The Omega Event

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Night of Chaos

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



Anikan's POV

We bolted into the lobby, only to be greeted with a bloodbath. The room was filled with corpses, some civilians and other police. The mutants were having a feast, and we had just wandered in.

"Stay back!" I shouted to them as several mutants turned their attention to us, their bloodlust growing.

We stepped back into the arcade, leaving the mutant filled lobby unknown to our presence. Three mutants followed, stumbling into the glittering chamber of arcade machines and cheap prizes. We all readied our weapons, prepared to defend ourselves.

Jaxi then unsheathed her katana, "I got this!"

The short blonde rushed forward, swinging her katana with enough force she sliced straight through the first mutant's limb, sending the grey piece of flesh flying across the room. Jaxi shoved it to the side, leaving Kailey to put it down with a tomahawk swing to the skull.

Maddie raised her weapon to kill the second, but I put my hand up and stopped her. If she set off a gunshot, it would alert all the mutants in the other room to our presence. Jaxi took down the second, stabbing her sword forward through the mutant's body and pinning him against the nearby column. The sword drove straight through the corpse and into the wall, spilling blood all over the floor. 

The third mutant went for Jaxi, slashing at her arms. She stepped back and let go of her sword, leaving the second mutant trapped. It lunged at her again and Kailey stepped forward, the obviously taller girl forcing it back against the price counter.

Before any of us could step in to get the kill, a man rushed in, smashing the mutant's head in with a chair, killing it. Andrew looked up with a frown, tossing the bloody chair to the side.

"Jeez, you scared me," Kailey said as she wiped the mutant's blood off of her arm.

"I scare myself sometimes too," he muttered, "anyways we got an issue."

"What's wrong now? Broken cupholder?" I asked sarcastically as the other four joined us in the arcade.

"The RV's gone," Space interrupted.

My eyes widened, "wait what?"

"The RV is missing. We came outside and the parking spot is empty, but there are skid marks in the parking lot and a few crushed bodies. Someone stole it," Lili explained.

I swore under my breath and Jaxi commented, "how are we gonna find it?"

"Anyone got Ryan's number?" Kailey asked sarcastically.

Andrew scoffed, "nobody here has a real plan? Isn't there some kind of tracker in there?"

"Space is the knife you had before still in the RV?" Spencer asked, lifting his head up.

She nodded and Spencer looked to the rest of us, "that's a good thing! If we can just find a computer, I can log onto the tracker and see where it is!"

"That'll be a problem. If we can't even get out of the hotel without getting gunned down we don't have many options, if any at all," Maddeline commented.

Spencer then turned around, running out of the room and towards the lobby. He stopped in the doorway, eyeing all of the bodies. Andrew and I followed, and watched as he pointed towards one of them. A dead policeman, a cracking radio attached to his chest.

"Got that crossbow?" he asked.

I nodded, holding my hand out to the others. Space opened one of my bags and tossed me my crossbow, which I caught and aimed at the target. After taking a second to aim, I fired a single bolt into the mutant's head.

Spencer and Andrew followed up by running into the room, grabbing the dead man's legs and dragging him back into the arcade. They dragged him into the middle of the room and the others backed up, eyeing the trail of blood they left behind them.

The nerd knelt down, snatching the radio from his chest and fidgeting with the device.

"Um hello? Who's on the other end of this thing?" Spencer asked. Space raised his hand to slap him for asking a stupid question, but an answer came in before.

"Jackson? Where the hell are you? There's a swarm of them blockading the hotel and we can't get inside? Are any of the civilians infected?" a man shouted from the other end.

"Oh um the civilians are fine. Two were infected, but I put them down already. Officer um... Thompson was killed when we got in. I have a small group here, but I need an opening," he said while attempting to deepen his voice. Though his attempt was more comedic than convincing.

"Get to the east entrance, evacuate any civilians to the transport parked beside the Stuff-Mart," the other man said.

We all looked at each other before Spencer threw the radio down, following Andrew and I as we marched towards the lobby. There were three exits, a front, east, and west. The west went from the hotel to the pool, the front lead to the parking lot, and the east lead into an alleyway between the hotel and another store.

I turned the corner in the lobby, passing by the receptionist desk and bolting towards the glass double doors at the end of the hall. There were several mutants outside, trying to break through. I stopped at the last moment as I heard from outside, and held back the others.

"Cover your ears!"

"Why?" Maddie and Space both asked.

"Just do it!"

We all stepped back, covering our ears as an explosion rung out. We were thrown off our feet, smoke, dust and rubble being thrown our way. I looked away, and when I looked back, a hole sat where the door had once been.

"Could you not have just said grenade?" Julian commented as he rubbed the side of his head.

"No time, let's move before these fuckers figure out who we are!" Andrew told us as he took the lead, running past me.

The eleven of us ran outside, turning away from the street and running to the other end of the alleyway. We could run in the alley behind the next few stores, and come out at the next street corner away from the police. There, we could maybe plot a location to get ahold of a computer.

"Anyone got an idea of where to head next?" Kailey asked us.

Lili raised her hand, "oh oh! There's a big computer store just two blocks away! Follow me!"

Andrew and Lili ran side by side, Space, Jaxi and I right behind the two. Maddie, Julian, Spencer and Kailey took up the rear, Julian in specific watching our back in case we were followed. Axel and Julia were only a few feet away from Maddie, Julia holding Axel's hand and Axel gripping his knife.



Five minutes later, we were standing face to face with one of the biggest department stores I had seen.

"This place has what we're looking for?" Space asked as Lili as she grabbed onto my arm. Down the street several there was a large traffic collision, the cars burning as the people in the street argued, that argument turning into a full on fist fight in seconds.

"All we need is a working computer with internet, and five minutes for me to do my magic," Spencer told us.

"Alright then let's do this! Jaxi and Anikan, you take the left. Kailey, you're with me on the right. Julian head up the middle with the others. Lili, stick close to Maddeline and watch the kids," Andrew told us all with his fist balled.

While nobody really listened to Andrew much, his plan was actually pretty solid this time. We all split up, heading our separate directions.

Jaxi and I slipped into the left set of double doors, finding ourselves in even more chaos than the hotel. The store was made up of two floors, and there were people storming the place. Shelves knocked over, mutants swarming the store and taking on the groups of civilians.

"No gunshots, can't draw any attention to us," I told Jaxi as we ducked down, running along the far side of the store.

"Won't have to worry about that," she said, gripping her sword tightly.

As we got halfway down the set of aisles, a mutant lunged from the side, blood dripping down it's mouth. I put my hand up and grabbed it's neck, holding it back with one hand. Jaxi shouted, "ki-ya!" and proceeded to slice straight through it's abdomen and split the beast in two.

I watched as the mutant split apart, blood and guts spilling all over the floor in front of me. I shook the blood off my hands and looked towards Jaxi with a disgusted frown on my face, "did you really have to get it on my shoes?"

"Stop complaning and move!" she shouted, pushing me forward. She really was like an annoying little sister sometimes.

At the end of the set of aisles was nothing but cooking supplies, along with a line of blankets scattered aross the floor. A man was sitting against a shelf, a bloody bite wound being tied off by a blue towel he wrapped around his arm. I knew he wouldn't live, but he maybe thought otherwise.

As Spencer, Julian, Lili, Space, Julia, Axel and Maddeline emerged from the middle aisle, their weapons drawn, they looked towards us. I asked the four, "where's Andrew? Still looking?"

"The computers must be upstairs. There's a pair of escalators on their side of the store," Space commented.

I looked towards the other end of the store, spotting Andrew and Kailey in combat with a few mutants who had burst through one of the fire exits. I turned towards the others and barked at them, "stay here and open up a way for us to get out! Jaxi and Spencer, with me!"

The two followed behind me, Spencer nervously holding his black handgun to his chest. I ducked under a line of hanging frying pans, Jaxi running straight under it due to her height, and Spencer smacking his face directly into one. He tripped on a pool of blood right after, knocking him to the floor.

Jaxi bolted ahead, cutting down a single mutant with a swing. Her sharp katana blade cut straight through it's upper half, it's shoulder and left arm falling to the ground as the body joined it. She then assisted Kailey, pinning down one mutant long enough for Kailey to land a finishing strike to the head with the hilt of her tomahawk. Andrew made quick work of the one fighting him, driving his hunting knife into it's lower jaw.

I stopped, helping Spencer up just as a corpse two feet away began to mutate beside us. His body began shaking, almost like a seizure, before his head twisted straight around, almost like something out of a horror film. The mutant pounced on Spencer, but Andrew rushed forward and landed a sucker punch directly on his face.

The mutant fell back, snarling at Andrew as he stood over it. It rose back up to attack again, but this time Spencer was ready. He yanked one of the frying pans off of the hanging string, raising it up like a bat. When the mutant jumped up, he swung, knocking it against the wall and finishing it off.

"Nice shot spetsnaz," Andrew commented as he stared at the corpse, "now hurry up before I kick your ass down the stairs."

Jaxi, Andrew, Spencer and I bolted up the escalator, running up step by step. Andrew in front, Jaxi in back. But towards the top, the entire machine suddenly jolted. We fell forward, watching as it began to slow down and jolt around. 

Spencer pointed downwards, where a mutant was being pulled into the conveyer belt. I reached for my colt to shoot it, but Jaxi stopped me, "no guns, remember?"

I didn't get to fire, but Space did. A crossbow bolt shot across the room, putting down the mutant and stopping it's struggling. Space shot us a smile from the bottom floor, where she was wielding my heavy crossbow better than I had expected. 

The four of us climbed the last few steps and ran past a group of mutants devouring the corpses of fallen civilians. We approached the computer stands at the end, Spencer diving for the gaming computer already hooked up to the display monitor. He began typing rapidly, faster than any of us had seen before.

"How long do you need?" Andrew asked him.

"Five minutes, maybe more, maybe less. Depends how bad the wifi here is," Spencer muttered to us as he jolted the mouse back and forth.

I turned around, wathing as several of the mutants approached us. Our somewhat loud approach to the computers must have alerted them, and they were looking thirsty.

"Jaxi, left. Andrew right," I told the two.

The two nodded, moving forward swiftly. Jaxi impaled her sword through the skull of one, pushing it's body back and knocking down another mutant. Andrew ran towards his target, smashing his fist into it's face before stabbing it in the chest with his hunting knife. He shoved it away before the second mutant tackled him back, trapping him.

I ran forward, Andrew keeping the mutant in place. I rammed into the monster before it could react, knocking it into the glass bannister. It shattered into pieces, sending the bloody corpse back to the first floor. It hit the ground and splattered, becoming impaled on a bin of yard decorations.

"Almost done?" I asked Spencer as he continued typing.

"Program is almost done installing! Another minute or two," he answered through the sound of his fingers slamming down on the keyboard.

A scream came from my right, and I watched as a mutant grabbed Jaxi's leg. I gasped and reached out, grabbing her hand with my left and reaching out for Andrew with my right. He grabbed my wrist and I grabbed his, and with all of his strength he kept the mutant from dragging us down.

The mutant held onto Jaxi's leg vigorously, moving it's teeth up to chomp down on her milky white flesh. And on Andrew's side, another two mutants were preparing to take him down in his vulnerable state. I shouted to the others below, "someone do something!"

Space aimed the crossbow once more, firing a single shot into the back of the mutant's neck. It gave out a sole death cry before relasing Jaxi, falling back and splattering against the formerly white tiles below. Andrew then experienced a burst of adrenaline, and pulled both Jaxi and I back up in time for me to shove the mutant away. Andrew pulled out his silver desert eagle, killing them both with headshots.

"Thought I said no guns?" I told him with a glare.

"We can't risk anymore lives! Just have the nerd finish this up so we can get outta here!" Andrew shouted as all the other mutants turned to us.

"Done! It's been parked on the side of a road in a small field right outside of town for about fifteen minutes now!" Spencer shouted.

A mutant then lunged at him, and he scrambled for safety as the monitor hit the ground and cracked. He held up his frying pan in defense, whimpering as two more approached him.

"See what you did! We're cornered now!" I shouted at Andrew.

"Shut up! I had to!" he retorted,

"Guys stop arguing! We gotta jump," Jaxi shouted at the two of us.

We both looked at her in surprise, "WHAT!?"

"Either jump, or fight your way through that," she said as she eyed the swarm of fifteen mutants approaching us.

Andrew sighed and rushed towards the edge of the banister, climbing over the glass. He then jumped back, landing on one of the knocked over shelves below and bursting open a bag of chips. Jaxi followed, landing in Kailey's arms as she rushed to catch her.

Spencer panicked, and took out his emotions by slamming his frying pan into the head of another mutant. I grabbed him by the hood before he could do any more damage and pushed him off the edge, right onto Julian who had declined to pay attention. 

"Ow... sometimes I question why I even agreed to this plan," Julian groaned.

"It was your plan in the first place," Space said back.

"That still does not excuse the pain I have to feel. First an eye, and now a cracked rib," he grumbled.

I was last, and jumped off the top banister just as a mutant prepared to slash open my back. I landed on one of the shelves, managing to keep myself from spraining my leg. It did knock the wind out of me though, and Kailey helped me up before any mutants could feast on my body.

"Let's get out of here, get in a car, and get the RV before we find any more trouble," Kailey said as we all bolted towards the front exit, ignoring the mutants trying to follow.


Ryan's POV

Darkness. Shapes and colors. That was all I could see as the world began to come back into view, the plain white ceiling of the RV slowly becoming more and more clear. It was all still a bit blurry, and I felt a twinge of pain in my leg.

I muttered a faint help under my breath as I tried to sit up, a sore feeling in my entire body. It was like I was hit by a truck. Four trucks actually. I groaned and sat up, laying my head against the back of the RV as I tried to prop myself up with a pillow.

"Ma... Ma-Maddie?" I muttered, eyeing a woman in the drivers seat. The RV was empty besides the girl driving, and I could see blurs of light shoot past the RV as we drove on the dark road.

"Hey... where is everyone?" I asked as I tried to sit up.

I tried to get up, and moved my feet down onto the ground. But when I went to sit up, I fell. I grabbed onto the edge of the seat before I could hit the ground, and looked down to see not two feet, but one.

"Holy... M-Maddie... what... what's going on? My... my leg..."

I was in a trance. Everything was blurry, my vision was turning black every seconds, and I couldn't concentrate on anything. I began to recall my last memories before I blacked out, seeing a faint figure I knew as Julian holding a bone saw and moving it down to my leg.

"Then I remembered it. The bite. We had been so careful up till now, but that single slip up left me seemingly dead. Julia tripped, and I went back to save her. I tried to help, and I tried to keep them from getting at her. I fired my shotgun, blowing a mutant's brain out as Julia ran past me.

And then it attacked. A mutant had crawled under the RV, and taking the chance, grabbed my ankle and sunk it's teeth into my flesh. It tore off several layers of skin and left me bleeding on the floor, and I was dragged away by the others soon after.

I thought I was dead. That was it. I was infected. The infection had entered my bloodstream and it wouldn't be long until I became one of them. I had come this far, and now it was over. That is what I thought, right up until Julian's epiphany. He sawed my leg off, my only possible change of survival.

I gulped, staring down at the large bloodstain in the middle of the RV. The beige carpet was badly stained, and I cringed at the sight of my own blood. I turned my head away from it, eyeing the woman in the drivers seat.

"Maddie?" I asked, my vision focusing.

The woman turned her head, and a pistol was raised to my chest. I quickly raised my arms, holding my hands up as they held me at gunpoint.

"D-Don't move!" she shouted at me. She was shaken, her hair a mess and dried blood wiped across her cheek.

"Who are you!?" I asked her, realizing the others weren't anywhere nearby.

"Shut up and get out!" she shouted at me.

I shuffled back against the wall, darting my eyes across the room. My shotgun was lying on the floor on the opposite wall, meaning I would have no chance of getting ahold of it and retaliating. But there was something that caught my eye. Something about her that was just off.

My eyes widened as I eyed a faint red liquid trickle down her neck. I told her with a stutter, "y-you're infected."

She looked down at her neck, quickly realizing she had a large wound on her body. She shuddered and began to stand up, her legs shaking as she began to mutter something under her breath.

"Miss you need to-"

"Shut up!" she shouted again as she stood up, taking a single step forward. She was crying, but it wasn't tears in her eyes, but blood. She fell forward, collapsing on the ground and dropping the gun. The small handgun fell in front of me as the RV swerved to the side, straight into the other lane.

By instinct I dived across the room for my shotgun, watching as a bright light shined through the windshield. I was thrown against the wall as the RV collided with another vehicle, glass shattering and the room spinning.

I was thrown into darkness once again as my head slammed against the wall, my broken body rolling across the floor into the corner of the room...

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