The Omega Event

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Warmth and Cold

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



Anikan's POV

Now we had to make a decision. Stay the night here and head out in the morning, or leave now and stay the night at the docks. It was a three hour drive from here to the docks, so it'd be a bit. But while Julian wanted to leave, everyone else voted against him.

We all decided to go downstairs to the pool and little celebration they had and switched into different clothes. I wore a pair of red swim trunks and had my white t-shirt on for after. Andrew, Kailey, Lilitha, Space and Spencer changes as well, but Jaxi, Maddie and Julian kept their clothes on. Axel and Julia chose to change, as Julia had the swimsuit she brought to school for swimming class and Axel had a red swimsuit from his backpack.

Andrew wore black swim trunks as well and wore his hoodie as well. He'd take it off when he went into the water, because he could sink down into the pool to hide himself instead. Lilitha wore a white one piece swimsuit that covered most of her body. She was a bit shy towards us all and covered herself with a towel.

Space had worn her blue swimsuit again and I slapped Spencer after I caught him staring at her. She stood behind me, hiding herself from everyone except Maddie. Spencer changed out of his blue hoodie and ninja cosplay into a pair of neon green swim trunks. He didn't care that he was bony and pale, at least not until Andrew called him a "skinny little shitstain". He then put on a white t-shirt to cover himself till we got down to the pool.

Kailey came out of the bathroom next. Both Spencer, Andrew and I, until Space, Maddie and Lilith slapped us all, stared at her. She was wearing a black bikini, one that wasn't exactly covering too much. Kailey was a bit bigger then the rest of us, though that just appealed even more to Spencer.


"Ow! Seriously you're gonna give me a brain tumor if you keep it up!"

While we all changed Lilitha was taking to Andrew. She was a bit shorter then most of us, being maybe 5'4. Andrew being 5'9 gave him the chance to pat her on her head. She wore a dark blue jean vest over a white t-shirt and had on a pair of ripped jeans as well as running shoes. Her hair was long, red and a bit messy as well. I could also notice her eyes were a nice sea blue, but I thought I caught them flashing white.

After we all changed and grabbed a few towels we headed down to the pool. Lilitha had taken that time to give each of us nicknames, some more accurate than others.

She pointed to Maddie, "Darkie-chan!"

Then to Andrew, "Pyro-kun!"

Then to Spencer, "Little boy Blue!"

She looked at Axel, "Axel-kun!"

Then Julia, "Julie-chan!"

To Julian, "C-3P0!"

"Lilitha I feel like I should inform you that I have the ability to murder you, hide the body where nobody will ever find it, leave no forensic evidence, and lie as perfect as possible if you call me that again."

"Okay... R2-D2 then?"

After Andrew held Julian back from stabbing her to death in the hallway, she moved to me, "Ani-kun!"

Then to Kailey, "Swany-chan!"

Then Space, "Spacieeeee!"

And finally Jaxi, "Grape-chan!"

Jaxi smiled at her nickname and continued eating the blue grapes she had brought down with her. She seemed to be extremely hungry, even though before her nap in the RV she had half a box of cookies.

Andrew, Jaxi, Kailey, Space, Maddie, Julian, Lilitha, Axel, Julia, Spencer and I came down to the first floor and walked out the glass doors near the exit. We were greeted with a large open area with a smooth cobblestone patio and a festival of food and music.

There were a few food stands on the far right and several wooden tables scattered in front of them all for people to ear. To the left was a stage where a bunch of people were watching a band play music and there were people everywhere. One pool seemed to be mostly unoccupied, so we went there.

Jaxi, Maddie and Julian walked over to the food stands while the rest of us came into the pool. Andrew actually wandered off with Lilitha to another pool and both me and Kailey knew why.

"So you think he's gonna ask her out?" Space asked Kailey and I as we walked towards one of the more emptier pools.

"Nah. Too socially awkward... he doesn't like expressing his feelings does he?" Kailey asked me.

"Nope... unless it's anger or annoyance. Those show on him constantly," I told the two as we approached the pool.

The three of us could both agree on that, Andrew never showed his true feelings. But we could both see him smiling and laughing as he sat next to Lilitha in the pool across from us. But if anyone besides Lilitha approached him and tried to tease them, he'd deny even a simple smile and try and beat them to a pulp. Without Coty around, nobody would be there to defend anyone from Andrew but Maddie.

"You two coming?"

Space grabbed my arm and yanked me down into the pool. However as soon as I went under, I scrambled to get back up. I wiped my face and took several deep breaths as Space and Kailey giggled. Something I absolutely hated was going underwater and I refused to do so.

I noticed Julia and Axel had wandered off and gone to the other end. Axel was now talking to her about Ryan while she did her backstrokes on the abandoned end of the pool. I didn't hear what they said about him, but it was probably about his missing leg. I felt bad that he was forced to miss out on this because of his injury, but we could find another place like this again again in the future. When he's

Spencer, Space, Kailey and I sat together on our end of the pool coversing. Well Space, Kailey and I were, Spencer was undressing Kailey with his eyes. Eventually, she noticed and kicked him in the waist, causing him to swim away.

"Alright... best name for an fish themed weapon?" Kailey asked.

"What kind of a question is that?" I asked her.

She shrugged, "one from someone who is both bored and basically brain dead. I didn't get much sleep last night nor will I get much tonight," Kailey explained, "but just answer the question."

After a few minutes of thinking, 

"Baracuda bow? It can shoot deadly fish instead of weapons and somehow works underwater," I explained. But Space always knew she could one up me. And she did.

"I can top that. Shark Spark, an ray gun that shoots electric shark shaped blasts at someone. It won't end up electrocuting anyone except any creatures or people in a large eight by eight foot area. Also, it's charged by potatoes"

"Hmmm Space wins."

I groaned and sunk into the water a bit until Space wrapped her arms around me. She gave me a peck on the cheek before Kailey spoke, "awwww you two are adorable."

"I'm not adorable. I'm an idiot," I told the two as I popped my head a bit out of the water to speak.

Space continued to hug me, "you may be an idiot but you're my idiot."


Andrew's POV

The water was a warm steamy blue while the sky was a dark cold black. I sat next to Lilitha in the mostly abandoned hottub as we talked. She was telling me about her sister Zoey and how she still lived with her parents while I told her about Julian's unique personality.

"He's basically a robot. He's funny at times and despises relationships, is great at medical stuff and all that shit, oh and he does have an obsesssion with gambling. But never, and I mean never, talk about either sex or love around him. To him, love is a stranger he doesn't want to meet. Unless it's a husky cause he loves those," I explained to her.

She giggled and looked down at the water. There were a few bubbles coming up from the water and popping when they hit the surface. But her happy expression changed to one of trauma and when I waved my hand in front of her face she didn't move.


Her eyes seemed to be different, turning a bright white. Her entire body became cold, and she began to shiver in my arms. I grabbed onto her and tried to shake her, but nothing changed. But after a few seconds, they changed back and she took a deep breath.

"Are you okay?" I asked her worriedly.

"Um... yeah. Sorry I was just remembering something I wanted to forget. No matter what I can't get it out of my head."

"Maybe if you tell me that'll help?"

"No I can't burden you with knowing that."

"Lili... it's fine. You told me about your stepfather... so what could be worse?"

She sighed and finally decided to tell me, "there was a night a few years ago... back before I moved out. The last time I saw him."

"What happened?" I asked, holding her close. 

"I heard him in the kitchen screaming at my mother. He was angry, and I heard her screaming back at him. He couldn't find his stupid beer and thought she took it. So he yelled at her, shoved her into the wall, and knocked her out cold," she began to explain, her lip quivering.

She gulped, "a-and when I heard it I came out. I wanted to protect my mother, but all I saw was her on the floor. There was blood... I think he cracked her skull or something but it was bad. I stabbed him with a pen... and he threw me against the counter. Zoey just stood in the doorway and watched... she was too scared to do anything..."

"My mother tried to get back up. She screamed at him to stop. But he punched her, over and over again to shut her up. But she didn't stop. She wasn't telling him to stop hurting her though... she was telling him to stop hurting me. I rolled over, crawled towards the back door, and I just ran. After all the pain, the yelling and the screaming, I didn't feel like that was my home," she told me.

"I ran and I ran, and I heard him calling my name. He wandered outside and called out for me, asking if I was okay and where I was. He tried to pass it off as if I had run away and he was scared. Like he actually cared for me. He kept calling and calling my name, but I got far enough so I couldn't hear. I hid behind a convenience store, crouched behind a dumpster... and I cried," she said.

"I called the police and told them to come. They couldn't even understand me at first because of how much I was crying. But when they came, I ran back to the house. I saw him smash a beer bottle on one man's head, and they all took him down. Zoey was running outside trying to stop them, but I held her back. As much as he had done, she still loved him. Or at least she thought he did. He was her real father of course, so she was still attached. Our relationship was never the same. The cops eventually managed to cuff him, and he was shoved into the back of a car... and that was it. The pain was gone... with just a simple phone call," she finished.

"Why didn't you call before?" I asked.

"My mom told me not to. She told me he was different, he could change, all these stupid lies she believed. It took four years, four damn years for her to finally man up and dump his sorry ass... but finally he was gone," she said to me.

"Where is he?" I asked.

She shrugged, "some prison or something. I don't know, but I think it's in Texas. I haven't seen him since he was driven away, but my mom mentioned it once. But since that day I haven't felt like that place was home. So I moved out a few months later, and I've been living here since."

"I'm sorry Lili... you don't deserve this," I told her.I put my arm over her shoulder and pulled her towards me. She smiled weakly, "thanks Pyro-kun."

"Just call me Andrew," I said as I looked into her sparkling blue eyes.

She smiled at me, reaching out and holding my hand. I looked down, noticing she was wearing a pair of black fingerless gloves that stretched across her wrist. They weren't any average pair of gloves though, and looked as if they were made for swimming, or at least for water activities.

"Why the gloves?" I asked her.

She frowned, "I... I like them."

"Lili you're a really bad liar," I told her with a smile.

She pouted, "shut up. It's fine Andrew."

"Well if it was fine you'd tell me why," I told her.

"I just... I made a few bad decisions when I was younger. I can't take them back, but I can at least cover them up," she said to me.

I frowned as I began to realize what she meant, "Lili... did you hurt yourself?"

"I'm clean. At least for the past two years. Just... before when he was around, that was how I dealt with it," she said.

I looked down, watching as she pulled her hand out of the water and pulled back her glove a little bit. Several long reddish bumps were hidden underneath, and I grew a bit angry as I saw them. None of us had done that to ourselves besides Maddie, who had "experimented" once or twice about a year ago. She seemed to have broken that habit before.

"Do... do you hate me now? I showed one of my friends once and he called me gross and stopped talking to me," she said with a frown.

I shook my head and hugged her, "why would I? You're my friend Lili, and I care about. No stupid little scars are gonna change my mind."

She smiled back at me, "thank you."


Jaxi's POV

"So I view romance and relationships in general to just be pointless. You can experience the hightened hormones from other things, such as casual drugs, doing whatever you love best or other serums and medicine. Having sexual intercourse for any other reason besides reproduction is pointless. Even then, you should not reproduce unless your both are genius's so you can have an even smarter offspring," Julian began to explain.

Maddie continued their little debate, "okay, then what about being closer with your partner? When you do it for the first time you feel something with them-

"Pointless. It is merely a trick by the mind. Because many people say it, you assume it is true. I suggest stopping now or getting Space out of that pool or you aren't getting anywhere in this argument. Actually, even then, Space does not exactly seek sexual intercourse either."

Jaxi frowned, "isn't sex where a guy puts his thingy thing in-"

"OKAY LET'S CHANGE THE SUBJECT! TACOS OR BURRITOS!?" Space tried to keep Jaxi from going on.

Julian began another explanation, "well while most people see the difference between them as minimal, they are actually quite different. Now to truly figure out which one is better, we must delve back into history to find-"


"Fine. Tacos," Julian finally admitted. Maddie calmed down and went back to eating her pizza while I continued eating my grapes. Julian seemed a bit... weird. Like a robot, but worse. Maddie was fun and I liked talking to her, and maybe after all this, we could watch anime together."

I got up and walked to the stand to get a drink, but before I did a hand grabbed onto me. I broke away to see who it was. There was a man leaning against the stand with a black beanie, "you eighteen?"

"Yeah... why?"

"Come with me."

"Um... I'm good."

But he grabbed my hand and before I could run his hand was over my mouth. Something clicked inside of me, and I slammed my foot back into his shin. I grabbed his arm, squeezed his pressure point, and broke out of his grasp before kicking him in the shin and punching him in the gut.

The man scampered off and I smiled, turning back around to the stand. I reached towards the cooler to grab a bottle of water, but stopped when I spotted a large glass case sitting on the counter. Chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, double chocolate cookies, brownies, muffins, so many different desserts!

I climbed up onto the barstool at the counter and looked over at the man who was serving. He was wearing a black suit with a dirty apron over it, and his black hair was filled with grease from the two grills sitting behind him.

"Um excuse me mister..." I read his nametag, "Erick. Can I please have two chocolate chip cookies?"

He nodded and grabbed two of the case, tossing them to me. I was about to gobble one down, but realized I hadn't paid. But when I reached into my pocket to grab a few dollars, he put his hand out, "don't bother. On the house."

"Oh... thank you but I really don't deserve it," I told him with a blush running across my face from my social anxiety kicking in.

"It's on the house Jaxi. You remind me of one of my students," he said as he flipped several burgers on the grill behind him.

"Students? You're a teacher? Then why are you flipping burgers?" I asked him curiously.

"Lost a bet. It's not that bad, I still get paid," he explained. I nodded and jumped off the barstool, ready to go back to the others.

"Bye Erick-kun!"

He waved goodbye before going back to cooking. I turned back around and walked towards a white table next to one of the pools where the others were gathered. But halfway there, I realized something he had said. How had he known my name?

"Hey mister Erick-"

But when I turned around, he was gone. I frowned and shrugged, heading back over to the table, but I noticed something. A car alarm was going off in the parking lot. And the bad thing, it was the alarm of the RV.

I rushed past the table, heading into the darkened parking lot. No people, and no lights besides several street lights. The RV was also parked on the end of the lot, but the alarm wasn't going off anymore. The alarm seemed to have stopped as soon as I got in here.

Something wasn't right. I turned around and tried to go back, but a hooded figure was blocking my path. I stepped back as he approached me, only for him to slip a knife out of his hoodie. He then lunged forward and I screamed, turning around and running to the RV. My sword was still inside, and if I could get it then maybe I stood a chance.

But I didn't need to. A single kick sent the man to the floor. When he tried to get back up, my mysterious savior punched him in the gut before grabbing his neck, and snapping it. I stepped back and gasped, watching as Erick stood before me.

"Mister Erick you-"

"I know. It was his time anyways," Erick said as he stared at the dead body.

He then turned around and walked towards his car, tossing his apron between two other random cars. I turned and called out, "sir where are you going?"

He shrugged, "home probably. Bet's over now so I got no other reason to be here. I'll see you again in about a year."

"A year? Wait Erick-"

He turned to get in his car and disappeared between a van and a black sedan. I rushed towards him to ask, but when I looked into the gap, it was empty. Nobody was there, and there was no sign of Erick at all. I looked back at the apron, and it was gone as well.

I then looked back to the dead body, frowned, shrugged, and walked back out of the parking lot. Someone would probably find it later. What I didn't know is that they wouldn't find a dead body. But one with grey skin, red eyes, and claws, as the man began to mutate in the empty parking space...

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