The Omega Event

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Regrets

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Submitted: June 10, 2017



Space's POV

The sun shined through the window as I laid on the back seat, listening to the laughing of children. Axel and Julia had resumed their game of tag, and were now running around in the small playground on the side of the school. There were no gates blocking it off, and this part of town was seemingly empty and abandoned, so we didn't have to worry about being hidden.

I was taking the time to relax, since I didn't really need to pay too much attention to them. If any mutants or danger came, they could alert me before it got too dangerous. Axel did have a knife, so if they were ambushed he could hold his own for a bit.

I reached down, picking up my water bottle and taking a quick drink before laying my head back down on the pillow. After almost a week of running around, getting shot at, and sleeping on the floor, I finally got to relax.

"Hey muffinsack, wanna go suntanning?"

My eyes darted to the side, and I sat up to see Kailey walk into the RV. She set her tomahawks down on the table along with her belt and holster as I asked, "suntanning? Were in the middle of the suburbs."

"Yeah but who says we need to be on the beach to suntan? Besides, it's a sunny day and in a few hours we could be living in Iceland. May as well make our last day worth it," she said as she crossed her arms.

"You do realize Iceland is pretty sunny right?" I asked.

She groaned, "yeah yeah Iceland, Greenland, they make no sense! Whatever, do you wanna sit on the run and tan or not?"

"I'm happy being pale, so you go ahead," I told her with an awkward smile.

She shrugged and reached down for her shirt, "suit yourself."

My cheeks turned red and I looked away, shouting as she pulled off her shirt and tossed it to the floor, "what are you doing!?"

"Relax blondie, I got on a bra," she said as she slipped off her jeans, tossing them at my feet.

I reluctantly opened my eyes, trying not to stare at her. She then grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion before holding it out to me, "any chance you could help?"

"W-We've known each other two days!" I exclaimed, curling up in a ball.

"Alright alright I'll do it myself. By the way, don't blame me if your boyfriend starts staring when he gets back," she said with a smirk as she walked outside. She climbed up the ladder on the side and laid down on top, a plain blue towel below her.

I sighed and stood up, walking towards one of the seats and pulling it out to the middle of the room below the sunroof. I stepped onto the seat and poked my head out to see Kailey laying in the sun with a pair of sunglasses on. A pair of pink undergarments laid beside her, and she seemed to have swapped into a plain black bikini instead.

"Hey um... Kailey?" I asked her as I picked up the suntan lotion.

"Yeah?" she asked, staring up at the sun as I climbed up on top.

"Um... I just wanted to ask... how do you feel about all of this?" I asked her curiously.

"What do you mean?" she asked as she flipped over.

I began to explain, "well I mean it's all happening so fast-"

"Woah woah we're not that close yet," she said as I rubbed her back.

"No no that's not what I mean. I mean all of this. A week ago, we were just teenagers. Now, we're killers. We're criminals. A few of us have died. I'm with Anikan, Andrew is basically with Lilitha... it's all just... so weird. And I'm kinda scared," I explained to her.

She sighed, "yeah I get it. I mean I've been used to rough life. My mom passed away when I was fourteen, my grandma died late last year, my dad isn't even around, and for the past two years I've been taking care of my brother and sister alone. My uncle is the only thing keeping us out of child services, but he's either passed out or drinking at the bar. It's just us three... or at least it was."

"Why were you in Kentucky with Jaxi then?" I asked her.

"Well one of the few good things in life was my computer. I play video games a lot, online MMOs and that stuff. I met Jaxi online, and we started a little guild. We talk to each other almost daily, and when this started to go down, Jaxi told me how much her town was suffering and we both knew the world wouldn't last much longer if they didn't take action. So I left," she began to explain.

"So I packed my bags and took off with my siblings. We got to Clarksville before things started going south. Holed up in a motel for a night, and when I woke up they were dead. A mutant got through the little wall I made and killed them in their sleep. When I woke up... they were scratching at the doors. I slipped out and... I just kept going."

Her voice was plain and emotionless at first, but I could see her heart breaking down as she continued. A faint tear appeared in her left eye, but she didn't cry. She kept it together.

"I'm so sorry," I told her, "I lost my brother a few years ago and I couldn't imagine what you've gone through."

"It's tough... I have Jaxi now and she's basically another sister, but if I lose her I have nothing. She is my first priority, even over myself," she said.

"We're all gonna make it. It won't be long until we're safe," I assured her.

"I know, only a few more hours... and hey stop getting handsy!" she shouted.

I yelped and moved my hands up to her hips, "sorry! Kinda zoned out a bit."

"Mhm... by the way where are the kids? They go to the bathroom?" Kailey asked as she glanced towards the playground.

I looked down, and my eyes widened as I realized they were gone. I swore under my breath and wiped my hands off on my jeans before grabbing my silenced pistol from my holster. I looked around, but they were nowhere to be found.

"Axel!? Julia!?"


Maddeline's POV

I sighed, walking slowly through the hallways as Julian walked beside me. He was humming a tune to himself as I stared at the ground, thinking about things. Thinking about survival. Thinking about what the future would hold. But mainly, thinking about Coty.

"How about we check these classrooms first? Sixth graders are much smarter than fifth graders, so if anything they probably have a better chance of being alive. However kids in general are pretty dumb so I doubt-"

"Can we just search?" I snapped at him, walking into the room afterwards. He followed, the two of us entering a dimly lit classroom. Julian flicked on the light, revealing a pretty nicely decorated six grade classroom.

Five rows of desks, each containing five seats. A teachers desk to the front of the class, and a whiteboard behind it. Several stacks of board games sat in one corner next to a bookshelf, which was knocked over. Piles of books were spilled out onto the floor around it, but there was no blood or evidence of mutants.

I walked through the room, staring down at one young girl's desk. Their names were written on pieces of paper which were then taped down to the corner of each desk. The girl's name was Alisha, and on her desk was a candy bar and an open notebook, revealing a few doodles of stick people.

"Ah whiteboards," Julian began as he approached the front of the class and grabbed a marker, "such a wonderful invention. You know, originally blackboards were very commonly used in classrooms, and whiteboards were generally ignored until the invention of the dry-erase marker. Since then, they became the standard drawing board for a majority of classrooms across the state, and personally I very much prefer the sleekness of drawing on a whiteboard rather than a plain chalkboard. Furthermore-"

"Julian, can we please search without you monologuing?" I snapped at him again, giving him a faint death stare.

He sighed and turned around, "I only want to help. I know you are hurting, and I while I lack feelings, I do not like seeing you in this state. It would better for both yourself and everyone else if you were happy and focused, but I can see your thoughts dwell elsewhere."

"So reciting the history of whiteboards is supposed to make me feel better?" I asked.

"Well I hoped it would at least get your mind off of him," he admitted.

I scoffed, "god why do we have to get back on this again!? I liked Coty, okay!? But he's dead now, so it doesn't matter anymore!"

"It does to you," he commented.

"Of course he matters to me... he was one of my best friends for christ's sake! Sure I had Lorelai, Space, and you guys, but he was just... he was there! Whenever everyone else wasn't, he was there! When me and Spencer had that fight last year! Remember, over the stupid money issue?! He talked to me, he calmed me down, and because of him we even resolved that stupid problem! Everyone in all my classes hated me. I never knew why, but I knew that he would defend me. He glared at anyone who looked at me wrong! He protected me from others, and it's only because of him that I'm still here today! He talked me out of suicide for fucks sake!"

As I ended my rant, I started slowing my breathing, staring down at Julian who was giving me his usual bored look. He sighed and walked forward, passing the other desks and approaching me. I stepped back, but I wasn't able to move before he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a hug. Well, his version of a hug.

"I apologize for not being aware of all of these issues. My time at the lab has restricted my movements the past year, but now that I am finally off I can see that I have not been able to percieve everything. I knew how you felt about him, but I never knew to what degree," he said.

"Yeah I know... sorry about snapping at you," I said to him, feeling a bit bad for the shouting.

"It is an acceptable reaction to my attempt at driving your thoughts away from him. Anyways, shall we resume our search?" he asked.

I nodded before breaking away from his hug, which he responded by grabbing the hand sanitizer and emptying it onto his hands. I chuckled as he rubbed them vigorously as I began scanning over each of the desks. I stopped on one, eyeing the name.

"Julian, what did Lili say her sister's name was?" I asked him.

"Um, I recall it was Zoey," he said as he approached me.

I pointed at the desk, the nametag reading her name. We both looked at each other before he turned to the side, pointing to the side of the desk. I tilted my head, staring at a fresh red handprint, blood dripping down from the mark onto the floor.

"We need to find Lili," I said as I turned towards the door.

But just as we approached the doors, we heard them. The growls, the screeching. The infected were here, somewhere, and they were coming.


Anikan's POV

The school was dark and dreary, the glistening sunlight shining through the windows and giving the hallways a faint look of hope. It was a bit weird though. There were no kids, but there weren't any mutants either. It was like they just vanished.

"They gotta be around here somewhere," Andrew muttered.

"Maybe they got kidnapped by a genie," Spencer suggested as we walked past the front office.

We all looked at him like he was insane, and he simply shrugged, "we have people mutating in the streets, genies aren't that far off."

"Uh huh. Anyways, this place is pretty big and we gotta cover a lot of ground and fast. Split up?" I suggested.

"When does that ever end well?" Andrew asked.

"Considering we've lasted this long splitting up without any of us dying, I'd say pretty good," I said back.

"Coty," Maddeline said solemnly.

It all turned silent. For a few seconds, we just didn't speak. The mere mention of his name brought back all the images. Him running straight at the mutants, cutting as many down with his machete till he couldn't fight anymore. The monsters tearing into his flesh as he held them off, until finally we couldn't see the bloodbath anymore.

"Maddie go with Julian. Dominic you're with me. Jaxi with Andrew. Lili, stay here and keep the entrance clear," I told them all with sadness in my voice.

We all went out separate directions, Maddie and Julian heading to the right wing towards one set of classrooms, Dominic and I heading to the left wing with another set, and Andrew and Jaxi going to the north wing where the gym and cafeteria are. 

"What about me?" Spencer asked as he stood in the middle of the hall, forgotten by us all. He turned towards Maddie and asked, "hey can I-"

"Don't," Maddie said simply before speeding up her walking, Julian following behind. 

He sighed and sat down against the wall, pulling out his GameBuddy before tossing it aside, too sad to say anything. He screwed up bad, and he couldn't take what he did back.

Lili sighed and turned to him, giving him a few pity pats on the head as he stared down at the ground, trying to figure out what to do next.


The classrooms, were dark, dim, and each one seemed completely abandoned. Since this was an elementary school rather than a middle or high school, classes worked very differently. There were about three classes of maybe twenty five kids for each grade, one through six, and were scattered around the different corners of the school. We were in the first and second grade sections, which were filled with toys and games.

"Hello? Anyone want any pudding cups?" Dominic asked as he peeked his head inside one classroom. I followed behind him, flicking the light on only to see it wouldn't work. The power must be out.

The class was disheleved, but not a bloody mess. A knocked over desk, a set of building blocks spilled onto the floor, and a bunch of scribbles all over the chalkboard. I stopped in my path halfway through the classroom, raising my foot to see I had stepped on a juice box.

"Jeez what happened to clean up time?" I asked as I stepped back.

Dominic walked towards the rack of backpacks towards the other end of the classroom, faintly singing under his breath, "clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up..."

"Really?" I asked him as I approached the teacher's desk.

"Well it worked on me as a kid, why wouldn't it work on these ones?" he asked.

"Cause they ain't even here," I told him as I walked behind the teachers desk, kneeling down and opening the drawers. He approached me and asked, "what are you doing?"

I chuckled as I opened the bottom drawer, "checking out everything she's confiscated. When I was a kid in sixth grade, me and two friends of mine ambushed our teacher with silly string for april fools. We got suspension for two days, but man was it fun."

"Damn. That's nothing compared what I did though. Senior year, five years ago. Hacked into the school network and changed all of the teacher's wallpapers to the front cover of an old playboy magazine. Staff went crazy until they hired an IT guy to fix it. Never got caught," he told me with a chuckle.

I laughed as I dug through an old drawer of folders, "I would've loved to see that. You know as much as I hate school, there were a lot of good moments."

"Yeah," he said with a grin, "by the way I meant to ask. How do y'all know each other? School friends?"

"Yep. At least Maddeline, Julian, Andrew and Space. Jaxi, Kailey and Ryan we met on the road, and Julia is Maddeline's little sister. Axel we picked up when Tazader City got bombed. One of our friends... he gave his life for him," I told him, starting to zone out as I mentioned Axel.

It still felt weird. Thinking about his name. Thinking about old times. It was almost like I was in denial. I knew he was gone, and I watched him fall as the bridge came down. I saw him die. And yet, I still found myself thinking about him at times. The other day I thought about an old joke he made while we were in Astronomy class a few months ago. It was pretty funny, and we all laughed. I wanted to mention it to him and have him repeat it, maybe to give the others a laugh too. But then I remembered, he wasn't here.

I sighed and pulled open another drawer, digging through a bunch of old school supplies. I then opened up the drawer above it, which was filled with much more valuable loot.

"Jackpot," I muttered.

Dominic approached the desk and took a glance, "damn. Teachers really confiscate anything these days huh?"

The drawer was filled with random miscellanous junk, mostly toys and electronics. A torn open bag of rubber bands and bb pellets, a bag of sci-fi action figures sitting in the back, some bent paperclips, a last generation GameBuddy, and four cell phones.

I picked out the cell phones, checking each of them. All of them had reception, and seemed to work pretty well. I smirked and pulled off my backpack, dropping each of the cell phones into the bag. 

"Seriously man, this is a second grade classroom and the teacher confiscated four cell phones? What is this world coming to?" he asked, crossing his arms.

"Well judging by the fact the hotel we were staying in was almost blown apart by a grenade yesterday, one of us has a damn eyepatch, and there are mutants roaming the streets, probably like shit," I told him as I walked around the teacher's desk and skimmed the contents of each of the desks nearby.

Dominic followed, the two of us checking desks until we confirmed there was nothing else useful. I stood in the center of the room and looked around, trying to figure out what was going on. And then I spotted it. On the teacher's desk was a cell phone, sitting right beside her keyboard. I approached it, Dominic standing behind me.

"Teacher's phone?" he asked.

I nodded as I opened it up, "most likely since it's not in a desk. They must have left in a hurry."

As I scrolled through the phone's apps, a rustling sound came from the rack of backpacks towards the back of the classroom. We both looked up, glancing towards the racks. They were set up in two rows, each containing twenty six little cubbies where the students could hang up their backpacks and jackets. One of them had moved, but just for a second.


"Be ready."

He nodded at me and I unholstered my colt python, approaching the racks. I walked slowly, watching as a faint figure came into sight. A young boy sitting in the cubby, most of his body covered by a backpack and grey jacket. His plain blue shorts and tanned legs stood out, but otherwise he was pretty well hidden. He was shivering, looking pretty scared.

"Hey... you can come out," I told the boy as I put my silver weapon back in my holster. 

The boy didn't move, just whimpered and moved back against the other end of the cubby. He didn't want to come out.

"It's okay. I'm here to help," I told him as I held my hand out to Dominic, signaling him to lower his weapon.

I knelt down in front of the cubby, holding out my hand. I waited for him to take it, watching as he slowly moved the blue jacket away from his face. The light shined through as he emerged from the cubby, revealing tears of blood streaming down his face, and a tanned skin tone that slowly turned to grey in front of me.

Suddenly, it all seemed to stop. Everything went slow. The boy charging out from inside the cubby, reaching out with his sharp claws and opening his mouth to bare his sharpened teeth. I let out a gasp of shock and Dominic did the same, raising his weapon back up. I dived back, and I reached for my weapon. But as I did, he attacked. And for once, I wasn't fast enough.


The mutant child tore it's fangs into my arm as I held it up in defense, keeping him from tearing into the rest of me. Unable to grab my weapon, I simply tried to push it off with my other hand. Dominic had my back though, and quickly emptied his entire clip into the young boy's head. Shot by shot, he was thrown back, the bullets tearing through his body and splattering blood against the walls.

His body fell limp, and it all seemed to stop. I gulped and looked down at the wound, my entire body shaking as I eyed the bloody wound. It wasn't big, but you could most definitely make out the teeth marks.

I couldn't deny it. I couldn't hide it. There was nothing I could do. Nothing but to accept it. I was infected.

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