The Omega Event

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - The State of the Sun

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



Anikan's POV

We were on the verge of breaking.

The group had been too much in the past few days and my sole fear was another fight. First Isabella, then Coty, then the fight between Spencer and Andrew, Julian's traumatic realization, and finally Ryan's bite. 

Julian had done a decent job hacking off his leg and patching him up. But Ryan was asleep in the back and we wouldn't know if he was still dying or not until he woke up. But if cutting off the limb isolated the infection, then he may have a chance to live.

Everybody was resting, except for Julian. He was digging through his bag and trying to find something, but whatever it was it was probably something satanic like that book Andrew and Coty found.

I sat up from with Space, Spencer and Maddie who was driving the RV. Space's head was resting on my shoulder once more while Spencer sat in the passenger seat next to Maddie.

"So you two... anything happen while I was gone?" Spencer asked suggestively. Space smirked, "shut the hell up pervert."

"Well I'm just saying-

"You really think if anything happened, one of us would still be alive? Andrew would've killed one of us for doing that... he was in a pissy mood after you left. Besides why do you wanna know, aren't you gay?"

"Am not!"

I interjected, "actually I can see him checking out Kailey's ass over there so yeah... definitely not."

Space slapped me as I turned to look in the back and Maddie and Spencer both laughed. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and wrapped my arm around her.

I would do whatever it took to keep this group together... even If I had to sacrifice myself to do it.


Andrew's POV

Pain was something I had never truly felt until now. The burning sensation from the blood that had dripped down my body and the stinging sensation from Julian and his stupid spray stuff to "help me not die". But it was over now... I think.

I was lying on one of the seats in the back, Jaxi sitting on the one across from me. Kailey was next to Ryan, looking down at him with her back to the front. I looked up there and saw Spencer staring at Kailey's body and I felt the need to throw a knife at him.

But I was distracted from that as the laptop sitting at my feet began to vibrate. I grabbed it and moved it onto my lap, and when I did I saw it. A skype call, once more from Lilitha. I smiled for once and answered it, and a few seconds later the familiar red haired girl appeared.

"Andrewwwww! What's going on?" she asked with a smile. I nervously smiled and turned the camera to the rest of the RV. Ryan's missing leg, the large bandage on my abdomen and the pool of blood on the floor. Lilitha waved at Axel and Julia who were sitting on the floor playing with Spencer's GameBuddy and they waved back.

"What happened to Ryan over there?"

"Bitten on the leg. Julian hacked it off though... so he may live."

Lilitha shrugged and began to type something in chat. A few seconds later a picture came up and when I pulled it up... well let's just say I lost motivation for everything.

It was some sort of news report and was showing something for tonight when we'd get into Florida. Rain, but not just rain. A deadly storm and a long one at that. If that was gonna come the night we got there, there was a chance it wouldn't stop and we couldn't leave the docks. But either way... it had the strength of maybe a hurricane.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to worry you... do you just wanna watch some anime?"

"Sure. Do you wanna continue from last time?"

"That works! Oh wait one sec... I took a picture of myself earlier and I wanna see what people think."

Another picture sent in chat and I opened it up. It was Lilitha, but outside with a shining blue sky, the sun in the background and a dog snapchat filter on. 

"You look cute."

"Awww thanks... nobody has ever called me that before."

Before I could hide my reddened face under my black hoodie, Julian walked by and pulled it off my head. I whispered to him as he stood to the side.

"What the hell man?"

"I see no point in female companionship except for the purpose of reproduction to create a genius offspring, so there is no point of me helping or assisting you at all. Furthermore I'd rather you not be distracted by your emotions... well except rage. When you are mad you are actually quite frightening... plus you are really good at killing mutants like that."

I pushed him away and went back to talking to Lilitha. She was ripping into a cardboard box and pulling out chocolate pocky sticks. She stuck one in her mouth and smiled with rosy red cheeks noticeable. Then... it came to me.

Never once in my life had I ever felt this before, but something began to move inside of me. My stomach began to feel uneasy and my heart seemed to be pounding. I wasn't in danger... but this wasn't fear... or adrenaline... but something else. For some reason, whenever I looked down at the screen at her adorable face, I felt the need to be close to her, to play with her hair, to light stuff on fire with her. I couldn't explain this... but I didn't need to. I knew just what this feeling was, I just didn't want to admit to it.

"Andrew? Is something wrong?"

I snapped out of the trance I had been in and looked back to the screen, "oh um... no. Nothing's wrong."

The anime popped up on the screen and I shared screen and hit the play button. For the rest of the time I just laid there, watching anime with Lilitha while she munched on her pocky. I would never admit this feeling, not until I was dying.


Anikan's POV

Outside the window, the light blue sky was complimenting the shining sun and white puffy clouds were floating around it. It looked gorgeous outside and I knew it'd stay that way.

Space was looking out the window too as her head rested on my shoulder. I was a bit thirsty, but didn't want to get up to grab a gatorade while Space was on my shoulder. So I continued to lie with my chin rested on the windowsill.

Kailey then marched into the front, "ugh... is everyone here in a relationship? Andrew's chatting with some red haired girl online and his face is as red as that church after you burned it to the ground. Then you two are dating for some damn reason... I'm just alone."

Spencer gave Kailey a pat on the back and she turned to him, "well little nerd... you wanna give it a shot?"

"Um he is taken!" shouted Maddie as she swerved the RV off the road a bit. Kailey stumbled to the side and tripped. Andrew fell off his seat in the back and Julian surprisingly didn't move an inch. Maddie drove back on the road, Kailey and Andrew both growling at her.

"Well at least I know Jaxi isn't getting into a relationship anytime soon."

"Why not?" asked Maddie as she passed a large billboard that read: Entering Florida.

"She's too innocent. By this age most guys aren't virgins, or they're Spencer."


"But she's not interested in sex in any way at all. She's more of the kawaii derpy type... she likes cuddles, chocolate and kisses... not make out sessions, sex and bondage."

"What teens do you know that are into bondage?"

"Oh trust me, a lot. This one girl, Maggie, shoved a hair straightner right up her-”

"Okay I think that's enough for now!" shouted Space over all of us. Kailey smirked and sat down on the floor once more. She had two tomahawks clipped to her belt for combat and none of us wanted to be on the sharp end of those.

A few minutes later, we could see it. In the distance was a lot of tall buildings and the sun shining over them. It was a city, and one that Lilitha was in. Now we were in Florida.

"Orlando... the city of theme parks, laughing children, and most important, several of the state’s best bars. Anyone wanna go and take a few shots before we blow this joint?” she asked.

But the entire RV was silent. The only ones that weren't taken was Andrew and Julian, and I'm pretty sure both of them would rather die than go out drinking with Kailey. As cool as she seemed, I didn't think people needed to wake up in a dirty motel with money on the nightstand.

However Spencer did slightly raise her hand, and Kailey shot him  seductive wink.

Julian scoffed, crossing his arms, "well considering your seemingly low IQ and the fact that you are parading your body around like a hooker, going to a bar with you would most likely leave to engaging in sexual intercourse, which I find to be pointless. Also I do not feel the effects of what people call "hormones" so I do not see a point in that at all except for reproduction. And carrying a child while we're being shot at every day is a horrible idea."

Kailey scoffed, "show off," and began rifling through her bag for something. Space caught Spencer staring down at her as she knelt down and Space smacked him over the head.

"So Kailey, how is Mississippi?” Space asked her politely.

“Kinda boring. Just a bunch of rednecks, crazy priests and idiots,” Kailey answered simply, “I went to a private religious school before this, and it was absolute hell.”

“Why is that?” Julian asked curiously.

“Well I’m bisexual. My family, unlike many others, accepted me for who I was. My school, my friends, and the rest of the community, not so much. Literally the day word got to the school, I got a satan star spraypainted onto my desk,” Kailey explained to us.

“Ugh I hate people like that! Dumb religious freaks,” Space said in anger.

“I know right! Some of the people there are just too god damn obsessed with all that bullshit!” Kailey continued.

Space smiled, “well I’m pretty sure we’re all accepting here, so you won’t have to worry about any homophobes here!”

Kailey pulled out a box of crackers and handed a few to each of us who ate them happily. 

"Friends?" she asked us.

"Friends,” we answered back.


After another twenty minutes of talking, we stopped. We parked the RV right outside of a large hotel Lilitha said she was at. We ended the video call after we stopped and we came out to see it.

The hotel was large and looking fancy, and there was a large hot spring, restaurant and stage outside where music was being played. We knew Lilitha was upstairs though, so we went inside. Julian opted to come back every twenty minutes and check on Ryan's condition though.

Upon walking into the lobby, we found it packed with many people. It was the weekend, so it wasn't weird. The ten of us moved through the crowd, Kailey holding the sleeping Jaxi's hand so she didn't wander off. We came out to the elevator where Andrew punched in Lilitha's floor number. The elevator moved up and we were off to the ninth floor.

When the metal doors open, we looked down the hall to see it mostly empty. None of us had bothered to check in but nobody had stopped us, so it was probably allowed.

"Absolutely no security... a terrorist could so easily bring a bomb into this place and blow it apart... not even a metal detector. Honestly it is times like these that I agree with the decision to nuke this country."



"Shut up."

Andrew lead us down the hall till we got to the end. Andrew then knocked on the door and we could hear the sound of screaming inside. Andrew backed up a few feet before charging at the door. However he just hit and fell to the floor. Space sighed and turned the doorknob.

But when we got inside, it was not Lilitha screaming. We were looking at the TV, which was playing an anime. Some man was screaming while a black and white bear laughed at him. A girl was sitting on the couch watching and when she saw us she turned red.

"Um... hi... Anikan? Andrew?"

She looked to the two of us and we both waved, but Andrew hid himself under his hoodie till Kailey yanked it off behind him. He growled and she giggled as she let Lilitha see his face.

Lilitha was smiling, but she began to tear up. Andrew frowned and approached her and the two stood face to face. I could see Kailey was expecting some romantic kiss, but Andrew was the opposite of romantic... well if he wasn't he didn't show it at all.

"Lili what's wrong?" asked Andrew. She sniffled, "you actually came for me... thank you."

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