, thinking I had gotten caught. I stopped and looked back, seeing Coty and the others crouching down behind me. 

"Are you crazy!? Let's go before we get caught!" he shouted at me in a hushed tone.

I shook his arm away, "not yet! Space do you know what he's saying?"

"Nope," she said with the shake of her head, "Julian?"

"Affirmative. He's speaking in Russian it seems... let me think..."

The man stepped back, shouting something else as he held his hands high in the air. But he didn't seem to be surrendering. If he was, the police would have taken him down. But they were surrounding him, not dating to move more than an inch. Why didn't they just cuff him?

As the man shouted at the cops, Julian's eyes widened. He suddenly whispered, "he has a bomb."


And suddenly, it happened. One of the policeman opened his mouth to speak, taking a step forward to the foreign man's left. The man noticed, let out a scream, and suddenly, a flash of light. I stared into the explosion, watching as flames shook the ground, blinding me as a great feeling of heat smashed into my side. I dived to the ground, the explosion and screams being drowned out by the ringing in my ears.

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