The Omega Event

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Caught

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Submitted: May 31, 2017



The night was all but peaceful. Spencer is gone and according to Andrew, he was never coming back. Even I doubted his attempts to man up would work.

Even if he came back, he wouldn't be able to. We had already left. As soon as the clock struck 11am we loaded up the RV and drove off. Maddie left behind a note, but it all depends if he ever found it.

One by one that morning we grabbed our bags and piled in. Jaxi took a small red backpack with a few changes of clothes, some food and water, and some makeup. She also brought her rose katana but left behind her other one. She was the only one who could use it and wasn't exactly strong enough to be able to dual wield those.

Kailey brought a duffel bag and inside were two Uzis and a few boxes of crackers and bread. A six water bottles, some syrup and some orange juice also laid inside hidden between the changes of clothes she brought. She dropped it in the back and laid beside it.

The rest of us grabbed the bags we had taken out of the RV and simply put them back in. Most of the middle isle of the RV was taken up by the bags that were pushed up against the walls.

I sat in the seat at the table behind the drivers seat which Julian had taken up residence at. Space was sitting beside me with her head resting on my shoulder. Kailey was in the bathroom and Jaxi and Maddie were in the back talking. Axel and Julia were playing with Ryan and Andrew was... well...

He had climbed through the sunroof and tied himself to the top of the RV. There wasn't much privacy in here besides the bathroom and Kailey had that to herself. Tying himself to the roof of the RV was the next best thing for him.

After the whole situation last night Andrew had gone silent. He hadn't made an effort to talk to anyone and nobody wanted to approach him; not even Julian attempted to help him. 

"You think we'll make it through this?" I asked them. "I don't know... we've already lost two people..." muttered Space.

"Technically not. We have lost one person because even though Spencer is not with us, he can still be counted. But it does depend on his independant survival in this world. If he manages to catch up with us and get to Florida, if he wants to, then he'll be with us again. But his rate of survival of survival is about nine hundred to one."

"Never tell me the odds."

"Oh clever reference. Space you need to catch up," said Julian. Space pouted and pulled out a book from her backpack. "You guys think Spencer will actually make it?" she asked.

I stared over the small object sitting on the table. "He forgot his GameBuddy. He won't be."

Space was sitting next to me in the seat and had her head rested back on my shoulder. Her arm was around me as well and whenever Julian's eyes moved across us he scoffed.

"You have a problem with us?" Space asked in an unusual sassy tone of voice.

"Oh no... I don't have as much of a problem with you two as I do love in general. See I find the concept of companionship for the purpose of anything but reproduction pointless. It's all just hormones; something I lack greatly."

"Tell that your internet history," Space muttered under her breath. Julian looked back up angrily, "what was that?"

"Nothing nothing!"

Space giggled and I pulled her closer as Julian continued driving. We were going down a lone road that lacked cars, people or just any life in general. Not even the tweets of a bird of a human came on.

I felt especially unsafe for some reason. Was it the lack of life besides us? Was I truly afraid of being alone with only them? I felt safe around them and I knew we would have each other's backs... but I just felt unsafe.

"I'm gonna go check on the others," I muttered as I stood up and left Space sitting on the seat. She shrugged and took a drink of water as I retreated into the back of the RV.


"OW!" exclaimed Ryan. I came back to see Ryan cowering in fear behind his backpack. Axel and Julia were playing with two airsoft guns and Jaxi and Maddie were watching.

"They were a bit bored so I gave it to them. Sorry but considering you let them have an actual gun, I thought it was okay," said Jaxi as she watched it all. I patted her on the soldier and sat down next to them.

Maddie was showing Jaxi her cosplay pictures she took at comic con and Jaxi was commenting on them all. Apparently she had always wanted to go to one, but never had the money. Her brother had gone to one down in Atlanta however, but she didn't go with him.

"Ooooo that looks so cute! Oh my god where did you get that one!? Ahhhh I hate being poor!" Jaxi said as she looked over a cosplay of Sailor Moon and another of Maki Harukawa.

Axel and Julia shot past the backpack and hit Ryan in the shirt which caused him to wince and fall over. "Dude it's just an airsoft gun," said Axel. "Yes but I am not wearing ANY BODY ARMOR! IT'S JUST A WHITE T-SHIRT!" he exclaimed in a raspy voice. Axel shot again and he gasped in pain.

A few seconds later Kailey came out of the bathroom. She stretched and dropped her small purse onto the ground. She had taken it with her and had taken a considerable amount of time as well. We were all thinking the same thing, but nobody wanted to say it.

Kailey looked at Ryan, who was trying to climb onto the seat but was feeling a considerable amount of pain once more. Kailey sat down next to him, patting him on the head. 

"Ow... can someone help? Painkillers anyone?"

"Just think of puppies and kittens Ry Ry."

He smiled at Kailey's nickname and laid next to her. But he quickly moved away as Kailey began to sharpen her tomahawk slowly.

Julia then climbed onto the seat and slid open the window. The wind blew onto all of us, making Julia and Jaxi's hear move in the wind. It seemed peaceful for once. The last time we had peace was the full day we spent driving.

But we all heard a shriek and Julia fell down clutching her cheek. Maddie fell to her knees screaming and looking to the scar cutting across her face. A bullet graze and not a very big one. But it still hurt like hell, especially to a child who's biggest pain was getting a shot from the doctors office or a burn from a hot cookie pan.

She quickly took Julia to the front and took cover behind the table. Space ran out of the front and quickly dived to the floor along with Jaxi, Ryan and Axel.

"It's only a graze, you should be fine," said Maddie as Julian tossed her a role of bandages. We then watched as a bullet rolled across the ground and right next to us. I reached down to grab the python and looked out the window to see it.



They had already shot, so screw stopping. 

A large group of police cars were right on our tail, the lights flashing and siren blaring. The RV wasn't slow enough to outrun them and we didn't have enough people to hold them off like last time. Ryan was too sore to shoot and Jaxi didn't use a gun, and since Spencer and Coty were both gone we were outgunned.

A bullet shot through the broken window and ricocheted off the wall before finally being lost. We all took cover and loaded our guns. I peeked out and fired twice with the colt, cracking a windshield and causing one car to swerve off the road and smash into a tree. Kailey peeked out with her uzi and began firing rounds through two different windshields. She cracked one and shattered the other and the second car began to slow down and finally stop.

I lept down off the seat as another bullet blew through another window. Ryan grabbed his remington and laid against the wall. "Why is it that when we got surrounded by mutants and burned down a church nobody was there!? Yet when we are just driving down the road without a care in the world, THEN THEY CHOOSE TO SHOOT US" shouted Ryan as he began to load his gun. I heard something loud and looked out the window to see a car swerve off the road and ram right into a tree. I then looked up into the sunroof and saw Andrew, holding one of the AKs and firing back. Somehow his hearing wasn't impaired.

His aim wasn't the best though as Julian's driving wasn't steady enough for him to get a hit. However his bullets were hitting the hoods and causing the cops to panic. He managed to get a headshot through a windshield and the cop car went spinning off the road before smashing into a tree.

"Julian any faster?" I asked as I crept into the front with my colt still drawn. The RV was swerving down the road and somehow Andrew hadn't gotten knocked off. However he was being shot at now and bullets were bouncing off of the side of the RV.

I then saw it, the road spikes. "JULIAN WATCH-"






I rolled over onto my back and reached down to my belt. I could see the python on the floor. The entire RV was dark and I could barely see light flooding through the front. But when I reached for my gun I noticed where it was. Right next to a man's foot. He reached down and grabbed me by the arm and soon, daylight flooded my vision.

I was outside, lying on the street. My hands were cuffed. Fourteen police cars were surrounding the RV and the others were beside me. Julian looked relatively fine, but Ryan had a black eye and Kailey had a bruised arm. Space had a cut across her forehead and Maddie had a large one on her cheek. Julia was completely knocked out beside her. 

One other thing remained, Axel and Jaxi weren't there. Another thing, Andrew's wounds. A large shard of glass jabbed into his stomach.

"You guys okay?" i asked them through heavy breaths. "Ow... this stings.... Ani...."

I looked over to Space to see another large cut across her leg. She was bleeding out. "By... by examining the wound on her leg. I can deduce she needs it to be removed and cleaned before it gets infected," muttered Julian as he coughed up some more blood.

The cops came over to us and I watched as a gun was put to the backs of our heads. "You are wanted for being tied to the Russian Attack on Tazader City. You either come with us or die," said one of them.

"Screw off!" yelled Andrew. The cop smashed the barrel of the gun against his head and he coughed up some more blood onto the pavement. "Hey... look at what we have here Rob... it's the boy that caused this whole damn disaster."

They were both looking at Julian. "You.... your the man that destroyed this country. You're the creator of KiraCillin ain't you," he said teasingly. Fear appeared on his face as he turned his head to face them. "Wha.... what do you mean?"


"You're the creator of KiraCillin. The medicine that cause this whole damn virus."

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