The Omega Event

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - The Fight

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



So far... things had gotten better.

After the whole speech, everyone went off to do their own things. Maddie, Kailey and Jaxi went to her room to talk about anime and hadn't come out yet. Andrew, Spencer and the others were all in the living room trying to create a makeshift fire.

Space and I had stayed outside and were sitting on the back porch. Space's head was resting on my shoulder and my brown jacket was covering her body, leaving me in a simple white t-shirt.

"The stars are bright aren't they Ani?"

"Yeah... tell me a story about one... can you?"

"Oh... okay. The constellation aquarius then... long ago Ganymede, King of Troy, lived. He was a young and handsome man and the gods adored his looks. After being noticed by Zeus on Mount Ida, she sent out a messenger to take him to Olympus. He served water to the gods whenever they needed it and became Zeus's personal cup bearer. For that, he was given his own constellation. That is the story of Aquarius."

I managed to listen to most of it, but my short attention span didn't pick up every little detail. It did sound interesting though and I looked up at the group of stars she had been pointing it.

Just sitting next to her, just being around her, I felt something inside of me. A warm feeling that just made me feel uneasy but happy. I had strong feelings for her and I could feel she had some for me. I have had several relationships before this, and I didn't want this one to end up like them.

After sitting there for around twenty minutes and just staring out at the stars, we finally went inside. Space handed me my jacket as she sat down next to the fire and I dropped it on the arm of the couch.

Ryan and Axel were sitting on the floor and in the middle of the wooden floor was a fire. Axel had finally taken his hat off and laid it on the couch next to his jacket. Ryan had taken off his hoodie which was hanging off the counter after he washed the bloodstains out in the sink. He was wearing a simple white t-shirt now and the bags under his eyes looked the same as the rest of us.

A few minutes later after sitting there in front of the flames, Kailey and the others came out of the other room. Maddie was trying to rip open a bag of marshmellows for us to roast over the flames and Jaxi was helping her with a knife while Kailey stared down at her phone screen.

"You guys have fun in there? Any girl on girl action?" asked Spencer suggestively. Kailey glared at him, "Shut up pervert.

Axel had no choice but to listen to all this and I was still unsure if he understood any of it. He didn't seem to to be dirty minded, but he probably got a few little hints.

We all sat around the fire, bathing in the heat. But after awhile Maddie stood up and broke the silence, "let's do something. Okay..... everybody name their most prized posession!"

"Colt Python."


"My sword."

"My hat."

"My GameBuddy."


"My tomaaaaaaahawk!"

"My telescope..."

"This very... very... sharp knife."

We all looked at Julian as he ran his finger up and down the very very sharpened blade of his black military dagger. Kailey looked a bit creeped out but she asked one this time, "okay.... what do you miss?"

"Mystery shows."

"Burning trees."


"My parents..."

"Home Consoles."


"The sky in Tazader City. I lovedddd stargazing there."

"My other very.... very.... sharp knives..."

"My vibrator."

This time we all looked at Kailey. "I'm kidding.... maybe..."

Space flicked her on the back of the head, "At least wait until the kids asleep."

"Relax relax... Jaxi's innocent so I don't dare to talk about or do anything sexual around her too much. Her mind has been tainted by our friend Mighty enough."

We began talking even more and at some point began sharing stories. How Jaxi walked in on Kailey eating Jaxi's candy stash.


"Thanks for the cookies Miss Swanson!" I yelled to Kailey's mom downstairs. "Your welcome sweetie!" she said back. I walked towards Kailey's room as she finished dinner first and went upstairs to her room without me. After walking past her small shelf outside her room containing a small bottle of medicine and some magazines, I came into the room to see it.

Kailey was sitting on the bed, gobbling down a snickers with a bag of candy next to her. "HEY THATS MY DAMN CANDY!" i shouted at her. She grabbed the bag and tried to run but a single tackle sent her to the floor. I then reached into the bag, pulled out a twix and in a single motion jabbed her in the gut.


Then another story of how Coty beat up Spencer.

"So anyways, Spencer had a crush on a girl before Maddie. But he didn't know that the girl was Coty's girlfriend. So before he tried anything, him and Coty had chemistry class together. So one day when they went to chem, they had to create some kind of reaction. Spencer ended up mixing two vials together and put the lab into lockdown. Coty got quarantined and was send to the hospital after losing a large amount of hair and having his skin turn slightly green."

"He came back a week later after treatment and had to wear a hat. But when he pulled up he saw Spencer in front asking out Coty's girlfriend. He flipped out and tried to beat up Spencer and chased him around the building. He finally caught him in the teachers parking lot and Anikan and I had to pull him off."

and another on how we pulled the greatest pranking spree in our schools history.

"Okay so Hamster pulled up on the school at around eleven with me, Andrew, Maddie and Coty in the back.  First we dechlorinated the pool and put in about..... fifty goldfish. Then wiped the entire gym floor with grease. Next we changed the schools default PC backgrounds to a picture of a swimsuit model. Finally we put lube on all of the door handles and then glued the doors shut with gorilla glue. School cancelled for a week and none of us got in trouble. Well we kinda blamed it all on Hamster."

After many laughs, the game started to slowly come to an end. But not yet, not before it came. "Alright so families..... it's a bit of a sore topic considering the conditions but... I want to know about your guys's families," said Kailey.

"My father died when I was young. My stepad and mother died in the bombing, but they had to work overnight so I didn't get to see them that morning." I explained.

"My parents live in Tazader Towers. My maid made me breakfast this morning while they were away and I left for school after that," said Space. Maddie grabbed Space's shoulders and shook her.




While they fought, Ryan went next. "Family died in a fire. Taken in by a gang. Not much to really say..." he muttered as he stood in the corner. It really was a sore subject for him.

Eventually we'd get to Jaxi at the end of the circle and we all knew about her family. We never got to the end.

"Ain't sayin. Move on," muttered Andrew as he attempted to stay out of the discussion.

"My mom and dad are drunks. Usually ain't here, they really suck. The last time I saw them is after they came home from doing drugs after going bar hunting. Besides Ryan and Jaxi... my parents are just the worst!"

Nobody saw it coming, but everybody could see the flash of red. With a single punch Spencer rolled away and we all looked up at Andrew who was standing up, breathing heavily with his fists balled and ready to punch. 

"Andrew?" i asked as I got up. I went for his arm and he threw a punch at me which Space quickly knocked me out of the way of. "Dude what the hell is wrong?" asked Kailey.

"This fucking thing.... how they're always gone. How he only has Maddie. How they only come for a short vacation once or twice a year and then leave. NOBODY ISN'T GONNA FEEL SORRY FOR YOU!"

Andrew ran at Spencer, grabbed him by the neck and moved him against the wall.


He smashed his first into Spencer's face twice before letting him go. Spencer stumbled towards the door and Andrew knocked him to the floor. "I DIDN'T KNOW! YOU NEVER TELL US ANYTHING!"

He managed to kick Andrew in the stomach and push him back a few feet, giving him some time. 

Spencer got back up and grabbed him by the shoulders and they stood, interlocked together. At least until Andrew shoved him out the door.

He pushed Spencer right through the door into the rain and kicked his knee up into his stomach. Spencer reached into his pocket for something, but found nothing. He sent a punch to Andrew's face which managed to hit, but wasn't much. "IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL A FUCKING PUNCH!?"

He sent a single punch to Spencer's chest and Spencer fell forward onto the ground. Two kicks to the stomach before stepping away from his body.

Spencer managed to stand and knelt against the front of the RV, blood trickling from his mouth. "You ain't nothing but a fucking weakling. You won't make it in this world. This is a world for the strong, the smart. People with value. Julian is a doctor. Me and Anikan can shoot. Jaxi has a sword. What do you have? A stupid piece of technology..."

Andrew pulled Spencer's laptop from his bag and threw it out. It clattered to the ground as the covered it and Spencer rushed over and pulled off his hoodie, trying to cover it.

"Fucking pathetic!"

He ran back and with a single kick, knocked him back over.

Spencer got back up and picked up his hoodie covered laptop. "Your stupid excuses! You always tried to make people for sorry for you. Having Julian do your homework because you were too depressed! Making Anikan drive you around because you never passed your fucking driving test because your parents didn't call to wake you up. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT EXCUSE YOU USED TO GET THAT DUMB WEABOO TO DATE YOU! BUT I'M SICK OF IT!"

He threw another punch at Spencer who turned around and was punched right in the back. He winced and stumbled away into the rain. 

"Fine.... if you all hate me so fucking much I'll leave."

He began to stumble down the road, holding his ruined laptop in his arms covered in his hoodie. "Spencer wait!" yelled Maddie. Jaxi grabbed her arm. "He'll know how to find us, he'll be back. Trust me,"  she assured her.

Andrew glared at them. "That dumb kid ain't allowed back. Not until he fucking mans up and realizes that we won't be around to protect him. He ain't ever gonna do that, so he won't be back."


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