The Omega Event

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Stop the Bleeding

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



Anikan's POV

"Oh my god... you're... you're-"

"I know I know!" I shouted at him as I stood up, rushing towards one of the other cubbys. I grabbed a scarf and quickly began wiping off the blood, trying to clean the wound as best as possible. I then wrapped it around my arm tying it over the wound to conceal it. I used my knife to cut off the edges, leaving a small pink wrapping around my arm and the rest of my jacket sleeve to conceal it; my only chance at hiding the wound.

"You're... you're hiding it?" he asked me in shock.

I nodded and stared at the ground, trying to make a decision. My mind was all over the place. I couldn't think. Most of my time was indeed spent thinking ahead, trying to figure out the best plan of action to keep everyone safe and alive. But now I was just drawing a blank.

"W-We gotta get you back! They cut off Ryan's leg, they can do the same to your arm right!?" he asked me worriedly.

I nodded quickly, "maybe, maybe not. Honestly we never had an idea whether or not that would even work, Julian just made a guess."

"Well he's not dead, so obviously it seems to be working! Let's get out of here," Dominic shouted, grabbing my backpack.

"Still... it's not possible. Too little supplies, too little concentration, and not enough time. If we run into trouble, we'll need to be at full power, and without an arm... I'm expendable," I told him quietly.

"Dude these are your friends," Dominic said with a frown.

"Yeah they are, but if one of us has to die, it'll be one of the people who can't fight. The one who can't run, or the one who can't shoot. And even then, we don't have enough bandages and the wound is too high. I'll bleed out before anything," I continued.

He grabbed my hand, staring me in the eyes, and told me sternly, "do you think I care? You have a chance, and it's better to take it rather than just die! Now let's get you some help and fast!"

But as we reached the door, something creaked. I stopped, grabbing the back of Dominic's backpack to keep him from leaving. We both looked up, watching as a part of the ceiling began to bend. One of the panels was moving, and something was above it.

"I didn't sign up for this," Dominic muttered halfheartedly.

The panel broke, several infected falling into the classroom. One of them smashed their head against the desk and died, but the others rose back up, charging at us. I grabbed a desk and pulled it in front of us before shoving Dominic out of the room, the two of us bolting into the hallway.

"Found them," I muttered as I watched the bathroom doors swing open, mutants stumbling out. They must have had some emergency drill and hidden everyone, locking the kids in the bathrooms and any other small spaces. But now that we were here, making a commotion, they were angry.

We turned around and bolted down the hallway, rushing as the mutants followed behind us. They weren't as slow as an old man on the freeway, but they weren't fast enough to catch us. At least, the adults were. The children were much different.

They were running on all fours, snarling at us as they chased us down the hallway, ready to kill. I turned around and fired with my colt python, a burning sensation still pumping through my arm as the infection began to enter my body. I groaned and fired twice, shooting two of them in the head. I felt little remorse at this point, even if they were kids, and the heat of the moment certainly helped.

"Where's the exit?!" he exclaimed as we passed by another set of classrooms.

I pointed towards the end of the hall, where it split off into another hall that lead to the cafeteria, and the other side to a set of doors with a broken exit sign above it. We both sped up, and Dominic, grabbed a lone backpack on the floor. He swung it around and threw it, the bag slamming into a mutant's head and knocking his body into the water fountain, killing him.

As the mutants began to overtake us, we dived to the door. Dominic swung it open and slipped in, and I ducked right below him and rolled into the room. He swung it down, just as a mutant child ran straight into the doorway. He watched as it climbed through, the door slamming down on his frail little body as the infected kid began to snap at Dominic's ankles.

"Ew ew ew!" he shouted as he stepped back, letting the door go. I ran and grabbed the handle before it swung back open, and repeatedly began slamming the door down on the body. One swing, two swings, and on the third it finally burst. His body broke into two, his upper half rolling into the other room as blood spilled out onto the floor. He gave a few half hearted growls before his head fell limb, blood still squirting out from his torn abdomen.

Dominic turned around, vomiting in the corner of the room while I kicked the mutant's corpse away. I gave him a pat on the back before turning to the other set of doors that lead outside. There was a small room between the doors into the school and outside, and we were trapped in there.

"You good?" I asked him as I grabbed the door handle.

He nodded and wiped his mouth, "yeah sorry. Just not used to that much blood, especially from a child."

"It's screwed up that children had to be dragged into this, but that's just how the world is. Hopefully we can find Lili's little sister and get outta here before anyone else ends up like me," I told him.

"You honestly think we're gonna find her? So far we have not seen a single living student in this place! She's probably just one of those kids clawing at the door wanting to rip our throats out," Dominic said as he crossed his arms.

I began yanking on the door handle, "until we confirm, we can't leave."

"So what, we're just gonna play duck duck goose until we find her? There's hundreds of these things here!" he exclaimed.

"I've known Lilitha for about five years now, and even if her sister is dead, she deserves to know," I told him.

He sighed, "alright. Can you get us outta here now?" 

"I would... but the door is stuck," I told him as I tried to yank on the handle.

He facepalmed, "can this get any worse?"

Just as his lips closed, the small window on the other doors shattered. A mutant stuck it's hand through, trying and failing to grab onto us. We both stepped back, holding up our weapons defensively. We needed someone to get us out of here, but where were they?


Jaxi's POV

The cafeteria was large, taking up a majority of the center of the school. The gymnasium was right behind it, but the doors were locked and the tiny windows blocked so we couldn't even see inside. Instead we searched the cafeteria for hopefully answers to where the other students went. And maybe some candy.

The room had four long tables, along with four smaller circle tables in between. There were trays of food, and backpacks sitting beside the chairs, but no students. I skimmed across each of the trays, trying to find some food that actually looked good.

"You think they went out for recess or something?" he asked as he picked up an apple and took a bite out of it.

"I doubt it. There's no way the staff would put up with this mess," I responded as I stepped over a spilled tray of mashed potatoes.

"Well then what the hell happened here? There has to be people somewhere," he said as he kicked over a few backpacks in his way.

"Maybe they're in the gym? An emergency assembly?" I suggested.

He ducked down under a desk and replied, "definitely not."

I hopped over the table I was on, spilling a small carton of milk onto the floor. Luckily I managed to dodge the spill and knelt down, looking under the table to see a corpse sitting beside a backpack. A young boy, his head bashed in with a hockey stick laying beside him.

"Someone killed him?" I asked in shock as I backed away.

"Bite marks on his arm. There were infected here," he said, tossing his apple away.

As I eyed the young boy from beside the table, I began to shake. The sight of his small frail body, his innocent green eyes, and then the large hole in the side of his face was too much to look at it. It was insane, it was horrible.

I gulped and looked down at the ground, "um... there a bathroom?"

He could tell I was gonna be a sick, so he shrugged and walked across the room, grabbing one of the large black trash cans and kicking it in my direction. He held it open as I vomited inside the trash can, trying not to make so much noise.

After I was done, I stepped back and coughed, grabbing one of the napkins and wiping my face. I then looked at him, watching as he shoved the trash can away.

"I didn't expect you to be so nice," I said to him, trying not to sound so rude.

"I hate people, but I'm not an asshole. I have some common courtesy," he said to me, "plus I don't hate you as much as other people. You're a decent person."

"Um... thanks I guess," I said with a frown, trying to figure out whether or not that was a compliment or not.

He walked back over to the tables, ducking under each one to try and find any evidence of mutants or other bodies. I then glanced towards the cafeteria line, where the shutters were closed. It was weird. If something huge went down, who would have time or even think about closing the shutters?

I walked over to them, trying to lift them open. None of them would budge though, and seemed to be locked down from the other side. I frowned and walked out of the cafeteria, finding another door right outside that lead into the kitchens on the other side.

I approached it and opened the door, instantly being greeted with the bloodbath missing from this entire place. The floor was covered in bodies, mostly of kids but a few teachers and other adults. Their bodies were town into, and there were four mutants standing around them. Blood coated the walls, counters, and food, like each and every one of them were slaughtered in front of each other. 

I covered my mouth to hide my gasp and stepped back, but watched as my leg brushed against one of the corpses. I gasped as it's eyes opened up, revealing bleeding red pupils. It growled, slowly rising up from the floor as I stepped away.

One by one, the mutation finalized, their eyes opening from my disturbance. They awoke from their slumber, picking up their bodies from the floor as their skin turned a pale grey. I reached for my sword, just as one turned to me and screeched.

I had no time to attack. I rushed forward and grabbed the door, slamming it shut. The mutants pushed back, each and everyone one of them shoving their bodies against the door. I tried to push it closed, but they were climbing through the cracks and trying to claw at my legs.

"Andrew!" I shouted as I watched my feet begin to slip. 

Andrew ran out of the cafeteria, quickly helping me push the door closed. His strength combined with mine helped us push it towards the edge, but they were still trying to slip out. One kid was climbing through the bodies, trying to slip through the crack.

"Andrew do something!" I shouted at him as I stared kicking at the kid.

He reached for his gun, but one of the mutants slashed at him, grabbing the gun and knocking it onto the floor and out of reach. And if he moved to grab it, the door would swing open.

With all my strength I pushed at the door, but I knew it wouldn't be long till we had to run. There were thirty behind the other side, and only two of us here. I looked around, looking for some way out. But there were no exits nearby, not besides the entrance and two more towards the front.

"Alright... on the count of three we run," he said to me.

I nodded, and he began to count.




We both ran forward, just as a rain of gunfire took down the mutants. They charged out of the room and were attacked by a stream of bullets from down the hall. One by one the bodies dropped, until there was nothing but a pool of blood and flesh remaining.

Andrew and I stopped, breathing heavily as we stared down the hall. Axel and Julia emerged from the shadows, Axel holding a plain black handgun and Julia holding another. I smiled, rushing towards the two and hugging Axel tightly. It was then that I realized we were almost the same height.

"Oh god thank you Axel!" I shouted as I hugged him tightly.

He grunted, "n-no problem! Can you let go now?!"

I let go, watching Andrew pat Julia on the head. I then frowned and looked at the two with a pouty face, "you two were supposed to stay outside! Weren't Space and Kailey watching you?"

"Kinda. Kailey's suntanning and Space joined her. I heard a few gunshots so we took some guns from the RV and came to help," Axel explained to us.

"Is everyone okay? Where's my sister?" Julia asked.

"We split up when we got in. They should be in the east and west wings," Andrew told her as he picked up his handgun.

Then came a gunshot. And then two. We turned around, staring down the hall as we heard the shouts of Julian and Maddie, followed by a few gunshots. I cursed quietly before watching the two run around the corner, followed by a swarm of mutants.

"RUN RUN RUN!" Julian shouted at us.

We took off, Jaxi holding Julia's hand and Axel running past us all. We bolted into the cafeteria, rushing towards the double doors on the other side of the room. Andrew jumped over the table, climbing over and hopping off, running out of the doors with Axel behind him. Julian and Maddie followed, and then Axel, Julia and I. 

With the mutants trailing behind, we had to find an exit fast. We came towards a split in the hallway, and I pointed to the kids to the run down the hall that lead to the front exit. The other hall had an exit at the end, which had a few mutants clawing on it.

The six of us split, Axel and Julia bolting towards the entrance. Most of the mutants followed us, but a few took after them. As we turned the corner down our hall, I lost sight of them.

"Guns out! Get ready!" Andrew shouted.

Maddeline, Julian and him all fired, shooting the mutants clawing at the exit. We then charged towards it, unsure if we had time to stop or if we'd just slam into the wall. And then, the door swung open. We bolted into the room, slamming into the doors on the other side as the other door closed behind us.

"Took long enough," a voice muttered.

I rolled over, spotting Anikan standing above me. He held out his hand and helped me up with a smile. We both jumped through, due to the mutants slamming their bodies against the doors, shaking them suddenly.

"Everything alright?" Jaxi asked, noticing the scarf around my arm.

"Mhm," I lied, "just cut myself on a sharp edge of the desk. Don't worry I covered it so none of the mutants get their blood in it."

She nodded, believing my lie. Andrew, Maddeline and Julian all got up as well, groaning as they tried to lean against the walls.

"Couldn't have just opened both doors?" Andrew asked.

Dominic shook his head, "they're locked."

Andrew scoffed and pulled out his desert eagle, pointing it at the doorhandle. He fired several times, shooting the lock apart. He then pushed it open, exposing us to the bright sunlight lurking outside. We all followed, emerging out into the sunny soccer fields out back.

"Oh sunlight, how I missed you," Julian said as he stared out at the sky.

"Bit too hot for my liking. Anyways what's going on?" Dominic asked.

I sighed, "mutants must have gotten in. The kids and staff locked themselves in the kitchens, but some infected got in and killed them all."

"Even more in locked classrooms," Maddied added.

Anikan chimed in as well, "in the ceilings and the bathrooms. Everyone here was scared, and so they hid. Just not good enough."

"Where are Spencer and Lili?" Andrew asked.

"They should still be in the front. I sent Axel and Julia to get them out of there before the mutants got to them," I told them.

We all ran across the side of the school, bolting past the windows and heading towards the road. We turned the corner to see Space and Kailey standing out front, Lili, Spencer, Axel and Julia with them.

"Oh you guys are okay!" Space exclaimed, running at us. She ran into my arms and I pulled her into a hug, making sure to keep my wound covered.

Andrew hugged Lili who began crying, sad over this turn of events. I tried to console her, "Lili it's okay... we didn't see your sister. She could still be alive. Maybe she-"


We all turned around, watching as a mutant stumbled across the playground. There was a rope around the girl's leg, dragging a bag of rocks behind her. Her skin was grey and her arms red, a tattered pink shirt and jeans covering her body. Lili gasped, stepping back as she stared at the body.

A young girl, no more than twelve, with bloodstained brown hair and scars across her arms. Lili fell to the ground, holding onto Andrew's legs as she burst into tears. It was her sister, judging by her reaction. She had been infected not too long ago, and had a large bloody gash on her abdomen. 

It stumbled across the playground, stepping over the sandbox and approaching us. The bag of rocks got caught on the edge and she fell over, her weakened leg snapping as she hit the ground. But despite that, she kept trying to crawl, digging her claws into the woodchips.

Andrew helped Lili up, taking her back to the RV. The others followed, till it was just Dominic and I. I sighed and reached down to my belt, taking out my gun. There was one more bullet left inside, plus a few more reloads in the RV.

"You're gonna put her down?" he asked.

I nodded, "it's the right thing to do. She's still alive down there, somewhere. The virus... it's mutated her brain, turned her animalistic. She may be a monster... but she's still Lili's sister."

I approached the girl, kneeling down on the ground and pointing the gun at her head. She tried to climb back up, but wasn't able to get on her feet before I pulled the trigger, blowing her brains out into the sandbox. She was dead.

"Let's go," I told him as I stood up, walking away.

"No burial?" he questioned.

I shook my head, "we have three hours until the world ends. We don't have time for a burial."

"And your... wound?" he asked, trying to be discreet.

"We'll see. It's been about forty minutes... if it hadn't infected me then, it will have by now. Let's just keep going, and if I die, I die," I said to him, walking into the RV as a chill ran up my body. I didn't want to admit it, but I was scared.

I was totally scared. I was freaked out. I was worried, and if I hadn't trained this way for years, I would have broken down by now. But I kept it in, and I would until I died. I wouldn't survive to see next week. Maybe not even the next day. But I wanted to live long enough to get everyone to safety. To fulfill our goal. So we can escape this country and live our lives.

This secret was mine to keep, no matter what went down.

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