The Omega Event

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - A Unlikely Friend

Submitted: June 07, 2017

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



Anikan's POV

There it was. A smashed piece of metal, sitting on the side of the road with another car smashed into it. Smoke was fuming out of the other car, but other than a large dent in the side and a shattered windshield, it looked relatively alright.

Andrew stopped the car on the side of the road, and I hopped out of the backseat as Andrew and Lili got out of the driver's and passenger's seats. Space and Spencer got out of the backseat with me, and behind us was another car with Maddeline driving with Jaxi, Kailey and Julian.

"Ryan!?" I shouted as I approached the RV with my silver colt python drawn. It had taken about four hours to navigate here, due to the fact we had no GPS, no map, and Spencer had "forgotten" where the exact location was and "remembered" four different times.

"Alright everyone check your clips. We may need to fire," Andrew told the others.

But a voice shouted from outside the RV, "put down the weapons!"

We acted on instinct, doing the exact opposite and raising our guns at the vehicle. We watched as a man walked out from behind the RV, his hands raised. He didn't look like much of a threat, but he did have a weapon. Ryan's remington 870 slung over his back via the leather strap.

He was a dark skinned man, his eyes blue and his hair a short black. He certainly didn't look buff, but he did have some muscle on his arms. The man wore a plain white t-shirt and jeans, a small tear in the left pantleg and a bit of blood stained around it.

"Who are you and what did you do to our friend?!" Kailey shouted at him as she aimed her handgun to his head.

He approached us with his arms raised and answered, "your friend is fine. Pretty banged up, but he wasn't much better before the crash. I have him outside sitting against this tree."

I turned towards the others, giving them a few hand signals and telling Andrew to stay. I gestured Maddeline and Julian to follow, while the others kept their weapons focused on the other man. The three of us marched around the RV, finding a body lying up against the large oak tree sitting in the clearing behind the RV.

We ran towards Ryan, kicking through the overgrown grass and stopping beside the injured man. He was alive, but certainly not well. A gash on his forehead, the bandages on his stump messy, and his arm tied into a sling.

"You didn't mess with his arm did you?" I asked Julian.

He shook his head, "this is not my work. The bandages aren't straight, but it's well enough to last."

"Don't shoot him. He's a good man," Ryan muttered.

Beside him was a half full water bottle and a wet rag, along with a roll of bandages from one of the backpacks Julian left in the RV. Ryan obviously wasn't in the shape to do all this, so it must have been the other man.

I looked back around, seeing Kailey harshly reclaim Ryan's shotgun. She tossed it to Space, who struggled to hold it and fell to her knees. Andrew helped her pick it up, as he was much stronger than her.

"Hold your fire," I told the others calmly, "he's not an enemy."

"If he's not the enemy, who's the one who smashed up the RV?!" Andrew asked angrily.

"He told me he woke up to some woman driving it down the highway and she passed out while driving. She was infected," he told us. I turned my head to look back at Ryan, who gave a nod to confirm the man's story.

Andrew then asked, "where is this woman?"

The man pointed to the right, where a corpse was lying in the grass nearby. I approached it, glancing at the grey skinned woman with a knife wound in her neck. She had definitely been infected recently, judging by the large chunk of flesh missing from her neck.

I turned back to the man and asked, "what's your name?"

"Dominic. I'm a um construction worker. I actually was on vacation before the riots started. I saw you guys at the hotel," he said to us, a small smile on his face. 

"Oh yeah I do remember you. You were one of those guys who fought off the cops when we were helping that infected woman," Jaxi said. I remembered him as well, but only from a faint glimpse I caught when were securing the arcade and lobby from the swarm forming outside.

"Yep... you guys are really good at fighting those things. You aren't military obviously, nor are you working for the government at all. So what are you?" he asked us all.

"Just a group of idiots trying to get outta this country. You heard the news about the bombing or no?" I told him.

He frowned, "bombing? Do you mean Tazader City?"

I shook my head, "worse."



It took a few hours, but eventually the RV was back up and running. While his car was totaled, our RV had enough power to make the rest of the trip. Judging by the state of the parts, it probably wouldn't last more than a few more days without breaking down. But with Andrew and Julian's somewhat incompetent repair knowledge and a few rolls of duct tape, the RV would live another day. And that was all we had.

This was day seven. According to that post, which Spencer had said was taken down with the rest of the site the next day, today at sundown it was coming. Of course it could be a lie, but with Tazader City destroyed by very obvious foreign agents, it was clear something was going down. Nobody knew when though, nobody but us.

"Damn... that is the most craziest shit I've heard in a long time. How do you expect me to belive that?" he asked as we sat down in the RV, him on one side of the table and me on the other side.

"There are mutants killing the population, riots in the street, a blown up city, and a group of teenagers with machine guns roaming the country. The evidence is already there, it's just that nobody is putting the pieces together. Nobody but us, because we know the truth," I explained to him.

"It can't just be you. According to you, that post about the bombing was up for over twelve hours, on a sight frequented by hackers across the globe. Of course it's not available to the general public, but it's the fact you guys are the only ones that obviously know what's going down. Other people had to have seen it," he said with a frown.

Spencer then walked in, "well to be specific, one hundred and forty two people saw that post. Of those one hundred and forty two people, only a fraction were from the United States. Then you have to take into mind the people that actually believed it, the ones that are still alive, and who hasn't already gotten out of here."

"Why didn't you guys just take a plane?" he asked us curiously.

"Well we've been wanted by the police since we got out of Tazader City, and we didn't even believe any of what that post said until our homes were burning. Plus we lack money, passports-"

"The common sense required to find the airport on a damn map," Andrew shouted at Spencer from outside the RV.

"Shut up okay! I got a five second glimpse at the computer screen before that mutant broke the monitor!" Spencer retorted, balling his tiny fists.

I put my hand up at Spencer and him, and Andrew simply scoffed and went back to work. Spencer walked out, grumbling to himself.

"It's a wonder you've been able to last this long. Does everyone hate each other?" he asked.

"Nope, pretty much just those two. Spencer's a wimp, Andrew's a hot head, and they do not get along whatsoever. They're both useful in their own ways though," Space explained to him.

"Howso?" he followed up.

Space began to explain the two as I sat beside her, munching on one of the last chocolate chip cookies Maddeline packed.

"Well Spencer's knowledge lies mainly with technology. He has a tracking program hooked up to this knife that saved my life and helped us fine the RV, and he kinda provides the lighthearted humor that keeps us from being depressed and bored all the time. Andrew on the other hand is more brute force and street smarts. He's probably our best fighter right now, and his survival tactics and shooting have kept us from getting killed. Plus he keeps Julian and Spencer in check, though usually with brute force."

"Seems like a pretty stupid kind of relationship but if it gets the job done I'm down," he said before taking a sip from his water bottle.

"Do you know how to shoot?" I asked Dominic.

He nodded, "I go to the range almost every weekend. Why?"

"We could use another hand. We just lost a man two days ago," I told him.

"My condolences. If it gets me out of this country alive, I'll do whatever I can to help," Dominic said, holding out his hand.

I smiled, reaching out and shaking it.


Shortly after our exchange, we were ready to set off again. I walked outside the RV while Andrew and Julia tested out the engine, confirming it was all working right. 

In the small grass field were Maddeline, Julian, and the kids, plus Ryan who was taking a nap against the tree. The two adults were watching the kids play tag, Julia quickly outspeeding Axel who held onto his hat while he ran.

"Everything going good?" I asked them as I tossed them both a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Julian nodded, "everything seems well. As much as I hate children, I must admit seeing them happy isn't as nauseating as I expected it."

"We're leaving in a minute, so let's get ready to leave. Who's taking Ryan?" I asked them.

"We'll get him in a minute but there's one other thing. There's twelve of us now, so I doubt we can all fit in the RV. How about Julian, the kids, and I take one of the other cars and everyone else goes in the RV. Saves space right?" she suggested.

I shrugged, "if that's okay with everyone then sure."

Maddeline then walked over to Ryan, clapping her hands to wake him up. Julian called out to Axel and Julia and they ran back towards the RV, Axel still chasing after her. But before Julian joined Maddeline in the attempt to lift Ryan, I grabbed his shoulder to stop him.

"Please refrain from any physical contact," he said as he took my hand off, "what is it that you require?"

"I was just wondering... she's okay right? I know she always tells me she's fine whenever I ask but I know you've been talking to her a lot the past few days," I asked him, trying to whisper so she didn't overhear us.

"As far as I know she is dealing with personal issues right now, but otherwise she is fine. She is... conflicted to say the least," Julian explained.

"Conflicted? With what? Spencer?" I asked curiously.

He began fiddling with his fingers as he spoke in a somewhat nervous tone, "that is... related. She has regrets, and she can cannot exactly resolve them. It is something she will have to take care of on her own."

"Look if there's something important you know then spill it," I said.

"It does not concern you or anyone else in the group, other than maybe Spencer," he said, turning around and walking away. He left me both confused and worried, but it was nothing I could fix.


After carrying Ryan and leaving him passed out in one of the seats in the back, Andrew called us outside. Everyone gathered outside, including the kids and Dominic. Andrew was waiting to address everyone, looking slightly troubled. Lili was at his side, staring down at the ground.

"So we gotta make a pit stop," Andrew told us all, looking a bit worried.

"Where? We're not running out of gas are we?" Space asked.

He shook his head, "um... no. Lili asked and I couldn't give her an answer because I wasn't sure if the entire group was okay with it. Truthfully my original plan was just to not tell anyone until we got there."

"But I stomped on his foot," Lili added.

"Yeah... so anyways she was wondering if we could stop and... pick up her little sister," he said with a frown.

Julian groaned, "another mouth to feed? Look, we are already limited on food, and adding another unnecessary child will not help our case."

"It's my little sister. She has no idea what's even going on, and I haven't heard from her in days. I want to make sure she's okay and take her with us," Lili explained to us, clasping her hands together hopefully.


He shook his head, "ten minutes maybe. It's just slightly north of our route south. Look, we have till sundown and it'll only take an hour to get there. Even if we take a little extra time, we'll still have a few hours extra to get outta range before the world goes nuclear."

Nobody gave an answer. It was a conflicting decision. Nobody wanted to leave a child behind, nor for Lili to be sad, but we also knew the harsh truth we couldn't waste any time or resources on another person. We already had Dominic now, and we couldn't afford bringing along anyone else.

I took a deep breath before answering his intial question,

"It's one more kid, how bad could it go?"


In an hour, my question was answered.

I slammed the door of the car, walking out to find myself face to face with a dark and dreary building sitting on a street corner. The sun shined down on the somewhat damaged building, and Lili gasped as she walked out of the RV.

It was a small school, only one story and with a small playground around the size. The brick walls were dirty and chipped, and it seemed like this place wasn't kept up very well, even before everyone seemed to disappear. The metal flag pole was covered in rust, and there were cracks all along the sidewalks and the stone steps that lead up to the front doors.

"This is the school your sister is in?" I asked her.

She nodded, "yeah... school doesn't release for another two hours but they know me, so I should be able to sign her out."

The place seemed deserted, though the parking lot was full. The lights were off, any staff seemed to be gone, and there was no noise at all. No laughter, no children, nothing.

"This place wasn't overrun was it?" Jaxi asked as she approached the front doors.

I looked through the glass doors, eyeing a dimly lit hallway that lead through the school. Half of the lights were off, the other half were on, and a faint light shined through the windows. But there were no children to be found.

"No bodies... that's a good thing," Andrew commented.

"Alright let's head in and check this place out. Space and Kailey, stay behind and watch Ryan and the kids alright?" I told the two, "just in case if anyone stops by or we need backup."

Space and Maddie nodded, leaving Andrew, Julian, Jaxi, Kailey and I at the front doors. I stared back at the flag pole at the bottom of the steps, eyeing the american flag fluttering in the breeze against the dark storm clouds in the distance.

I turned back around, pulling my revolver from my holster and approaching the front doors. Andrew and Maddeline followed, Dominic, Jaxi, Lilitha and Julian right behind them. The six of us entered the school, pushing open the dirty glass doors and finding ourselves in a dark hallway barren of life.

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