The Omega Event

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Homecoming

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



The mightiest of the group, one of the funniest of the group, and the toughest out of us all, the man with silver skin yet a heart of gold... was dead. 

Coty had fought valiantly against the infected in an attempt to save Axel. Despite his success in saving the boy, he lost his own life in the process. Being ripped apart by mutants, that was something I hoped I never felt.

The group was mourning him unusually, well for some people. Julian had locked himself and refused to come out of the bathroom. He refused to show emotion, and even though he was in the process of becoming an all sentient emotionless superhuman, he still felt for Coty.

All throughout High School, Coty was important to him. Once in tenth grade, Julian was bullied by a senior kid. Some kid on the football team asked Julian to help him study, but using analytics and his own genius brain he deduced that the kid had a five percent chance of passing and refused to "waste his time" which angered the kid greatly. But before he could lay a hand on Julian, Coty showed up and flashed a knife.

Now he was mourning in the only way he knew how: closing himself off from everyone and lying on the bathroom floor. Everyone else was a bit scared. Spencer had tried to sleep off the experience but was lying in the back fully awake. Andrew was driving and unable to speak and Space was sitting beside me crying silently into a blue cupcake.

I put my hand on hers, my warm hand grasping her cold skin. She looked up at me innocently and I smiled weakly, "we'll get through this."

"No we won't... or at least not for awhile. Ani you need to understand that even though you're a good leader... you can't control everyone... people are gonna die... and you can't stop that."

My attempt at comforting Space had now turned into being depressed by her. Though I still continued to hold her grasp, while still holding onto the small glimmer of hope that everything would go right...


Spencer's POV

He was dead, he was gone, he was lost to the infected. No more would I hear Coty's quips on someone's boobs or him making fun of someone, though it was mostly me. 

Jaxi was sitting next to Ryan and the two were conversing quietly. Neither had gotten a chance to get to know the two of them, but it didn't matter. They had known enough to know that he was a cool guy and hadn't deserved to die. Maddie was on the seat across from mine, looking a bit less sad then the rest of us. I remembered she had woken up crying this morning, and I still hadn't bothered to ask why. 

But I never go a chance. The RV hit a bump and I was knocked off my seat. I hit my back on the lumpy gun bag and let out a loud groan. But nobody laughed or smirked. Not even Andrew, who seemed to get off at my pain. 

"So where are we going now?" asked Ryan as he stood up and stretched. Andrew looked to Jaxi. She had mentioned her family being trapped with her best friend, so that would be our next stop. 

Jaxi got up and walked towards the front of the RV before planting herself in the passenger's seat. But her chin barely reached the dashboard and she couldn't even see out of it. Even Space and I had to smirk as she was forced to stand up to see out of the windshield.

After several minutes of Jaxi pointing out where to go and which roads to take, we stopped in front of a small blue and white house. The ten of us ran out of the RV, Maddie being in the back with Axel and Julia. She was basically their guardian, because she was good with a shotgun and knew how to take care of them. Plus they apparently weren't as annoying as her former step siblings.

We all ran up to the front door and Andrew and I went on opposite sides like in crime shows. We started counting down to three on our fingers, but after two Jaxi ran up and kicked the door open instead.

Andrew, Jaxi, Julian, Spencer and I rushed in with our guns ready. Ryan, Maddie, Space, Axel, and Julia took up the rear, though Axel and Julia didn't have any guns. We walked down the small hallway to see a mutant impaled on a coat hanger and it's blood spilled down the floor. We all stepped over it, coming into a kitchen.

The kitchen was connected to a living room, though both seemed to have been wrecked. There was a blood splattered toaster hanging off the edge of the counter by its cord and in the center of the kitchen was a woman lying in a pool of blood. Jaxi fell to her knees and Spencer caught her as she crawled towards the body.

"Mom? Mom!?" Jaxi asked as if she still believed her mother was still living. The blood loss was too much and her mother was dead.


The newly infected mother of Jaxi lept up and clawed at her daughter. I ran forward and kicked it in the head while Spencer dragged her away. A final stab to the neck with my machete put it down, but by Jaxi's crying I could tell the kick to the head may have been a bit much.

Space then moved into the living room with her silenced pistol drawn. The couches were all turned over and the fireplace was broken open, two mutants staining the carpet with their blood after being impaled by pokers.

Jaxi then peeked down the long hallway and collapsed into Spencer's arms. He had trouble holding her up, but she was small enough that he lowered her head down onto the carpet. She was crying and her entire body was shuddering, but she was able to get her sword. 

Down the hallway was a man stabbed into the wall with one of the metal pokers. The mutant was still growling but was unable to escape from being impaled by the metal rod. Andrew ran to the end of the hall and killed it with a stab to the head, but that wasn't the end to our troubles.

We all ran to the glass sliding doors that somehow had not become shattered. A girl was holding two tomahawks and was trying to fight several mutants off while a young girl cowered behind her.

She seemed to be dangerous, but not to us at least. She was taller then some of us, looking to be maybe a bit over 6". She wasn't as small as Space or Jaxi and I caught Spencer staring at her above average breasts as she jumped into the air and cut off the arms of two mutants. Andrew gave him a slap to the head as the girl turned around and cut through the infected's legs. She wore a pair of dark jeans, which Spencer was also staring at the back of, and a black t-shirt with a brown belt where her tomahawks could be clipped. She had shoulder length brown hair, unlike Jaxi's that was going halfway down her back.

But we had made the same cliche mistake most people in movies did. Instead of running to help, we stood there and watched as someone died in front of us. An infected was coming from the other side of the fence that Kailey wasn't defending and came up from behind the girl.


Jaxi ran forward with her sword drawn and swung downwards at the mutant. But she was too late and the mutant slashed it's long claws down her back and cut into her skin before stabbing another claw through her neck and biting down on the side of her face. Jaxi witnessed the entire scene standing only feet away as her silver sword fell from her grasp.

Scarlet fell forward as she choked on the blood pooling up inside her throat. Jaxi ran to her sister's body as she clung to the last bit of life inside of her body. But finally, she could hold on no longer and passed away in Jaxi's arms, leaving behind a bloody corpse for her to bury.

Kailey finished off the infected with help from Spencer and we all turned towards Jaxi as her tears dripped down onto her sister's body. She probably hoped the tears would bring her back like the Pokemon Movie, but alas there were no type-based creatures here. Even Julian looked truly sad for Jaxi and stood beside her holding his hands together. 

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