The Omega Event

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Bombing

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



Anikan's POV





Smoke and fire surrounded me, the entire street blown apart by the bomb. My body was sore, and I was unable to do anything but groan and slowly try and get back up. But the explosion hurt, and my entire stomach was covered in tiny glass shards from the window of the police car in front of me. I rolled over, the shards rolling onto the ground as I tried to get back up.

I could barely see, but I could spot not one explosion, but two. Three. Four. Five. One by one, explosions at every street corner in the distance. I could hear the car alarms, hear the screens and the sirens. The resturaunt's windows shattered, glass shards coating the concrete. There were two woman to my left, their bodies sprawled out in the street. One was certainly dead, the other was still crawling away.

Smoke and rubble were all that remained. I groaned, coughing as I began to crawl back towards the fast food resturaunt and away from the smoke. I got up and covered my mouth with my sleeve, helping Space up off the ground. She was alive, but shaken. Coty and Julian were standing a few feet away, Julian holding his arm tightly.

"ANIKAN!?" Coty shouted, spotting the two of us moving through the smoke.

"We need to get out of here!" I told him.

"No shit! Come on get to the RV!" he shouted back.

The four of us took off towards the RV, circling around the resturaunt as we heard gunfire in the distance.

We ran up to the RV, jumping in and swinging the door shut. The others were all watching out the window, except for Maddie who was holding Julia tightly and covering her ears. 

"What the hell is going on!?" Andrew shouted at us.

"I don't know! A terrorist attack!?" I exclaimed, unsure of the situation.

Coty pointed to Spencer, "dipshit, turn on the news!"

The scrawny boy scrambled for the TV remote, picking it up off the floor and turning on the TV. The news channel appeared, a flashing red breaking news symbol already on the TV. 

"We're getting reports that two hundred and seventeen cities were just involved in a simultaneous bombing ranging in about a fourteen block radius. Mass casualties are to be expected, and the source is unclear, but we will continue-"

"Stupid news networks! Don't give us breaking news unless you know what the breaking news is!" he shouted at the TV before punching the glass screen, causing him to yelp and begin sucking on his hand.

"Oh my god... Julian..."

Maddie was looking up at Julian, who was still clutching his hand. He moved his hand away, revealing several cuts on his arm. Space quickly grabbed a rag in front of the TV and wiped the blood away, revealing several glass shards. He must have cut his arm on the glass from the window. 

"Does anyone have any bandages!?" Space exclaimed.

Julian pointed to one of the back compartments, "c-check there! If Isrreal has heeded my advice, he began carrying a first aid kit."

Spencer opened up the compartment, tugging on the handle till it swung open. He dug through all of the junk, pulling out what seemed to be two pump shotguns. He looked towards us with confusion, but none of us questioned why he was carrying firearms. 

Eventually he found a small red box behind the guns, and tossed it to Space. She tore it open and pulled out a clean cloth, wiping down Julian's wounds and cleaning the blood and glass away. She then grabbed a yellow beach towel laying in the corner of the room and wrapped it around his arm.

"Apply pressure!" she told him before walking off towards Isrreal.

"I invented a drug, I know how to treat a simple medical wound like this!" Julian shouted back at her.

"Isrreal get us out of this place!" Coty said as he walked up to the front seat.

"Alright alright!" he answered, driving out of the parking lot.

He drove the RV into the street, speeding down the road towards the bridge in the distance. We were only three blocks away, and as long as traffic wasn't too bad, we could get onto the bridge, get across to the mainland, and hopefully out of range of any more explosions.

"Isrreal! Turn! Turn!" Andrew shouted at him.

We drove past two burning cars, Isrreal luckily turning to the left and avoiding a large car accident at the end of the road. Everywhere we turned, there seemed to be more and more danger.

I stared out the window, spotting one of the explosion sites near the theater. There were several bodies lying near the epicenter of the explosion, including a mother and child. The older woman was bawling, holding the body of a young girl in her arms. She was most certainly dead judging by the amount of blood she was covered in.

And near that was another tragedy. A smashed up car that had slammed into another, two bodies laying nearby. A man and a woman, the man dead from the crash. The woman was slowly getting up from the ground, or at least trying too. Her left leg wouldn't respond, and she could do nothing but grovel and scream, the pain overwhelming her body.

I stepped back, falling onto the floor of the RV. I just felt numb. It was something out of a dream, all of this death and destruction. This is what you saw in the foreign countries, suicide bombings in civilian areas that left hundreds dead. This was in the middle of a modern day city on the edge of one of the biggest states in the entire country. 

"Anikan? Anikan!?" Space shouted, grabbing my shoulders and shaking my body. I shook my head, the ringing in my ears slowly fading away. I hadn't even noticed it was still there, but until now everything was quiet. I ran my fingers through my hair, brushing out several shards of glass. Luckily, I couldn't find any wounds on my body.

"Are... are you okay?" I asked her as I heard another scream from outside.

"Me? I'm fine, are you?" she asked.

I nodded at her and she helped me up, sitting me down on one of the seats. Her presence was a bit calming, especially in this situation.

"We're all gonna die! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" Spencer screamed.

Andrew growled and threw the TV remote at him, "shut the hell up!"

Maddie was sitting on the floor, hugging Julia who was crying into her shirt. She was scared by the explosions, and so was Maddie judging by the tears in her eyes. I looked at them before walking back up to the front, watching as Isrreal neared the bridge.

"There are police blocking it! I can't get through," he told us.

There was a large explosion near the bridge, one of the major support beams on this side damaged. It wouldn't hurt the structure of the bridge, but judging by the burning cars and bodies around them, it did hurt a considerable amount of people. Police were trying to help, but many of them were killed in the blast.

"Ram it."

Coty was glaring at the police, balling his fists. He looked back to Maddie and her sister before looking back at Isrreal and giving him the most serious look I had ever seen him give,

"Ram it," he repeated.

Isrreal sighed before tightening his grip on the wheel, "if we die, you owe me ten bucks."

Slamming his foot down on the gas pedal, he drove the RV forward, speeding through the open road towards the police cars. He swerved to the side at the last minute, driving through a small opening between two cars. He smashed straight past them, pushing the vehicles out of the way as he sped onto the bridge. 

"Keep going keep going!" I urged him, "just gotta get to the other side before-"

And there it was. The thing I feared. Another explosion, and this time, on the bridge. There were a substancial amount of people on the other side of the bridge, traffic backed up from the cars that were going into the city. Many people had ditched their cars and were running back to the mainland. Enough explosions on all the major parts of this bridge, and the casualty number would be in the thousands.

And there it was. A large explosion on one of the four main support beams. The explosion took down most of the beam, causing the bridge to crumble. The concrete around it began to crack and break, cars falling one by one into the water. Isrreal sped up even more, and we passed by the explosion before a second hit the beam on our side of the bridge, the rest of the lane behind us exploding.

Another explosion in front of us, and Isrreal swerved out of the way to avoid a large part of the beam above us crashing down. It smashed into the bridge, breaking through right into the water. The entire bridge was falling apart piece by piece, and if we didn't get off of it soon we'd join the other cars down in the water below.

Suddenly, the road in front of us exploded. It was far enough we could avoid the blast hitting us, but it left a chunk of the road broken apart. Isrreal quickly swerved to the side, driving into the other lane and scraping the front corner of the RV against a blue pick-up truck.

Above us, a large column of the bridge exploded, rubble and rock falling down upon us. Isrreal turned to the left, just barely avoiding the rubble as it smashed into the bridge behind us. When I looked back, I was astonished. A major part of the bridge connecting Tazader City and the mainland was destroyed, and slowly the rest was crumbling to pieces.

"THERE! THERE IT IS!" Space shouted, pointing out the window to the end of the bridge. There was a large traffic blockup on the road leading to the bridge, but there was just enough of an opening to slip into the parking lot next to the bridge. Isrreal swerved to the right, slipping right through the opening, with only a few scratches on the car from the border.

The RV came to an abdrupt stop, all of us being thrown forward. I groaned, falling onto the floor beside Space. Isrreal and Coty immediately got up from their chairs, running out of the RV and leaving us there. I got up afterwards, following them with Andrew and Space trailing behind me.

The five of us bolted out of the parking lot, watching alongside a crowd of people the destruction of the bridge. Cars were spilling into the oceans, bodies and rubble following. Space whimpered, grabbing onto my arm and crying into my chest after looking away. It was horrible. It was barbaric.

"The hell is going on!?" Andrew asked one of the nearby officers.

"Please stay back! If this end of the bridge explodes, we need people away from the blast zone," the officer urged him.

Andrew stepped back, but didn't go back to the RV. He stopped, looking ahead towards the source of another scream. We could all see it. A car near the edge of the bridge, beginning to roll off the edge towards a broken part of the railing. Only a few cars were keeping it upright, and it wouldn't be long till they tumbled into the ocean.

In that car was a young boy, pounding on the window with all his might. The windshield was shattered, blood covering most of the glass and even more laying on the hood. Whoever was driving was dead, and the boy was now alone. 

Coty swore under his breath, staring at the scene with anguish. Just watching it was painful, because we couldn't do anything.

"Come on let's get out of here," Andrew told us, turning around to walk back to the RV.

But Isrreal didn't listen. He walked forward, ignoring us all. At first he was walking, but then he was jogging, and then finally he was running. He sprinted straight past the officer, shoving him out of the way as he ran onto the bridge. He hopped over one of the stone barricades, bolting onto the bridge and over to the cars.

"ISRREAL!" Space shouted, running towards him. Andrew and I both grabbed her, holding her back from running ahead.

We watched as the bridge began to fall apart, breaking off from the mainland as more and more pieces spiraled down into the water below. Isrreal bolted up to the car, pulling on the door handle to no avail. When it wouldn't open he stepped back, grabbing a large piece of concrete lying on the ground. 

"STEP BACK KID!" he screamed. The kid looked away as Isrreal slammed the concrete brick into the window, shattering the glass with a single hit. He reached through and pulled the kid out, slicing his muscled arms on the glass as he did so. He picked up the kid and ran, bolting towards the edge of the bridge.

We all knew he wouldn't make it. The bridge was coming back too fast, and just a she ran away, the car he was inside tumbled off the edge of the bridge, large cracks growing alongside the road in front of him. But still, he pushed his body to the full limit, trying to make it to the edge, trying to save the kid.

And then, a crack appeared in front of him. He fell, tripping on the crack and dropping the boy. The young boy fell out of his arms, rushing to his feet and looking back at him.

"GO!" Isrreal screamed, struggling to find the strength to get back up. The kid ran, bolting back towards the edge of the bridge as fast as his little legs could carry him. Isrreal got back up and ran, too far behind the kid to catch him. He was strong, but not enough to outrun the destruction.

"ISRREAL!" Space shouted again, reaching out for him.

And then, it happened. Just as the kid ran past the barricade, an explosion. The explosion blew apart the column we were near, the remainder of the bridge on our side collapsing. We all watched as smoke and flames destroyed several cars, killing the officer from before. The kid ran out of the way just in time, bolting into the parking lot and falling to the ground.

"Get him inside, now!" Andrew shouted, still staring at the wreckage. We were all hoping to see Isrreal emerge, hopefully still alive.

But when the smoke cleared, nothing remained. Several jagged pieces of concrete, and nothing else. The entire bridge, the cars and people on them, had fallen into the ocean below. He swore under his breath, turning around and stomping back into the RV. Space completely broke down, Coty helping her into the RV. I knelt down and grabbed the kid's hand, helping him off the ground.

"W-What's your name?" I asked the kid, still shaken by the explosion.

"Axel Desnos... um... sir," he said, looking at me with fear.

"Come on, we need to leave now. Is your family on this side of the bridge?" I asked him.

He shook his head, "no... they're dead."

I cursed quietly, helping him into the RV. I handed him his backpack before looking back at the explosion one final time.

Isrreal was dead, and this young boy was alive. I couldn't tell whether he was extremely noble, or extremely stupid.

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