The Omega Event

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - A Sacrifice

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



Anikan's POV

"What the hell is a Rose Warrior? That supposed to be some kind of band?"

"Oh oh! Maybe it's a guild from that fantasy MMO!"

"No! It's obviously a por-

"Oh my god you guys are idiots... I'm in a small group here. Me, my friend Kailey and another friend named Alexis. We call ourselves Rose Warriors cause we fight the monsters. We're trying to protect the people of this town but it's not going to well. Alexis is guarding a house with a bunch of students from the high school and Kailey is guarding my family at my house."

Suddenly the walkie-talkie on Jaxi's belt beeped and she reached out to grab it. She put it up to her mouth and pushed down on the button, "what's the status?"

"Mutants getting into the house! Alexis got overrun awhile ago. I'm holding them off right now! Get here quick!"

The walkie-talkie stopped and the voice died out. Whoever that was they were in a similar predicament as us. Jaxi groaned and turned away from us.

"I told you who I was... who are you? To be clear if you don't tell me I'll slit your throat while you sleep," she said threateningly. Coty backed away but I stepped up.

"My name is Anikan. This is Coty, Andrew and Spencer. We have a few others trapped in the RV out there. We need to escape... we're running out of time."

"Time? Time for what?"

"The end of the world. Or America at least. We have information that in three days, the world is coming to an end,"

She seemed surprised. But didn't look convinced either.

"How can I trust that you're telling the truth?" she asked.

Andrew raised his hand and she pointed to him, "I can throw Spencer here over the edge if that'll prove it."

Spencer scoffed at him but did scoot away a few feet just in case. Jaxi sighed and sheathed her sword, "whatever. I can kill you all in an instant if you try any funny business anyways. So what's your plan to escape?"

We all answered at once. None of the answers lead anywhere.

"We just jump this thing and run!"

"Okay, so we're gonna need fourteen tactical nukes..."

"We buy them all ice cream!"

"What if we pick up all the mutants, and push them somewhere else!?"

Jaxi slapped Spencer who pouted and sat down on the ground with his hoodie over his face like Andrew did. Jaxi then looked back to the sewer system.

"That is the only escape from here. But all the potholes have been sealed. Only one is open, one far down the road at the Chapel. Even if we get out there, we couldn't get back here without being noticed. We'd need to lure them all out of the area," she explained.

Coty then revealed his lighter and walked over to a corner of the alley. There was an old wooden box sitting next to the fence. He dumped it out to reveal a cleaned machete, several towels and bandages, two orange cans of gasoline and an old gun clip. 

He then stared out into the distance, seeing the tip of the black roof over the white chapel in the distance. He then looked down to the gas can.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"We sacrifice Spencer?" suggested Andrew once more. Coty groaned, "no dumbasses... let's burn down the church!"

"Hmmm, I'm an atheist so I'm cool with that," Jaxi said with a smile.

Jaxi sheathed her sword and walked over to the pothole. She then simply dropped down, not even bothering to catch the ladder. She landed gracefully at the bottom and looked back to us as we climbed down.

However before Coty and I could go down, we turned around to see it. Axel was on top of the RV, holding the assault rifle he used to kill the Sakara before.


One by one he began to gun them down, but it didn't look like enough. They began to approach the RV, pushing it to the side. Whatever plan they had to stop any light from going into the RV wasn't working well.


I ran to the gate as Axel tripped, falling backward off the side of the RV. All the mutants became focused on him as I drew my machete.


"Shit! I got it!"

We both unhooked the gate and ran out, but two went for me. I slashed one open by the chest and caught the other one with the end of my blade. beside me, Coty ran through, managing to dodge all of the ones attacking him. He was an extremely fast runner and even faster when he's being chased.

He knelt down and scooped up Axel in his arms. But as he was running back, a Zion's claw slashed at him. He fell forward as the mutant sliced through his vest. I pulled the colt and gunned two more down as I rammed the gate closed.

I looked down at Coty who rolled over, revealing the cut vest. Two slash marks ripping open the vest, but no cuts. A small line was broken across his skin, but it wasn't deep at all. 

"You feel okay?" I asked as I attempted to keep the mutants from pushing the gate open. He nodded yes and dropped Axel down who was looking at me with fear while clutching the gun. 

"What the hell were you-"

"I just wanted to help. Julian said I was a burden... that besides last night I was only just another mouth to feed. I wanted to contribute... so let me do that," he said, "you taught me how to shoot, so now that I can shoot, let me help.

His big brown eyes just wouldn't let me speak anymore. I took a few seconds before giving him an answer, "alright fine, but do not use that damn machine gun anymore. Like I said before, the recoil on that gun is too strong. Secondly, no firearms unless your back is against the wall. Stick to your knife."

Axel nodded, handing me the assault rifle which I slung over my shoulder and on my back. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a plain pocket knife that he got from Coty awhile ago.

"Hey! Is he okay!?" a voice shouted.

Space was standing on top of the RV, looking out at us. I gave a thumbs up before reaching down to my holster. Back when we all were Juniors, we made up a code in one specific class with a horrible teacher. Different number of taps meant different things, but I hoped gunshots would do the same. I pointed my gun up in the air and hoped they would recognize it.







Six shots fired cleanly into the air. I would have to reload when we got down there but hopefully, they all heard. Maddie, Julian, and Space would know the signal... maybe.

Finally, after the two climbed down I ran from the gate. The mutants poured in and I dived down, falling and catching one of the bars. Two mutants fell down the pothole as well and simply went splat while hitting the ground. Coty covered Axel's eyes at the bottom as I slowly climbed down the side of the ladder.

They were all there waiting, holding out flashlights. Jaxi had her sword out and Coty had his machete just in case. She pointed down an old grimy pipe and we all followed her, our footsteps splashing through the muddy brown water...


Space's POV

"You done yet?"

"Space this is the forty-seventh time you've asked. I wish to work in peace and if you want to do something to help besides watch anime, then I suggest you find another way to lure the mutants away just in case this does not work. We cannot drive the RV anywhere until the road is cleared, or else we may simply just get stuck."

I walked away, approaching Maddie who was staring out the back window through the slits in the blinds. She turned to me and I finally decided to ask,

"Why do you like Spencer so much?"

"Hmm? Oh... many reasons. He's cute and nerdy... he loves anime and gaming like me. I find him funny and just nice and amazing. He doesn't have much of a bad side, he's passive so I don't have to worry about fights very much or him getting into any trouble... plus I can calm down Andrew if he tries to hurt him. He's just... a cool person I guess," Maddie said, a small smile on her face.

"Anikan's like that a bit too. Not obsessed with video games as much, but he's started to play a lot more in the past few months. Nowadays Lili and him spend a few hours every other night playing some shooter game together with a few others. He's funny... a bit weird but funny," I said with a smile.

"Can't be weirder then Spencer. I caught him with his pants down in my bathroom once with his phone out. Had a laugh about that but I promised never to tell Coty. He would've never heard the end of that if I had," Maddie said.

"Who knows about that?" I asked her.

She sighed, "I think Anikan, Spencer of course, Andrew, and Julian. Julian was planning on telling Coty but I bought his silence with a cookie cake. He ended up finding out though."

"How?" I asked.

"I may or may not have told him. This one time he invited me over to his place afterschool while Spencer was busy modding his game with Anikan, and we just laid around watching movies for a few hours. Honestly it was really fun, and we started talking about different stories and secrets and stuff," she said, her smile slightly growing.

"Uh huh... when was this?" I asked.

"Just a few months ago. It was while you were on that ski trip up north with your parents," she answered.

"Oh right," I said before glancing out the window, "I hope they get back soon."

"It won't be long. There are a decent amount of mutants, but nothing we haven't found a way to deal with. If Julian's plan doesn't work, then we can always depend on Andrew's brute strength and Coty's courage to get them out of there," Maddie said with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Or Spencer could always take off his shirt and they'd all be instantly blinded," I joked.

We both began to laugh, Julian scoffing at us as he finished up his project. Thoughts and feelings had been lingering around my mind for awhile, but nothing too strong, and nothing I couldn't wait for. Every day we were out here, we never knew whether we'd see the next. I couldn't get attached to anyone, just in case. After what happened to Julian, and then Isabella, the danger seemed to be getting worse.

Finally, we both turned to see Julian standing up. He was holding the homemade flare and had a lighter in his other hand. A simple throw out of the window decently far would suffice.

Ryan took the flare and approached the sunroof. Maddie helped him up and we climbed out, his white hoodie waving in the breeze. He finally lit the small flare and pulled his hand back before making a large throw across the street.

I followed up to see and as I peeked my head out from the sunroof I saw it land. It fell right next to a turned over car, gasoline pouring out. Before either of us could retreat we felt a burst of heart and I fell backward.

The explosion shook the ground and I stumbled back towards the edge. But as I fell Ryan put his hand out, grabbing mine. I let out a shriek as I held onto his arm, just barely dangling over several mutants clawing up at the air. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his as the mutants that weren't wandering to the burning wreck became focused on me.

After several minutes of struggling, he used all his strength, or at least a bit of it, to pull me back up. I wrapped my arms around him and he looked down at me. Andrew and Maddie were both 5"10, but Ryan was a full 6"3. 

"Damn... you are really light."

"Shut up!" I said with a laugh as we both stared towards the burning car wreck. Most of the mutants had wandered into the fire, but there was still many surrounding the RV now. My scream had attracted a few more mutants, and most of them were now trying to rock the RV. 

We both stared out into the distance, eyeing the burning forest in the distance behind the white chapel and department store. Wherever the others had slipped out too, hopefully they had a plan to get back, and fast.


Anikan's POV

After around twenty minutes of walking through the murky sewer pipes, we made it to where Jaxi indicated was our exit. While we walked, Spencer and I explained the situation so far. It took a bit of convincing, but eventually we were able to convince her the world was coming to an end. Only three days left.

The five of us climbed up a ladder one by one and came out right in front of the white chapel. There were a few stores set to the side, including a Stuff-Mart, an old cafe, a gun store, and a few other assorted stores.

But that wasn't our focus. We needed to burn this place to the ground, 

"Alright Coty and I'll go coat the inside with the gasoline. Hopefully we'll have enough to make a hell of a good fire. Gamer boy, watch the kid and try to find some more gas in case we don't got enough," said Andrew as he pushed open the front doors, "and sword girl, don't try anything funny or I'll blow your brains out onto the pavement."

Spencer grumbled to himself, "emo asshole."

"What was that?" he asked, turning around and glaring at Spencer.

"Nothing Andrew," Spencer said quickly as he turned and walked away to the shops with Axel right behind him. Jaxi then turned to me,

"Do they always call each other stuff like that?" she asked.

"Pretty much. Andrew needs to take his rage out on someone and he usually chooses Spencer," I answered.

"That boy needs a therapist, or a punching bag at least. WHy Spencer though?" Jaxi asked as she unsheathed her blade. Two scattered mutants were stumbling through the street and with two quick swings to the neck she decapitated them both.

"Well they're kinda opposites in a sense. Spencer is happy, funny, goofy, a bit childish, and scrawny. Andrew is depressed, emo, angry, and serious for the most part. He's not exactly sporting a six pack, but he's enough to handle Spencer. Heck, then the class pet could handle Spencer," I joked, reminicing about the time Spencer got a fishbowl stuck on his head and almost choked on a goldfish.

She crossed her arms, "well what's similar about them? That's not that many differences."

"Well they both love video games, they're both part of this group, Spencer likes anime and Andrew's kinda warming up to it... and yeah that's pretty much it. Andrew wears darker colors, Spencer wears lighter colors," I told her.

She frowned, "is there any time they're not fighting?"

"Surprisingly yes. Whenever those two work together, they actually work very well. It's a rare occurance though, and usually requires a third party to keep them on task," I told her.

"Hmm... and what about your other people? The ones in the RV?" she asked.

"We have five in there. Maddie, and her little sister Julia. She's kinda our mother of the group, protects the kids, keeps us calm, and shoots when needed. Her little sister Julia too. Then there's Julian, the cocky robot supergenius. Ryan, a new guy we actually met the other day. Saved him from a life debt to a gang that gunned down Julian's sister. Then Space, a pretty smart girl who's kinda cute," I told her.

"And you're not planning to gun me down as soon as I step inside?" she asked.

I shook my head, "nope. So far we've taken in Ryan and Axel. A friend of ours gave his life to save Axel, and so far he's been a pretty good kid."

"How many have you lost?" she asked.

"Just two... maybe three if we count one girl we met briefly. But with every place we run into being infested with these things... I don't think we'll reach the end of our journey without losing a few more. And hopefully gaining one or two," I told her.

"Well my friend Kailey is back with my family. If that stuff you mentioned before is true, then if possible maybe we can come with you and help out. We'd all be willing to take the risk if we'll be dead in a few days anyways," she said to me with a smile.

"As long as they don't try to supervise us, turn us into the police, or kill our fun, I'm perfectly fine with that," I said.

She smiled, "great. My mom is pretty chill, and my brother and sister would totally go along with this. Well, my brother at least. He seems to be up your alley with this kinda stuff, but my sister may not exactly like this kind of thing."

"How so?" I asked curiously.

"I don't think she'd last a week without an internet connection," she joked, "plus I don't think she'd like all the shooting either. She's already scared half to death of these mutant things."

"Well we'll do our best to help her out then. I want the best for the best people, and you seem like a genuinely good person," I said to her.

She frowned, "how do you know that though? You've only known me for like thirty minutes. What if I'm a serial killer luring you into my lair?"

"One, you are way too short and cute to be a serial killer. Two, we could easily outnumber and kill you. You don't even carry a gun, and a shotgun could totally beat a sword. Three, because I try to see the best in everyone," I told her.

She crossed her arms and shook her head with a small smile on her face, "you're either really stupid or really weird."

"I choose to believe both," I said jokingly. We both laughed, continuing our conversation while taking down any mutants that roamed into the area.


Axel's POV

"You play Renegade Warriors too?"

"Yep. I main with Bubble Brawler."

"I usually run with Krendel."

"Bet I can beat you."


Spencer and I had spent the last ten minutes raiding the StuffMart, but hadn't found anything useful. Some food and bandages, but nothing worthwhile and no gas. However it was kinda nice to talk to him. Unlike Andrew, who was angry all the time, Maddie, who kinda babied Julia and I, and Anikan, who was more of a guardian, Spencer was much more relatable. Kinda like a cool uncle, but much more nerdy.

"I'm gonna go check the store next door," I said as I walked out the front door. Spencer nodded and continued to shove cracker boxes off the shelf and into his bag. As cool as he was, he was a bit irresponsible letting me run off. Even I had to admit that. The freedom was nice though.

I walked outside of the Stuff-Mart, ringing the bell as I looked to the stores on each side. One store was an office supplies store, and I don't think a printer would be the most effecient weapon to kill a mutant. So I decided to opt for searching the other store, which sold firearms.

Slowly I crept towards the store, eyeing the shattered windows. The place seemed to have been looted, but hopefully not entirely. I walked inside the building, the door creaking open as I took a peek inside.

The store overall was pretty small, containing a wall with several bulletproof vests, a shattered glass counter that formerly contained guns, and several spinning racks with the ammo stolen. I frowned, picking up a duffel bag sitting on the ground next to a body and tossing in the remaining ammo boxes.

In the corner of my eye, a shiny object caught my eye. I tossed the rest of the ammo boxes inside before approaching the nearby glass case, eyeing a large weapon laying on the far end of the counter. The only part that wasn't smashed, containing a single weapon. A black shotgun of some sort. It wasn't anything like the ones we had now. Unlike our plain pump shotguns, this one was a tactical weapon. I recognized it from a game I used to play, as a KSG tactical shotgun.

Knowing how useful it was I ran across the room, grabbing a brick lying on the floor that had been used to smash the window. I picked it up and ran back over to the case, slamming it down into the glass and shattering it.

After breaking open the case I brushed the glass pieces off. It was perfectly intact, and slowly I picked it up with two hands and prepared to carry it back to the duffel bag. It was kinda heavy, and I tried to avoid cutting my hands on the sharp glass case, so I picked it up slowly.

Something shifted in the room, and I let out a gasp as a mutant crawled out from behind the counter, grabbing my hand and trying to yank me towards it. I held onto my side and tried to pull away, but it was trying to pull me back towards it. I yelped and reached down for my knife, watching as it gave up pulling me and began climbing over the counter towards me.

I fell backwards onto the ground, trying to push the mutant off as it climbed onto me. I pushed and shoved, but it wouldn't stop. I managed to yank my pocket knife from my pocket and bashed it in the head before flicking open the blade, and stabbing it in the eye several times.

Blood squirted at my face, and I shut my eyes and mouth to keep it from getting anywhere. After the mutant's body dropped limp I crawled out and wiped my face with my white t-shirt. Afterwards I opened my eyes, glaring at the mutant.

"Stupid," I called it before kicking it in the head, picking back up the shotgun and dropping it into the duffel bag.

Just as I picked up the heavy bag and prepared to leave, another growl came from behind the counter. I watched as a mutant poked it's head out from behind the cast register and began crawling onto the counter, preparing to pounce. This time I was ready though, and flicked open my knife.

Before either of us could attack, a gunshot blew it's brains out. I turned to the side, watching as Coty walked in and holstered his handgun. He turned to me and crossed his arms, "weren't you supposed to be with Spencer?"

"He said I could loot in here," I answered.

"Uh huh. Now look at you, covered in blood. You didn't get bit or clawed did you?" he asked.

I shook my head truthfully, "no sir."

"Never call me sir," he said as he peeked inside the duffel bag, "what's so heavy in here?"

"A KSG tactical shotgun," I answered simply. He looked up at me in shock and I chuckled, "I play a lot of shooters."

"No no it's not that... god Andrew's gonna owe you a lot of chocolate," he muttered as he picked up the duffel bag.

I asked him curiously, "how come?"

"He really really likes this gun. See there's always a strong bond between a man and his shotgun. Everyone has their preferences, and this is his. Ryan has his remington 870, I have a plain old pump, and Andrew... well this is his baby child," he said in a weirdly country accent.

"Uh huh... when do I get my chocolate?" I asked.

He sighed and stuffed it back in the duffel bag before reaching into his belt. On each side of his belt he had a weapon, due to the fact we had an extra holster. He took out one handgun and grabbed a rag off the counter, cleaning the barrel.

"Anikan taught you how to shoot right?" he asked.

I nodded, "yeah this morning we started. It's not that hard once you get the hang of it. Just don't fear your weapon, and it'll all work out."

He held out the gun to me, "take it then. You'll need a firearm if you're gonna make it much farther."

I reached out for the black pistol, taking it in my hands and examining it. It was pretty nice for a pistol, much nicer than several of the other guns we had. I admired it for several seconds before stuffing it into the empty holster Anikan had me put on earlier when he taught me how to holster it.

"Let's go now. Best not to keep them waiting," he told me as he marched out of the gun store, joining the others outside. I smiled, following him with the big duffel bag in my arms.


Anikan's POV

"Everything good?" I asked, shouting towards Coty and Axel who walked out of the old gun store. Spencer had already finished his looting, and Andrew had finished pouring the gasoline.

"Yep. Got a surprise for you later," Coty said to Andrew. He crossed his arms, probably thinking it was something bad.

I pulled out my gun, raising it into the sky. If we were gonna attract the mutants here, we needed a plan. Gunfire to get their attention, and a huge fire to lure them here. 




Three shots, and almost immediately I could hear some growls. Several mutants emerged from the nearby stores, approaching the fire. The mutants at the RV probably heard it, so we had to be out of here by the time we escaped.

"Let's go!" Jaxi shouted, rushing towards the nearby pothole. Axel went first, and one by one we all slid down the ladder, Jaxi beheading one mutant with her sword before following behind us and sliding the pothole back over the hole.


After another twenty minutes of running, we came out of the sewers a bit sweaty and tired. But instead of finding an alley flooded with mutants we found it completely empty. They had left the RV, most likely heading towards the fire.

"Think it worked?" asked Coty as he climbed out first. Andrew nodded and went second. Jaxi went third, Axel went fourth, I went fifth and Spencer went last. But as we walked out of the alley, we saw them.

A large group of them was coming down the other end of the alley and that fence had been knocked down. I pulled out my gun and fired, killing six. But there were too many and they were coming faster then we could shoot.

"I'm out!" shouted Andrew as his deagle clicked. Spencer's glock clicked a few seconds later as well. My colt sure enough clicked after a reload and when I reached into my pockets I found no extra bullets on me.

Jaxi pulled out her sword and began to cut a few down, but they pushed her back. They began to corner of us and one of them noticed Axel. 


I cried out as the mutant grabbed him, trying to pull him into the crowd. I put my hand out and took his as the mutant slowly moved his teeth down into the kid's arm...


A machete blade swung down, slicing into the mutant's head. Coty kicked the body away and ran forward, swinging it once again and slitting another infected's throat, spitting blood all over his vest. Another came from the left and he landed a punch to the chest before swinging the machete again and cutting into a mutant's face.

"Coty get back!"

He didn't listen. He ran forward, stabbing one with the sharpened machete blade before pulling out his handgun, firing once and blowing one's head off. Another grabbed his arm to bite off his flesh, but Coty shoved his gun into the mutant's mouth, blowing it's brains out with a single gunshot before elbowing another in the chest.


One of them slashed at him, cutting through his jean vest and into his shirt. He growled at them, charging forward and shoving a few to the side as he sent an uppercut to one infected woman's head. He then swung again, slitting one's throat as one grabbed his arm.


He held his arm up, holding off the mutants. They were strong, too strong, and he was outnumbered. He held them back with one hand, screaming at them as the mutants sunk their fangs into his flesh. They dug their teeth into his bloodstream, and using his free hand, he fired into the crowd wildly, emptying his clip into the other mutants.


The swarm began to surround him, and soon he was cut off. He broke away from the others and shot his first forward into the face of the one in front of him, shattering his jaw with a single punch as they began to corner him. He let out a single scream to us,


And then he was gone. We heard his body hit the ground, the mutants growling and snarling as they tore into his skin. He didn't let out any more screams. He didn't cry out in pain. He didn't wimp out and run. He fought until the end, and were left standing in the street, watching the swarm tear him apart.


Andrew charged forward, pulling out his knife and preparing to kill them all. Jaxi and Ryan held him back, keeping him from attacking. They dragged him back into the RV, and I grabbed Julian by the arm and helped him inside. I was about to close the door, but noticed Maddie standing there.

She was frozen, staring at the swarm in shock. One of the mutants had actually wandered away, and was now approaching her. I swore loudly and grabbed the nearby handgun off the table, aiming it downwards and firing a lucky shot, killing it before it could kill her. She didn't even try to fight it.

"Maddie! Maddie we have to go!" I shouted at her.

She didn't respond. I groaned and grabbed her by the arm, dragging her into the RV as her lip quivered and she hid her face. Quickly I slammed the door shut, and Ryan slammed on the gas pedal, speeding us down the road away from the carnage.

We hadn't lost a friend today.

We had lost family.

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