The Omega Event

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Last Night Alive

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



Anikan's POV

So far the night was going great, but that wouldn't last.

Space, Kailey and I laid in the hot tub letting the warm water kill our stress and worries. It was relaxing and for once in the past week I wasn't trying to decide how to ration food or which enemy to kill first. I could see the others all gathering around at a table, except Axel and Julia who seemed to be missing. Most likely they ran inside to find the arcade.

I felt something brush across my hand and turned my head to Space who's hand was drifing towards mine. The warm water and bubbles were moving across her silky white skin as her bright blue eyes stared into mine looking for something. I moved close to her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Alright alright enough of the romance... can we get food now?" muttered Kailey as she began to step out. I shrugged and took her hand, the two of us walking up the stairs out of the water. But as our bodies left the warm water, the cold air hit us. 

Kailey bundled herself up in a white towel and Space did the same. I followed them to the tables set up next to the Taco Stand where the others were sitting. Julian was conversing with Maddie and Lilitha had sat down with Andrew as well. Spencer had gone off to find the kids and Kailey and I stifled laughter as we saw Axel and Julia dragging him away from an Arcade Machine set up near the stage next to a few other games.

We all sat down together at the table and Space got up to get us all food, leaving the remainder of us to speak. I noticed Jaxi was gone, but didn't question it at first.

"So little boy blue... what games they got set up?" asked Andrew as he took a bite of the nachos Lilitha and him were sharing. Spencer perked up and looked excited but began to rant on, "they got some kind of 3D Pac-man remake... oh and Donkey Kong the original! Oh but the best... the best is the 4Vision rig they set up!"

We all looked over to the small area to see the amazing game console known as the 4Vision. They had blocked off a small square area for people to play and had the headset handing from the ceiling by the small wires used to connect it to the laptop. A display screen was shown in front of that for others to watch. I was thinking about using it, but that was before Space came back.

She sat down and began to hand out food to the rest of us, mostly Pizza but a few tacos and a plate of Nachos that Kailey began to pour cheese on. 

"Alright alright... besides amazing game consoles... what's going on with you two?" asked Kailey as she looked to Andrew and Lilitha. Her eyes were moving along the checkered red and white tablecloth up past the nacho platter and to the pale white hand belonging to Andrew on top of the even paler white hand that was Lilithas. 

Andrew immediately yanked his hand away upon realizing where it had been resting causing both Maddie, Space and Kailey to laugh. Shipping people was one of their favorite things it seemed, and it looked like they were their next victims.

"Shut up... there is nothing going on between us and I don't like her okay," Andrew said, denying his feelings as usual.

Julian spoke up, "while I can agree Andrew's word is something to be taken seriously, I am almost a hundred percent sure that Andrew's overfilled sex drive and brain sensors seem to have generated some infatuation towards Lilitha."

Andrew punched Julian in the arm and pulled his hoodie down over his face. Lilitha had simply blushed but looked away. I had known her for awhile and knew what she was thinking, but I wasn't gonna question her about it in front of everyone.

Spencer did.

"Andrew and Lilitha sitting in a tree, F-U-C-

Andrew immediately ripped Spencer's GameBuddy from his hand and threw it across the area. It landed in the pool and Spencer lept up from his seat and ran after it. However he slid across the wet tiles on the edge of the pool and fell straight in. We all laughed as he sunk to the bottom, but triumphantly raised his hand out of the water clutching his still working console.

"I'm gonna go get a drink. Be right back!" said Kailey as she got up and left Space and Maddie to pull Spencer out of the water. Maddie didn't always like Andrew's attempts on Spencer's life, but she was still laughing. At least he hadn't gutted him.

While Kailey wandered off to the bar, I slipped back on my white t-shirt. Space however latched onto my arm with her pale cold hands, "aww... I liked you better without it."

Spencer spoke up once more as he slowly rose up from the ground still dripping wet, "your talking about those two... when Ani and Space are just seconds away from fu-"

Imitating Andrew I kicked to the side and kicked Spencer's GameBuddy out of his hand. He screamed and dived back into the pool to reclaim it while the rest of us watched, amused at the scene. Spencer climbed back out of the pool and dropped his GameBuddy onto his towel.

"Okay I got a little idea for a game. How about we all list one thing we'd like to become true. For example, I'd want for all schools to be able to provide mental health counselours for students. And I'd like them to take it seriously, unlike our shitty school," Space suggested to us.

Maddie went next, "well I'd like an anime that doesn't have some perverted moment every five episodes. We either got tentacles, exposed panties or accidental groping. I can tell my boyfriend thinks otherwise but for once I'd like to see the guy failing at his perverted attempts to get with a girl in a sterotypical schoolgirl outfit."

"Hey I... okay nevermind," said Spencer who couldn't deny it.

"Even though there would be one thing I'd want more then that. I'd wish my father didn't hate me," Maddie said with a frown.

"What's wrong with your father?" Jaxi asked her.

She frowned and continued eating the bag of chips sitting on the table while explaining, "he never liked me. Always preferred my siblings over me. Julia was the one exception, which is why we got along so well. We were both helping each other survive from an early age."

"That's really sad. My dad moved out when I was fifteen, and he only came back when the mutants started causing chaos," Jaxi explained.

"Well what I would want is the power to manipulate the minds of every individual. For example I could turn Spencer's perverted mind into one of an intellectual such as yours truly. I could also have stopped the world from being destroyed in the first place by forging peace with the foreign countries," Julian explained his choice. 

"I'd want a fucking flamethrower to burn Spencer alive," Andrew said simply. His choices almost always ended in Spencer dead or suffering.

I went next, "alright what about something like a roomba, except it can hover and you can control it kinda like a drone. You can either use a remote or voice commands and it can basically be like a servant or with a camera attached, a spy drone. And to take care of the battery issues, put on one of those power banks. If they can keep a phone alive for days, it can keep a drone alive for half of one."

Lilitha rose her hand, "oh oh how about a robot that dispenses pocky! Like it just follows you around and whenever you want, it'll shoot out a pocky stick into your mouth! Oh oh and it can have a really cute face on it! Like an adorable cat face! Or maybe some blushy cheeks! Maybe even a panda face!"

After Lilitha's energetic and hyperactive outburst, Jaxi went next. She took a few seconds to think, but eventually came up with something.

"Alright so... this is a really complicated idea so not everyone may get it at first. It's a bit serious too so if you're not prepared then brace yourself. The idea is... a never ending cookie! Like you take a bite, and it just regenerates in your hand! That would be so cool and it'd end world hunger!" Jaxi exclaimed.

Julian scoffed, "or kill half the globe with obesity."

Jaxi stomped on Julian's foot and pouted, eating the cookies she had bought from the nearby stand.

Ryan went next, "same thing as the little girl there, but instead of a cookie it'd be a taco."

"Why a taco?" I questioned.

"I have a soft spot for Mexican food. I don't know why but I've always loved most mexican foods like tacos, quesadillas, or just nachos. Wait do they have nachos here?" Ryan questioned.

Jaxi nodded and got up, running over towards one of the stands. Ryan followed, the two of them off to buy some cheese covered nachos.

Spencer then went next, "alright this is less of an idea and more of a prediction. Now sometime in the future, I don't know when, there's gonna be a huge rise in... genderbent anime girls! Now hear me out. We got all sorts of villains over the years, but what if they were turned into anime girls!? Imagine a slime monster, but as an anime girl! Or a turtle king, but as an anime girl with a shell and maybe horns too! They'd call it um... not Bowseita... oh Bowsette! It'd be this huge trend of memes, fan art and hentai that would infect the entirety of the internet!"

"Spencer you are truly the stupidest and most perverted person in existance," Julian said simply and clearly.

She was looking a bit different and when she dropped the shotglass down on the table we realized why. She was drunk and had gotten that way quick. But the one thing that shocked us even more was when she pushed Space out of the way and sat down on my lap. I tried to push her away as she began to rub herself on my body, but it was a tackle from Space that sent her to the floor.

"Ow... that kinda hurt."


"Ugh fine... hey Spencer..."

Before Spencer could react she began to move closer towards him and grind her body against his. He closed his eyes and stared down at her butt, biting his lip to prevent any moaning. He just let a boner rise up and press against her back. That was his mistake. One he'd regret for the rest of his life.

Maddie lept out of her seat and enragingly punched Kailey out. She fell backward into the pool and Space quickly ran to fish her unconscious body out. But Maddie's fists were still balled even after that when she turned to Spencer.

"Thanks, Maddie I-"

"You didn't even try to stop her!?"

"Uh... well I expected Space to-"

"At least our dumbass leader over there tried to struggle! You just let it happen!"

"I tried to-"

"No Spencer I have had it with you! Your stupid perverted shit, your pantsu rants, your hentai collection! You don't want me, all you want is some shitty big titted body pillow and a fleshlight! I will not deal with this any more... just leave me alone."

Maddie stormed off into the hotel and let the glass doors swing behind her as she disappeared into the building. Julian sighed and rose up from the table, "well since it is within the social concept to comfort a person after they storm off from a fight, I think I shall take that job this time seeing as the rest of you are occupied with the... 'whore' over there."

Julian walked off to follow Maddie while the rest of us looked down to Kailey. She was waking up and clutching her head and when she saw us we knew she was back from her worried expression.

"Oh god... my head kinda hurts. What happened?" Kailey asked as Space and I helped her up. Instead of Spencer's smirk and exaggerated explanation though, we got one from Andrew, "you tried to give Anikan and Spencer lapdances and Maddie knocked you out."

Kailey facepalmed and sat down on the seat, silently eating her nachos. The rest of us gave a weak laugh, but Spencer was still there. He was sitting on the edge of the pool next to his GameBuddy, which still seemed to be working. Hopefully Julian could help with Maddie because if not it'd mean bad news for Spencer.


Julian's POV

"Madeline! Madeline wait up!"

I rushed through the front glass doors and watched as the crying weeaboo stepped into the elevator. However, I ran forward and managed to slip inside before the doors closed. Maddie didn't even have time to get out and take the stairs before we were both trapped inside.

"What the *sniff* hell do you want Julian?" she asked through the tears. She was turning away from me so I didn't see her face, but I just walked to the other side of her.

"Well, it is within the social concept that when someone is upset and storms off, someone follows after them and gives them a comforting talk."

"Julian you are the least comforting person I know. At least C-3PO gives a shit about R2."

"That may be semi-correct... but I am truly sorry for what happened just now. I wish I could have done something to prevent that meaningless drama... but sadly I cannot control everything. If I could I'd be sitting on an island resort being fed grapes by a StormTrooper."

Maddie smiled weakly at that last remark and finally looked at me, "don't apologize... you didn't do nothing wrong. It was the damn bastard's fault... mine even more for trusting him. I'm beginning to think maybe we're not meant for each other."

"Au contriere... I actually see you two as some sort of a power couple. Space and Anikan's relationship is more of a... I'll just say it's emotions coming from the shock of this whole situation and without the near death scenario we are it, it would never have been a thing."

"I'm not so sure about that... but I'm not so sure I'm meant for Spencer. You may think we work together like that... but I'm not sure if I work for anyone," Maddie said as the elevevator doors opened. A man was about to step in but I moved my hoodie to the side to flash my gun and he darted down the hall like the Flash.

The doors closed once more and she continued, "maybe I should just end it... then just give up on dating. There isn't gonna be many options when the world ends huh?"

"I suppose not... but I can agree that maybe giving up on the concept of dating could be a nice proposal. But I am truly sorry for ruining it for you... I only wished for myself to be asexual and not to effect anyone else's sexuality."

"I'm not becoming asexual... but don't apologize for something that isn't your fault. It's all Spencer's fault... and I've had enough of being hurt and said sorry to."

"Well in this situation according to the social concept apologizing is something someone should do when someone loses someone close to them or is going through a hard time."

"I don't want to hear it."

"Alright then... I have been trying to act a little less of an... well as Space would call it "an emotionless asshole" and be a bit more human like the rest of you. Without de-evolving to your stage of evolution of course."

I could tell Maddie felt the need to slap me as the elevators opened again to Lilitha's floor. We exited the elevator and I continued to walk behind Maddie. I would reach out and drag her back to the others like Andrew woul do, but I did not wish to make physical contact with anyone.

"Trying to become normal huh... yeah right... Julian you can't change... neither can Spencer from his ways of gawking at every hot girl that passes by."

"Normal is a very loose term... however I can say for a fact that I am trying to be more relatable. For example, I was thinking of getting interested in the concept of anime... watching Sword Art Online would be a start."

"You'll like it... just don't watch One Piece... I can tell that is definitely not for you."



"Oh god... filthy pointless creatures. Dreadful if you think about it. All except for the Captain who only leads his crew because he said so, the pirates are treated like filthy scum and get thrown off ships for nothing."

Maddie gave a small giggle as she stopped at the window at the end of the hall. She was staring out at the scene down below. Spencer was sitting at the edge of the pool while everyone else was talking.

"You're an interesting person Julian... if your goal is to become a bit more human... then you're doing good in the comforting part so far. We may be in a situation where one of us could die at any time... but it looks like it brings out the best of us."

"How so?"

"Look at how we've changed. Andrew's showing himself a bit more... even if he's known Lilitha for a few days compared to knowing us for years and now she knows him better then us. Then Anikan and Space are dating now... you're becoming more emotional and showing off your medical skills... as much as I hate to admit it... even Spencer is getting stronger. He's able to fend off mutants on his own and he just saved us."

"Hmm... Coty thought a bit differently. Remember that whole situation where Spencer blew up Coty and asked out his girlfriend?"

Maddie smirked, "yep... oh remembering Coty sucker punching him is so satisfying right now. But what about Coty?"

"Well a bit after that he was still on edge... I tried to help him with homework but went a bit overboard on the subject. Eventually, that turned into my view... my look on life. How I see everything... and how dark that was. I see the truth in the world where the other's don't... and Coty didn't like that."

"Sucker punched you?"

"Twice in the jaw."


She continued to stare out the window and I noticed Spencer's reflection in her eyes. But she blinked and looked away to something in the back. She was no longer smiling but staring at a black van driving out from behind the taco trucks and into the alley behind the hotel. There was a small tinted window from behind... but she saw something.


Maddie grabbed her gun from her belt but I quickly snatched it for her and put it back.

"Take it out when we're not surrounded by hundreds of vacationing tourists."


Anikan's POV

Maddie and Julian had not come back and worries were beginning to arise. Space was still looking towards the hotel waiting for them to walk out, but neither did. With no sign of them, I began to suspect something was up. Lilitha then frowned and broke the silence, "um where are the kids?"

I shrugged and got up, looking around for them. Nobody were at any of the food stands, and the small bar on the end was just filled with drunk old men. No other kids in the pools, meaning the only option was in the hotel.

Lilitha, Andrew, Kailey and I walked over to the hotel, leaving the others there to continue eating. Andrew lead the way to the arcade, passing the gift shop as several kids raced past us, heading towards the pool. We simply followed the sound of video games and kids shouting and found the arcade down a hall from the lobby.

It was a very large arcade, which made up for the lack of a waterpark here. Several 4Vision games were set up on the far end of the room, and all of them were taken up by several kids who were being watched by even more. The racing games were all empty besides three kids playing Death Kart.

"Give up Daryyl you're all the way in last place!"

"Nah Luke I don't give up that easy. Besides you won't win either. Emerald's ahead of both of us!" 

"Haha suckers! Now both of you owe me a cookie!"

We passed the racing games and found the basic slot machines in the back. Axel was sitting at one, Julia watching as one by one, coins shot out of the machine into the metal buckets next to Axel. Three were already filled, and according to the small cup of tokens sitting on the machine, Axel had only used six tokens to win.

"How the fuck did you win that much?" Andrew questioned Axel as he spun around in the barstool.

"Luck. Actually I just took Lilitha's credit card and bought a few tokens. I didn't expect to win this much," said Axel as coins continued to pile out into the buckets.

Lilitha dipped her hand into her purse and checked her wallet. She gasped as she realized her card was missing, and Axel tossed it back to her. Andrew rose his fist to punch, but Axel put his hand up, "I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Axel then picked up two of the buckets, Julia picking up the last as they walked towards the prize table. Axel dropped all three on the table and looked over the prizes, "alright one majestic stuffed dolphin, two eyeball rings, eighteeen jumbo tootsie rolls, a six pack of candy blunts, that dragon amulet, two marshmellow launchers, and three army men."

The man nodded and handed the two kids all their stuff. Axel then handed Lilitha the grey dolphin and she gasped, hugging the stuffed anime while jumping up and down, "oh my god thank you Axel-chan!"

He then handed Lilitha one of the eyeball rings and slipped it on her finger. He slipped on one of his own and pressed the rings together, "eyeball buddies?"

Lilitha smiled, "eyeball buddies!"

Jaxi looked to us, "thank you... can we enjoy the rest of the night."

I nodded and raised my fist up to the sky, "to the last night of our lives."

"Last night of our lives!"

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