The Omega Event

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Rescue on the Highway

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



None of us could speak. Julian especially. As soon as the words hit him he became filled with two many emotions to describe. Regret and sorrow were two of them and his bode began sweating profusely. Julian's medecine... the thing that he invented... his creation... caused the mutant virus.

Not only that, the mutants were his creation and they were the reason Coty was dead. They were the reasons we had gotten hurt so many times, why this journey wasn't easy, why this whole thing was an adventure.

Julian created Coty's killers.

For the first time in my life I saw Julian cry. He didn't even bother fighting back tears, he just began to cry. We may be eighteen, well most of us, but we still felt it. The pain. The cops continued to hold him back but Julian wouldn't move even if they let him. All he could do was feel it... the fact that he caused the deaths of so many people. He started a plague.

The rest of us needed to escape however. Space needed medical attention and Andrew was bleeding out. Jaxi and Axel however were not in the lineup nor inside of the RV. If they had escaped maybe they could get us out of this. But at this rate it didn't look like they were coming anytime soon. It had already been fifteen minutes since the crash I think.

Our guns were lying nearby but out of reach. A cop had collected them and dropped them all into a bag. But several of our guns were probably still in the RV in our other bags. But no way was I letting them take my colt.

I attempted to wiggle out of my binds, but the handcuffs were locked. Coty went to Juvie once, so he could've gotten out of these. Once, Maddie handcuffed Coty to a pole once and somehow he escaped without a key. Unfortunately he never taught us.

Now we were trapped, forced against the pavement and unable to do anything. All of us had an injury and nobody had guns. I looked out to the sky and hoped for something to come.

But nothing did.

The cops began to get us up, taking us to the police cars. The RV was crashed, Jaxi, Julia and Axel were gone and now they were taking us away. One of them threw me into the back of a cop car, shoving Space in next to me. They slammed the door and I looked into her tearful eyes.

"We'll get out of here. Don't worry."

"Ani enough with the hopeful shit... we aren't getting out of this one."


Axel's POV

The leaves crunched beneath my feet as I slowly walked through the forest. My rifle was in my hands and it felt extremely heavy as usual, but I needed protection.

After a few minutes of walking I finally stopped beside a rock. After the crash I heard the cops come for the others. I grabbed Julia and retreated into the forest where we both managed to hide. I noticed Jaxi make a run from the RV as well and silently kill one of the cops. But I hadn't seen where she had gone.

We had been walking for around twenty minutes now and had gone straight into the forest. We could still just barely see the road from here but we couldn't go back. Julia had gotten tired so we stopped near a small lake and took refuge. Soon enough the sirens in the distance faded away. The police had left and taken the others with them.

"So what are we gonna do now? We gonna jump in and save the others?" asked Julia as she took a drink from her water bottle. I shrugged and took a drink from mine as well. Without a plan, people or any way to get out of this... we were at the mercy of the world.

Just then, several mutants emerged from behind a few trees. Julia backed up with her gun drawn and I went for my rifle. But I looked up to her hands and saw then covered in sweat and shaking. Instead of grabbing my rifle and gunning them down I stood behind her.

"Stay calm... don't shake... and pull the trigger," I whispered into her ear as I grabbed her wrists and moved the gun directly at them. She fired twice and shot them through the forehead. Their bodies fell to the floor beside the small lake we stood next to and moved no more.

"Thanks Axel. So where do we go now?" she asked.

That was still a question I couldn't answer. We needed to get the others back, but we had no plan or way to do that. The cops had already started driving back towards Owensboro and we had no way to catch up. So I just answered truthfully, "I-I don't know... I really don't know."

She began to look sad and sat down on the small rock next to the lake. she stared out onto the water, whimpering and sniffling a bit. Her sister was gone and if I was correct, they'd recieve the death sentence immediately. Whether it was put through court or they were simply shot through the head by the police... we had no plan.

I sat next to her, looking out at the lake. Her teardrops were hitting the water and creating a small ripple in our reflections. But as I saw our faces, another appeared.


But before the mutant could feast on our bodies, Julia stabbed her knife into it's neck. It died almost instantly and it's body fell to the floor. I then knelt down, examining it. There was a duffel bag slung over it's shoulder. I opened it and found a brown bandana which I liked so I put it on. Julia put on a brown beanie from inside as well.

One main thing stood out though. Besides the clothes, the small bit of snacks and the water bottles... there was a shining green frag grenade sitting on top of a bloody shirt. I picked it up and we both looked at it in awe.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Maybe... maybe not. Depends... you wanna go back right?" she asked, "to save them."

I nodded, "we have to. They saved us, they protected us, and that man they were with before gave his life to get me off that bridge. We can't just leave them."

She smiled faintly, "you're really brave Axel. But um... if we do go back there's something I want to do first."

"What is it?" I asked, turning to face her.

The moment of ideas and fighting was broken as I turned to her red face. She was blushing a bit and her eyes looked pure and innocent as she stared into mine. Mine looked the same, but I was far from innocent. I had murdered thirty people just days ago.

But it didn't matter. Slowly her pale skin came closer and her small red lips pushed against mine. I had never kissed a girl on the lips, but I just did what came to me. Soon I felt her cold palms touch my arm and I shuddered a bit before goosebumps ran up my skin.

She pushed me to the floor and we both fell to the leaves. I couldn't hear any growling, so we were safe. We continued to push our lips against each other and despite having called this gross a few years ago, it sure as hell wasn't now.

A feeling that I hadn't felt before grew inside of me. An attachment, not just an attachment just... a bond is the best I could use to describe it. It wasn't exactly love, because I was only twelve and I don't even think I could feel that way. But I had feelings for her and I felt like I wanted to spend the rest of my time just lying beside her. 

But we couldn't just lay here and kiss forever. We had a responsibility. Not only to us but to the others. We had to save them or else they'd all die.

Finally she broke away, laying on top of me and looking down into my eyes. 

"I'm sorry I just really like you... are you okay?" she asked, a nervous look on her face.

"Yeah yeah... just surprised. I like you too Julia," I said with a small smile.

She smiled and took my hand, helping me back up. I grabbed the grenade that laid on the floor and dropped it into my bag. But before we could continue on, something ruffled in the bushes nearby.

I aimed my rifle and we both hid behind the rock and watched as a mutant emerged. However before I could shoot it I noticed a sword stabbing through it's neck.

The body fell forward to reveal Jaxi standing behind it. She ran out and rose her sword, but stopped when she realized it was up. She smiled faintly, stabbing the weapon into the dirt and making us both jump.

"You two made it... I was worried when I didn't see them arrest you. Must not have noticed you sneak into the woods," she said with a small smile.

I nodded, "what do we do now? We have to go back right?"

"Definitely, and we're gonna have to go fast. The cops went north back to Owensboro. They're traveling at the speed limit, something we don't have to do," she said as she pulled a small water bottle from her backpack and took a drink.

"You two got any ideas on how to rescue them?" she asked the two of us, "because I got nothing."

I reached into my bag and revealed the grenade to her, causing her eyes to widen in surprise. It wasn't exactly normal for a kid to just pull out a grenade, but it was probably a good thing in our case.

She took the grenade and looked it over before handing it back to me, "you carry it... I'm a bit clumsy and I'd rather not blow us all up."

I nodded and dropped the grenade back into my bag. Jaxi then ran through the forest and we followed closely behind, the gorgeous sun sparkling in the sky in the cracks between the trees...


Anikan's POV

Hope was dead.

Our idea of this adventure was to get in the RV, drive there, and get on a boat. We never expected to be fighting mutants, getting in shootouts with gangs, or some of us even dying. But our dream of escaping this country would never be realized.

We had been thrown into the back of a cop car and we all laid there on the dirty leather seats patched up with tape. I had a nasty cut across my forehead that Julian could fix up if we got out of here. Well, if he was up to it. Space still had a cut going across her leg and Andrew was bleeding out in the other car. But they didn't care if one of us died on the way there, we were marked to death anyways.

"Ani... I have an idea."

Space had laid her head down on my shoulder and was quietly whispering into my ear at a volume even I could barely hear. I looked down and saw her holding a small bottle of a liquid that was squirting out onto her hand. Slowly she moved one hand out of the cuff and broke free.

"How the-

"Kailey's lotion. It fell out of her bag during the crash," she whispered. Then she looked to the police man who was driving. He was focusing on the road and was completely unaware of what was about to happen.

"I don't think that's lotion," I whispered to her, reading the faint remains of the worn off label.

She took one look at the label before turning red, wishing inside that it was indeed lotion and not what she thought it was. It took a few seconds, but eventually she was able to slip one of her hands out. The officer paid her no attention, and she took the moment to strike.


Space moved her hand to one side of him and her other hand to the other side. With all her strength she began to choke the man with the handcuffs, letting the chain dig into his neck.

The wheels began to screech as the car spun out of control and the man struggled to escape. Life slowly began to fade from his eyes until finally he breathed no more. The car then smashed into the something and we became shook but alive.

Space then let go of the handcuffs, slipping out of the other. I began to lube my hands up to escape when I saw it. She was breathing heavily, looking forward at the horrific scene. Until now, she had abstained from killing. But now, she had taken the rite of passage.

"Space! Space cmon we gotta go!" I said as I held both her shoulders. She gave me a quick peck on the lips before pushing open the door of the car. We ran out to see the car had crashed into the barrier on the side of the road. The other cars had gone a bit head but had stopped and the police were getting out.

"Get down!"

We both ducked down behind the car bullets rained upon us. When I peeked out I saw the passenger door was open. The duffel bag of weapons was lying there and I ran towards it and grabbed it before hiding back behind the car for cover.

Space pulled out her silenced pistol and aimed over the cop car for a second. A bullet raced past her head and she sent out two random shots before hiding back down. There were too many and if we peeked out they'd get us.

I then got an idea and knelt up. I then opened the trunk, giving us a bit more cover. But that wasn't my plan. Sure enough like I had expected there was a rifle in the back. It looked to be a remington 700, similiar to Ryan's remington 870 shotgun.

"Space... if I get hit... just run."

"What? Wait... Ani!"

Before she could protest I held up the hunting rifle, propping it up against the broken window of one of the police cars. Aiming carefully I lined up my shot, firing a high caliber bullet through several windows and into the side of an officer, knocking him to the ground.

Space made a break for it, running out from behind the car and sliding back behind another. I knelt down, ducking behind as several policemen began firing at my car. I ran out to another car, barely dodging several bullets before I prepared the hunting rifle to fire again.


Then as that officer hit the ground, I moved to another.


I fired towards the window of one of the cop cars and fired, shattering it all. The cop who stood next to it paid no attention as Andrew grabbed a shard of broken glass and stabbed the man in the neck.

But the cops began to fire upon me more and more, giving the others a chance to flee. I continued firing, until the ammo for the hunting rifle had run out. I cursed and tossed it aside, rushing back towards the others who were fleeing into the forest.

Slowly I began to run and time began to slow down. My colors faded and everything became black and white. Sure enough I could see Space firing, but her bullets were going at one of the slowest speeds possible. But before I could shout out to Space, I felt a burning sensation in my leg. When I looked down I saw it. A bullet smashed into my leg and I screamed as blood and bone came out the other side and hit the pavement.

The world went back to normal and I hit the floor, clutching my wound. Space reached out for me, but I was right in the line of fire. The cops began to advance, going towards the both of us. 

"Kill them all! It doesn't matter just execute them!" a policeman shouted.

Finally as they stood only feet away and pulled their pistols on me, I gave up. That would be my last attempt at fighting. No more would I try to fight back and struggle to the very end. 

I gave up.



We all turned our heads as the street began to erupt and a blast of flames hit all the cops. Then in an instant the rest of the cops standing by the cars began to be fired on.

I looked out to see gunfire spray out from the woods, killing two cops while the others took cover. Slowly I watched Axel run behind a tree, Julia at his side. Jaxi was there as well, slowly creeping out the woods and towards one of the cars.

She unlocked the car holding Ryan and Kailey, letting them escape into the woods. But as a cop approached her with a shotgun drawn, she swung her sword and slashed at his arms, cutting open his skin and causing him to fire into the air.

He panicked and fell back, another cop coming up from behind and shoving her against the car. Jaxi dropped her sword and the cop grabbed her arm, yanking her off the ground and forcing her against the police car. She was trapped.

"HOLD YOUR FIRE OR SHE DIES!" one of the policemen shouted at the two kids.

Slowly I grabbed the hunting rifle and I laid on the ground. I then propped it up and aimed, moving the scope to his head. But my hand was too shaky from the bullet wound and I couldn't fire without risking hitting Jaxi. Plus, I didn't even have any ammo.

But suddenly, a screech came. I turned around, watching as a large pickup truck soared down the highway at top speeds, no sign of stopping. The policemen scattered as the truck smashed through several cars, killing two before slowing down and crushing the side of one of the cars, almost killing Julian and Maddie.

The remaining cops approached the car, completely unaware the driver had already jumped out. One of them pulled the door open, and was shocked to find the car empty, and a stone brick sitting next to the gas pedal. And from behind, came a shadow.

I watched as a man climbed up on top of the cop cars and swung his arm forward. Two small knives flew from his sleeve and both stabbed themselves into the back of their necks. Both cops fell forward and Jaxi turned around to see the man. He was wearing a dark blue hoodie and had a bandana over the lower half of his face. He also had on a black bandelier and held a black revolver in one hand and a hunting knife in the other.

A cop then came from behind and fired at him twice. But the man moved with a quick speed and dodged the bullet. In a speed that almost seemed unnatural he jumped from the car to the ground and shot the man in the stomach twice, sending him to the ground. He then grabbed Jaxi and took cover, crouching down as the last cop approached us.

The cop raised his gun, but Spencer was faster, He dodged the bullet and tackled him to the ground, stabbing him in the chest with his knife. Three stabs, and the man was dead, the knife digging deep into his heart. He then pulled it free, standing back up as Jaxi approached him from behind.

Slowly he removed the bandana, revealing the familiar baby faced friend we all knew. He dropped down off of the cop car, looking at all of us.

"So...*pant*... my GameBuddy charged for me or not?"

Maddie's smile immediately grew, "Spencer!"

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