The Omega Event

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Tracking

Submitted: June 01, 2017

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Submitted: June 01, 2017



When the smoke and flames cleared, only a single warrior stood standing. Spencer moved through the crowd with a black revolver in hand and his machete in the other. He looked like a true warrior, or a cosplayer from assassin's creed.

But finally his badass look failed when he tripped over a dead body and fell flat on his face.

"Dumbass," whispered Andrew under his breath as Julian helped him out of the cop car.

Maddie quickly rushed to Spencer and gave him a hug as he walked back over to us. "Nice job little blue," Coty might have said if he were here. But he was gone and we had to accept that. Maddie questioned how Spencer got here and he quickly revealed it to us,

"So after I left I hid inside of this Stuff-Mart downtown. I spent the night either sleeping or watching anime on my laptop. But when morning came I left and found a gun shop right next to a costume shop. So after I got this cool cosplay I got a revolver and... well I just drove a car down the road till I hit a mutant and swerved into a tree. By the way Maddie you need to give my driving lessons when this is all over. But I just managed to find you guys when I was walking on the side of the road after I crashed the car."

"So why didn't you keep going?"

"I uh... I got a little lonely."

Maddie squeezed him tight and we all walked away from the crowd of cars and shot up bodies. We had all gotten out of the cop cars and made sure each officer was dead. After getting rid of the handcuffs, we took notice of Space and Andrew's wounds.

They were both bleeding badly and we needed a way to stop the bleeding. We didn't have very much on us, so we used the cops. Spencer and Ryan cut off their clothes and we tied them around Space's cut on her leg. Julian also bandaged up my wound. However Andrew's wound was a bit more serious. A glass shard stabbed into his stomach wasn't so easily helpable. We'd need to get back to the RV.

Sadly, we had no idea where it was. Following the road would take too long, but if we cut through the forest we could probably find it. But before any of us could make a plan, Spencer noticed something by the side of the road.

"Uh guys... I think I missed one."

We all looked to the side of the road and saw a trail of bloody footprints leading off the road. The blood was fresh and most likely was from the shootout that occured just minutes ago.

But he had gone off into the woods and most likely was heading back to the RV, considering Owensboro was the other way. There was a few officers left back at the RV, so he would rendezvous with them and come after us. But we couldn't let that happen.

"Alright anyone here know how to track him down? GPS or tracking system on his radio maybe?" I asked. Spencer shrugged, "don't got wifi for my laptop."

Ryan however rose his hand and began to whisper "pick me". I pointed to him, "I was a boyscout back in the day and I was taught to track things moving in the woods. He's injured and not exactly worrying about covering his tracks so I can find him easy!"

We all agreed Ryan was our best bet and we loaded up our weapons. We threw the excess weapons and all the police weapons into the duffel bag before getting ready to leave. Julian helped Andrew and Space and I walked with our arms around each other because of my bullet wound. Everyone else kept their weapons ready in case we got shot at... well it was basically normal at this point.

I nodded and Ryan ran first into the woods. We all walked closely behind and drew our weapons as Ryan slowly followed the trail the man left. Well, we couldn't see anything, but he could. There was a small clearing through some trees, but Ryan pointed us in the opposite direction. We shrugged and followed him.

Something then came to mind. Axel was walking beside Julia and I noticed their hands moving close to each other. Finally they moved together and their fingers interlocked, the two of them looking at each other and giving an awkward smile. Young love, even during the end of the world it was cute.

I turned to Space who looked away from the path and to me, "what's up?"

"I was just thinking... what is our plan once we leave this country? Like... where are we gonna live? What are we gonna do? Just what exactly is our plan?"

"Anikan don't overthink this. Just... what do you want to do? Where do you want to live?"

"I don't know... no... I do."


In the light blue sky floated puffy white clouds and next to that was a big shining sun. Rays of light and heat beated down on the grassy green fields as the wind caused the grass to dance in the spring breeze. Sitting in the center of the valley was a large wooden house, just miles away from all wildlife. It looked old, but not. There was a fence around it and several bodies of the infected were lying at the fence.

Inside the house life was booming. The house consisted of a kitchen, a bathroom upstairs and downstairs, then three bedrooms upstairs. A old dusty casette player was playing music in the background. A figure stood in the kitchen, wearing a simple white t-shirt and black pajamas. He was eating a plate of pancakes, staring up at the staticy TV mounted on the wall. It was playing some random movie what even he didn't understand.

A few minutes later, a woman came downstairs. She had long blonde hair and wore thick black glasses along with a jean jacket over a blue t-shirt and a jeans. She moved towards her lover watching TV and took a bite from his pancakes. 

"Hey honey... you going out today?"

"Yeah... may as well. By the way make sure to clear the gates before I get home," she woman answered. She grabbed her black purse off the counter along with her silenced pistol and moved towards the door. She blew a kiss as she closed the door and spoke once more, "tell him I'll see him when I'm home."

The man nodded and waved as his wife left and he looked up to the wall. A crossbow was hung from the wall above a shining colt python concealed in a glass case. A few minutes later after he went back to his pancakes he heard footsteps on the staircase. Sure enough, their son came down a few minutes later.

He was still in his pajams but was wide awake. He had his hat on for some reason despite not wearing the rest of his outfit.

"You want breakfast?" the man asked as he got up and walked to the freezer. The boy nodded as he sat down and the man dug into the freezer. But as he did, he saw it. A machete was lying in the freezer, the tip covered in blood, the blood of them... the monsters... the infected...



I snapped out of my daydream and looked to Space. She was looking at me concerningly. 

"I'm fine, just thinking. But to answer your question... a big house in the middle of a field. Just peace. No mutants, enemies or shooting. Me, you, maybe a kid."

Space gasped and stopped, causing me to trip and fall forward into the leaves. Andrew and Spencer snickered at my incident and walked ahead as Space helped me back up, "sorry! Just surprised me... never really thought about kids like that."

"Got it... yeah I'll bring that up when I'm not slowly dying of a gunshot wound," I answered through clenched teeth. She gave a nervous laugh as the two of us continued down the path. But a few minutes later, Ryan stopped and pointed at something. 

A white figure was moving through the trees and we all drew our weapons. Kailey drew her tomahawks, Jaxi drew her sword, Ryan pulled out his shotgun, Andrew got his deagle, Space got her silenced pistol, Spencer got his magnum, Maddie got her rifle and Julian with his combat knife.

I drew my crossbow and peeked out behind a tree to see the figure pass the clearing. He was limping, since he was probably wounded. I fired a bolt at the man, shooting him through the back. His body dropped to the floor and we all approached him.

But when Space kicked him over, it was not the cop. Or at least not anymore. He growled and snarled as his eyes glowed and we stared down at his infected form. He must have been bitten, but there was nothing nearby to bite him.

But something growled nearby and we all turned. A large swarm of mutants were moving through the forest towards us. This wasn't just twenty or thirty mutants, this was around sixty. We froze in place for a second and even Spencer ran in fear screaming his head off. Andrew smacked him on the back of the head, but that was his mistake. Spencer fell forward, completely unconcious.

"God dammit! Maddie carry him!"

Maddie knelt down and picked up his fragile body as we began to move through the woods. We ran through the leaves and I turned around and began shooting at them. But it was no point, there were just too many.

"Alright split up! Ryan, Axel, Julia, Jaxi and Kailey lead them away! The rest of us will go to the RV and prop it back up so we can get outta here!" I shouted. Everyone split up and most of us ran back to the street.

One by one we came out onto the street and drew our weapons. The cops walking around the RV noticed us, but before they could even fire a single bullet we gunned them down. Andrew and I knelt down on the ground while Julian, Maddie and Spencer started pushing the RV off of it's side. I got an idea and hobbled over to the cop car. 

The car was already started, so I simply honked the horn and they moved out of the way. I then drove the cop car into the side of the RV and managed to get it back off of it's side. Maddie then helped Andrew inside while Julian and Spencer checked on the damage in the back.

They began to fix it up as I leaned against the cop car. The pain from the bullet wound was growing and it wasn't helping much that there was a swarm of the infected not too far off. 

"Alright someone go call Ryan! I should have this done in a minute!" shouted Julian as he began to patch a pipe spitting out steam with duct tape. Spencer looked into the forest sawAxel, Julia and Ryan running from the infected that trampled the leaves behind them. However Julia tripped and the mutants all went for her.

"Get away from her!"

Ryan ran forward and blew it's face off with his shotgun before helpign Julia back up. They ran into the street, but not before a claw latched itself around Ryan's ankle.


We all watched as a mutant bit down on his ankle and Ryan screamed out in pain and shock as his skin began to sizzle from the teeth's corrosion. I drew my machete and slashed it's head open before Spencer and Julian helped him inside. I went last and hobbled over to the RV door, barely closing it before the mutants began to push against it.

"Maddie I am currently occupied with helping several patients who all require medical attention so if you will please-


Maddie slammed on the brakes and the RV took off down the road away from the mutants. Everyone was here, even Ryan who was slowly bleeding out. Space and Spencer stood nearby, taking out the first aid kits and treating my wound the best they could. Meanwhile Julian had taken the glass out of Andrew's wound and was pushing down with a white... well now red towel. After handing Andrew off to Spencer, he went to Ryan.

Ryan was breathing slowly and heavily, looking down at the wound with pained tears in the corners of his eyes. The bite was big and had taken a chunk out of his ankle. However Julian wouldn't give up.

"Hand me... the bone saw."


He looked to Spencer, who was hesitating. Was he actually going to do it?

"This is the only way he'll live to tomorrow... so once again... hand me the bone saw Spencer."

Spencer hesistated for another second but quickly grabbed the saw from Julian's bag. Julian snatched it from him and pulled off his dark blue jacket. He wrapped it above the wound tightly around his leg and quickly moved the saw towards his leg.







As Ryan screamed out, Julian hacked off his leg like he was playing Fruit Ninja. Finally as the bloody limb laid seperated from his body, Julian put down the bloody saw. Ryan was unconsious, but at least he was alive. Julian was now blocking up the wound with towels and was looking around for Coty's bag. He pulled out a blowtorch and set it down next to Ryan's wound. He could cauterize it... well maybe.

He then stood up and looked to the rest of us, "I will repay whatever sins I have commited... so to make up creating a plague... I guess I will provide immediate medical attention to you all. Literally every ten minutes someone is either shot or broke a limb so I guess it's up to me to help."

We shrugged and I continued to lay there, Space beside me. She put her head down on my shoulder and I looked to everyone. Andrew was resting, Ryan was asleep, Kailey and Jaxi were sitting together, Spencer and Maddie were talking in the front and Julian was watching over us all.

We'll find our way there... eventually

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