The Omega Event

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Burning Streets

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



Anikan's POV

The world was coming to an end faster than we had predicted.

The shouting was replaced with screaming. The shoving was replaced with brawls. The air was full of smoke, and flames erupted in the streets as the military marched down the road. This was the true definition of chaos. Helicopters spiraling out of the sky. Mutants tearing through the flesh of innocent civilians. Shootings in the street, both from the army and the police.

Jaxi and I ran down the hall, passing by several others who were bolting towards the elevator. We turned our heads, Maddie and Spencer doing the same as they stopped behind us. Several mutants emerged from the elevator, another man falling forward as one of the mutants tore off a piece of his neck. They pounced on the other people, tearing them to shreds.

"We need to leave, now!" Maddie shouted.

The four of us bolted towards the hotel room, Jaxi swinging the door open for us all to run in. She slammed it shut afterwards, locking the door before turning to the others who were looking at us with confusion, "we need to leave right this moment. Pack your bags."

"Seriously? We're in the middle of an episode," Julian said as he tossed a piece of popcorn in his mouth.

The ground shook, and we all turned towards the glass doors that lead to the balcony. A police helicopter was floating in the sky, shining it's lights down on the nearby park a few blocks away. A swarm of mutants was emerging from the front entrance, and a small military blockade was attempting to hold it off. They were being overrun, and within seconds the mutants tore their defenses down.

I watched in horror as a soldiers was forced to the ground, firing his gun up into the air as the mutant tackled it out of his hands and sunk his teeth into his neck, one of the few weak spots exposed by his plain green military uniform. The man next to him rushed to his side, but was thrown out of the way by another mutant who slashed his back open with a single hit.

Not even the military could beat them. This threat was huge, bigger than anything we had ever seen before. Before, we knew they were strong. The government was never very good at handling situations like this. But seeing them take on the military one on one, and decimate them... it was chilling. 

"There are riots in the street, and soon enough the police will storm this place! They know we're here, and we can't survive anough encounter with them!" I told them all, "so grab your stuff and let's go."

Everyone began rushing to pack, and I quickly grabbed my backpack laying against the wall nearby. I picked it up and picked my colt out of the side pocket, holstering it on my belt and covering it with my brown jacket that I slipped on afterwards.

Andrew and Lili stood up, rushing into the bedroom. A few minutes later Lili walked out, a pink backpack on her back. It wasn't very big, but it seemed big enough to hold some clothes and necessities. 

The others all grabbed their bags, hurrying towards the door. But before we left, Julian chimed in, "wait a moment! We cannot all go at once. If they see us, they will either catch us or kill us. I suggest we split up."

"Split up? That never works in cartoons!" Spencer exclaimed in a cowardly tone.

Kailey scoffed, "relax dumbass we're not trying to catch a ghost. What he's saying is that a huge crowd of people with backpacks and machine guns are gonna stick out like a sore thumb. If we split up, we'll be less noticable."

"Alright Jaxi, Kailey and Maddie, you're with me! Andrew, you're in charge of the others. You guys take the left stairwell and take out anyone in your path! We'll try and rush down the right stairwell and get the RV running. If we can contact Ryan he can maybe get the RV ready and we can pick you guys up. I'll take the kids with me, it's best to get them out of danger fast," I explained to them as we walked out into the hallway.

Andrew nodded to me and I gave him a nod back as we rushed into the hallway, splitting up. Andrew, Julian, Spencer, Lili and Space ran one way, while Jaxi, Kailey, Maddie, Axel, Julia and I ran the other way. But before we made the split, Space grabbed my hand.

"Be safe," she whispered to me before planting a kiss on my cheek. I cracked a smile and gave her a kiss back before joining the others, pulling a black and red knife from the side pocket in my bag.

"Alright guys, no heavy weapons. Knives and handguns, we don't have enough room for anything too big," I told them as I kicked open the door to the stairwell. 

Jaxi frowned, keeping her katana in her sheath as she pulled two identical butterfly knife from her pockets and switched them open. Maddie pulled out her handgun, loading a clip while Kailey readied her tomahawks. Axel and Julia walked behind Kailey, using her as a human shield.

"Two to your left!" Jaxi shouted as she pointed downwards.

Two mutants stumbled up the stairs, noticing us as they turned the corner. I rushed forward and stabbed one in the head, sinking my blade into it's eye socket. The other screeched and went for me, trying to target my hand holding the knife while it was stuck inside it's former companion's head. However, Maddie came to the rescue and blew it's brains out onto the wall with a single gunshot.

"Nice save," I told her as I tore the knife from the enemy mutant's head. The four of us moved down each floor, finding each set of stairs considerably clear of danger till we reached the eighth.

The building shook once again, and I heard commotion from down below amongst the screams. I reached down, picking my colt out of my holster with my free hand while still holding onto the knife. I then turned a corner, watching as a mutant shoved a cop against a wall, moving its fangs towards his neck. He used all of his strength to hold it off, just barely keeping it away.

This was a hard choice to make. We had to get past, so it wasn't like we couldn't just walk past it. Had this been a normal zombie, it wouldn't be smart enough to change targets mid victim. But if it got ahold of the cop and we got close, it'd slash one of us with it's free hands. It was either save the cop, or let him die and take out the mutant.

Maddie raised her gun, but I stopped her. I rushed forward and grabbed the mutant, shoving it against the wall before stabbing it in the neck. It lunged it's head forward, splatting a bit of blood from the wound onto my t-shirt, but after the stab I was able to throw it's body to the side, letting it roll down the stairs.

The cop looked up at me, breathing fast as he leaned down. I stared back at him, wondering if he was gonna say anything.

"You... you're one of them," he said through heavy breaths.

I nodded, "and I just saved your life, so let us through or-"

I never got a chance to finish. He pulled his gun and fired, shoving me against the wall and slamming his fist into my chest. His burly hand slammed into my body, knocking the window out of me as I fired in panic, completely missing my shot.

Maddie raised her gun once again, but the cop forced his own against my head. I shouted at her, "stop! Don't pull the trigger!"

The entire scene froze. We were at a standstill. Kailey and Jaxi didn't have any guns, nor any kind of element of surprise. I was trapped, and there was no opening I could take that wouldn't end with me shot. He had us pinned, and there was no way out of it.

"Don't take the shot," I told Maddie, who's hands were shaking in fear. She was looking at me, tears forming in her eyes as she tried to hold up the gun.

The cop growled at her through heavy breathing, "hand me the gun... or I'll blow his brains out."

He then glanced towards the kids, spotting Axel and Julia hiding behind Kailey. The officer demanded something else, "you have children? You sick bastards... hand them over!"

Maddie continued holding up the gun, moving in front of the children to keep them back. We seemed to be at a standstill.

I told Maddie in a hushed tone, "j-just give him the gun."

She whimpered, holding out the gun to the man. I had never seem her like this. Scared, vulnerable. She was at his mercy, and she was no longer in control. She couldn't do anything but watch.

But Jaxi wouldn't.

I watched as Jaxi quickly moved forward, and in the blink of an eye stabbed the cop in the chest. The blade cut right through his skin, stabbing into his upper chest and setting off the gun. I ducked down shoving his arm away as a bullet shot off the wall and ricocheted onto the floor. I ducked and pulled out my own gun, firing at the man as he pushed Jaxi away. A single gunshot to the gut sent him sprawling to the floor, crying out in pain.

He hit the ground, laying against the wall as he clutched the wound on his side. The knife in his neck was bad, but it wouldn't prove to be fatal until Jaxi tore it from his flesh. He was only able to choke out a few uninterpretable words before his body fell limp, blood dripping from his lips.

"Thanks," I muttered under my breath as I stared at the man.

Jaxi nodded, "n-no problem... can we go now?"

I nodded back to her and bolted down the stairwell, the others following as a mutant behind us tore into the dead officer's body, ripping into his chest and spewing blood onto the walls.


Andrew's POV

Silently, the five of us snuck through the hotel, our legs bent and our weapons out. We needed to take the stealth approach, and take care of any mutants quietly. Only four more floors to go, and so far we were doing well.

"Why can't we just run in and shoot them all?" Lili asked in a whisper.

Julian scoffed, "because if we were to do that, not only would we alert the police, but the mutants would detect us. They communicate through screeches, so if one were to let out a single screech before we killed it, we would most likely be swarmed."

"Wouldn't the riots disguise our gunfire though?" Space asked with a frown.

"Possibly, but it would not change the fact the mutants would detect us. Now stay quiet and get ready," he answered.

We snuck down the plain hallway, our weapons drawn. The entire hall seemed absolutely barren of life, with only a few open hotel rooms and some bags strewn across the floor. No bodies, no mutants, and no officers. We seemed to be in the clear.

"The people on this floor must have fled when the riots started," I commented.

"That seems correct," he said before pointing forward at the end of the hallway, "down there, a stairwell."

We sped up, jogging down the hallway as we reached the end of the long hallway where a plain glass window and a reinforced door awaited us. The stairwell on the other end of the hallway was blocked, due to several mutants taking up the space to bite up a few tourists. This stairwell was hopefully clear, or we'd be screwed.

I pushed open the metal door, finding a seemingly clair set of grey metal stairs that lead to the floor below. I smiled and gestured to the others to follow, "let's go!"

But as soon as I opened my mouth, a shadow appeared on the bottom step. I watched as three mutants emerged from the stairs below, staring up at me with hunger in their eyes. I pulled the door shut just as they bolted up the stairs, smashing their bodies into the metal door. Luckily it opened on their side, so they had no chance of breaking through the reinforced door.

"Now what?" Space asked in panic.

Lili began poking at the elevator buttons, but neither lit up. She whimpered and stepped back, "a-are we trapped?"

I shook my head and looked around the room, trying to think of an idea. Empty hotel rooms, probably didn't have any sort of staircase inside any of them. There were only two staircases on this floor, and the other was blocked by mutants as well. The elevator was out of service as well, and unless we could climb walls we were screwed.

But I got an idea. I turned towards the end of the hall and approached the window, gazing downwards at the ground floor. There was a window identical to this one on every floor, along with several metal bars sticking out of the side of the building between each window.

I stepped back, pulling out my shotgun and slamming the end of the weapon against the glass. But despite my strength and the shotgun's toughness, it wouldn't shattered.

"Over here," Space said as she unholstered her silenced pistol. She shot open a fire escape compartment and pulled out a fire axe, which she tossed to me. I set down my shotgun and looked at the axe before swinging it at the window, cracking the glass. It took a few hits, but eventually the glass shattered, and I used my sleeved hand to brush away some of the shards.

"There are metal grips on the walls, probably in case you needed to escape in a fire. We can climb down to the next floor," I explained to them.

"That seems a little dangerous. Who will go first?" Julian asked.

Lili stepped up, "um... if you want I'll go first to see if it's safe."

I didn't exactly want such an innocent girl like Lili to go first, but she did volunteer and Space would probably call me out. So I nodded, stepping out of the way and letting Lili approach the window.

"If you get into any trouble, just scream and I'll do what I can," I said to her as I unholstered my silver handgun.

She nodded and Julian helped her out the window, making sure her shirt didn't get caught on the glass. She crawled out and stepped down onto the metal grips below her, holding onto the edges of the window tightly. She looked down and whimpered, obviously scared of heights.

"Just calm down Lili. It's only a few steps," I assured her.

She nodded, beginning her climb down. She let go of the windowsill with her left hand, moving her leg down onto the second grip. With one leg lowered, she lowered the other one, quickly moving her grip from the windowsill to the upper metal grip. She latched onto, scared to go any further.

"Lili keep going! It'll be okay!" I said, trying to be compassionate for once.

She took a few deep breaths, and took another step. And then another, and then another. It wouldn't be long till she reached the next window, and then hopefully she could slip through the window and another one of us could go next. By the time we got through, maybe the others would have the RV ready.

As she neared the next window, I heard a scream. I looked and watched as she shrieked, climbing back up to the metal grip above her. She looked down in fear, and I spotted a mutant trying to get through the window. The infected man was slamming his claws and face into the glass, trying to break through.

"Lili stay calm! It can't hurt you! Just climb down to the next window and I'll be right there!" I assured her as I prepared to follow her out.

Whimpering quietly, she climbed back down and placed her feet on the windowsill. The mutant continued clawing at the glass, but it seemed he wouldn't get much father. I climbed out the window and followed her, watching as she moved down to the grips below that.

But just as she moved down her exposed ankle, the glass cracked. Our eyes widened as she froze in place, watching as the crack expanded across the entire window with another slash.

"Lili move now!" I shouted as I climbed down again.

She shrieked, moving her leg down just as the mutant burst through. It grabbed onto her leg and dug it's claws into her body, and she panicked. She let go, too scared to react and fight it off. I watched as she fell backwards, the mutant falling with her.


I dived off the window, watching as the two bodies fell into the pool, splashing water onto the concrete sidewalk. I followed, diving into the pool with my gun at the ready. Luckily she had fallen into the deep end, or else we may have met our end much more quickly.

I splashed down and watched as Lili kicked the mutant away, trying to splash her way to the safe end of the pool. The mutant snarled at her and followed, but I glared at the monster and took it from behind, pushing it under the water. The mutant dragged me under, the two of us falling to the floor.

Lili's muffled screams from above the surface as my motivation, I shoved the mutant off of me as it attempted to bite at my neck. It's movements were slowed by the water, but so were mine. I forced my gun to it's neck and fired twice, shooting it's blood and guts out into the water.

It fell limp within seconds, and floated to the second as blood pooled up around it. I closed my mouth and swam back up to the surface, emerging to find Lili curled up in a ball beside the pool. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, the encounter having scared her half to death.

I crawled out and took her hand, giving her a smile to tell her I was fine before helping her up. We rushed back towards the hotel, finding the others at the bottom of the metal ladder beneath the windows.

"The others should be waiting, right?" Space asked. I nodded to her and we bolted into the parking lot, only to find chaos.

A crowd of bystanders were attempting to fight off the mutants, who were breaking into the parking lot and attempting to kill as many humans as possible. A man ran for his car, but just as he shoved his car key into the lock, the mutant threw him to the floor and chewed off his neck. Another one grabbed a woman's child, biting his arm clean off before throwing the corpse at his mother.

"Um, we seem to have an issue," Julian said as he turned his head to the right.

"What now? Flat tire?" I asked sarcastically.

But when we turned our eyes to look at the RV, all we saw was an empty parking space. The RV was gone, and so was Ryan inside of it.

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