The Omega Event

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Loss

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Submitted: May 30, 2017



Seconds turned to minutes. Minutes turned to hours. Scarlett's sister finally passed away in Jaxi's arms from the blood loss and we all had a feeling what would happen. She was cut by a mutant which means she's infected. She may be dead, but the virus doesn't care.

One of us had to put down Jaxi's sister, and if we didn't she would mutate and could end up killing one of us if we aren't careful. 

The majority of us went inside of her house after five or six minutes and Jaxi stayed outside, sitting in the same place with her sisters body lying in front of her. 

Soon it began to rain, but none of us had the heart to go outside and rip her away from her sister's body. Maddie stood at the glass doors and stared out at Jaxi in case her sister turned. Then she'd put her down, no matter what.

None of us knew Jaxi well, it had only been a few hours. The other girl was the only one who could comfort Jaxi, but she felt guilt. She had been in charge of protecting her family but she failed. Her mother, father, brother and sister all died.

We left her to sit out there clutching her sister's body in the rain. It was the saddest thing I had seen.

While Jaxi mourned, the rest of us took a break. After all the killing, shooting, and running, we needed a break. We could all spend a night here instead of in that tiny RV.

Axel and Julia were sitting next to the overturned couch talking. Axel still had his hat and for he seemed to enjoy wearing it. Space, Julian and Spencer had gone off to see if there was any kind of supplies in the other rooms. Andrew and the other girl stood nearby with Maddie.

"So who are you?" I asked the brown haired girl. "I'm Kailey, Kailey Swanson. I'm from Mississipi but I left my family a month ago to come here and help Jaxi support hers. She's like a sister to me."

"Well if she's your sister then..."

"Fuck off. Her entire family is dead because of me," she said to Andrew before walking down the hall to the bathroom. 

The group was broken, in more ways then one. The short few day trip to drive through a few states peacefully turned into a quest for survival. First Julian lost the last of his family. Then we lost Coty, one of our own. Now Jaxi's lost her family and Kailey feels responsible. Andrew was just sitting on the couch, staring down a bloody bandage. "What is it?" i asked him as I walked over to the couch.

"It was in Coty's bag."

"Who's blood is it?"


We both looked over to Maddie as she turned away from the window. "I saw him take if off the other day. That bandage.... it was Coty's," she confessed. "He cut himself or something?" asked Andrew as he got up. He was beginning to sweat.

"No.... he was bitten."


We both stared at her in shock. Coty had been bitten, before he sacrificed himself. "How the hell did he get bit!?" asked Andrew as he approached Maddie in a fit of rage.

"He got bitten at the university on the wrist. I saw him wrapping the wound after everyone fell asleep.... he said he was gonna tell everyone... that was the day before we got here..."

Andrew grabbed onto Maddie's arm and pushed her against the wall. "You fucking knew he was infected AND YOU DIDN'T FUCKING TELL ME!?" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Andrew was enfuriated. He only had two people he truly related to and could understand. Coty and Julian. Coty and him would always hang out afterschool and burn shit in the forest and Julian and him would talk about work, life and other shit like that. Now Coty's gone.

I needed to intervene, but when I got close Andrew simply shoved me to the floor. Before I could get agrressive and rip him off her, his screams attracted the others.

Space walked down the hall with Spencer and Julian trailing behind as they stared at the scene. In a single move Space knocked Andrew against the wall and off of Maddie. She had been trained in martial arts awhile back. "Andrew back off! Coty was a dying man and if he wanted to tell everyone then he should have gotten that right!" 

"Actually..... if he had told us he may have lived."

We all looked to Julian as he stood awkwardly in the hallway. "Well while I was at the University and you people left me alone for a few minutes I started watching the news. It was a live report of a man standing at the site of a bite two states away. In the backround I saw the man being loaded into the ambulance and I saw the paramedics cut off his arm where the wound was. If he had told me then we could have amputated his arm and he could have lived."

Andrew turned his head back to Maddie and balled his fists. Before he could do anything Space ran forward and in a move none of us could see, she caught the punch in her small pale hands. "JULIAN!" she shouted as Andrew used brute strength and began to push her away. Me and Julian both ran forward and grabbed Andrew by the arms, attempting to drag him away. Julian finally pushed Andrew back.

"Now let us take a short walk around the neighborhood and we can talk about our feelings. Well your feelings, I hate everything."

"Fuck you."

"Okay let us take a short walk around the neighborhood and talk about Star wars."


Julian lead Andrew towards the door and Maddie sat down on the couch next to Space. "Anikan... go talk to Jaxi. I'll talk to Kailey," said Maddie. I nodded and threw my pack onto the bed. I reached into the pocket and picked out a small object before walking outside.


Maddie's POV

Walking down the hall, I could see Kailey in the bathroom. She was picking out two pills from a bottle in her bag and gulping them down. "Kailey?"

She gagged and slipped on the counter and began to choke. I punched her in the back and she swallowed before breahting heavily. "You almost fucking killed me," she said.

"Yeah well too many things have died today. You won't be one of them."

"I ain't a fucking coward. What do you want?" she asked as she began digging through her purse. I reached into my bag and pulled out a small black bag. A bag of M&Ms. 

Kailey immediantly grabbed them from my hand and took three out. "Haven't had chocolate in awhile. It's.... it's not that good for me," she muttered. 

I stood next to her in the counter and took a look at my face. I had changed, even though it had only been a few days. "Hey.... what's that?"

Kailey was digging through my backpack and pulled out my cell phone. She was looking through my photos.

Before she could scroll any more I immediantly snatched the phone from her grasp and stuffed it into my pocket. "What? You hiding something? If you have nudes saved just tell me and I won't look," she asked.

I felt like slapping her, but I didn't need any more enemies. "What were you asking about?"

She took the phone from my hands and pulled up a pictue of me cosplaying as an inventor girl from my favorite anime with Spencer beside me as the girl's robot. 

"You go to comic con?"


"Me too!"

Our faces both lit up and she pulled out her phone. She pulled out her phone and pulled out a picture of her cosplaying as the same girl. "People say I act like her a lot," she said as she stared at them. "Well considering we've known each other for an hour and your talking about nudes it's pretty obvious."

She began swiping through pictures of my phone of the comic con. Spencer falling into the fish tank. Darth Vader beating up Spencer. Me and Hatsune Miku's voice actor posing while Spencer got beat up by Boba Fett.

Finally she finished the album, and then it moved to the next one. Kailey smirked as she saw the first photo and my face turned red. I immediantly fumbled with the phone and dropped it face down on the counter. I then grabbed it and shoved it into my purse. "Damn girl...... nice."


Anikan's POV

I walked past Jaxi and looked her in the eyes. They were blank. She wasn't crying, she wasn't thinking. She was just frozen. I put my hand on her shoulder and watched as I hit the grass. 

"Ow.... I came to comfort you not get flipped," i muttered as I got up off the ground. Jaxi looked away from her sisters body and over to me, "What do you want?"

"I came to make sure your okay. You know... she's... she's gonna mutate. She'll turn into one of those things," i told her nervously. She didn't gasp, she didn't look suprise. She knew.

"You have to put her down."



"I CAN'T!"

She stood up, her fists balled in rage. Mistakenly, I moved my hand to my holster.

She sent a kick forward and I was sent flying backwards. I put my hand to my cheek and felt the blood on my face. She stood there, breathing heavily with her fists up. 

I then saw it. The tears flowing down her face. I saw something else too. The body rising behind her....


She turned around and with a single punch knocked her mutated sister back down to the ground. The mutants hair was dark and grey and the skin was the same. Her eyes were completely back and it bared it's teeth every few seconds. 

Jaxi began to walk backwards and every time it lunged she pushed it away. Eventually, she reached the fence and it grabbed onto her shoulders. 

I turned around and watched as Spencer and Space walked out, watching the scene. Space tried to run forward and I put my hand out, "This is her kill."

Spencer pulled out something from his back, a long sheath. "Jaxi catch!"

He threw the sheath into the air and she caught it in her open hand. The sheath rolled off of the blade and revealed the item. A katana fit for her size, the blade shining silver and hilt emblemed with roses. Her name was engraved into the end of the blade.

In a single slash up, she stained the grass with blood. Her sister slowly fell backwards and Jaxi stared at her with rage. "THIS IS FOR CALLING ME A DUMBASS!"






The scarred body fell backwards onto the grass and moved no more. Jaxi stood there, covered in blood and tears. She knelt down and picked up the sheath, examining a small tag on the end.

From Damian, I love you sis

Spencer and I approached her as she continued to cry. She dropped the sword onto the wet ground as the rain began to stop. She pulled us into a hug and stained our shirts with tears.

After a few seconds I broke away and walked towards the door. I pounded on the glass twice and when everyone inside looked to me I gestured for them to come. One by one they piled out onto the back lawn.

They all looked to me as I walked over towards the center of the wooden fence. They were waiting for me to speak, and after taking a few secods to recover from the social awkwardness, I did.

"Everyone here... we are all broken. We've lost a lot, we've lost people, but we haven't lost each other. All of us... we are the ones who've been ignored our entire lives. Outcasts in society, the quiet ones in school, people who never seemed to matter. But this is our time! Now is our time to survive... to live on!"

Everyone seemed to peak up a bit, they began to listen closely.

"Jaxi... I've known you only for a few hours... but you are an amazing swordswoman and an even more wonderful friend. Your story... and everything about you is interesting. You are valuable to our group and I want to travel with you... to become your friend and grow closer! Will you join us?"

Jaxi sniffled and turned to look at me. She nodded and smiled weakly.

"Kailey I've known you for like twenty minutes... but you still seem like a cool girl. Spencer seems to like you... or at least your chest," everyone laughed except for Spencer who hid beneath his hoodie, "but I want you to join us... to travel alongside us and help us survive. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. So will you?"

Kailey nodded, patting Spencer on the head beside her. I then turned to the rest of them.

"I've known you guys... well besides Ryan over there... for the past six years of my life. When I moved to Tazader City for the first time from Michigan... I didn't know anyone. But then I met you... and I felt whole."

"Ryan I've only known you for a few days... but you are something special. A boy kidnapped very young and trained in the ways of a gang... you're a great shooter and an even better person. Your skills are useful... but that's not why I want you with us. I want you because you are an amazing and funny person to be around. I want you to stay with us... and keep fighting to the end. Until we finally all die... I want you to be there with us."

Ryan smiled and saluted me like a military officer.

"Maddie you are one of my best friends. You are the girl who got me into anime and the reason that I worship a black and white teddy bear, went to so many damn comic cons and bought a sword off eBay! If I had never met you... I would be so damn boring! Thank you for making me a better person... and I hope to do the same to you."

She smiled brightly and clutched her backpack to her body.

"Julian... you are the most unique person I've ever met. A genius creating his own medecine at as young as seventeen is something I never thought would be possible. Yet you did it. Not only that you're the reason most of us are alive right now! You fixed up all our wounds when we got them and because of that we are all standing here today. Without you none of us would be here. And the fact that you played SWTOR with me makes it even better! When I met you guys you were the reason I didn't fail all my classes immediately! High school sucked! Enough about that though... Thank you for being here with us... for being my friend."

Julian mumbled under his breath, "whatever... It's not like I wanna be here... alright fine I'm your friend... but that is simply a title and not any sort of emotional attachment."

"Spencer... you are a man I never thought I'd see survive past day one. Sorry but me and Andrew bet on what day you'd try and run away or give up... but that's in the past. You've proven yourself to be more then just some gamer kid... more then just a nerd. You can shoot, you can fight... but more important you're our friend. You're the reason I'm as much as a gamer as I am today. You introduced me to so many MMOs and games... hell I would've gotten you a 4Vision for your birthday if the world wasn't on the brink of ending. Thank you Spencer... for being my gaming buddy."

He smiled weakly and peeked out from his hoodie. However Kailey gave him a light punch to the stomach, "that's for looking at my boobs."

"Axel... there isn't much I can say but... you are the most badass kid I've ever met. Hamster, one of my oldest and best friends, died saving your life. As much as I miss him, I wouldn't have it be any other way. You're a kid a see potential in... to become a warrior. A survivor. A fighter. Axel I will keep you safe and I will protect you in any way I can. As long as I live... you will too."

The young boy in the back smiled, pulling down his hat but failing to hide his face. Julia smiled and stood next to him.

"Julia... Julian said you were just another mouth to feed and only brought you along because Maddie was his friend... but you're more then that. You are someone who will grow into a beautiful young woman and become a fighter just like us. I have faith you will become as strong as us, maybe even better. But no matter what... I will keep you safe."

Julia smiled as she stood behind him and I almost caught their fingers grazing together. Probably just my imagination though.

"Space... no... Maddison.... you are the most friendliest, smartest person I've ever met. From the day we met... that one day at anime club... I knew you were special. I didn't care if you were the shyest person I've ever known when I met you... I wanted to be your friend. And after we became friends... everything has gotten better. I really like you Space... and thank you for being there for me... for staying by my side in the darkness."

Space stood in the darkness, blushing a bit and looking to the ground. That shyness never left her.

"Andrew... you are one of the biggest... most rage filled... annoying... assholes I've ever met. We all know this... but you are our friend. You've been alone all your life... but not any more. We are all here for you Andrew and you are here for us. You are an incredible person... you never give up and you never lose hope, no matter what. I would be honored to fight beside you till the end of time... because you are my friend Andrew. Thank you for being there for me... for standing with me in battle."

Andrew pulled his hoodie downwards as everyone looked for him for his reaction. Andrew simply tossed a bullet into the air and I caught it and stuffed it into my revolver chamber.

I finally raised my gun into the air and everyone began to raise their weapons. I rose my colt, Jaxi rose her sword, Kailey rose her tomahawk, Ryan rose his shotgun, Andrew rose his deagle, Julian rose his glock, Maddie rose her butterfly knife, Spencer rose his machete, Axel rose his M4-A1, Julia rose her sig and Space rose her silenced pistol.

"To friendship!"

"To friendship!"

But before any of us could shoot, Space dropped her gun. I looked down and watched as she rushed towards me. Before I could react she pulled me into a kiss... and everyone dropped their guns as well.

"Hot damn."

"So predictable."

"Really? I didn't see it."

"You wouldn't."

"I ship it!"

After a few seconds we broke away and she looked into my eyes with a nervous smile, "we never know when we're gonna die... didn't want to go down with any regrets."

"Neither do I."

I smiled and kissed her back as everyone stared at the scene, some smiling and others looking annoyed (Andrew). After a few seconds we broke away once more and we all raised our guns again.

"Once more... to friendship!"


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