The Omega Event

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - The Girl with the Sword

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



Anikan's POV

"Alright... just keep your eye on the sights... concentrate... and pull the trigger."

"Um... alright..."


"There you go! Not a bullseye, but nobody is able to pull that off on their first shot. Keep trying."

"Got it!"


Three more shots, and three more hits to the target. One of them got half of the bullseye, and the other two were pretty accurate. Not perfect, but accurate enough to take down a mutant at this far of range.

Axel and I stood at the edge of a field, having been practicing our shooting early in the morning. It was around seven in the morning, and we both woke up before anyone else due to my phone's alarm plus a pair of earbuds I slept with. I had already taught him how to use the safety, how to reload, and now he was learning how to shoot. I let him use one of the plain handguns we had, since it'd be much easier than using the assault rifle sitting inside.

"Hey dumbass! Get over here!" shouted a voice from the barn. I turned around, spotting Andrew waving in the distance.

I turned towards Axel and told him, "keep shooting, and if you run out just take one of the clips from the bag here okay? Keep track of how many bullseyes, got it?"

He nodded to me with a big grin on his face before turning around and continuing shooting. I jogged back across the field, stopping beside Andrew as he watched the others carry the bags we brought back towards the RV.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked.

"We're moving out before anyone catches on. Coty checked the house a bit ago. Place is empty. Whoever lived here moved out awhile ago," he told me.

I nodded, "anything else? What about Julian?"

"He said he didn't want a funeral or anything. Just wanted to pay his respects," he explained to us.

"Got it. I'll grab Axel real quick alright?" I told him.

He nodded, "alright, be at the RV in twenty."

We both split up, going our seperate ways. 


About four hours later, we were driving down the road through a small town, the sun beating down on us. The sky had been a bleak grey earlier when we were practicing, and it was kinda foggy, but it had since cleared up and replaced with the shining sun. It was actually a pretty nice day for once.

"Alright let's gas up. There's a place down the road," Ryan pointed out.

Andrew drove up to the nearby gas station sitting on the corner of a street, parking beside one of the pumps. He hopped out, gesturing for us to follow. Spencer, Coty and I did so, leaving the others to their own devices.

We all hopped out after him, and Andrew approached the pump and stuffed his hand into his pocket. He swore under his breath and held his hand out, "I may have left my wallet behind... anyone got cash?"

Coty and I sighed, reaching into our own wallets and handing Andrew a ten and a twenty. He took them and stuffed them into the machine before taking the nozzle, sticking it into the side of the RV. The three of us waited, watching as the RV began to fill up.

"Um... Andrew is it okay if I go and buy a chocolate bar from-"

"No," he said plainly, not even bothering to look at him.

Spencer frowned and pulled out his GameBuddy, powering it on as he leaned against the pump. He quickly zoned out, his eyes concentrated on the LED screen. Andrew scoffed quietly and gestured me to come closer as he continued pumping the gas.

"What's up?" I asked. Though I already knew the answer. He most likely came to complain about Spencer.

"Remind me again why he's here."

"Because he's our friend?"

"A friend who can't do shit. All he does is sit in the back and play his stupid game. He got lucky with the university thing... but he can't shoot, he can't fight and he doesn't drive!" he shouted at me in a hushed tone so they couldn't hear.


"No! You don't get it... he's useless. I just can't stand him sometimes. Just his personality... he's annoying."

"Just deal with it. Okay, we're not just gonna throw someone out. You may have a problem with it but nobody else does... well besides Julian but he doesn't like anyone. Take it up with him privately," I told him, "but we're not getting rid of anybody."

I knew Andrew wouldn't try and resolve this in any sort of peaceful manner. Most likely he'd just try to accidentally push Spencer off the side of the RV. But it was worth a shot.

I walked around the pump, approaching the building that managed the gas station. It was early, only one o'clock, but most gas stations were open twenty four hours. However this place seemed to be closed, judging by the closed sign and the seemingly locked doors. One of the lights in the back were on though, and one of the windows was shattered.

It was weird. The town around us, not just this street corner, was completely barren. Now that I thought about it, we hadn't seen more than a car or two since we entered the town. I walked around the building, glancing down a small alleyway. There was a man sitting back there, his head drooping down. A homeless man, a plain beanie sitting next to him with shiny spare change sitting inside. I frowned, reaching into my wallet to take some money out, and stepped into the alley.

Quietly I approached him, kneeling down to put a few dollars into his hat. Usually I tried to avoid eye contact with others, but something compelled me to look at him when I knelt down. And when I did, I saw the face of a mutant.

I cursed and jumped back, falling to the ground. The mutant raised it's head, glaring at me with it's bleeding red gaze. I quickly bolted out of the alleyway, reaching for my colt python. I prepared to aim, but I didn't get a chance before I was thrown to the ground by another mutant coming from the side.

"Anikan!" Coty shouted, realizing the predicament. He rushed forward, firing two shots with his handgun. One shot hit the mutant that tackled me in the head, and the other hit the other mutant in the neck. I pushed them both away and got up, before quickly realizing there were even more flooding out of the gas station.

"Back to the RV," Andrew shouted as he approached the ones coming out of the gas station, shooting two with his desert eagle and stabbing another with his combat knife. Spencer joined him, pulling out his freshly cleaned revolver and firing another two shots.

I ran towards the RV, Coty at my side, but was met with several more mutants who had come from across the street. I swore under my breath and quickly realized we were cut off, and glanced towards Andrew and Spencer who were cornered as well. I turned around and pointed to the side, noticing the alleyway the first mutant had come from.

"Here!" Coty shouted, noticing as well.

Coty ran over to the alley, shoving a mutant out of the way. We all rushed in and he pulled the gate closed, locking it together with a zip tie. The other end of the alley was blocked by another metal fence, but that one was already locked.

The mutants came up to the gate, biting against the fencing. Their teeth were corrosive, which means eventually they'd melt the gate. Our time was limited, which meant we needed a plan fast.


Space's POV

We had a plan. We just didn't know if it'd work.

Space had blocked all the windows and had blocked all light from entering the RV. The Zions were going past us, pushing against the RV and moving it a bit. A large swarm, however, was concentrated on breaking into the alley where the others were.

I sat in the middle of the room, Maddie next to me. Axel and Julia were whispering to each other in the back and Ryan was working on the plan. 

Julian had thought of it and somehow it was plausible. He had gotten several boxes of matches and was now explaining the plan to Ryan who was attempting to replicate what he said.

"Gently crush all of the powder into the paper... if you mess up them this entire RV will combust," he said calmly. Ryan looked very alarmed and very nervous. His hand was shaking a bit, but he managed to do it right.

I looked at Maddie and noticed something different. She looked a bit worried. Maybe scared even. Either way, she didn't look too good. I didn't know why though.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh... um... nothing."

An obvious lie, but questioning her wouldn't do any good. I'd ask again later and hopefully, she'd tell me. But for now, all I could do was wait. I stood up and approached Ryan and Julian, watching as Ryan began to press down the powder using a glue stick as a rolling pin.

"Um what exactly are you doing?"

"I am in the process of instructing this simpleton on how to create a makeshift flare."

"Simpleton!?" he attempted to interject at the insult projected at him. However, we both ignored him and I asked, "how is play putty gonna help you make a flare?"

"Ah but this is not putty. He has taken the powder from matches and now it is pressed into pure combustion material."

Julian then grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the red bit out of the box. He began to wrap it around another match and was doing so with careful precision.

"Okay then... I'll let you continue with your arts and crafts."

Julian facepalmed, "this is not arts and crafts. I am using a combination of science and survival tactics to create a flare out of a simple box of matches. Whatever, you are too stupid to understand any of this."

"I'll have you know I was at the top of my class... in every class!"

"Then I guess you were not in any classes with me. Run along Space... go watch some anime with Madeline there."

I growled and slapped him on the arm before walking back over to Maddie. I grabbed a Glock out of the gun bag and attached a silencer. If Julian's hare-brained scheme didn't work I needed to fight.

Julian spoke up, "um do either of you have a hot glue gun?"

Maddie unzipped her backpack, revealing a white-hot glue gun and a few glue sticks. Julian walked over to take them, but I snatched them from her hand. He lunged at me in an attempt to grab them, but I dodged. My small stature and his half blindness worked in my favor sometimes.

"Admit you're doing arts and crafts!"




Anikan's POV

Spencer began to climb against the brick wall, trying to escape. However, that simply ended with him falling off and hitting his head on the ground. Coty helped him up and Spencer immediately checked to make sure his GameBuddy hadn't cracked inside his pocket. It was safe.

"Now what?" asked Andrew as he slumped down against the wall. I began to think of a plan but came up with nothing. Coty looked at the houses we were trapped between, but that whole side was windowless. I walked to the locked gate and was immediately hit with a wave of despair.

Bodies were lying in the street, ripped open. A man and a woman were on the ground, holding hands. But the woman's stomach was ripped into and the man's arm was sliced off. The man's face was looking in my direction and his entire face was ripped off.

Nearby that was a child, a little girl. She was lying on the ground and her back was coated in blood. But then she began to move. She was alive!

But when she looked in my direction, I was probably scarred for life now. Her eyes were red and her skin grey. She had mutated into one of the infected. I put my hands over my face, but peeked through to see the girl stumble down the road. 

Even if the recording was fake and the news was a lie... it wouldn't matter. This whole street, maybe the whole town, has been infected. Every single person here was infected and could never turn back. Which means even if the bombs didn't drop, we'd probably be killed by mutants.

An idea came to mind. We could climb the gate. I stepped back and jumped forward to grab on, but was met with an electric shock instead.


Coty and Andrew looked to me, but I just laid on the floor. I had received a small electric shock. It had hurt, but wasn't enough to kill me. Coty pointed to a sign next to the fence. An electricity warning.

Coty turned to the gate and pulled out his machete, "I'll distract them. You guys get to the RV!"

Andrew and Spencer stood up and grabbed his arm, stopping him from breaking the zip tie.

"If you open that they'll kill you before you can even lead them away! Nobody is dying here!" exclaimed Spencer. Coty sighed, stopping his attempt. Even a sacrifice wouldn't work here.

But we didn't need one. A flash of red zoomed by me and I quickly drew my machete. We all turned around to see a figure standing in the middle of the alley. It was a short but thin girl, wearing a sleeveless tank top, long black leggings and black boots. Her hair was blonde and her eyes blue and in her right hand, she held a white rose. In her other hand was a long katana whose blade was dripping blood.

"Girl... you look hot as-"

The girl smacked Coty before he could finish, "I am not hot and I am not cute so do not call me that either."

She did look kinda cute, but none of us commented on her in fear of being slapped like he was. But none of us put away our weapons, keeping them out just in case she turned out to be hostile.

"Uh how'd you get here?"

She pointed down to a pothole in the middle of the alley. The cover was pushed to the side. Someone her size pushing a heavy pothole open seemed questionable, but she did it.

"Alright... who the hell are you?" asked Coty. The girl glared at us.

"My name is Jaxi Blair, and I am a Rose Warrior."

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