The Omega Event

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Midnight

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



The night... it was perfect in my opinion. The stars in the sky were shining brightly like every night this week and there were no clouds to block it out. Ever since that night we found out the world was ending, the sky was clear. It was like that knowledge was the reason we had clear beautiful skies.

But I didn't question it. I was surrounded by my favorite people in the world, the only ones that understood me. We were all outsiders. Me, the quiet one afraid to talk to people. Andrew, the emo who walks alone. Julian, the man too smart for everyone. Maddie, ignored and bullied because of her love for anime. Spencer, bullied in school for his nerdy nature. Space, sitting outside of groups and going alone through school. Jaxi, the one who's lost her family. Kailey, a girl bullied for her looks. Ryan, a man who's lose everything.

We were together now and nothing could pull us apart.


After sitting for awhile at the table having drinks and making toasts to stupid things, including Sonic the Hedgehog, we headed back up to Lilitha's apartment. I noticed Lilitha holding Andrew's hand on the way there and I smiled. Love was a beautiful thing... and those two seemed to be meant for each other.

We came into Lilitha's hotel room and Kailey immediately collapsed on the couch. Lilitha sat down next to Andrew and switched on the TV. It immediately turned to anime and we watched a man with a long white scarf and a vest run across the scene for a second before Lili turned to us.

"Alright now I suggest you all get showers. Maddie go check on Ryan... in the meantime take turns in the shower. You should get cleaned up if we're leaving tomorrow... we don't know where we're going anyways."

Andrew walked towards the bathrooma and closed the door behind him before any of us could make a decision of who went first. However Spencer walked by me with his GameBuddy, "you wanna play for a bit?"

"Game on!"


Jaxi's POV

While Anikan and Spencer played on their GameBuddies on the balcony, the rest of us sat on the couch and continued to watch anime. Axel and Julia were sitting in the kitchen, acting like none of us noticed they were holding hands. It was cute and I hoped it'd last a long time.

Julian was on the edge of the couch watching the TV intensely while munching on popcorn. He seemed to be mesmerized by the anime known as Sword Art Online and actually gave a shit to try and watch it.

"So is that one dude gonna come back or did he die?"

"Nah he'll be back in a few episodes."

Behind us the bathroom door opened and Andrew walked out. His hood was down and his hair wet and he tapped Julian on the shoulder. Julian groaned and walked off into the shower. Lili paused the anime for him as Andrew sat down next to her and his hand discreetly moved around her body.

But something caught my attention. I glanced to the side to see Lilitha's eyes flash blue and white for a second before going back to how they were. I stood up and stared at her.

"What are you?" I asked Lilitha suspiciously. There was definitely something suspicious going on with her.


"What are you... there's something weird going on with you. Your eyes... they're changing," I shouted loudly. Anikan and Spencer didn't both coming out, but Julian peeked his head out of the bathroom door.

Lilitha wasn't panicking nor looking angry, but calm.

"At least I don't have to hide it anymore... alright... I'm different."

"Oh my god you're a siren! Oh oh maybe you're a succubus! That's why Andrew actually has a shot!"

Andrew slapped Kailey on the leg and she scoffed at him. But Lili shook her head and began to widen her eyes. They flashed white and blue once more before going back to how they were.

"I'm a psychic... that's what I am. Ocasionally I have flashes of the future... just minor things that would happen. Ever since my stepdad hit me it's been happening. For awhile I was afraid... but now I embrace it. I can feel everyone's emotions... everyone is calm... happy... except one."

She looked to Julian who was wrapped up in a towel and marching out of the shower.

"The concept of their being mysitcal beings known as psychics that can see the future is simply a horrible lie, a sham to attract tourists and convince people of witchcraft. I deduce you are just guessing and have no kind of mysical power at all!"

Lilitha turned her back to us and looked up at the TV while her eyes flashed white, "you can accuse me... but I know the truth... I know what Andrew is thinking... he's looking at my ass isn't he?"

We turned to Andrew who immediately reddened and hid under his hoodie. We all broke out in laughter, even Julian who smirked. But he wasn't convinced, "anyone could have figured that out. He's not exactly being secretive about it."

Andrew grabbed his taquito off the table and threw it at Julian who dodged and hid behind the table. Lilitha smirked, "alright then... Julian... I know that you are... thinking of... EW!"

None of us had an idea of what she meant, but from Julian's reddened face, Andrew's stifled laughter and Kailey's suggestive smile that it was bad. "What is it?" I asked everyone. Maddie was about to tell me but Kailey held her back, "nobody tell her... Jaxi needs to stay innocent."

"Oh is it about those videos... oh my god does Julian watch porn?"

"Jaxi! Bad! You are not allowed to know about that!"

"Well I do! You wanna try and stop me!"

Kailey stayed silent and gave me a hug, "thought so."

Kailey then dropped to the floor and began to bow down to Lilitha, "ALL PRAISE OUR PSYCHIC LORD AND SAVIOR LILI!"

Suddenly Lilitha began to shudder and she screamed once before falling forward. Andrew ran forward and caught her before she could fall into the glass table and we all looked into her eyes as they went back to normal.

"What happened!?" I exclaimed as I tried to shake her awake. She looked into my eyes with an expression of true unclaimed fear.

"Someone's coming."


Anikan's POV

Inside, we could hear the shouts, laughter and screams. But my concentration was not on everything inside, but the game. I was holding my GameBuddy and sitting on the balcony with Spencer, playing a quick game of Mario Kart.

"Spencer stop hacking!"

"I'm not hacking you muffinsack!"





Spencer turned off the hack and I immediately gained the lead. But soon, his white and green spotted kart raced past mine. I attempted to get the lead with a Blue Shell, but upon glancing at my screen he let me take first place before I could use it.

"Fuck you."



As my Kart exploded on the game, Spencer snickered beside me. I punched him in the stomach and he wheezed before dropping the GameBuddy. It slipped through the crack between the railing and floor and he reached out to catch it. But alas, we were forced to watch the game console spiral to the ground before landing in the grass.


Spencer pushed me to the side and ran out into the room and I could hear the hotel door slam behind him as Spencer ran down the hall still screaming. I laughed and walked back inside, but as I did I heard a voice from in the bathroom.

"Ani? Can you come in?"

I turned a bit red but slowly opened the door just a bit and slipped inside. When I came inside I saw the bathroom was a white tile room with glass panels seperating the shower from the rest of the room. Space was standing in the middle of the shower, the water spraying down along her milky white skin. 

"You just gonna stare or are you gonna help?"

"Uh... uhhhh yeah... yeah with what?" I managed to get out as I stuttered in shock. She was smiling, covering her chest with her thin arms. There wasn't much to cover, but it was still a sight I had never seen before. 

"I need you to hand me the towel. I think it's under the sink but I'm not sure."

I knelt down and pulled up the cabinet to find a few rolls of toilet paper, a sponge and two pristine white towels. I pulled one out and moved towards the glass panels. She pushed the glass door opened and she had on a pouty expression, "don't... don't look at me."

As she walked out of the shower I turned my head, though the mirror was on the other side of me. She noticed me glance at the mirror and slapped me on the arm before covering her body with the towel.


"At least I'm not Spencer."


She pulled me close and our lips locked as her back hit the wall. Her hand was running along my back and mine was on the back of her neck. I felt an urge, maybe even a flash of lust run through my body. But I wasn't going to do this now, or at least this early. Maybe if we lived a few more weeks and we were safe, then maybe.

I broke away and looked into her sparkling sea blue eyes, as she looked into my dark brown ones. But before her hand could move towards my jacket and my hand could pull down her towel, the door swung open.



Andrew, Jaxi, Julian, Kailey, Maddie and Lilitha all watched amusingly as I whacked Spencer over the head with a bottle of shampoo as he attempted to scramble away. However Space sent a single jump kick to his head and he flew against the wall, groaning in pain.

Space snuck back into the bathroom still covering herself with the towel while I looked to the others. Andrew was sitting with Lilitha whispering to her and the others were all watching TV. I was about to go drag Spencer out to the balcony for a rematch, but Jaxi got up and walked over to me.

"You wanna go to the arcade downstairs?"



The two of us left the others alone, heading downstairs to the arcade. But after recovering Spencer followed us and despite my pleas to leave him behind, Jaxi let him tag along. But on the way there she caught Spencer's eyes wandering and gave him a punch in the stomach.

But upon entering the arcade, we were mezmerized. Black carpeting, black walls and lit up arcade machines everywhere. I passed a few shooting machines along with a Donkey Kong machine before we spotted it. There was a 4Vision rig set up in the back.

Spencer raced towards it and began to jump up and down in excitement. He stepped inside the machine and put on the headset hanging from the ceiling. It was a black and grey visor that covered your eyes. Only thing was that it was a bit heavy, but according to recent rumors the upcoming 5Vision that would be released in a little less then a year, it would be a lot lighter.

We stood there and watched Spencer slay creatures in VR while smiling and shouting excitedly.

"He's a good kid. Not sure if he's cut out for what's coming though," said Jaxi as she grabbed a lolipop from a vending machine. She walked over to an arcade machine and began playing Pac-Man while I watched.

"What do you mean? What isn't he cut out for?"

"Anikan... You need to realize what's coming and the risks that come with it. Ryan's already missing a leg and everyone else isn't exactly trained to shoot. I can't use a gun, only my sword."

"Okay okay I get that... but what's coming?"

"Tomorrow night comes Fallout according to Spencer's little forum. If that's true, then we have to leave as fast as we can. Or, we'll get blown to pieces. I know that there will be some interfearence, whether it's a Warship, an attack jet that'll sink our ship, or just a lucky shot with a gun. But don't expect everything to just go smoothly... life just doesn't work out that way."

I began to ponder on what she was saying. It was true, life never worked out for any of us. So far we've managed to stay alive with only one casualty and two major injuries... but even then... she was right. Not everything would work out okay.

"Let's just be optimistic... okay?" I asked. It was stressful enough leading everyone through this all, but being told all this wasn't helping. If someone else died, their blood would be on me be on my hands.

A few minutes later Spencer stepped out of the rig, looking especially satisfied. We all watched as tickets began to flow out of the side and after two minutes of just staring, we began to wonder if the rig had glitched or not.

"Spencer... how did you-

"Many many boosters... those monsters never knew what was coming!" Spencer shouted deviously as he picked up the pile of tickets and walked off the prize counter. I looked to Jaxi who shrugged, "maybe he is ready."

However none of us got to know. We all watched as a scream echoed out in the arcade. I immediately went for my machete but realized I left it back in the room. We turned the corner to see a mutant stumbling through the front doors, crunching down on a woman's neck.


He got the signal and nodded before running towards the mutant and ripping him off of her. But that didn't work as planned as the mutant pinned Spencer against a wall and moved it's teeth towards his neck.

Jaxi ran towards the pool table and grabbed a cue before snapping it in two. She jumped off the table and simultaneously threw the cue, which flew right through the infected's skull.

We all backed up as Spencer knelt down at the Woman's body. She seemed to have passed out, but as shining silver claws began to extend from the woman's hand and her skin turned grey, I knew she didn't

"Spencer stand back!"

He leaped away as the infected woman slashed at him but missed. I ran forward and crushed her skull with my boot as passerby's watched. Everybody was looking at me and I wondered if they had seen her mutate or if they had just witness me murder someone.

But they all began to cower in fear as more of the infected came through the front doors. I went for my gun but remembered I had none and was forced to use my bare hands. 

I grabbed the pool cue from the dead woman's body and began to fight them off. I whacked one across the head and Jaxi stabbed one through the skull with the end of her pool cue. We were displaying pure violence and bloodshed in front of these people, and all they could do is watch.

"Spencer go make sure we got no other breaches!"

While Spencer ran off to go help the bystanders, the two of us continued to kill the infected. However one got past and noticed a small child cowering behind a Fruit Ninja monitor. It lunged at the girl and I immediately ran to it.

I tackled the mutant away from the girl and quickly pushed it against the locked glass doors. I sent two punches to it's face before stabbing it in the head with my pocket knife.

Its body crumpled to the floor and I turned to see a woman picking up the cowering child. She nodded to me as to say "thank you" and I nodded back. Jaxi walked away from the front entrance as all the mutants were cleared out and sat down next to me.

"Wabble... that was annoying."

"Yeah... uh... Jaxi?"

We both looked out the entrance to see several cops rush in. I grabbed her by the arm and dived behind a few arcade machines. Spencer joined us as we sat behind there, hiding.

The cops began shouting out to the crowd, "there are three suspected terrorists here! Possibly more! We don't know their intentions but it is probably to kill!"

A man with dark skin wearing a brown leather jacket over a white t-shirt and jeans stepped up, "and what makes you think they're terrorists? These those same kids in a banged up RV on the news every damn day?"

"They destroyed a prestiged university and killed all the students inside!"

"I saw the reports and I heard the rumors! No kid has that power to take down that many people, and even if they did it's because your government doesn't have the power to stop them!"

The cop began to show off pictures and when I turned, it was Spencer, Andrew and I. They most likely got them from the shootout after they took a few shots of all of us. But they didn't flash the rest of the pictures yet.

"Have you seen any of these people!? Lying will only get you arrested for withholding information in a criminal investigation!"

"Yeah we saw them... they just saved our asses from those damn monsters. None of your little men were here to stop them, so they did. So Deputy Donut, if you don't want a bit of a riot here, then I suggest you back off and leave these kids alone!"

We all smiled as the crowd agreed, rioting and forcing the cops out of the building. With the distraction we ran up the stairs back to the hotel rooms and quickly came face to face with Maddie. 

"What the hell is going on with the screaming?" she asked as she pulled as aside. Jaxi began to explain everything to Maddie's shock. But finally after she calmed down we began to head back to the room.

But Jaxi and I walked ahead, Maddie and Spencer walking behind. When I turned my head to see, it was not the two of them holding hands and making up. No kisses, no love. It was Maddie, turning to Spencer with tearful eyes and speaking to him. Jaxi was watching as well and I could see her lips moving.

"You read lips?"

"A bit... she did it... she broke up with him."

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